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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The "Proverbial 'Find of the Century?'" - Strange Creature Caught in Caucasus

An extremely interesting video was posted on YouTube in late May and June on two different channels (same video though) that shows a strange creature.

One Cryptomundo commenter said this could be the "proverbial 'find of the century.'" And it might actually be.

Some think the thing is a monkey in a costume. I think it may not be, however. The creature is said to have been caught in the Caucasus Mountains. The following was posted on Cryptomundo, from Igor Burtsev of the International Center of Hominology:

"It presented on Utube as a captured small hairy creature on the Caucases but not exactly where. Somebody wrote that in Karachaevo-Cherkes republic? but as I could understand they were talking in Azerbaijan language (now it's a separate state by the Kaspian sea)/ And I noticed there on a piece of paper Arabic and Latin letters show the date - November 30, 2016, or ehe year 1395 Hijri (?)and the name Haji Taha - in Russia they don't use such writings, it's another confirmation of Azerbaijan location of the case (my personal investigation, as I know Azerbaijan language and Arabic writings too). The Arabic writings show some figures - 75,11,95, 25 - and a couple of letters."

Azerbaijan location on a map. Caucasus mtns. located here
 as well

 I translated the title of the video I added on this post and got this:

"In the Caucasus caught a strange creature, similar to a brownie."

A "brownie" in this case is not a treat, but a fairy-like creature from English and Scottish folklore. Brownies are "the Scottish and Northern English counterpart of the Scandinavian tomte, the Slavic domovoi and the German Heinzelmannchen.
Brownie illustration from a book of fairy tales

Basically the exact same as a fairy or hobgoblin.

An interesting note is that Thomas Keightley described the Brownie in this way:

"…A personage of small stature, wrinkled visage, covered with short curly brown hair, and wearing a brown mantle and hood." 

"A personage of small stature, wrinkled visage, covered with short curly brown hair…." could be an apt description of this thing. The hair may be a little longer than "short" but the description fits pretty well.

Another interesting note from the video is that they appeared to maybe have put blue socks on it?

Whatever this is, I'm thinking that it isn't a monkey in a suit or anything of that sort. It seems real. When I first saw just the face, I had doubts, but I began to doubt it less when I saw the hand, and then saw it walking around. Someone needs to figure out what this thing is.

Could it possibly be a real "brownie," something that inspired the stories of them???


A couple people have commented on here, and lots of others have on other sites, saying that the thing really just looks like a monkey. And as a friend said I really "jumped the gun" on this one. Yeah, it does look like a monkey in some sort of suit or with lots of extra hair on it. Walks like one too.

So yeah, not a fairy creature or the "find of the century."


  1. I've watched the video several times at different speeds and have talked with a couple other researchers and I'm almost completely convinced that the video is just a pet monkey in a suit. The way it walks with the people and the way the face looks is what convinced me.

  2. Very interesting. The close up on the hand is what made me think it might not be just a monkey in a suit. I hope there's more information to come on this.

    1. Yeah I've got to agree with you guys. Gonna put another post on this when my internet gets fixed