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Updated: Creature Weekend is this Saturday!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: John "Trapper" Tice of Mountain Monsters is no longer able to come to Creature Weekend because he is in the hospital. Please wish him a speedy recovery! Buck will also not be there, but the other four AIMS Team members will be, and they will still be speaking.

The 4th annual Creature Weekend is at Salt Fork State Park this weekend. Speakers for the event are listed below:

Chad Arment Chad Arment has been investigating cryptozoology for over 20 years. He operates Coachwhip Publications and is author of the books Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation, The Historical Bigfoot, Varmints, and Boss Snakes. He will be giving a presentation on lesser-known cryptids at the Friday night dinner and will discuss Mystery cats on Saturday.

Nick Redfern Nick Redfern is also a cryptozoologist from Texas who has written many, many books on strange subjects, including Monsters of Texas(with Ken Gerhard), The Real Men in Black, Wildman!, Man-Monkey, Monster Files, and many ot…

Is Nessie a Giant Salamander?

Nick Redfern has a new post on Mysterious Universe on the topic of Nessie and what she could be.
This time - a giant salamander.

Here's how Nick's post starts:

"Reports of lake monsters abound across the entire planet. Amongst the most famous one are Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan, and Champ of Lake Champlain. The big question is: if the "things" are real, then what, exactly, are they? On the matter of the Loch Ness Monster, creature seekers have suggested they may be relic populations of plesiosaurs, marine reptiles that are believed to have become extinct tens of millions of years ago. Other theories suggest the creatures might be immense eels. Sturgeon have been suggested for some reports. And there is also the supernatural scenario.  There is, however, yet another angle, too: the ides that the beasts of Loch Ness are salamanders, albeit of a very (very) large size. Salamanders are amphibians that are noted for their long tails, bl…

Cryptid U.S. will be out Soon!


I've had lots of posts about my book Cryptid U.S. over the last year, but this time, it IS really close to being published. As I write this I am uploading the final draft of the book onto the publisher. After that, I just have to do a few things, and it's done!

When you see the next post on Cryptid U.S., it will be published!

Want to win $75,000? Just get a selfie with Nessie!

Yes, this is a legit thing.

The organizers of the Loch Ness Marathon (which is apparently a thing also) have come up with a new way to get publicity for the event. The have offered $75,000 to anyone who can get a selfie - with the Loch Ness Monster. Good luck with that.

I do think this is a pretty cool way to try to get people to participate in the event. The article about the event gives a short history of Nessie, saying how it was first seen in 565 A.D.. And,(anyone else remember this?) last year people were saying Nessie died. Did she? No. Even if one Nessie died, there would still be others, because there has to be a breeding population in the Loch, unless, of course, there isn't.

Very Important Creature Weekend Update!

If you are attending Creature Weekend this Saturday to meet John "Trapper" Tice of Mountain Monsters,  he will no longer be at the event. Trapper has been hospitalized and now won't be able to make it.

This is still going to be a great event, though. Bill Brock, Nick Redfern, and Chad Arment will be speakers, and Willy, Jeff, Huckleberry, and Wild Bill of Mountain Monsters will still be there and will be speaking. Buck won't be able to attend because be has to work.

The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual: Another New Cryptozoology Book

There really are a lot of new cryptozoology books coming out in 2015. The Oregon Bigfoot Highway came out recently, Strange Creatures Seldom Seen comes out tomorrow, and now there's The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual.

The book is written by David George Gordon. Here's the description from Amazon:

"Bestselling writer and naturalist David George Gordon delves into the remarkable history of one of the most iconic creatures of the Pacific Northwest: Sasquatch. This new field guide introduces readers to the Sasquatch, also popularly known as Bigfoot in nature, in myth, an in modern culture. Gordon explores folklore, testimonies and evidence, and modern day encounters. He pieces together the species' physical features, behavior, and habitat, and suggests a critical thinking approach to the facts surrounding Sasquatch.  Whether or not you are the one to discover Sasquatch, The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual will help you become a better observer of nature, more kno…

UFO in New York?

Recenetly photos appeared of a strange fireball-like object seen in the skies of New York. Could it be a UFO?

See more on my other blog UFO Zone.

Teggie - A Giant Fish, or an Explosive Seal?

Nick Redfern has a new post on Mysterious Universe about a Lake Monster most people probably haven't heard of, at least I hadn't. The post is about Teggie, the monster seen in Lake Bala, in North Wales. Teggie is apparently supposed to be a violent lake monster.

Theories of what Teggie is range from  an ancient creature that has survived to today, giant fish(that has something to do with a known fish in the lake, the Gwyniad), or even explosive seals. Yes, I said explosive seals.

You can read Nick's whole article on Teggie here.

Creature Weekend is this Saturday!

The 4th annual Creature Weekend is at Salt Fork State Park this weekend. Speakers for the event are listed below:

Chad Arment Chad Arment has been investigating cryptozoology for over 20 years. He operates Coachwhip Publications and is author of the books Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation, The Historical Bigfoot, Varmints, and Boss Snakes. He will be giving a presentation on lesser-known cryptids at the Friday night dinner and will discuss Mystery cats on Saturday.

Nick Redfern Nick Redfern is also a cryptozoologist from Texas who has written many, many books on strange subjects, including Monsters of Texas(with Ken Gerhard), The Real Men in Black, Wildman!, Man-Monkey, Monster Files, and many others. He writes for Cyrptomundo and Mysterious universe as well as his blog Nick Redfern's World of Whatever. He has investigated many cryptid sightings, including chupacabras, mystery cats in the UK, and lake monsters in the US. 
John "Trapper" Tice and the cast of Mountai…

This Man Claims He Shot a Werewolf

The man in the video below claims to have had a run-in with a creature in the woods that, amazingly, sounds like an ALBINO DOGMAN!! When he had his encounter he felt it was kill or be killed.  Listen to his story and tell me what you think.

See more on werewolves/Dogman on Tyler's Cryptozoo.

The Oregon Bigfoot Highway

There's another new cryptozoology book out. This one is The Oregon Bigfoot Highway by Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson. From the description, the book is "a collection of 31 Bigfoot sighting reports, 43 Bigfoot tracks, and 69 Bigfoot related incidents in the wild forest of the upper Clackamas and Breitenbush Rivers. Published by Willamette City Press, LLC the OBH contains 118 b&w photographs, 13 custom maps, plentiful non-Bigfoot history, and nice detailed appendixes."

The book is 352 pages long.

You can find out more or buy it here. 

Starting a New Book

Some of you reading this post may already know that I am working on a book on cryptozoology called Cryptid U.S. If not, you do now.

Well, I am currently proofing the book, and I am really hoping to fix up all the little errors and get the final, FINAL copy done soon, maybe even this weekend if I work on it enough. I am really going to try to get it out within a month of now. When it gets finished, it will be available on Amazon. Also, I eventually plan to start getting vendor booths a some Bigfoot conferences after I get it published, so maybe you'll spot me at one of them someday, but that might be a little later in the future.

With Cryptid U.S. hopefully getting finished up, I have started the very first part of the first draft of a second book.

Thanks to everyone who looks at this blog, I really love doing this, because it gives me a chance to write about cryptozoology, and I can publish whatever I wrote then and there. Let me tell ya, it's a LOT more difficult writing a wh…

Scott Carpenter: Bigfoot, Dogman, and More

Scott Carpenter is a blogger online(you can check out his blog here), and author of some books on cryptozoology, including The Bigfoot Field Journal and Dogman: The Monsters are Real. 

I'm going to be meeting Scott in September. I haven't read any of his books, but have looked at some of his online stuff. And, it always seems that he has some new photo of Bigfoot or a Dogman. In his latest post(as of right now, April 24, 2015) that was published on the 22nd, he claims to have filmed a bigfoot in a national park. The post before that: April 14th, he had a "gut feeling", and photographed a Bigfoot. The post before that: March 25th, he claimed to have, yet again, filmed a Bigfoot, this time in "stealth mode." Some researchers think Bigfoot can go into a stealth mode - virtually the ultimate camouflage. I can't find the stealth video on the YouTube search on Blogger, but you can watch it here. 

Now, I'm not saying here that Scott is a liar. I'm just…

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts"

There's a new Mountain Monsters on tomorrow, and its the season finale of Bigfoot Edition. The episode will be "Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts." The AIMS Team is returning to Ashe County, North Carolina, to once again go after the Cherokee Devil that has mind-control powers and messed with the minds of Buck and Huckleberry last week.

Here's the episode description:

"The AIMS team go back to Ashe County, NC to hunt the "Cherokee Devil", a savage Bigfoot that has already scarred members of the team. As the mission continues the biggest rift in AIMS history erupts and some members debate hanging up their gear for good."
This episode sounds like it will be a good one! Lets just hope the 'ol Cherokee Devil doesn't get control of 'ol Wild Bill…… THAT would be BAD. : )

Be sure to tune in to Destination America tomorrow at 10 PM to check out Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition. 

New Frog Species Discovered that looks like Kermit

Yes, Kermit is real!

A new species of frog was recently discovered in Costa Rica, and yes, it does look like Kermit. The frog is a species of glass frog that has been named Hyalinobatrachium dianae. Since it is a glass frog, you can see through its underbelly!

To me, at least, this shows how many amazing animals can still remain "undiscovered" in our world.

Is this a Mystery Critter, or a Sun Bear with Mange?

Recently a video appeared on YouTube that shows some sort of animal that was caught in Shenzhen Reservoir, in China. Just to keep things kind of organized, in this post I will call the animal "the critter." Here's the description of the video on YouTube:

"Mystery creature chews through cage An alien-like creature fished out of a toxic river or a neglected beat: What IS this scary looking beast which can chew through its steel cage? The disturbing video was uploaded last week by Raymond Yeung The description claims it was captured in China's Shenzhen Reservoir The video has sparked online debates over the species of the creature  Some have claimed the hairless animal is  a mythical 'water monster' Others believe it is a Malaysian bear suffering from a skin disease By NELSON GROOM FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA "
Here's the video:

I first saw it when it was posted on Bigfoot Evidence this morning as a "mystery creature chewing through a cage."…

The Arkansas Bigfoot Conference is Tomorrow

The 2015 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference is taking place April 24 and 25, 2015. The event will be located in Vilonia, Arkansas.

Tomorrow night, there will be a camp out in the woods. The actual conference will take place from 9 AM to 6 Pm on Saturday. Speakers include Michael Mayes, D.W. Lee, Jim Whitehead, and J. Robert Swain. These speakers are from many different Bigfoot research groups, the North American Wood Ape Conservancy, the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, and the Alliance of Independent Researchers.

The cost for the conference is $10 per person.

You can see more on the Arkansas Bigfoot Conference on Cryptomundo.

Today is Smokey Crabtree's Birthday

Anyone who has heard of the Fouke Monser in Boggy Creek, Arkansas, has probably heard of Smokey Crabtree. Today is his 88th birthday.

Happy Birthday Smokey!

Book Review: The Real Men in Black by Nick Redfern

If you are interested in UFOs or even other things like that, you have probably at least heard of the Men in Black. This phenomenon is a very interesting(and terrifying ) one. Monsters and Mysteries in America had some episodes about MIBs this past season, and after seeing them I decided to get Nick Redfern's 2011 book on the subject, The Real Men in Black.

The first part of the book is all accounts of people's encounters with Men In Black - from Albert Bender and Gray Barker back in the 1950s to the present day. Even cryptozoologist Loren Coleman had an encounter with a Man in Black in the 1970s. Some accounts have very odd aspects to them, and you may find it shocking(like I did) how they are eerily similar to legends of vampires and Tulpas, which are discussed in one chapter.

Part two of the book is all about the theories of what MIB are. There are many, and each one seems to be able to explain some aspects of SOME MIB encounters, but not all of them. Some are hoaxes, some …

Another Jurassic World Trailer

Along with Avengers: Age of Ultron that comes out May 1st, Jurassic World is The movie I want to see this year. There was a new international trailer that was released yesterday. You can watch it below.

I do not own this trailer or the movie, just putting this on here for entertainment.

Check out the Google Logo Today

It's Nessie!

Today is the 81st Anniversary of the "Surgeon's Photograph."(Its actually fake, in case you don't know) and Google is using Nessie as their logo today. You can also check out Loch Ness on Google maps. 

Bigfooter Mitchell Waite has Passed Away

Yesterday, April 19, 2015, Bigfooter Mitchell Waite from Arizona passed away. He was 64 years old.

Waite was a well-known investigator of the Mogollon Monster in Arizona. He was the owner of Southwest Publication and had written some books, including one with Susan Farnsworth called More Mogollon Monster, Arizona's Bigfoot.He first began investigating Bigfoot in 2007 when there were many reports around his home.

It is sad to have the world lose another Bigfoot researcher. Rest in Peace.

Volume Three of the Journal of Cryptozoology is Available Now!

Not too long ago I posted that there was going to be another volume in The Journal of Cryptozoology coming out soon, and now it is available. The journal is edited by Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker(if you look at this blog often you've seen a lot on him here lately) and includes articles on Thunderbirds in Pennsylvaina, the Moha-Moha sea monster, satellite imagery as a tool in cyrptozoology, the Pink Headed Duck of Myanmar, and Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster.

You can order the book on Amazon (USA) here.

More on the "Dead Bigfoot Photo": A Hoax Created from a Hoax? Maybe Not.

You all probably have heard about the Dead Bigfoot Photo that Karl Shuker recently brought back up on Cryptomundo and ShukerNature. It was proven to be a hoax after Craig Woolheater also did some investigating, and later Bill Munns chimed in and said he thought that the bear photo that the Bigfoot one was made from was also a hoax. Well, it is, but at the same time it isn't, at least not an intentional one meant to trick cryptozoologists.

You can see what I'm talking about on ShukerNature.

Strange Creatures Seldom Seen: Giant Beavers, Sasquatch, Manipogos, and Other Mystery Animals in Manitoba and Beyond

Strange Creatures Seldom Seen is a new book that will come out April 30th, written by John Warms. It's publisher is Coachwhip Publications, operated by Chad Arment, who has written several cryptozoology books of his own. It will be Coachwhip's third cryptozoology book this year: the first two being The Spotted Lion(republished, it originally came out in the 1930s) and the other being Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine. 

Thee book includes sightings of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, giant beavers, "Beaver-ducks", underwater moose, and many other things.

You can order the book here. 

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is Next Month!

The 24th Annual Bigfoot Conference is tomorrow at Salt Fork State Park, but it isn't the only Bigfoot conference coming up. The OHIO Bigfoot Conference hosted by Marc Dewerth is taking place on May 15th - 17th. Speakers for the event are:

John Kirk III John is a cryptozoologist from British Columbia, Canada. He is author of In the Domain of the Lake Monsters and co-author of Discovering Cadborosaurus. He is president of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club(BCSCC). In recent years he has become very involved with Bigfoot research.
Loren Coleman Loren has been investigating cryptozoology since 1960 and is author of many books, including Cryptozoology A to Z(with Jerome Clark), Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, Monsters of Massachusetts, and many others, including some that will come out this year. He is director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine. 
Jim Sherman Jim Sherman is a Bigfoot Field Reserachers Organization(BFRO) investigator from Mic…

Is the Dead Bigfoot Mystery not Solved? A Hoax created from a Hoax?

Last week, Karl Shuker brought the "Dead Bigfoot Photo" that appeared on Cryptomundo in 2006 "back to life", you could say. He had gotten some info from other cryptozoologists and figured out that the Bigfoot photo really was a fake, and was made from an old postcard photo of a bear. Some conspiracy came up on Cryptomundo afterward, and eventually Craig Woolheater got user captainnemo to admit that he had created the photo.

End of story, right?

Well, maybe not.

Karl has updated his original post twice so far with new information that has come in since he originally posted it. The first was on the 15th, and when he explained what had happened on Cryptomundo, and the second was yesterday(probably sometime later, because I didn't see it until this morning, but he does live in the UK, and I don't.

In the second update, Karl said he had received info from Bill Munns, who wrote the 2014 book When Roger Met Pattyon the Patterson-Gimlin film. Bill is an expert in …

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Under Attack"

It's Friday, which means its Mountain Monsters update time. The episode tomorrow will be "Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Under Attack." Here's the episode description:

"The AIMS team head to Ashe County, NC in search of "The Cherokee Devil." This Bigfoot is thought to posses mind control abilities. When Buck has an encounter with the creature the team fights back, only to have another team member fall under its spell." I wonder what will happen with a mind-controlling Bigfoot? Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters, Saturday night at 10.

More on Jim Sherman's Bigfoot Book

Jim Sherman, a BFRO investigator from Michigan, and who will be a speaker at this year's Ohio Bigfoot Conference(which is exactly 1 month away!) has written a book on Bigfoot.

I posted about it a few days ago, and right after I did, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference Facebook page had a post about it. Jim's book is Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing: Looking for Sasquatch in the Real World. It is about his experiences as a Bigfoot researcher - how he got interested, why he likes searching for Bigfoot so much, stuff he has found out, and maybe even an encounter or two.

You can check out the cover below, complete with the image drawn by his seven year old daughter. : )
I must say, she's a pretty good artist!

Jim will also have the book available at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference on May 16th.

Olympic Project May 2015 Bigfoot Expedition

The Olympic Project will be hosting a Bigfoot expedition next month, from the 7th to the 10th. Derek Randles posted about the trip on Cryptomundo today:

"Olympic Project update, 2015 May expedition. Along with presenters, Cindy Dosen, Cindy Rose Caddell, Diane Stocking Neiss, and Barbara Clifton Olvera, David Ellis will be teaching a class on how to collect and analyze audio recordings, as well as track casting. Derek Randles, Torrie Randles and James Million will be giving classes on wilderness survival and backpack preparedness. Tom Baker will be presenting on proper comprehensive evidence documentation. This promises to be a very informative trip.The hiking is outstanding, scenery is beautiful, and the camaraderie is second to none. We have exactally 3 spots left on this trip. The dates are May 7th, to the 10th. If you'd like to get more information about this expedition, please send an e mail to"  You can see the rest of the post and more abou…

The 24th Annual Bigfoot Conference is in 2 Days!

The 24th Annual Bigfoot Conference is coming up this Saturday from 2 to 8 PM at Salt Fork State Park. The Conference is hosted by longtime Ohio Bigfoot researcher Don Keating. Speakers for the event are listed below.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Meldrum is a full professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. He has been investigating Sasquatch and other beings like it for nearly 20 years. He has an extremely large sasquatch footprint collection and is author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science and the Sasquatch Field Guide. 
Todd M. Neiss Neiss has been actively investigating sasquatch for over two decades. He is in the Oregon Army National Guard and is also a veteran of the Iraq War. He has been on numerous television shows and speaks at various conferences in the US and Canada.
Diane Stocking Neiss

Diane founded "Stocking Hominid Research" in 2007. Like Todd, she has spoken at various conferences and has appeared on television. She became interested in Bigfoot at a very…

The exposed "Dead Bigfoot Photo" causes Conspiracy on Cryptomundo, Craig Woolheater does some sleuthing, and the Truth is exposed!

Recently I posted about the "Dead Bigfoot Photo" that has recently been exposed by Karl Shuker(see here.) There was another photo of a supposed dead Sasquatch that was exposed, too, and you can see that here, but that's not what this post is about.

It all started with Shuker telling everyone about the 1st dead Bigfoot on Cryptomundo.

Craig Woolheater soon posted "A Cryptomundo Conspiracy?"

Karl Shuker also had an update about the photo on his blog today. 

As it turns out, after Craig contacted Cryptomundo user "captainnemo", the user who sent in the photo way back in '06, captainnemo admitted that he had created the photo.(See "More: A Cryptomundo Conspiracy?") Now we know what the photo originally was, and who made it. Hoax exposed!

Nick Redfern on WIBs

You have all heard of Men in Black, but what about Women in Black?

Nick Redfern has a new Mysterious Universe post about these mysterious specters, and he is apparently working on a whole book on WIBs as well!

The post is the story of Albert Bender's family's experience with a mysterious WIB in the 1930s. Anyone who knows anything about MIB history or who has read Nick's The Real Men in Blackwill probably know who Bender is.

The post starts like this:

"Albert Bender, author of the 1962 book, Flying Saucers and the Three Men, is inextricably linked to the enigma of the Men in Black. For this reason alone, it's baffling that practically every researcher and author that has ever commented on Bender's encounters with the dark-suited ones, has overlooked something massively important: his family's links to a Woman in Black."
You can read Nick's full post here.  

Another Dead Bigfoot Photo, Another Fake

Some of you may have seen that recently cryptozoologist Karl Shuker exposed the truth behind the "Dead Bigfoot Photo" of a Bigfoot hanging upside down(if not, please click here.) He said he will have more on that posted sometime soon.

Well, I saw another on Bigfoot Evidence today, and it is an obvious fake as well.

The dead Bigfoot photo above was actually made from the photo of a dead deer.

I know of at least 1 other dead Bigfoot photo that looks old like these two, but its probably fake, too, and can be seen in Bigfoot Casebook Updatedby Colin and Janet Bord.

The Real Men in Black

The Real Men in Black arrived at my house today.

No, not actual people(or whatever they are), the book by Nick Redfern.

Expect a review sometime soon!

Volume Three of the Journal of Cryptozoology is Coming!

Karl Shuker posted on his blog yesterday that the third volume of the Journal of Cryptozoology is going to be coming out soon.

This volume includes papers on Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster, pink headed ducks, the Moha-Moha, satellites as tools in cryptozoology, and thunderbirds. This sounds like it will be a good one! Karl also said that the fourth volume will be out in December.

Cryptid Pokemon

This is really nothing cryptid evidence wise, but I thought it was cool anyway, because it involves two things I like.

Sableye is a Pokemon from the Generation 3 games(Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) that is actually based off of the Hopkinsville Goblins that attacked a farmhouse in Kentucky in 1955. Jonathan Wojcik, who made this, made two fake Sableye evolutions, the male being Mothman and the female being the Flatwoods Monster.

I'd love it if these were real.

All credit for the image goes to Jonathan Wojcik.

Jim Sherman is working on a Bigfoot book

Jim Sherman, BFRO Investigator from Michigan, is apparently getting a book on Bigfoot published.

I saw the news on Bigfoot Evidence a few days ago. I think his book will be pretty good, but we have no idea when it will be out.

Sherman will be one of the speakers at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference next month. I saw him there last year talking about call blasting and other sound technology at one of the workshops, and he is a very entertaining speaker. I'm looking forward to seeing him there again.

Some guy in Mexico says he filmed a "Witch"

The video above supposedly shows a "witch" caught on video by a guy in Mexico. What do you think? Real witch or not?

To me it almost looks like a guy in a costume with a wig.....I'm saying fake.

The "Dead Bigfoot" that was never a Bigfoot at all: Karl Shuker has exposed the Truth behind the "Dead Bigfoot Photo"

If you have looked up Bigfoot on the internet before, you have probably seen the image that was supposed to show a dead Bigfoot that is shown below.

The photo first appeared when it was sent to Cryptomundo in 2006. Craig Woolheater posted about it at the time, and Loren Coleman did, too. It even made its way onto the cover of Teddy Roosevelt: Sasquatch Hunter(he actually did write about Bigfoot in his book Wilderness Hunter.) 

When you look at the "Dead Bigfoot Photo" you can tell its an obvious fake. Now, Karl Shuker has found the source of the image - an old postcard. Now, the mystery of the photos that has been in the Bigfoot world for almost 10 years in solved.

You can check out Karl's article on the "dead Bigfoot" on ShukerNature.

Cryptozoo at the Zoo

While at the Columbus Zoo recently, expecting to see something zoological, I stumbled upon something Cryptozoological.

'Ol Patty the Bigfoot seems to have made her way into the wolverine habitat.

There were also live specimens of what you can call "cryptids" there, because the okapi and komodo dragon used to be cryptids, believe it or not.