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Rob Lowe Claims he Encountered a "Wood Ape"

Rob Lowe has a new show coming soon called The Lowe Files, in which he and his sons go out hunting monsters and things of the sort. Lowe was recently on The Tonight Show and discussed an encounter that he really seems to believe was with a Bigfoot, or, as he calls it, a "wood ape."

"Rob Lowe went wood ape (Big Foot) hunting in the Ozark Mountains in the middle of the night for his series The Lowe Files and had a close encounter of some kind."

Chupacabras Stories from California

Folks in a California neighborhood are having encounters with a strange animal, one that they insist is "no coyote."

The Mercury Newsreports:

"On a foggy morning more than a week ago, Cary Shuker's cat raced into his Riverside home, terrified of something outside. "'This thing was standing out there, looking at me,' Shuker said, a private contractor who lives at the base of Box Springs Mountain, which divides Moreno Valley and Riverside. 'It was the ugliest-looking thing.' "Shuker said the hairless creature, glaring at him about 80 or 90 feet away, had a tail like a rat or possum, with rippled pinkish skin, teeth jutting both up and down out of its jaws and was 'at least two feet or more longer than the biggest coyote you've ever seen.' "'I yelled at it, in a big deep voice, 'Get out of here!'" Shuker said. "The creature snarled at him, then made as if to leave. But before it did, it turned back toward …

New Books

Some new books  I found at a Half Price Books today…

How to Catch Fairies by Gilly Sergiev…

And a copy of Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia by Tony Healey and Paul Cropper… signed by both authors!

Expect reviews sometime….

The "Proverbial 'Find of the Century?'" - Strange Creature Caught in Caucasus

An extremely interesting video was posted on YouTube in late May and June on two different channels (same video though) that shows a strange creature.

One Cryptomundo commenter said this could be the "proverbial 'find of the century.'" And it might actually be.

Some think the thing is a monkey in a costume. I think it may not be, however. The creature is said to have been caught in the Caucasus Mountains. The following was posted on Cryptomundo, from Igor Burtsev of the International Center of Hominology:

"It presented on Utube as a captured small hairy creature on the Caucases but not exactly where. Somebody wrote that in Karachaevo-Cherkes republic? but as I could understand they were talking in Azerbaijan language (now it's a separate state by the Kaspian sea)/ And I noticed there on a piece of paper Arabic and Latin letters show the date - November 30, 2016, or ehe year 1395 Hijri (?)and the name Haji Taha - in Russia they don't use such writings, it…

Is Washington State Photo Really a Real Sasquatch?

The other day I put up a post on a picture from Washington State that Matt Moneymaker (you all know who he is) says is of a real Sasquatch. But is it, really?

I had some doubts when first seeing the photo, and even more when some people brought some other stuff to light.

But before we get to that, here is what Moneymaker said about the photo on Twitter:

"Here's photo of real sasquatch in Washington State. An elk hunter witness at recent Colorado town hall says the one he saw almost identical."
And a little more on that…. on Twitter, "the Mick SSDD" said "Was that picture taken in 2001 with a flip phone?" To which MM said "…cuz yoou would have gotten a much much better photo in that brief unexpected moment. … Right, Trollio?"

Maybe he would have, cause I don't think this is the real deal.

The photo has gotten a few comments about its authenticity on Cryptomundo. Cryptokellie said: "Is this a test? A stretched stock gorilla image adde…

Book Review: The Roswell UFO Conspiracy by Nick Redfern

Today I finished Nick Redfern's most recent book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing a Shocking and Sinister Secret.It is a follow-up to his 2005 book Body Snatchers in the Desert, also about what came down at the Foster Ranch, Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. Most people, when they hear "Roswell," think of a crashed UFO. But the sources Nick talked with for Body Snatchers in the Deserthad a decidedly different story to tell. One that didn't involve extraterrestrials.

From those four sources, and others who talked to other people and/or researchers, and from information from government files, Redfern concludes that what came down at Roswell in 1947 was definitely not a "UFO" of the alien type. Far more likely, as the evidence points to, it was something from the U.S. government that they wanted (and still want) to keep secret.

The theory that Nick supports in this book is that what came down at Roswell (and there were actually multiple crashes, not …

Small Town Monsters - Mothman, Chestnut Ridge, Champ, and More...

As I do every couple of months, here is an update of what my friend Seth Breedlove and the Small Town Monsters crew are doing - their recently released movie, upcoming events, and what they have in store for 2018…

Seth said of The Mothman of Point Pleasant, released last month:

"Mothman was kind of our do or die movie. We actually were in a position with STM where it was sort of like, either this thing succeeds or we probably need to reexamine what we're doing. Thankfully it has largely succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations. Particularly in the area of how it's being received by paranormal enthusiasts and an average non-para audience as well. The response has been phenomenal."
The next film STM will be releasing is coming this October. The film, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, examines reports of many strange things along the ridge in Pennsylvania. Seth said a little bit on what the movie will be like:

"It's a weird movie. Our weirdest to date. We've go…

Matt Moneymaker: Real Sasquatch Photo from Washington

Matt Moneymaker recently posted the following photo on Twitter.

His comments were:

"Here's photo of real sasquatch in Washington State. An elk hunter witness at recent Colorado town hall says the one he saw almost identical."
Is it really a real sasquatch?

What do you think?

Crypto-Kid: Stan Gordon Tonight

Colin Schneider has a new episode of his Crypto-Kid show, live tonight at 8pm on WCJV Radio!

Tonight's guest is author and researcher of the weird Stan Gordon.

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid I am joined by the one and only Stan Gordon. Stan has been researching the fields of ufology and cryptozoology in Pennsylvania for over fifty years. He is the top authority on the Kecksburg UFO Crash and the Bigfoot/UFO wave of 1973. Colin and Stan will discuss the upcoming Kecksburg UFO Festival and his wide array of cryptid cases."
Don't miss it!

Dragons and "Werewolves" - New Books

Some new books I got today - Dragons: A Natural History by Karl Shuker, and Beast: Werewolves, Serial Killers, and Man-Eaters: The Mystery of the Monsters of the Gevaudan by S. R. Schwalb and Gustavo Sanchez Romero.

Reviews coming soon...

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge - Trailer Released

The trailer for the next Small Town Monsters film, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, has been released. Watch it below.

There is also this press release from STM:

"PENNSYLVANIA PREPARES FOR AN 'INVASION' "AWARD-WINNING FILM COMPANY RELEASES DOCUMENTARY  CENTERED AROUND THE CHESTNUT RIDGE "A new filmed titled Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (from the creators of the just-released documentary, The Mothman of Point Pleasant) now has a trailer. 'Invasion' tells the true story of one of the more bizarre places in America, Pennsylvania's Chestnut Ridge, and the unusual activity that has taken place there for decades. Ahead of the launch of the film, the official trailer has been released. Delving into one of the most intriguing, and unusual regions this side of the Bermuda Triangle, the film will tell the tale of the Kecksburg UFO crash, the Uniontown Bigfoot/UFO sightings, encounters with a  large, prehistoric bird in Keystone State Park and much more. "The tra…

Thoughts on Wisconsin Werewolf Doc?

So… the North American Dogman Project's DVD of The Wisconsin Werewolf has been out since the 15th of this month… so far it has 2 "5 star" reviews on Amazon, though one of them is from Donna Fink - who I believe had a part in making the film.

Anyway, I was wondering if any readers have seen said doc and what you think of it? To me it really doesn't look that good, so I'm not really planning on getting it… is it just like a Joedy Cook book in DVD form? (Since I'm assuming he had lots to do with it since he basically heads the NADP.)

Still not liking the whole "Neighborhood Monsters" 'production company' (if you would even call it that) ripping of Small Town Monsters. I'll stick with their films which I know will always be top notch.

How is The Wisconsin Werewolf?

Really bad?

Somewhat bad?


Somewhat decent (somehow)?

The Loch Ness Seal

It was official. The Loch Ness Monster had been found! It was March 31, 1972, and eight scientists from the Flamingo Park Zoo, Yorkshire, were having breakfast at the Foyers House hotel on the shore of the loch. They were there with the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau (LNPIB) and were going to try out a new “hormone sex bait” to try to lure in a monster.

But it seemed like they didn’t have to, because the hotel manager came up to them during breakfast and told them that someone had just reported seeing “a large hump” that was floating in the loch, and near the hotel, too! And when the scientists went to look, they saw it - a large, dark colored object about 300 yards offshore, bobbing up and down in the water.
The scientists were directed to their boat by Terence O’Brien, the leader of the team. They went out into the loch to investigate the object, and returned 20 minutes later, at 9 a.m., with the dead body of a monster!
The news quickly spread around the world. Within hours, …

Monsters Among Us - A Very, Very Skeptical Look at Cryptids

Today I finished reading Andrea McGann Keech's recent bookMonsters Among Us: The Truth About a Hidden World You Never Knew.

There isn't really any "truth" in this book.

Keech examines many, many cryptids including Bigfoot and Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, Wendigo, Mothman, Beast of Gevaudan, mokele-mbembe, thunderbirds, and more. And since the book is only about 150 pages, each cryptid gets on average around 5-6 pages of coverage.

And about a third of that, usually, is made up of a story she puts at the beginning of each chapter about each certain cryptid, many of which are quite… odd…, or show them as vicious killer beasts! In the Mothman chapter, she even takes the Scarberry-Mallette story and just adds in two random people instead! She apparently fancies herself a storyteller, even though most of them aren't that good at all.

When she actually gets to "examining" (and I use the term very loosely) each cryptid, she basically barely covers its history a…

DNA Techniques Could Possibly Prove if Thylacines Still Live

There could be a new way of proving whether or not the thylacine (also called the Tasmanian tiger) still lives…

ABC News reports:

"Modern forensic science could be used to solve the mystery around the existence of the Tasmanian tiger, a lab researcher says. "Reports have regularly emerged of people who say they have seen one, with grainy photographs often presented. But now it is thought DNA sampling could help to provide a conclusive answer. "Tasmanian tiger enthusiast Col Bailey has spent much of his life trying to prove the thylacinus cynocephalus - which roughly translates as 'pouched dog with a wolf's head' - is still alive and at large.

"He has written a number of books on the subject and maintains he saw one in southern Tasmania in 1995. "Bailey said it was in the Weld River Valley, near a creek amongst thick bushland. "'I went to walk towards it and it backed back, and then it turned a full circle and turned around and stood glaring…

Any Fake Shark Week Shows This Year?

Shark Week starts on the Discovery Channel this Sunday… so will there be any totally fake shows like that Megalodoncrap from a few years ago?

From the official schedule of new shows, it actually doesn't look like we will!

I actually very much enjoy Shark Week… when there's real documentaries! And if they aren't all just a "we're gonna tag this shark" like they do sometimes…

Anyone else watching Shark Week?

Update: well, there kinda was - apparently Michael Phelps raced a cgi great white. Wow, Discovery Channel. Really.

Encounters with the Chupacabras - Western USA

In the mid-1990s, the Chupacabras leapt onto the cryptozoology scene - reports started in Puerto Rico, but soon spread to the US as well… and these are not the "blue dog" variety, either...

"Police in Tucson, Arizona received a call on May 1, 1996 from a man named Jose Espinoza. Something had broken into Mr. Espinoza's house. He described the intruder as a creature with large, red eyes, a pointed nose, and shriveled features. According to the witness, the Chupacabras had entered the home, slammed a door, and jumped on his seven-year-old son before hopping out the window. Footprints and handprints were found on the walls. Most of the handprints, however, matched those of Mr. Espinoza's son. "Espinoza may not have been lying, however, because, on May 2, a dozen goats and a sheep were found dead. Whatever had caused the deaths had also wounded several cows. The rancher on the farm saw the creature later and shot it with a rifle. Despite the wounds. the Chupac…

Land Loch Ness Monster Photographed - Or Not

Various news outlets are reporting on a "Land Loch Ness Monster" that was photographed recently.

Here is the report from The Sun:

"A WALKER was left stunned after stumbling across this Loch Ness Monster lookalike. "Jimmy Wright, 66, snapped an astonishing photo while out walking his dog on Crow Hill, Killearn, Stirlingshire.

"He posted the image on Facebook and claimed, after spotting the creature, it had disappeared from sight. "He then asked his friends: 'A land relative of 'Nessie' perhaps?' "However, some of Jimmy's friends disagreed with his theory, many submitting one of their own - a tree stump. "Heather McCabe commented: 'Old tree stump??' and Elaine McLeod said: 'The native Killearn tree stump.' "The 'surgeon's photograph', snapped by Colonel Robert Wilson in 1934, is probably the most famous Nessie sighting ever. It was later exposed to be a hoax. "In 2012 George Edwards took a …

"Expedition: Find Bigfoot" Article

Spectrum News Austin has a new article up on the "Bigfoot expedition" that took place in Round Rock on the 15th:

"ROUND ROCK, Texas - The city of Round Rock hosted Expedition: Find Bigfoot Saturday night. "It was an event culminating all the recent Bigfoot 'sightings' in the area. Kids came out in droves for their chance to spot Bigfoot in Round Rock Saturday night at the city's Expedition: Find Bigfoot event. "The kids said they heard all about the recent 'sightings' and just had to join in on the hunt. "'Right when I heard of Bigfoot, I just got so interested in it,' said Reed Bales, an eight-year old. "The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department is glad its Bigfoot campaign is working. They launched it last month. "'We really created this Bigfoot expedition program to get kids outdoors and off video games and so far, it has really worked. Our parks rangers report hundreds, if not thousands, of family members…

Nessie - A Gigantic Wels Catfish?

Steve Feltham, record holder for the longest search for the Loch Ness Monster, thinks that the Nessies may be some gigantic Wels catfish.

Earlier this week I was watching a show on National Geographic on giant-sized catfish in rivers in Europe (called River Jaws: Monster Catfish). At first I wasn't really paying attention, but then started to and found it quite interesting. Some catfish had been released in various rivers, lakes, etc. and some have reached gigantic sizes, like this giant wels catfish that was caught in 2015, and which was filmed for the show.

After watching the show, I began to think more about the theory that the Loch Ness Monsters could be gigantic Wels catfish.

If there are catfish that big in the loch, and someone on the shore on on the lake itself saw one like the one pictured above, it would certainly seem like a monster, wouldn't it?

This is a theory that I think may have some merit…

Cryptid Culture - July 2017 - Prehistoric Survivors Article

The July issue of Cryptid Culture Magazine is out now! I wrote an article on possible prehistoric survivors in Australia that is included in this issue.

Other articles in this issue include:

The Monster of Lake Pepin by Chad LewisA (Not So) Diminutive Look at Cryptic Dwarves by Colin SchneiderThe Many Faces of Bigfoot by David FloydOhio Bigfoot Conference by Robert RobinsonRecent Cryptid Reports by Ken GerhardLake Worth Monster  by Lyle Blackburn And more…
Get it here!

Crypto-Kid: Nick Redfern Tonight

Colin Schneider is back with a new episode of the Crypto-Kid tonight at 8 on WCJV Radio. Tonight's guest is Nick Redfern.

"For tonight's episode, I have rescheduled Nick Redfern, author of dozens of books on UFOs, cryptozoology, and the strange. Nick and Colin will discuss the Men in Black and their involvement in cryptozoology. This is a definite not-to-miss episode!"
Listen live here.