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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Original Texas Bigfoot Conference 2015

The Original Texas Bigfoot Conference is taking place October 10, 2015, in Jefferson, Texas. These are the confirmed speakers so far:

  • Lyle Blackburn. Speaking on: Bigfoot of the Piney Woods, Modern Sightings of Reptilian Humanoids(Lizard Man)
  • Ken Gerhard. Speaking on: Bigfoot and other mystery primates of Alaska, A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts
  • John Kirk III. Speaking on: Sasquatch in Canada, Cadborosaurus: The Sea serpent of Cadboro Bay
  • Bill Dranginis. Speaking on: West Virginia Bigfoot research station experiences, Champ Research at Lake Champlain
  • Nick Redfern. Speaking on: Bigfoot: A Creature that lives underground?, On the Road in Search of the Chupacabras
There are also dinners on Friday and Saturday night for people with VIP tickets. There are three different VIP packages available:

VIP Package 1 - $80
 -Reserved Conference seating
-Friday and Saturday dinners

VIP Package 2 - $55
 -Reserved Conference seating
-Friday dinner

VIP Package 3 - $55
 -Reserved Conference seating
-Saturday dinner

You can find out more about the Original Texas Bigfoot Conference on Cryptomundo.