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Small Town Monsters - Mothman, Chestnut Ridge, Champ, and More...

As I do every couple of months, here is an update of what my friend Seth Breedlove and the Small Town Monsters crew are doing - their recently released movie, upcoming events, and what they have in store for 2018…

Seth said of The Mothman of Point Pleasant, released last month:

"Mothman was kind of our do or die movie. We actually were in a position with STM where it was sort of like, either this thing succeeds or we probably need to reexamine what we're doing. Thankfully it has largely succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations. Particularly in the area of how it's being received by paranormal enthusiasts and an average non-para audience as well. The response has been phenomenal."

The next film STM will be releasing is coming this October. The film, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, examines reports of many strange things along the ridge in Pennsylvania. Seth said a little bit on what the movie will be like:

"It's a weird movie. Our weirdest to date. We've got orbs and Bigfoots coming out of UFOs and thunderbird encounters. It's basically an exploration of one particular area where lots of really weird things happen. I can definitely say there isn't another movie like this out there and that I think it's going to blow some minds. We even strayed from our typical STM formula.
"Tonally and mood wise and even from a visual standpoint it's very reminiscent of old 80s tv shows like Unsolved Mysteries and In Search Of. It's also the closest our movies have come to a straight-up horror documentary. But Horror as seen during the 80s rather than today's horror. Just kind of unnerving and weird. Did I mention this movie is weird?"

The STM crew is also working on a new series titled On the Trail Of… The first, On the Trail of Champ, will be released next year and Seth tells us a little about it and what they have planned for the series:

"On the Trail of… is our place to tell huge, sprawling stories about Cryptids. We're kicking off with Champ which is being directed by Aleksander Petakov and produced by me. It'll be told in episodic format on Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand and DVD and eventually be cut into movie format for a wider release.
"We really wanted to play with episode storytelling so this will give us that opportunity. Because of that fact we won't have the typical time constraints put on us in our films and we'll be able to really tell these huge narratives that some of these stories deserve. Even getting into the actual searches to find these creatures which is something we've never done in a typical STM movie. It's going to be big. And there will be more following Champ."

Below is a list of all the events STM will be at over the next few months:

"Nothing until September and then we're booked almost solid through end of October. We've got Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Conference September 3rd, Cryptid Con September 9th and 10th, Mothman Festival the 15th-17th, the I'm in Missoula, Montana for a screening of Boggy Creek Monster on September 21st followed by Big Sky Bigfoot Conference the 23rd. In October we're at the Chautauqua  Bigfoot Expo, Creature Weekend 2017 and the Balboa Theater is hosting the west coast premiere of Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (the same day it premieres at Creature Weeked, fittingly) followed by a double header showing of Invasion and Mothman at the Canton Palace Theatre on October 28th."

Lastly, some of the stuff coming from STM within the next year:

"...Casefiles is coming and I don't think it's been quite apparent just what we plan on doing with this yet. I can tell you it's going to be free on YouTube and will be much more than what most might be expecting. Our first two episodes are about Indrid Cold and we'll be interviewing someone very connected to the Woodrow Derenberger/Indrid Cold story. I've been saying all along these are going to almost be mini- STM movies. Other than that we have Champ, and our sixth and seventh movies slated for release in 2018. And we're signing with a major distributor in the next couple of weeks so our films will hopefully, fingers-crossed, be seeing the wide release we feel they deserve."

 Be sure to be on the lookout for more from Small Town Monsters…

More info on STM and their movies can be found at the following links:



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