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Bigfooter Ray Crowe has Passed Away

I saw some sad news on Loren Coleman's CryptoZooNews today...

Bigfooter Charles Raymond "Ray" Crowe, born December 30, 1937, passed away in his sleep at 10:30 AM, today, September 29, 2015.

Ray became interested in Bigfoot when he went with a group searching for the creature. They dropped him off at an isolated spot at the forest and he found some tracks. He then decided, in 1991, to start his own Bigfoot organization. He did, and it was called the Western Bigfoot Society. He began holding a conference, called "Bigfoot Daze," in 1992. He also started publishing a Bigfoot newsletter called The Track Record, which ran until 2008. I have an old issue from 2002. : )  He also wrote some books on Sasquatch.

Crowe had had some health problems in recent years, but still had a few books published, his last beingBigfoot Behavior, volumes 1-3, which were published September 15, just 14 days before his death.

R.I.P Ray Crowe. You will be missed.

Marmaduke Wetherell, The Loch Ness Monster, & Hoaxes

During the Nessie craze of 1933-1934, big game hunter Marmaduke Wetherell was hired by the Daily Mail to travel to the loch and look for the monster, and, if he could, catch it. Instead of actually looking for the monster, however, Wetherell did something else - he perpetrated hoaxes.


In December 1933, Wetherell claimed to have located something. Not the monster itself, but its tracks. The gigantic footprints were found on the shore of the loch and led into the water. The monster tracks, however, turned out to be nothing of the sort. When they were examined by the Natural History Museum, it turned out that they had been made with a dried hippo's foot! The foot itself had been used to make an ash tray. 

After the hoax was exposed, the Daily Mail made Wetherell look like a fool. He retreated from the public view - but his hoaxing at Loch Ness was not done.


The most famous photograph of the Loch Nes…

Sea Serpent Carcasses - Or is There a Simpler Explanation? Examining Some Undoubtably Odd Remains

Following my recent post about a mysterious picture of a strange looking carcass supposedly found at Loch Ness, but which turned out to be nothing of the sort, I am going to take a look at some other supposed sea serpent carcasses.

Lots of carcasses said to be those of "sea serpents" have found over the years, but many have turned out not to be from something unknown. (Sometimes, though, previously unknown creatures wash up on beaches.) And a few still defy explanation.

Some of these carcasses appeared many years ago, but some have been found in more recent times. A few have caused quite a stir in the scientific community, a stir that usually ends in some scientist(s) being humiliated because they thought they found a real sea monster.

Now, lets take a look at some sea serpent carcasses, or, should I say "supposed" sea serpent carcasses!


This carcass is one that many people believe to be a genuine carcass of a Cadborosaurus.

Retrieved …

Honobia Bigfoot Festival & Conference

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival & Conference is coming up in just a few days. The event will take place October 2-4 in Honobia, Oklahoma.

All money raised from events at this festival will go towards giving scholarships to students in the area.

There will be lots of vendors, and producers for the TV show Killing Bigfoot, premiering on Destination America in early 2016, will be there filming and conducting interviews. There will be lots of other activities as well.

If  you can, head on down to the Honobia Bigfoot Festival this week. All money goes to a good cause, and you might get to be on TV!

Find out more:

Honobia 2015 Bigfoot Conference BlogWebsiteFacebook Page

New Crypto Shows on Tonight - Destination America & H2

There's going to be a lot of cryptozoology shows on TV today!

The second episode of Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition, "Bigfoot of Denali: Wind Walker" airs tonight at 10pm on Destination America.

History Channel 2 (H2) also has some new episodes of Ken Gerhard's show Missing in Alaska on tonight as well.

Here's what's on.


Missing in Alaska: "Attack of the Ice Gnomes" is on now, until 7pm.

Missing in Alaska: "Death by Demon Wolf" is on from 7pm to 8pm.

Missing in Alaska: "It lurks Beneath the Ice" is on from 8pm to 9pm.

Missing in Alaska: "Taken into the Wild" is on from 9pm to 10pm.

Missing in Alaska: "Shapeshifters from the River" is on from 10pm to 11pm.

Missing in Alaska: "Zombies of HAARP" is on from 11pm to 12am.


Alaska Monsters: "Central Alaska's Bigfoot" is on now, until 7pm.

Alaska Monsters: "The Sasquatch of the South" is on from 7 pm to 8pm.


Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Denali: Wind Walker"

The second episode of Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition is on tonight at 10pm on Destination America. Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Denali: Wind Walker."

Here's the episode description:

"The Alaska Midnight Sons head near Denali National Park to investigate one of the tallest and most aggressive Bigfoots they have ever gone after. This extremely territorial Bigfoot is responsible for terrorizing multiple cabin owners in the area."
Be sure to check out Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition tonight at 10 only on Destination America!

A Manifestation of Monsters - Reviewing Karl Shuker's Unusual Suspects

A few weeks ago, I got Karl Shuker's newest, 22nd bookA Manifestation of Monsters: Examining the (Un)Usual Suspects. 

Shuker's book was inspired by a painting entitled "Cryptids" by Michael J. Smith. The amazing painting shows 17 awesome cryptids -

TOP ROW: Loch Ness Monster, giant squid, giant moa, Mokele - MbembeSECOND ROW:  Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey DevilTHIRD ROW: Skunk Ape, Dogman, pterosaur, reptoidFOURTH ROW: thylacine, Chupacabras, dodoBOTTOM ROW: Mongolian Death Worm, Comoros coelacanth, Mexican mini-chupacbara

The book starts off with a foreword by Texan cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard (who is also the author of some great books and host of the TV show Missing in Alaska).

Shuker covers many more cryptids than those featured on the cover, and has lots of information that has never been published in a cryptozoology book before. Some subjects include: a possible mention of the Mongolian Death Worm in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, giant eels, the Camp Fircom Cad…

Van Meter Visitor Festival Tomorrow

The Third Annual Van Meter Visitor Festival is taking place in Van Meter, Iowa, tomorrow, September 26.

112 years ago, the residents of Van Meter sighted a mysterious flying monster now called the Van Meter Visitor. Here's some of what I said about the creature(s) in my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America:

"112 years ago, the town of Van Meter, Iowa, was the hotspot for sightings of a strange, flying monster. Eventually named the Van Meter Visitor, the creature was described as having large wings, a beak, and a horn on its head that emitted a powerful light."
Lots of people spotted the creature on top of buildings, climbing a telephone pole, and hopping like a kangaroo. Multiple creatures were seen going in and out of an old mine shaft.

Here's the information for the festival happening tomorrow.

 Third Annual Van Meter Visitor Festival
Where: Downtown Van Meter, Iowa
Date: Saturday, September 26th
Time: 1 pm to 10 pm

"Nessie Carcass" Mystery Solved!

It's not a Loch Ness Monster carcass, and it wasn't even found at Loch Ness!

(For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about above, see this earlier post!)

In early 2010, I saw in a news flyer-like thing at my grandma's a book entitled Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Creatures of the Deep by Mike Everhart. I was intrigued by it, and the next time I went to spend the night over there, there was that book waiting for me! Sea Monsters is not on cryptids (it's about prehistoric sea creatures, as the title says), but it does have a few pages on the Loch Ness Monster, obviously because of the plesiosaur theory for the identity of Nessie (or should I say, the Nessies!)

On page 27 of that book is an image that I have been very curious about for the past five years. Along with the classic Surgeon's Photo and stills from a video is a picture of a strange carcass along with a caption that says "a mysterious carcass washed ashore at Loch Ness."

Sea Monsters is…

More New Missing in Alaska

History Channel 2 (H2) will be airing another marathon of Missing in Alaska Saturday, September 26, and will be airing three new episodes.

Here's what Ken Gerhard said on Cryptomundo:

"This Saturday, September 26th - H2 Network will be running another MISSING IN ALASKA marathon… starting @ 6pm EST. In addition to replaying the three episodes that debuted recently, they will be premiering brand new episodes with topics including - Malevolent mermaids known as the Qualupalik and the Kushtaka, a shapeshifting 'otter man.' A third mystery episode will either address vengeful spirits, or perhaps one of my favorite topics, Thunderbirds! Please share." I hope they show an episode on thunderbirds!

Be sure to check out Missing in Alaska this Saturday, Sept. 26, on History Channel 2 (H2)!

New Book - The Kelly Green Men

A famous encounter with possible aliens occurred on August 21, 1955. I won't go into the full story here, but this is basically what happened.

The Taylor family was visiting their friends the Suttons at their rural farmhouse in Kelly, Kentucky. Billy Ray Taylor went outside to the well to get some water, and when he did, he spotted a strange craft landing on the property. He went back to the house, but no one believed him, until later, when the dog came running back and hid under the porch. Soon, strange beings about three feet tall started approaching the house. They had hands with claws, short legs, large mouths, large eyes, and large ears. Whenever they were shot, they did a backflip and rolled off into the night, only to return.

After several hours of war with the aliens, the Suttons and Taylors got a break and ran to the vehicles. They went to the police station and the sheriff returned with them, but, of course there were no aliens there at this time. The police officers did…

Hidden Encounters: More Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio and Beyond

Last year I had a post on here about Doug Waller's book Standing in the Shadows: Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio.Doug is the founder and head of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation, or SOSBI.

On September 12, SOSBI hosted a great Bigfoot conference at Burr Oak State Park in Ohio. At this conference I traded books with Doug - I gave him one of mine, and he gave me a copy of his new book, Hidden Encounters: More Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio and Beyond. 

Yesterday, I finished Doug's new book, and this is my review.

Hidden Encounters is similar to Standing in the Shadows, and at the same time it is not. For one thing, it's a good bit longer. And, it has a good number of stories from outside of Ohio. Some of these stories I had heard before or had seen on TV, but many of them can only be found in this book!

If you are someone who likes Bigfoot books, I would definitely recommend this one! You can find out how to get a copy on SOSBI's Face…

Has Anyone Ever Found a Nessie Carcass?

One question skeptics always ask regarding Loch Ness Monsters, Bigfoot, etc is "Why don't we have a body?" This post is about that question and the Loch Ness Monsters.

There have been lots of "sea serpent carcasses" discovered around the world for hundreds of years, although many have turned out to be whales and the like. I covered one that was found earlier this year on this blog, and you can see that post here.

One thing you don't hear much about is carcasses of lake monsters, because no one ever finds them, and that is one thing skeptics will use to say they aren't real. But, as an example as to why there could be lake monsters, but no lake monster carcasses, I quote part of Jeanne Bendick's 1976 book The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, (which just happens to be the first book on any cryptozoological subject that I ever read):

"Nobody knows how deep the silt is at the bottom of the loch. Could bones sink deep into it?"
That quote goes…

New Book Project

I've got about half of another book on United States cryptids done. But, since that is what I covered in my first book, I've decided to finally start on another book I've had in the planning stages for years.

The other book is on aquatic cryptids, like sea serpents, Loch Ness Monsters, Ogopogo, Champ, etc.

However, don't expect to see much on it anytime soon, as I've just started on it. But, do expect to see a book about sea serpents out from me sometime in the future!

You can buy my first book, Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America, on Amazon.