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Finding Bigfoot: "Amazon 'Squatchin" on Now

The season premiere of Finding Bigfoot, "Amazon Squatchin," is on right now on Animal Planet. The BFRO team is in the Amazon rainforest searching for the mapinguary - is it a bigfoot, giant sloth, or some other monster?

Original Texas Bigfoot Conference 2015

The Original Texas Bigfoot Conference is taking place October 10, 2015, in Jefferson, Texas. These are the confirmed speakers so far:

Lyle Blackburn. Speaking on: Bigfoot of the Piney Woods, Modern Sightings of Reptilian Humanoids(Lizard Man)Ken Gerhard. Speaking on: Bigfoot and other mystery primates of Alaska, A Menagerie of Mysterious BeastsJohn Kirk III. Speaking on: Sasquatch in Canada, Cadborosaurus: The Sea serpent of Cadboro BayBill Dranginis. Speaking on: West Virginia Bigfoot research station experiences, Champ Research at Lake ChamplainNick Redfern. Speaking on: Bigfoot: A Creature that lives underground?, On the Road in Search of the Chupacabras There are also dinners on Friday and Saturday night for people with VIP tickets. There are three different VIP packages available:
VIP Package 1 - $80  -Reserved Conference seating
-Friday and Saturday dinners

VIP Package 2 - $55
 -Reserved Conference seating
-Friday dinner

VIP Package 3 - $55
 -Reserved Conference seating

Van Meter's Visitor - Or Visitors?

"112 years ago, the town of Van Meter, Iowa, was the hotspot for sightings of a strange, flying monster. Eventually named the Van Meter Visitor, the creature was described as having large wings, a beak, and a horn on its head that emitted a powerful light. The first witness was a local doctor named A. C. Olcott. One evening, while he was sleeping, he was awoken by a powerful flash. He jumped up, grabbed his shotgun, and ran out to see what had caused the blinding light. To his horror, he saw a huge creature with bat-like wings, a beak, and a glowing horn on its head descending from the sky. He fired without hesitation, causing the creature, which had landed, to lunge at him before it flew away. Olcott said the thing left a nauseating stench when it departed.  Later that same night, a guard at the local credit union fired at the same creature. After that, another doctor saw the creature climbing a telephone pole and did the same thing Olcott had done; he grabbed his shotgun, and …

Jim Sherman on Recording Bigfoot Howls

This is a video of Jim Sherman at the recent Ohio Bigfoot Conference. In it, he talks about using recording equipment in the field of Bigfoot. When he talked on Saturday, he also talked about sounds he recorded. Jim is a very good speaker. Enjoy the video.

About Jim Sherman:

Jim is a BFRO investigator from Michigan. He is the author of the book Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing: Looking for Sasquatch in the Real World. He is also very good at talking about recording Bigfoot howls, and has recorded many cool ones himself.

Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators

Monster Hunters is a new book by Tea Krulos that will come out June 1st. I think it looks like it will be a good one. Monster Hunters isn't really about the cryptids themselves - its about the people that look for them. It's also not fully on cryptids - it also has chapters on ghosts and UFOs.

Chapters on cryptids include: "The Monster Hunter and His Museum"(about Loren Coleman and the International Cryptozoology Museum), "The Slaying of the Chupacabras", "Lake Monster Fever," "The Terror and Subsequent Pride of Point Pleasant," "Squishes," "Something Skunky," and "The Accidental Werewolf Chronicler." Some of it will be about the Beast of Bray Road, Chupacabras, Sasquatch and Skunk Apes, and Mothman.

Here's the book's description from Amazon:

Do ghosts exist? What about Bigfoot or Skinwalkers? And how will we ever know? Journalist Tea Krulos spent more than a year traveling nationwide to meet individ…

New Crayfish Discovered that's Red, White, and Blue!

There has been a new crayfish species discovered, and its really cool. Why? It's not an America, but it looks like one.

The crayfish has been named Cherax pulcher and has amazing red, white, and blue markings on it, over its whole body!

Here's more on the crayfish from the Mirror Online:

"Independent German researcher, Christian Lukhaup, has for the first time described it as a new species and published findings in his journal, ZooKeys. Despite knowing the colourful crustacean lived in the waters around West Papua, Indonesia, the 45-year-old former rock musician found it extremely difficult to pin down.  Christian, from Stuttgart, said: "It's really exciting to find something new, especially such a beautiful creature.  He added: 'I first found out about the pulcher over 10 years ago. A friend sent me a photo of it in 2003 and that was the first time I saw it. I found other live specimens in pet shops in Japan, but never had a chance to run any genetics.' …

New Season of Finding Bigfoot this Sunday!

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot is returning for an all new season this Sunday, May 31st. In the season premiere, the BFRO team of Matt, Cliff, Ranae, and Bobo will be in South America looking for the Mapinguary. The premiere is also a two-hour special.

The team will also be in Texas, New York, Florida, and, for the first time, Maine, this season. The Maine town hall meeting will be at Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum!

Be sure to check out season seven of Finding Bigfoot, this Sunday at 9 PM, only on Animal Planet!

The Pangboche Hand is Still Something Unknown

Anyone who has heard of the Yeti has probably heard of the Pangboche Hand. If not, you can find out more about it here. 

Many years ago, Peter Byrne, one of the first Sasquatch hunters, took a finger from the hand(which was kept in an old monastery in Nepal) and replaced them with human bones. Later, when DNA tests were done, it was concluded that the hand was human. But, in reality, some of it was human, because of the bones Byrne put there. A study was also done on the finger Byrne took, and it was concluded to be human, too.

Bryan Sykes recently did a DNA study on the finger Byrne took, which for a long time was said to be "human." Well, it's not! Sykes found that the human DNA on that finger is actually Peter Byrne's DNA, so whatever it really is is still a mystery!

You can check out more about Sykes' findings on the Pangboche finger on CryptoZooNews. 

Dead Deer = Bigfoot!

I saw this on Bigfoot Evidence today. A lot of times I think some of the stuff on there is pretty stupid. Well, this really is.

This is a video of an investigation into a sighting report. But, beware before you start it- it's 41 minutes long!

The Bigfoot Evidence post featured a dead deer the group found at the beginning of the video(2:38 mark). The post was: "I wonder what killed this deer?" Here's the rest of the post:

"The RSMO investigates and area known as Lost Creek, where various individuals have had bigfoot sightings, an deer apparently end up dead for no reason. Check it out:"
1. Maybe who wrote this should learn how to spell "and."
2. The part where "deer apparently end up dead for no reason." Uh, there are these things called disease and old age that kill animals all the time.

I don't think that every little thing out in the woods is Bigfoot, or is caused by Bigfoot. Believe me, though, if anyone would be the person to bel…

Working on a New Book

Now that Cryptid U.S. is published, I have started some other book projects. I have many planned, but have now started on one that I will be working on until I finish it. Today I just finished writing the first chapter of said book, which will once again cover many different cryptids seen in the U.S.A., including Bigfoot, Goatman, lake monsters, thunderbirds, dogmen, Mothman, MIBs, some aliens, pigman, chupacabras, and many, many other things.

That's all I'm saying about that for now.

Summer break is in just a few days, so that will give me much more time to work on writing a book. Maybe, now that I have really figured out how to do everything on the publishing site, you will see another one of my books out this year. But maybe not. I plan to cover much more in this second book than in my first.

You can check out Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More From Across America on Amazon. 

Is This a Werewolf Skull?

Seriously, is it?

Check this out:

A farmer in bulgaria recently found a box in his field that was chained shut. When he opened it, he discovered the skull. Do you think it could actually be a werewolf?

An author met with the man after he found the skull; here is what he said from Ancient Origins:

"He reported that the skull appears wolf-like with the exception of an enlarged cranium, a trait fount only in primate species. "
The author, Filip Ganev, said:

"Werewolves have been a staple of Balkan folklore since before recorded history."
The farmer that found the skull, Trayche Draganov, says that some people in the village believe he should have left it in the ground. He is proud of his discovery, however, and is displaying it to anyone who will look. Here is what he had to say:

"Many of my neighbors are angry that I disturbed the vrkolak (werewolf.) They say that I will be reborn as a werewolf. If that is now my fate, so be it. What is done is done."

Do Giant Salamanders Exist?

Have you ever heard of the Trinity Alps giant salamander?

In the 19th and 20th centuries, there were many reports of huge salamanders in the Trinity Alps in California. Tom Slick led and expedition to look for these salamanders once, and interviewed an elderly man who said he had once seen one as big as an alligator!

Karl Shuker recently posted a new article on his ShukerNature blog about these giant salamanders. He received a report from a woman(who wishes to remain anonymous) who said she had seen a giant salamander - and it didn't happen 100 years ago. Where did she see it? In California, where all the old salamander reports come from.

You can see Shuker's whole article right here. It is a very interesting story.

Pepie Festival this Weekend

The Pepie Festival is this Sunday, May 24, from 10 AM to 10 PM.

If you have not heard of Pepie, it is the name given to the monster(or more likely monsters) that is seen in Lake Pepin in Minnesota. 

This sounds like it will be a pretty cool family-friendly event this weekend. There will be many things to do, including:

Pepie Hunting Boat CruisesA cruise to Maiden Rock(which is supposed to be haunted!)A guided shoreline walk to Pepie sighting hotspots(with Chad Lewis)A presentation on the history of the lake monster There will probably be lots of other things to do as well!
You can check out more about the schedule on Cryptomundo. 
I mentioned Chad Lewis(who will be guiding the walking tours) above. Chad is one of the authors of the 2014 book Pepie: The Lake Monster of the Mississippi River. You can see my review of that book here, or buy it here. 

You could also possibly get rich at this event, too! Larry Nielson, a businessman at Lake Pepin, has a $50,000 reward out to any one who can…

Jim Sherman on Bigfoot Field Gear

In this video Michigan BFRO investigator Jim Sherman (aka LordCryptid on YouTube) talks about what gear you should have with you if you go out Bigfooting. Even if you're not going to do that, it is still good to see what you should take in the woods with you.

You can check out Jim's YouTube channel here. 

Book Review: Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing: Looking for Sasquatch in the Real World by Jim Sherman

Last week at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference I picked up a copy of Jim Sherman's new book Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing: Looking for Sasquatch in the Real World. Jim is a BFRO investigator from Michigan and was a speaker at the conference. He was there with David Floyd, Loren Coleman, John Kirk III, and even the legendary Bob Gimlin, and he was my favorite out of the speakers this year.

Jim's book is about his experiences as a Sasquath researcher. He has had some pretty cool encounters with possible bigfoots. A few years back he joined the BFRO and he talks about the expeditions he has been on with them in his book. He also discusses sightings he investigated himself, and even talks about what it was like when Finding Bigfoot came to town.

All in all, this was a really good book.

The next book review on Tyler's Cryptozoo will be Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation by Chad Arment.

Proof of Bigfoot Found - In Bones?

Recently a college professor, Mitchel Townsend, found some bones in the woods that had marks on them - that looked like human teeth. Not just any human teeth, however, giant teeth. Later two of his students found bones with the same marks, and he thinks that these are kill sites. The bones the students found also have teeth marks in them. He and the students have also found 16 in footprints. They calculated proportions(the size of the footprints and stride) and concluded that whatever made them is about eight feet eight inches tall.

What lives in the woods that is about nine feet tall? Easy: Bigfoot!

Here's Townshend's comments on what they found near Mt. St. Helens:

"If you add it all up, you have an 8-foot 8-inch creature that is killing animals at different areas of Mount St. Helens with its bare hands, chewing them up, literally skin and bones and all, and spitting them out between its legs." 
Townshend also said that the bones appear to have been chewed in a way…

New Projects

Now that Cryptid U.S. is published, I've started work on a few new book projects. I don't know which one will be finished first, but I have currently started another on American monsters, one fully on Bigfoot, and one on Mothman. I also have plans for another, but it will probably come after. You might see a sea serpent book in the future, too.

If you are interested in Cryptid U.S. you can go to the Amazon page by clicking the image of the book on the sidebar.

Summer is coming up, which means I'll have much more time to work on things like books. Maybe you'll see another out by me this year.

Warm-Blooded Fish Discovered

The opah is a strange fish that lives in the deep ocean. Now, we all know fish are cold blooded. Well, the opah isn't.

The fish lives in the deep ocean and is as large a a car tire. It's special adaptations allow it to generate its own body heat in the deep ocean. Most deep-water predatory fish are slow and wait for prey to come to them, but by generating its own heat the opah can move faster and chase down prey.

You can see more on the opah here. 

If a fish like this lives in the deep ocean, why can't "sea serpents" live there, too?

A Champ Challenge

Here's part of a cool new article about Champ on

"You probably are aware of 'Champ' the legendary sea monster of Lake Champlain, often dubbed American Nessie, referring to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster. Though no concrete evidence exists, no one has disproved him either. Hundreds of people. spanning several centuries, claim to have seen Champ, though descriptions do vary. Champ has been described as being anywhere from 10 to over 150 feet long. Some sightings claim to have seen humps, some claim Champ is snake-like. Some have seen a horse-like head, while others have seen horns or antlers. The famous Sandra Mansi photograph, taken in the late 1970s, provided a visual view of at least something and experts, who examined the photo, claimed it was not a fake." You can check out the rest of the article by clicking here. 

Champ is featured in the lake/river monsters chapter of my book Cryptid U.S. If anyone is looking for a good full-length…

Pics from the Ohio Bigfoot Conference

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference was awesome. I got to meet a lot of cool people, see some people I'd already met, and get some cool books, including a copy of Roger Patterson's 1966 Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist? that is signed by Bob Gimlin. 
Here are some pictures from the conference.

Book Review: Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind by Nick Redfern

A few weeks ago I met Nick Redfern at Creature Weekend. While at the event I got his 2014 book Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History. 

This is one of the few books in my collection (now at 122) that isn't on cryptozoology. It isn't really about UFOs either - it focuses on people who saw, investigated, or knew about UFOs that died under mysterious circumstances, things like suicides that are probably actually murders, strange disappearances, death because of contact with UFOs and alien viruses, and many, many other scary things.

Redfern writes about many times when UFO researchers seemed to have died too young. Is it all coincidence? I don't think so. Believe it or not, there is even a chapter about John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Guess what: Kennedy wanted to release what the government knew about UFOs to the public - and that could be why he was killed!

There are many other interes…

Are the Loch Ness Monsters Otters?

Loch Ness Monsters? Yes, monsters, not monster.

Before I get to the theory that this post is about, I would like to talk about the Loch Ness Monster vs Loch Ness Monsters thing. Yes, people have always said "Nessie" and "Loch Ness Monster," but I something is really in the lake it would be a population of whatever it is - not just one creature. It's just the same as there not being one Sasquatch. Technically, there would be one "Bigfoot", and that would be the Sasquatch that left the big footprints at the logging road that were faster by Jerry Crew in 1958.

Back to Nessie's, though. Could they be otters?

Recently a wildlife expert took a photo of an otter in the Loch, and said that's what the Loch Ness Monsters are. Other researchers, who believe Nessie is something unknown, say they know otters are in the Loch, and that is not what the monsters are.

You can see more on Nessie as an otter here.

This will probably be the last post on here until …

This Story will make you Smile

Cal Marks is an 11 year old with a passion for Bigfoot who will get to be at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference this weekend. He turned 11 May 8th, and as a present his parents told him he would be going to the event.

Cal's dream is to meet Bigfoot legend Bob Gimlin at the conference. He won't be disappointed! This conference is one of the best. I'll have to be on the lookout for Cal, too. He seems like a pretty cool kid!

You can see the original article on the Star Gazette. 

Do These Photos Show Two Bigfoots in Trees?

This could be really cool if these are actually Bigfoots.

These photos were sent to the BFRO a while back and appeared on Bigfoot Evidence yesterday.

Last summer, the photographer was camping near the town of Pollock Pines in California. One night when the campers were sleeping, they awoke early in the morning and heard a sound like something walking on two feet moving through the river. The witness thought there could have been a Bigfoot walking near them because it wasn't walking like a bear.

The next day the witnesses were out hiking when they saw something high up in a tree, as in almost at the top. When they looked, they realized there were two creatures in two trees. The witness took photos of the animals, and said they look humanoid, not like bears!

You can see more of the report on the BFRO website. 

What do you guys think? Are these two Bigfoots in trees?