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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Do These Photos Show Two Bigfoots in Trees?

This could be really cool if these are actually Bigfoots.

These photos were sent to the BFRO a while back and appeared on Bigfoot Evidence yesterday.

Last summer, the photographer was camping near the town of Pollock Pines in California. One night when the campers were sleeping, they awoke early in the morning and heard a sound like something walking on two feet moving through the river. The witness thought there could have been a Bigfoot walking near them because it wasn't walking like a bear.

The next day the witnesses were out hiking when they saw something high up in a tree, as in almost at the top. When they looked, they realized there were two creatures in two trees. The witness took photos of the animals, and said they look humanoid, not like bears!

You can see more of the report on the BFRO website. 

First picture. Notice the two black objects
in the tops of the two trees. 

Zoomed in picture.

What do you guys think? Are these two Bigfoots in trees?