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Oklahoma Dogmen

It was a nice autumn night in 1981. Two men were traveling along Highway 3 from Atoka to Antlers, Oklahoma. As they were nearing the Muddy Boggy Bridge, which is over the Muddy Boggy River, they saw a strange creature on the right side of the road. They said it was just standing there, not moving, and it was on two legs. They said it was 7 feet tall and looked like an Olympic athlete and was covered in short, black fur. They compared it to Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal-Headed god of the dead.

That is only one of the many Dogman sightings from Oklahoma. Another sighting occurred in 1993, when a man named Brandon and his friend were driving in a Toyota on a secluded dirt road. They stopped to complain about life, as all people do, when they heard a strange noise. The creature had red eyes, and the man said he felt like it looked through him.

He said it was 7 feet tall and had to bend over to look in the window. "It was black and had a furry head and pointy, erect ears," Brandon said. "It was strong enough to shake the car. I expected him to bite me and have his mouth cover my shoulder, I mean the entire shoulder blade to mid-chest, that's how big its mouth was." He tried to get into the passenger seat, but couldn't because he had his seatbelt on. When he looked back over, the creature was gone. His friend did not see the creature, but had felt the truck rock.

The last Okalhoma sighting I will mention (there are still many others, however) occurred one summer evening in 1998. It was about 11 pm when the two witnesses saw the creature when they were driving home. The driver swerved and barely avoided hitting a large creature holding onto a tree and leaning forward, like it was going to jump on the car. They were certain it was not a bear.

This post on Oklahoma Dogman sightings was excerpted from my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America. If you like it, maybe say on Amazon that you do! Positive reviews are good!


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    1. Yes. Talked to Linda Godfrey and Vic Cundiff. Contact me by email,

  2. I had a sighting in Wellston Oklahoma in April 2012


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