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Michigan Campers Hear Bigfoot?

Recently two Marines camping in Michigan claim they had an encounter with what they think was a Bigfoot. The story has been posted on several news sites, including this one.

One of the witnesses posted the story of the encounter:

"Never really was big in the Bigfoot scene until last month out in the middle of the woods in Waterloo-Pinckney for small game/backpacking trip with my buddy. Got there last night around 1130pm. We set up our camp by about 1230. Around 2am we wake up and my buddy mentions to me about how cold it was. We hear footsteps about 20 to 25 feet away from us. We both are just lying still at this point, just to hear what's with us. The most loud, freakiest, inhuman yell/scream/roar is shouted towards us twice before it took off fast from us with heavy two footed running. The only remotely close animal I've heard make this sound are mountain lions and cougars. The way it was running sounded two footed (as opposed to a four legged gallop, and the sound of i…

Small Town Monsters Stuff

Recently Seth Breedlove posted this on Facebook:

"Which would you like to see from Small Town Monsters: a feature film every 2-3 years or 3 shorter films (35-45 minutes each) per year? Sub question: Would you be into crowd funding an ongoing Small Town Monsters independent series? "Feel free to share this around. Looking for feedback. Yes, I'm being serious…" I agree with one commenter on Facebook, who suggested a feature film every 2-3 years with a shorter one in between.

Also, be on the lookout for a review of the upcoming STM documentary Boggy Creek Monster on this blog next week…

The Continuing Clown Craze - A Publicity Stunt?

Since August, there have been reports of creepy clowns from around the U.S. and other parts of the world. Earlier this month I posted a couple of articles on the subject (see them here and here), but haven't had any up after that, because I haven't been able to follow and find the time to go over all the reports.

Reports are still coming in, with the following being one example.

"DANBURY TWP. - Danbury police are on the lookout for clowns wielding machetes in the township. " Police were called to Port Clinton Eastern Road Saturday night by a man who claimed two armed clowns chased his vehicle down the road, according the the incident report. "The caller said two people, who dressed in all black with clown masks, chased his car with weapons in hand. The clowns reportedly ran north through a yard toward Van Glahn Road following the chase. "Police responded and searched the area with the K-9 unit.  "The police dog picked up scents for both suspects and fo…

2 Bigfoot Conferences this Weekend

Today and tomorrow, the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference is taking place in Hamilton, Montana, at the Bitterroot River Inn and Conference Center. Speakers at the conference this year are Bob Gimlin (A note: on Facebook Tom Yamarone said that this will be Bob's "second to last" Bigfoot conference), Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Misty Allabaugh, Russel Acord, Tom Yamarone, Kathy Strain, John Mionczynski, and Thomas and Caitlin Ertz.

And once again, they've got an awesome t-shirt design this year…

The Chautaqua Lake Bigfoot Expo is also happening this weekend in Dewittville, New York. Tonight there will be a "Bigfoot movie night" and they will be playing I've Seen Bigfoot, Minerva Monster, and Beast of Whitehall. Speakers for today and tomorrow are Steve Kulls, Marc DeWerth, Ronie Powell, Sybilla Irwin, Paul Mateja, Doug Waller, and Peter Wiemer.

If you live in Montana or New York, be sure to check out these events.

Patterson Film 49th Anniversary

Today is an important day.

It was on this day, Oct. 20th, 49 years ago, that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin found and filmed a Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California. To this day the film is the best evidence for Bigfoot's existence.

Next year will be 50 years...

Happy Birthday Bob Gimlin!

Today is Bob Gimlin's 85th birthday. In 1967, Bob was with Roger Patterson when he saw and filmed the most famous film of a Bigfoot in California…

I've met Bob several times at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. He's one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Happy Birthday Bob!!!

The Gate to Strange Phenomena

Recently I subscribed to this newsletter, which I received in the mail yesterday. It covers all sorts of stuff going on involving cryptozoology, UFOs, ghosts, etc…

Another Mystery Snake in Maine

Westbrook, Maine is apparently not the only place in that state where a mystery snake has been spotted…

On September 22, reported on a sighting of a large snake in Vienna:

"Big snakes in Maine? Maybe. "First in Cumberland County's Westbrook with 'Wessie,' reportedly an anaconda. Now, in Vienna, a town in Kennebec County with a population of about 570. "A dispathcer at the Augusta Regional Communications Center said Thursday that someone had called to report a large snake in the town of Vienna. "The dispatcher said Game Warden Chris McCabe, of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, was sent to investigate, but she could offer so other information. "Police radio traffic indicated that the snake may have been about 5 feet long, red and tan in color, and possibly hissing at someone. "Warden McCabe did not immediately return a call Thursday for information on the report. Cpl. John MacDonald, public relations and inf…

Making "Boggy Creek Monster" and More...

Seth Breedlove, director of the Small Town Monsters documentaries, has a recent post up on Cryptomundo about what is was like making the movies, which starts like this:

"Never before have I set down to write about my experiences making a Small Town Monsters movie. While making Minerva Monster I recall doing a bit of blogging here and there about the filming but I stopped not long into the editing precess and never revisited it. It seems fitting that I should take a few minutes and type down my thoughts on making my third movie, Boggy Creek Monster. "In 2014 I first spoke with Lyle [Blackburn] about making a film about the Fouke Monster. This was around the time that Minerva Monster had just entered production and, at the time, that movie was envisioned as a short project that would end up posted to YouTube and subsequently forgotten. I certainly had no inkling that Minerva would end up nearly an hour long and, though I may have dreamed about making my Small Town Monsters boo…

Atlantis and Aliens - Old Books

Picked up some old books at a book warehouse this afternoon… Chariots of the Gods? and Gods from Outer Space by Erich von Daniken and The Mystery of Atlantis by Charles Berlitz.

Phantom Clowns in New York, Texas, and Idaho; Clown Hunt in Pennsylvania; White House Secretary Talks; "Bad Clowns"

More mysterious phantom clowns have been reported in several states...


KTVB reports:

"NAMPA - It's been a nationwide phenomenon that has now hit Idaho: The Nampa Police Department got word over the weekend of a reported clown threatening online to hurt people. "'Thankfully we didn't come across any creepy clowns and so therefore in our area here I believe it was somewhat of a hoax,' Nampa Police Sgt. Tim Riga said. "The Facebook page with the threatening posts has since been taken down. Nampa Police questioned an individual about the page, but later determined it wasn't them. Riha says it's not illegal to dress up like a clown and walk around town, but added it is illegal to make threatening posts of hurting someone over social media."
See the rest here.


More encounters are coming in from Texas.

On Monday night, a man dressed like a clown chased two 12-year-olds with a bat in an Atascocita subdivision, and it is reported the man w…

More Fortean Phantom Clowns?

In November of last year, I posted on article on this blog titled "Fortean Phantom Clowns." The reports of creepy clowns I mentioned in that post are similar to reports coming from, well, all over the United States recently.

For an example of one such report, WFAA8 reported on a mysterious clown seen last night in Texas:

"FORT WORTH - Police responded to an unusual call late Sunday after a concerned resident reported seeing a person dressed as a clown running down the sidewalk and yelling. "The call came out at 11:30 p.m. in a residential area in the 5800 block on Melanie Lane, near I-35W and Loop 820 in North Fort Worth.  "Officers couldn't find the supposed clown, however, and no report was taken, as they could not determine that a criminal offense had occurred. "This is one of the first reports of the mysterious clown sightings in North Texas. "Since August, people across the country have been on edge after various reports of clown sightings i…

"The Puma Outdone"

The (Ohio) Times-Democrat carried a story about a "wild man" on April 14, 1902. It said: "THE PUMA OUTDONE. Rockport and Beaverdam People Have a New Freak to be Afraid of:"

"Not since the time, several years ago, when Charley Price's famous mythical puma had the natives of the Putnam swamps dodging their own shadows has a scare been started in northwestern Ohio to equal that now in full sway in the vicinity of the village of Rockport and Beaver Dam. The puma will have to take a back seat for the new freak, an account of which appeared in the following dispatch from Columbus Grove to the Enquiror: "'A strange being, apparently half man, and half beast, is seen the the country round about Rockport Beaver Dam. The creature puts in an appearance at or near farmhouses. "'For some time the farmers in that vicinity have been troubled by nightly visits, apparently from intruders bent on securing money or other valuables. It was the scheme of the …

Lots of Loch Ness Books in 2016

2016 has seen a number of good cryptozoology books... And, quite a few of these books are on the Loch Ness Monsters.

The thing that got me interested in cryptozoology was Jeanne Bendick's 1976 book The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. And, of course, I have a number of Loch Ness books in my crypto-library. But, I've gotten more books on the LNMs this year than the number of books I had gotten all years before.

Below is a listing of my 2016 LNM books.

A Monstrous Commotion: The Mysteries of Loch Ness
By Gareth Williams
(Got this one over the summer. Probably the best LNM book I've ever read.)
"The Loch Ness Monster: a creature that should have died out with the dinosaurs, or a legend built on hoaxes and wishful thinking? "Sir Peter Scott, internationally renowned naturalist and president of the World Wildlife Fund, was convinced that the Monster existed. So were senior scientists at London's Natural History Museum and Chicago University; they lost their jobs b…