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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts...

Here's a new book by Ken Gerhard, coming in 2016…

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts is Gerhard's 4th book, his others being Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters (2007), Monsters of Texas (2010, with Nick Redfern), and Encounters with Flying Humanoids (2013.) It will be published by Llewellyn, who also published that latter book on the list.

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts will be about Gerhard's investigations of cryptids around the world, with some never-before published eyewitness accounts, of cryptids like Bigfoot, werewolves, thunderbirds and pterosaurs, black panthers, aquatic monsters, and more.

Find Ken's other books here. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Alligators in the Sewers?

Alligators living in the sewers a some of America's largest cities? This is an urban legend that has circulated for many years.

Every once and a while, someone reports an alligator in a sewer. Some of the most famous sewer gator stories come from the 1930s.

Probably the best known of these incidents occurred on February 10, 1935. A group of teenage boys was shoveling snow into a New York City sewer when they saw something moving in the water ten feet below them.

The boys soon realized that they were looking at a live alligator! They decided to get it out of the sewer, so they lowered a rope and lassoed the animal. The boys managed to pull the gator out of the sewer, which snapped at them once it was on the pavement. The boys beat the animal to death with their shovels.

They took the gator to a repair shop nearby, where it was measured and weighed. The animal was 7 1/2 feet long, and weighed 125 pounds. Soon the police were notified of the discovery, and came and incinerated the body.

Teddy May, NYC's superintendent of sewers at the time, began getting complaints of sewer gators around the same time that the boys pulled theirs onto the city streets. He supposedly went down into the sewers and saw all the gators that lived down there. Some say he had them all killed, but some think he didn't.

Sewer gators are most likely escaped or released pets. If you are ever in the sewers under one of America's biggest cities, watch out for them!

You can find out more about sewer gators and other out-of-place animals in my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More From Across America. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016 Speaker Update

The fourth of five speakers for the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park, OH, was announced today.

So far, speakers for next year's conference are Bob Gimlin, Guy Edwards, Cliff Barackman, and Sybilla Irwin.

Next year's conference looks like it's going to be great. The conference will be taking place May 14, 2016. If you like Bigfoot and can make it, this event is not to be missed!

Sasquatch Pizza

Bigfoot is popular today, and you can find it on just about anything - shirts, socks, hats,… beef jerky,… and now, there's Sasquatch Pizza, too.

Sasquatch Pizzas are available at Walmart. They are "The Huge Pizza with a Big Stompin' Crust." These things are pretty big - the box says it weighs 3 pounds!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a happy, and safe, holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Season of Mountain Monsters Coming Jan. 23

Destination America had a Mountain Monsters marathon on yesterday. Why? Because there's going to be a new season of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition will premiere on January 23, 2016!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bigfoot on Television - The Good and The Bad

A while back I had a post about Bigfoot on TV and in movies from the '70s to the present day. I recently got to write some newspaper articles about Bigfoot and cryptids, so I am also posting them on this blog. This post will be somewhat like that, but today I'm just focusing on Bigfoot and other cryptids on television today, for example - shows like Finding Bigfoot, Mountain Monsters, Missing in Alaska, MonsterQuest, Mermaids, Bigfoot Captured, etc.

Here's my article.

Whether you believe in it or not, you probably have at least heard of the hairy, 8-foot tall, man-like monster called Bigfoot.

The name "Bigfoot" first appeared in The Humboldt Times, a California newspaper, in 1958. For many years, only cryptozoologists, those with an avid interest in the subject of Bigfoot and other unknown creatures, looked into the subject.

In recent years, however, Bigfoot has become quite popular on television and in other media. In the past decade, shows like MonsterQuest and Missing in Alaska on the History channel, Monsters and Mysteries in America on Destination America, and Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot have made Bigfoot a pop culture icon.

While the shows listed above are supposed to be informative, other recent shows on Bigfoot and others of its kind only fall into the "entertainment" category. Mountain Monsters first premiered on Destination America in June 2013, and has since become the channel's number one series ever. The show, however, is scripted and is not fact based at all. It has spawned multiple spin-off shows, including an Alaska version called Alaska Monsters. 

The same channels that have aired shows that are supposed to be educational have also aired shows that are quite the opposite in the last few years. These shows include Animal Planet's Mermaids, Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives and Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives on the Discovery channel, and most recently Bigfoot Captured on the History channel.
Ken Gerhard
Ken Gerhard is a cryptozoologist (one who studies unknown animals) from Texas. During the summer of 2015 he starred on Missing in Alaska on the History channel. He has different views on the different types of cryptozoology shows you'd find on TV today. I recently talked to him for this article.

"I do feel that shows like Monster Quest, Finding Bigfoot, and Missing in Alaska are important, because they shine a light on unexplained phenomena and hopefully open a few minds to the possibility that there are potentially things running around out there that are not yet accepted by science," Gerhard said. "Obviously there is a trade off with these kinds of shows, because they must be entertaining while also being informative. So, the producers tend to hype things up a bit at times, though I would personally never be involved in a project that actually fabricated evidence."

Gerhard has different views on shows like Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters. 

"Some other shows about cryptids are obviously scripted, fabricated and quite ridiculous in my opinion," He said, regarding Mountain Monsters. "That said, I would like to hope that the audience is insightful enough to be able to understand that these shows are about entertainment only."

As for shows like Mermaids, Gerhard does not think they shine a good light on cryptozoology.

"The real tragedy are the shows like the mermaid, megalodon, and Russian Yeti fake-u-mentaries, since they have been very coy about presenting their disclaimers. I can't even tell you how many viewers have asked me to verify the information in those programs… evidently a lot of people have been taken in by these," He said. "That aspect is very harmful to the field of cryptozoology, because people tend to become cynical and see everything crypto-related as a scam."

Ohio Bigfoot investigator Marc DeWerth share's Gerhard's view of shows like Finding Bigfoot. 

"It's a good representation of investigators," DeWerth said. "But the directors make the decisions. Where they film isn't that far off the beaten path."

DeWerth's views on Mountain Monsters are a bit different.

"They're just a bunch of actors, just acting out the parts. It's obviously staged, but it's hilarious to watch. They're all good guys, but they're being payed for what they're told to do."

As for the impact of shows about Bigfoot, DeWerth thinks it is certainly positive.

"It's turned a taboo subject into a mainstream subject, now looking for Bigfoot is something cool," he said.

He also feels it is great for getting people to enjoy nature. "It get's people out into the woods. Kids may not want to, but when mom and dad say 'lets go look for Bigfoot,' it adds some fun to it."

Doug Waller, from Norwich, Ohio, is founder of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations (SOSBI.) He feels that, while they were once good, most recent Bigfoot shows don't help to add credibility to the subject.

"It seems as though more and more of these reality shows have popped up, and some shine a very dubious light on Bigfoot. Some were really well done in the beginning but I'm afraid that the majority of later ones have hurt the credibility of the actual existence of Bigfoot and those of us who study and explore the domain of these creatures," Waller said.

Waller, who has written two books on the subject, thinks researchers, and not TV shows, should inform the public about Bigfoot.

"Most people are now aware of Bigfoot and it's up to researchers to present the facts and tangible evidence to the public," He said. "Education is essential to allow the viewer of these programs to make up their own minds as to the validity of the subject. Answer their questions, quote your reference source, try to convey to the public that although the subject of Bigfoot's existence is a fact, a lot of what is portrayed on these programs is pure Hollywood!"

Whether television shines a good light on Bigfoot or not, the big hairy guy most likely won't be disappearing from it anytime soon. Since 2010, Jack Links Beef Jerky has used Bigfoot in it's "Messin' with Sasquatch" commercials. Since the '70s, Bigfoot has starred in countless movies, although most of them aren't good at all.

There have been several other TV series in the past few years, and also many stand-alone documentaries, including Bigfootville (2002, and my personal favorite Bigfoot documentary), Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (2003), Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide (2011), and others.

 While I enjoy watching Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters, those shows are just for entertainment. Shows like Russian Yeti and Bigfoot Captured are totally fake, and shine a horrible light on cryptozoologists. And, sadly, lots of people mention them when they talk about Bigfoot on TV. It is my hope that, in the future, TV shows about Bigfoot can go back to being something like the few documentaries above, or something like MonsterQuest, that actually gives facts to the audience.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Missing Person Cases and Hairy Ape-Men - Is There A Connection?

Lots of people who are interested in Bigfoot have heard of David Paulides' Missing 411 books. After writing two books on Bigfoot, Paulides began looking into missing persons cases in National Parks. Soon his research spread to other places as well.

Some people think there is a connection between Bigfoot and missing persons cases (although Paulides probably doesn't.) Earlier today, while reading Tony Healy and Paul Cropper's  2006 book The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot, I found a passage that reminded me of the Missing 411 reports.

The following is from The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot, in a section about a man who lives right next to a huge wilderness area, and who claims Yowies frequent his property:

"Neil, logically enough, sought advice from the Aboriginal community. 'Eventually a well-known tribal elder [name withheld by request] from the south coast phoned me a couple of times. He started describing out place without ever having been there. He said things like 'How for from the swamp are you?' He knew what to ask, knew what he was talking about. He said Aborigines saw the creatures as 'the protectors of the environment'; they don't like trees being cut down or things being built. In fact, it did seem to act up when the neighbors put their fence in - and when we installed a high gate.
"'He told me a lot of things, but mainly to watch out in terms of the kids - that there was an association with young children. That was a bit scary. I asked him whether they would harm the kids, but he said 'No - they're just fascinated by them.' He asked if we'd ever lost and kids' clothing. I said 'No - but I've found some.' It turned out they belonged to a lady up the road. She said 'Something big' had been in her house at two o'clock in the morning. She'd heard the steps creaking under the weight as it went up, walked around the kitchen and went out again."

Anyone who has looked into Bigfoot or missing persons reports will see similarities between these Australian reports and the American ones. Even the Aboriginal view of Yowies as "protectors of the environment" matches that of Native American's and Sasquatch.

Neil, the man who reported this, also reported that his two year old daughter had seen a "man" with "long, yucky hair" that "needed cutting" behind their house in broad daylight. Neil went out with his dog, which sniffed around and immediately ran back to the house (something else that sounds like other Bigfoot and Yowie reports - dogs and big, hairy manlike things don't get along!)

This case of an Australian Yowie is eerily similar to reports of Bigfoot and missing persons cases from the United States. In his books, Paulides has noted that when young children go missing, they are usually found far away from where they disappeared from. They would have had to have traversed areas that they could not by themselves. And sometimes they are found missing clothes. Neil's observation of his dog acting strange after his daughter reported a "man" covered with hair in the hard is also similar to reports of dogs acting weird when a Bigfoot is around. And, as I noted earlier, the native people's views of Yowies as "protectors of the wilderness" is the same as Native's views in North America.

For me, this report was too similar to reports from the United States to ignore. It seems that Yowies and Bigfoots have much more in common than I thought… and, maybe they have something to do with missing persons cases…?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Favorite Cryptozoology Books of 2015

I've gotten a good number of cryptozoology books that have come out in 2015. This is a list of some of my personal favorites from this year. To qualify for my list, books have to have been published or re-issued this year.


A Manifestation of Monsters: Examining the (Un)Usual Suspects. By Karl Shuker

In Search of Lake Monsters (2015 edition). By Peter Costello

The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid Primates. By Nick Redfern

Chupacabra Road Trip: In Search of the Elusive Beast. By Nick Redfern

Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and other Paranormal Investigators. By Tea Krulos

Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine. By Daniel S. Green

Cryptozoology Anthology. By Bob Deis, David Coleman, and Wyatt Doyle

Discovering Cadborosaurus. By Paul LeBlond, John Kirk, and Jason Walton

Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures. By Nick Redfern

Strange Creatures Seldom Seen. By John Warms

There are quite a few other cryptozoology books that have come out this year, but some of them I didn't enjoy enough to put on this list, and some of them I haven't gotten the chance to read yet. I am also excluding my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More From Across America, because I wrote it.

Has many great reviews, but I haven't read it yet,
you can get it here
Get it here
What were your favorite cryptozoology books this year?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Books on Australian Cryptozoology?

For some reason, animals of Australia fascinate me. This fascination also spills over into my interest in cryptozoology. For some reason (maybe it's just the names!) I just love Yowies, Bunyips, and other mystery animals of Australia.

I'm currently reading Paul Cropper's and Tony Healy's 2006 book The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot. I know there are several other books out there fully on Australian cryptids.

If you know of any good Australian cryptid books, please comment. I'd like to know which ones you recommend, because I hope to get some others sometime.

Malcolm Smith's book
Bunyips & Bigfoots

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sasquatch Hunting Permit

Got this yesterday….

Not a real Sasquatch hunting permit (I'm on the "no-kill" side of Bigfooters anyway), but its still something neat to add to my collection of all things cryptid!

Japan's "River Child" - The Kappa

Kappas are legendary creatures said to live in Japan. Although Kappa (which means "river child", or something similar) is the most common name, they are also called by many other names, including Kawako and Hyosube.
Kappas are usually said to be about the size of a child and have a humanoid form. They have scaly skin like a reptile, and are sometimes said to be green, yellow, or blue. They are also said to have apelike faces and hair. They have webbed hands and feet because they supposedly live in rivers and ponds.

The strangest feature about a Kappa, however, is probably this. They are said to have indentations on the top of their heads that holds water. Some say that if they don't have water in the bowl on their head they can't move or do anything.

Some people think Kappas are just a legend used to scare kids of the dangers in water. Whatever the case, they certainly are weird!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nick Redfern and Paranormal Nessie...

Here's a new book from Nick Redfern, coming out in 2016.

Titled Nessie, it will be published by Llewellyn, who published his Chupacabra Road Trip earlier this year, and also Ken Gerhard's Encounters with Flying Humanoids in 2013. Redfern's new book will be about "exploring the supernatural origins of the Loch Ness Monster..."

Should be interesting!

The Boston Yeti is Back

Last winter, Boston, Massachusetts had a record 9 feet of snow. During that time, the "Boston Yeti" appeared. No, he was not a real Bigfoot, but he was quite helpful, trying to cheer up everyone and even helping dig some cars out of the snow as high as a real Bigfoot. Nobody knows who he really is.

Apparently the Boston Yeti has come out of hibernation and was recently interviewed by the Associated Press, via email.

"A.P.: We haven't heard much from you since the snow melted in spring. How did your hibernation go?
"B.Y.: Hibernation provided all of the relaxation and rejuvenation I had hoped for! Believe it or not, I spent a lot of time at the movies, catching up on comedies and documentaries at the Brattle Theater. Under the dark of night I would also occasionally escape to a midnight movie at the Coolidge Theater. (Aside from that mostly just playing solitaire in the woods."

See more: The Weather Channel: "The Boston Yeti had Returned, Just in Time for Winter"

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

International Cryptozoology Conference - Jan. 4-6, 2016

The International Cryptozoology Museum is hosting a cryptozoology conference from Jan. 4 to 6, 2016, in St. Augustine, Florida. It just hit me the other day that the event is less than a month away (and so is 2016!)

Speakers at the International Cryptozoology Conference are as follows:

  • Cliff Barackman (Finding Bigfoot)
  • Lyle Blackburn (author of The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man)
  • Michel Raynal (author of Tentacules)
  • Loren Coleman (Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, author of many great books)
  • Jerome Hamlin (Founder of Dinofish)
  • Paul LeBlond (author, Cadborosaurus: Survivor from the Deep and Discovering Cadborosaurus)
  • Kathy Strain (author, Giants, Cannibals, & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture)
  • Patrick (Pat) Spain (host of Beast Hunter)
  • Matt Bille (author of Shadows of Existence and Rumors of Existence)
  • Robert Robinson (author of Legend Tripping)
There's also going to be a ton of cool stuff going on at this conference. It would be an awesome event to got to. I've met a few of the speakers before and they were great, and I bet all the others are just as good.

Find out more about the conference here.

Fun fact - the site of the conference, St. Augustine, Florida, is the site of a famous globster beaching in 1896.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Something in the Woods Available on DVD

Something in the Woods is a Bigfoot film that premiered at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May 2015. Unlike most Bigfoot movies, it is actually very good, and will keep you hooked from the very start.

In the months since the conference the final edits to the movie have been made, other showings have happened, and trailers have been released.

Now, finally, the movie is available on DVD. If you are someone who is seriously interested in Bigfoot, I would definitely recommend it. It doesn't have a bunch of crazy crap or terrible CGI or anything of that sort. It is based on true events and the Bigfoots in the film act like what most witnesses and researchers say Bigfoot acts like. If you aren't interested in Bigfoot, its still a good movie to watch.

You can get Something in the Woods on DVD (and get T-shirts and other things) here.

You can watch the trailer for the film below.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Finding Bigfoot Season Premiere - Jan. 3, 2016

Finding Bigfoot will be returning for another season at 9 PM on January 3 of next year. The season premiere will be a 2-hour episode.

A recent press release has all the info on the new season.

In the premiere on Jan. 3, the BFRO team of Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland, and James "Bobo" Fay are splitting up. Matt and Cliff investigate the Canadian wilderness and Bobo and Ranae stay in the States too see which country has better Sasquatch habitat.

Here's where they'll be the rest of the season:

  • Jan. 10 - Maine. "A cornucopia of Bigfoot artifacts exists in the Pine Tree State, so the team takes its first trip to Maine and heads deep into the woods to learn more within this east-coast squatting haven." (NOTE FROM TCZ: This would be the episode that was filmed earlier this year but didn't air with the earlier season. They will be at Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum.)
  • Jan. 17 - New Hampshire. "In picturesque Mount Washington, concerned resort owners reach out to the team with a slew of reported sasquatch sightings gathered throughout many years."
  • Jan. 24 - Georgia. "Military bases are some of the country's most protected and secluded areas. In a top-secret sasquatch investigation, the team goes into full stealth mode and utilize tips from military members to investigate forests just off base."
  • Jan. 31 - Oregon. "The team has been to Cliff's home state before, but they never have explored beyond Cliff's usual spots. The team takes a helicopter trip deep into the Oregon wilderness to one of the most remote locations in the show's history. And, for the first time, the team employs drones with infrared cameras.
Be sure to check out Finding Bigfoot on January 3rd!

Big Sky Bigfoot Conference - T-Shirt

Received in the mail today my Montana Big Sky Bigfoot Conference t-shirt…

Thanks to Sarah from the conference for the cool shirt!

Why Bigfoot "Doesn't Have a Neck"

One thing most Sasquatch witnesses report is that the creature they saw had no neck, and that the head was set square on the shoulders.

Sasquatch Central II - Video Evidence recently posted a video on YouTube on this subject. They have quotes from Dr. Jeff Meldrum explaining why the Sasquatch would appear to have no neck. And it makes a lot of sense.

You can watch the video below.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Mysterious Story of Nellie the Lion

There have always been reports of mysterious cats in the United States. Some of these stories come from hundreds of years ago, and some occur in the present day.

One famous story of a mystery Alien Big Cat (ABC) occurred in 1917. This specific ABC was nicknamed "Nellie the Lion."

The sightings happened near Decatur, Illinois. The first report to gain media attention came in after a man named Thomas Gullett was attacked on July 13 while working in a garden. Gullett only suffered some minor wounds, but after word spread people started to panic.

The attacks on Gullett sparked the press' interest in the Nellie story, although the first sightings had actually happened a few days earlier.

The report on the attack led to a 300 person hunt on July 15, 1917. While the hunters were our looking for Nellie she appeared a quarter of a mile away, when she was sighted by a Mrs. Shaw who described what she saw as a "African Lioness."

On July 17, five-inch tracks were found near Decatur. Later that same day, two boys saw the cat near the Sangamon River, which is east of Decatur.

Not surprisingly, panic spread. When people went outside and saw a collie, they saw a lion. One farmer even shot an approaching car because he thought the headlights were the eyes of the big cat. Newspapers had lots of fun with these reports, and passed off all the others as misidentification or jokes, too.

Nellie was taken more seriously when she attacked Chester Osborn, Earl Hill, and their wives on July 29. They were driving near Decatur at 10:30 PM when the two men, who were sitting in the front of the car, saw the cat hiding in the weeds by the road.

The cat leaped about 20 feet and slammed into the side of the car. It then collapsed on the road.

The terrified witnesses sped to Decatur and told the police what happened. They went back to the area, and Nellie, who had been knocked out from the car collision but by this time had recovered, was still there, but soon disappeared over an embankment and was not seen again.

On July 31, James Rutherford saw a "large, yellow, long haired beast" as he was driving a hay wagon past a gravel pit. He watched the cat disappear towards a creek. Search parties checked out the area later, and found a few tracks, but no lion.

Soon after that encounter, Nellie sightings stopped.

We'll probably never know what Nellie was. Was she a real African lioness? Was she a Mountain Lion? The second guess would probably be the most likely.

More on Nellie the Lion and other Alien Big Cats can be found in my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More From Across America. The holidays are coming up… it would make a great gift for a cryptozoology enthusiast!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Nessie Photo?

Loch Ness Monster sightings are "at their highest in more than a decade," according to the Daily Mail

One of these sightings occurred in July.

Crystal Ardito, an American tourist, claims she took a photograph of something strange in the Loch.

Here's what she said:

"I went to Scotland to go on the Loch Ness boat ride on July 1. I took photos of the loch and I was just looking at my photos and I found one photo where I saw a grey thing sticking out of the water, so I zoomed in."

Ardito claims she "did not notice the grey object in the photo until months later." It seems no one ever knows they have a photo of a monster until months later.
Crystal Ardito's picture (zoomed version)
of what she claims is the
Loch Ness Monster

 Gary Campbell, who is the keeper of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, said of the 2015 sightings:

"This is the first time in 13 years that there have been this number of sightings reported by people who saw something while they were at Loch Ness. It also includes a multiple witness sighting which is very unusual - it's normally just one person who sees something for a few seconds. I think that this proves that Nessie's not gone anywhere. We were a bit worried in 2013 when no one saw her but it looks like she was just keeping her head down at the time."

 What do you think of the picture of a "monster" in the Loch? The one here is the zoomed in version (you can see the original on the Daily Mail website.) I can't say if it is a monster or not. It's just some dark something out in the loch, which in the original photo is just a small dot. When it is zoomed in, it still looks like a blob. It could be something like a floating log.

I think Loch Ness is home to some monsters… but I do not think this photo shows one of them.

Monday, December 7, 2015

"Men in Black…" Reviewed

A while back, I got Nick Redfern's newest book on the mysterious dark suited men, Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures. Like I promised, I now have a review of said book up on my UFO Zone blog.

You can see it here. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference will be taking place May 14, 2016.

Tickets went on sale at 10 AM yesterday, and VIPs sold out in less than an hour and a half! (I got mine! ;) )

So far, three of the five speakers have been announced. Next year's OBC is going to be a good one - the speakers so far are Bob Gimlin, Guy Edwards, and Cliff Barackman.

As more information and speakers are announced in the future I will have updates on this blog about the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016.


While at World Market last night looking for Christmas ornaments, I stumbled upon Yowie candies.

Most of you reading this blog probably know that the Yowie is Australia's version of Bigfoot. 

Yowie candies first came out in 1995 and were hugely popular in Australia. Ten years ago, however, problems arose between the companies that made them and they were discontinued.

But, last year, the Yowie candies came back, and this time were released in the United States.

I had no clue these things were being sold in the U.S. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find them!

A Yowie candy, "Boof"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

11 Unbelievable Ohio Monsters

The "Akron Ohio Moms" website has a post from November 29 about... monsters. Their list of "Ohio's 11 Unbelievable Monster Sightings"  (a couple of which I hadn't even heard of before!) starts like this:

"Ohio has its fair share of monster sightings. With its extensive river systems, large contiguous forests and the encroachment of man, there's no wonder that things that go 'bump in the night' do indeed go 'bump in the night' near people that can hear them! Here's our researched list of monster sightings in Ohio over the past two centuries."

You can check out the list here.  

When Men in Black go after Cryptozoologists

Anyone who is interested in UFOs and other unexplained things knows about the Men in Black, the mysterious, dark suited men (if they are humans, that is!) that appear to witnesses and researchers and pretty much scare the bejeezus out of them.

The Men in Black may have an interest in more than just Unidentified Flying Objects, though.

There are some cases with MIB-type encounters involved with cryptozoology.

One such encounter occurred in the 1970s, when one of the world's leading cryptozoologists, Loren Coleman, met a possible Man in Black.
Loren Coleman

Early in the decade, Coleman was investigating the mystery of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon, a mystery man who attacked people in Mattoon, Illinois, with gas in the 1940s (Coleman has a chapter about the weird saga in his book Mysterious America.)

The visit happened in Decatur, Illinois. Coleman was looking into the mystery of the Enema Bandit to see if there were any similarities with Mad Gasser attacks. Late one night, there was a knock on his door when a very thin, dark suited man arrived.

The man, who said his name was "Lt. Applegate," claimed to be from the Decatur Police Department. He told Coleman we was checking to see if he was the Enema Bandit, and asked why he was so interested in the story. He then told Coleman he should stop looking into the cases, just like MIB do to UFO witnesses.

The next day Coleman called the Decatur Police, who "were not too helpful to a 20 year old FATE magazine writer interested in the Enema Bandit and the Mattoon Gasser." The police did say, however, that there was no "Lt. Applegate."

In 1977, after the sightings of the Dover Demon in Dover, Massachusetts, Loren Coleman and UFO researcher Walt Webb investigated. Men in Black also bothered the witnesses of the cryptid during that time.
Ivan T. Sanderson,
and his lemur Katta

Early Cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson also had encounters with MIB-type entities. He felt that they had underwater bases and that the answer is under the ocean. But, Sanderson also investigated reports of UFOs and such, so that could be the reason he had weird encounters with the mysterious men.

 So, what do these encounters mean? Are the Men in Black trying to cover up cryptid sightings (Dover Demon?) What about the Mad Gasser incident with Loren Coleman? We'll probably never know the answers.