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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Film of a Live Pterosaur and Incorrect Facts

The Daily Mail recently had a story about a film of a supposed live pterosaur. There are a good number of reports from reliable witnesses who claim they spotted reptiles that are supposed to be extinct. I have a chapter on them in my book Cryptid U.S.

Now to the story.

The Daily Mail article is titled "Special effects or the return of the Pterosaur? Amateur footage appears to capture extinct reptile flying over Ohio." It starts off saying :

"From unexplained sightings of mythical and prehistoric creatures to UFOs; it's pretty safe to say that humans relish a good mystery.
"And this bizarre footage captured in Idaho will surely whet the appetite of conspiracy theorists around the globe.
"In the clip, which was captured by an amateur filmmaker, a huge bird-like creature flies across the sky over Boise, Ohio."

First clues to find out the film's a fake are in those first few sentences. I'll have more on that later in the post.
Screenshot from the film.
From the Daily Mail

The article goes on to say that many people have said the film is a fake and uses special effects. One person said "It's a bat," but I can tell you this is no bat. It goes on to tell about pterosaurs a little bit, and that's it. One thing I do like about this article, however, is that it actually calls pterosaurs "pterosaurs," and not "pterodactyls!"

Now, my thoughts on the video.

It's fake. And it's obvious. You can tell the pterosaur isn't real, and at the eight second mark, it does a sort of half-front flip in the air and keeps on flying.

Also, in the title of the article, it says it was filmed in Ohio. Later, it says it was in Idaho. Then, it says it was in Boise, Ohio, which is not a place!

This isn't a real pterosaur sighting, but other people really have seen pterosaurs (or things that look like them) in modern times.

For good information on pterosaur sightings, check out Jonathan Whitcomb's blog or books. 

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