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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Unexplained

Last month, I went to "The Unexplained" at the Crossroads Library in Cambridge, Ohio. The event was but together by Doud Waller, founder of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations(SOSBI). There were a few speakers there, some talked about paranormal activity and ghosts, "Chief Yellowpants" talked about UFOs, Brian Seech from the Center for Cryptozoological Studies talked about a werewolf and a gargoyle-mothman like monster, a guy from the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society talked about Bigfoot, Joedy Cook talked about the Ohio Grassman, and Linda Godfrey talked about Dogman sightings.

Linda and Joedy were the two best speakers there, but I also enjoyed the CCS and PA Bigfoot Society. I gotto meet Linda and Joedy(who I also saw a the Ohio Bigfoot Conference last weekend, and yes, he remembered me) and got some of my books signed. I also got to talk to Doug a little bit(I had seen him when he did a talk in Mt. Vernon a few days before ), and he was the one who introduced me to Joedy. Doug has also written a book about Bigfoot called Standing in the Shadows: Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio. 

Bob Gimlin and the Patterson Film

I met Bob Gimlin last week at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. He was the last speaker at the conference, and talked about when he was with Roger Patterson when they saw a Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California, in 1967. He said the film Roger took of the Bigfoot doesn't impress him at all, because he had a better view of it from where he was at. It rained the night after they saw it, and Bob got up at two thirty in the morning to go cover the tracks the creature had left so they could be preserved.

The Patterson-Gimlin film

Bob Gimlin talks about Bigfoot figure at the 2014 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Frame from the Patterson-Gimlin film

                                       Bob Gimlin(left) and Roger Patterson looking at Bigfoot tracks

Monday, April 28, 2014

Lyle Blackburn

Lyle Blackburn is an  author, musician, and cryptozoologist from Texas. He has written two books, The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man. He has traveled to many southern states in search of cryptids, and is now working on his third book, which will be about various Sasquatch-like creatures seen in the south(Like the Florida Skunk Ape).

Lyle was at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference this past weekend, and I got the chance to meet him. I got to talk to him a couple of times over the three days of the conference, and he is a really nice guy. I got my copies of Beast and Lizard Man signed, as well as a replica of a Fouke Monster footprint.

For more see here on my other blog, Cryptozoology 101.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who Will be at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference?

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is this Saturday, April 26. I am going Friday to the Bigfoot hike and will be at the actual conference Saturday, and I am wondering who all will be there. Here are the people I know of so far:


Lyle Blackburn: Author of The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man

Cliff Barackman from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot

Charlie Raymond, founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization

Bob Gimlin, who was with Roger Patterson when he saw Bigfoot in 1967

And Tom Yamarone, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers

Here are some other people, who are not speaking, who investigate Bigfoot that I know will be there:

Doug Waller, founder of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations(SOSBI) and author of Standing in the Shadows: Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio

Joedy Cook, a Bigfoot researcher from Cincinnati and author of Legend of the Grassman, Traces of the Grassman, Beginners Guide to Bigfoot Research, and more.

And Craig Woolheater, co-founder of Cryptomundo.

If anyone knows of other bigfoot researchers that will be there, please let me know. : )

Mountain Monsters: "Werewolf of Webster County"

Mountain Monsters: "Werewolf of Webster County" airs this Friday at 10 pm. Trapper and the AIMs team travel to Webster County, WV, to look for the Webster Werewolf. They try to catch it before the full moon passes.

More info can be found here on Cryptomundo or Destination America.

Mountain Monsters: new episodes every Friday at 10. Only on Destination America.

How to Make a Swamp Monster Footprint

This is a video from Mystery Hunters. I used to love this show when I was about 8, and would probably still watch it if it was still on. In this video, Doubting Dave shows viewers how to make swamp monster footprints like those made by the Honey Island Swamp Monster.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is Coming Up

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is this week at Salt Fork State Park. This Friday is a hike in the park from 11:30 to 3:30. Saturday is the actual conference. There are 5 main speakers:

Lyle Blackburn
Cliff Barackman
Charlie Raymond
Bob Gimlin
Tom Yamaron

Lyle has written two books, The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man.

Bigfoot researcher Joedy Cook will also be there. He has written many books, including Legend of the Grassman and Beginners Guide to Bigfoot Research. 

Craig Woolheater from Cryptomundo will also be there.

Bigfoot Reviewed

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth came out March 8, 2014. I wrote an earlier post about it here, and this is the review I promised.

I got the book about a month ago but just started reading it last Friday. I really enjoyed it and got it done in a week. Both authors do a great job telling there stories. Rob Riggs tells of his odd experiences in the Big Thicket in Texas, and Tom Burnette says there is a whole group of the creatures living on his property in North Carolina. 

Many of its Amazon reviews are good, and I agree with them. There are a few that say it isn't so good; one person just didn't like it because of Tom's colorful vocabulary, because there are a lot of cuss words in his sections and the person thought that ruined the book. I for one though it helped Tom get his point through,and , I mean, give him a break, he lives in the mountains of North Carolina and everyone around there talks like that.

The main parts in the book are the two author's investigations of the mystery, and then some of their theories. They both think Bigfoot has some kind of psychic power that it can use to hide from people. They both think Bigfoot doesn't like dogs(Tom says they eat his), and they think the creatures may even be from another dimension!

They also talk about some of the better Bigfoot documentaries that have been made in the past 14 years, including Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Bigfoot: the Definitive Guide, series' like MonsterQuest and Finding Bigfoot, and, my personal favorite, Bigfootville.

If you are someone who likes Bigfoot I would definitely recommend this book.

                                           Bigfootville Part 1

                                            Bigfootville Part 2

Bigfootville Part 3

Bigfootville Part 4

Bigfootville Part 5

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mountain Monsters Yahoo of Nicholas County

Mountain Monsters; Yahoo of Nicholas County airs this Friday at 10. The AIMS team travels to Nicholas County, WV, to investigate reports of a Bigfoot-like creature called the Yahoo. The team meets with witnesses, tracks the beast, and attempts to capture it in a log-fall trap.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nessie and the Perils of War

On April 1, 2014, Germans said they had caught the Loch Ness Monster. Here is the news article from that time:

This is what it says:

German April 1 Hoax
BERLIN, April 1.
"Captured at last; Loch Ness monster brought to Edinburgh." 

These headlines appear In "Berliner, Illustrierte Zeitung," a weekly magazine, devoted to the more stolid type of pictures, science, and exploration. Under the headlines a photograph shows a monster, 100ft long, with a 20ft tail weighing 30 tons, being caught in a huge steel net on the shores Loch Ness, with two tugboats waiting to head the monsterback in case it escaped.

Another picture depicts a vast crowd viewing the monster at Edinburgh, the caption stating that an American circus proprietor's offer of £500,000 was likely to be refused owing to scientific reasons. This and other equally wild pictures are the only justification found.

                                       A faked photo of the captured "loch ness monster"

Bombers in World War II also said they bombed the monster when they saw her in the lake. There is also a news article about that, but there are no photos.

Here's links to more info on the Loch Ness Mystery blog.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mountain Monsters: "Grafton Monster of Taylor County"

Mountain Monsters "Grafton Monster of Taylor County" airs tonight at 10. Here's the desciption:

After obtaining a video of a strange and gigantic creature, AIMS travels east to Grafton, W.V., to investigate the Grafton Monster. This tiny town, once an epicenter of early American railroad transit, has been terrorized since the 1960s by a horrifying creature known to the locals as “The Headless Horror.” Standing almost ten-feet tall and tipping the scales at more than half a ton, this beast carries its head just above its chest and has a reputation for intimidation that spans the hollers of Taylor County. The mountain investigators have their hands full as they witness this predator’s vicious nature firsthand and construct their largest trap to date.

For more info click here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 Sasquatch in a Cave

A man named Oren Jeffries, an amateur spelunker/photographer, was exploring an unmapped section of Grand Caverns in Virginia conducting photography experiments. He would lay down flat on the cave floor, turn off his lantern, and try to capture photos of things in "cave darkness", or absence of light. One time, he heard something start to approach him from deep in the cave. He became frightened and left. He said he had seen three humanoid creatures.

A few days later, Jeffries and a few friends to retrieve his camera he had left when he had fled before. This is the picture on the film inside.

Here is a brightened version.

For more see this post on Bigfoot Evidence

Karl Shuker's South African Giant Mantis

Karl Shuker has a new post on his ShukerNature blog about a giant praying mantis he saw in South Africa. He could not identify the species. For the rest of the story, click here.

"Chupacabra" Captured: The Rest of the Story

*For part 1 see this post from yesterday*

The couple in Texas who said the captured a supposed "chupacabra" have put it down. Some people have said it is a known type of canine, while others think it may be a hairless racoon, because it was shown in a video eating from it's paws.  Here's an article from YAHOO! news:

A Ratcliffe, Texas couple caged what they believed to be a legendary chupacabra. Jackie Stock toldKAVU Newscenter 25 that her husband caught the mysterious creature alive on Sunday. "He saw this strange animal sitting up here eating corn," said Stock. “He called me to come and look, and I said, ‘Bubba that looks like a baby chupacabra.’”
The animal had a hairless back, large teeth, and an unusual growl. Some commenters speculated that the creature’s behavior of holding food with its front paws proved it was most likely a hairless raccoon or porcupine. They pointed to a November 2011 Vero News report about Florida’s Vero Beach Animal Control, which caught and identified another mysterious animal as a hairless raccoon. The South Texas creature appeared to have physical characteristics similar to the Florida hairless raccoon.

But Arlen Parma, a fellow Ratcliffe resident, refuted the notion that the Stocks’ animal was a raccoon saying, “You know I hunted coons you know, 20 years with dogs and all that and I ain’t never seen nothing that looks like that right there.” Parma added that the beast had a distinctive growl. “Coon don’t make that noise, or a possum. What makes that noise? I guess the chupacabra does. I don’t know,” Parma told the station.
Wildlife Diversity Biologist Brent Ortego from Texas Parks and Wildlife told KAVU, “The animal in the cage as best I can tell from the view is some form of a small canine.” Ortego believed that it was highly likely the animal suffered from mange, which resulted in the animal’s hair loss. The biologist dismissed the theory that the animal was El Chupacabra and said, “It's never been proven to be a unique species. It was always something out there that allegedly either caused harm or threatened to cause harm to people or their livestock.”
Since the first story by KAVU aired, the Stocks say people from across the country contacted them with questions about the mysterious creature. Because the Dewitt County Game Warden determined the animalto be a raccoon, on Thursday the couple was given 48 hours to either release the animal or euthanize it, or they would face fines. NBC News reported that on Friday, Mike Cox, spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said, "The land owner left a message on the warden's voice mail this morning that the animal had been euthanized." The spokesman said there would be no further actions taken and, "Our agency does not believe chupacabras exist anywhere but in the imaginations of some."

I still don't know exactally what this thing is, but if I find out I'll have another post about it.

Here's the video

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sasquatch Footprints in British Columbia

About a month ago, Loren Coleman posted on his blog CryptoZooNews about new sasquatch footprints found in BC. A fisherman and his son saw something they first thought was a bear, but then it stood up and was 8-9 feet tall. They found footprints and took these pictures.

For more see this CryptoZooNews post:

New BC Sasquatch Encounter

Who Knows Anything About These Wolfman Photos?

Does anyone out there know anything about this wolfman photo? It could be a photoshopped jpg of this dogman below:

For more info, see this post on Loren Coleman's CryptoZooNews:

Mysterious Wolfman Photo: Update

Is This a Chupacabra, Texas Blue Dog, or just a Mangy Racoon?

What is this strange creature? A couple in Texas say they have finally caught the cryptid called the Chupacabra alive. Some say it is just a canine, but it is shown in the video eating out of it's paws almost like a raccoon.

For more on the chupacabra see this post from yesterday.

Tell me what you think it is in the comments.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Ultimate Cryptozoology Bibliography

Karl Shuker has a list on his website of almost every cryptozoology book you would ever want. To see it click here.

The Baby Chupacabra: Another Hoax in the Crypto World

Is this a picture of a mummified baby chupacabra? This picture has been online for at least over a year, and some people have said it is a real baby chupacabra, the mysterious creature said to drain the blood of farm animals seen in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the U.S. So it definitely is the real deal, ha ha, no. For the whole story, check out this post on Karl Shuker's blog ShukerNature.

Standing in the Shadows: Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio

Last Wednesday I went to a chat at the Mt. Vernon Library about Bigfoot. The speaker was Doug Waller, founder of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations, or SOSBI. Doug has been interested in Bigfoot since he heard reports of the Missouri Monster, or MoMo, in the 1970s. In 2008 he founded SOSBI. Now, the group talks at libraries across the state and go on camping trips at Salt Fork State Park to look for Bigfoot several times a year. Recently, Doug wrote a book about the Ohio Bigfoot called Standing in the Shadows. It is full of reports he got from witnesses and investigated.  He even helped the Finding Bigfoot cast when they were in Ohio filming the "Buckeye Bigfoot" episode.

If you like Bigfoot and live in Ohio, be sure to try to get your hands on a copy of Doug's book. I really liked it.

                                                             SOSBI logo

Here's an article from the Chillicothe Gazette:

CHILLICOTHE — Bigfoot has a presence in Ohio.
At least, so thinks Doug Waller, who leads the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations. He spoke to a crowd Thursday evening at the Northside branch library about numerous sightings reported by people across the state.
The Cambridge-based organization was formed in 2008 by Waller and Shawna Parks, who shared their experiences about their work investigating claims that people have seen what they believed to have been Bigfoot across the state.
“I’m not here to try to admit to anybody that Bigfoot is real,” Waller said.
Waller’s group, which meets every other month in Cambridge, has attracted Bigfoot witnesses, researchers and investigators, he said, adding it remains unclear exactly what Bigfoot is. There is a great deal of speculation in some circles about whether Bigfoot is a person, caveman or something else.
“We’re not experts,” he said. “We don’t pretend to be.”
Waller told audience members — many of whom were young children — that to find out about Bigfoot, they should read books and not necessarily believe everything they read on the Internet.
Many witnesses have stepped forward, Waller said, adding that many people have been so traumatized by encounters with Bigfoot that “it rattled their world.” Waller described a Senecaville man identified as Thomas Priddy and his recent sighting of Bigfoot, claiming the creature was drinking water out of a creek bed on its hands and knees before venturing into tall grass and disappearing.
“People go into shock when they see these things,” said Waller, who has written one book about Bigfoot and is working on on a second. “It’s not really unusual for people who have encounters like Mr. Priddy to be shaken by it.”
Waller said three Bigfoot sightings have been reported in Ross County by a group known as the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The entity founded in 1995 describes itself as “the only scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery,” according to its website, which lists 248 possible Bigfoot sightings in Ohio.
One reported sighting of Bigfoot occurred in Clarksburg in 1980, while another was said to have occurred in Bainbridge near Ohio 772 in December 2002, according to the website.
Waller told the attendance “Bigfoot eats what it wants,” such as meat and plants, adding there have been reports of juvenile-like Bigfoots in New York based on accounts of small tracks.
“Bigfoot will find you if you really want to have an encounter,” Waller said.
For more information about the organization, call Waller at 740-624-5122.

                                                  Doug Waller giving a talk on Bigfoot

"'Hank' is a Hoax", Rick Dyer Says

Rick Dyer has finally announced that his dead Bigfoot "Hank" is a hoax. I knew it was from the minuet it heard about it, because Dyer has done the same thing before. Each time, he says "I'll never hoax again," but he's done it a few times now, so he'll probably have another "Bigfoot" in a couple of years.
This is what cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has to say about it, from  a news article:

Loren Coleman, director and founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, and author of Bigfoot: The True Story Of Apes In America, suggested that Dyer has lost any credibility in the field.
“It’s clear, over and over again, he’s making money from all of these hoaxes,” he said. “It certainly bothers me that the main core people in the Bigfoot field know about him, don’t consider his stories credible and ignore him, but he keeps going on until he gets publicity.”
…”[Dyer] always leaves the door open for his next hoax. He’s gonna keep doing it again and again,” said Coleman. “All he has to do is wait another four or five years, and [newbies and some] people will forget this.”
All Rick wants to do with bigfoot is make money and get publicity, and some reports say he made $60,000 from his Hank hoax. Rick Dyer will probably never stop hoaxing, in my opinion, and is just an annoying hoaxer who tries to screw around with cryptozoology. He IS NOT a cryptozoologist, and never will be.
                                          The face of "Hank"

                                      How "Hank" was made

Here's some links to posts at Loren Coleman's blog about the Hank hoax:
Be sure to check out the rest of Loren's blog while you're there : )

A Global Call for Cryptid DNA

A British TV company and the International Cryptozoology Museum are working together to gather DNA samples of cryptid creatures(hair, teeth, bones). If suitable samples are obtained, qualified genetic scientists will test them and the results will be published in a scientific journal.

Detailed results will be shared with the donor after tests are done. The samples can be from any creature in cryptozoology, from Loch Monsters to Bigfoot or Chupacabras and yetis. Anyone from around the world can donate. The sample may have to be destroyed to test it. For more info, see this post at CryptoZooNews:  A Global Call For DNA Evidence of Cryptids

                          Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bigfoot Day Flyer

This is a flyer I made for computer Science about a Bigfoot Day Celebratinon in Bluff Creek, California. The event is not actually happening. Enjoy the flyer anyway, and tell me what you think.
Here is the PDF to print in off.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jaws: The Giant Shark That Was Actually Real

Almost everyone has heard of or seen the movie Jaws. The movie has caused many people to be afraid of the ocean. The thought of a gant, man-eating shark lurking just below the water will scare anyone. But, what most people don't know is that there are sharks as big as Jaws, or, at least there were.

Megalodon was a giant shark that lived about 28 to 1.5 million years ago. It's maximum length was about 46 to 60 feet. It's teeth were 7 to 8 inches long.

A Megalodon toothe by two teeth from a Great White


The scary thing here... Megalodon might still be alive! A giant, 100 foot long white shark was seen sometime in the early 1900s. There is enough space in the deep ocean for giant, unknown creatures.

If you say Megalodon is not alive today, consider this. the Coelacanth is a fish that was supposed to have gone extinct with the dionsasurs 65 million years ago. it wwas discovered alive off the coast of Africa in 1938. If it had survied 65 million years after it was supposed to have gone extinct, why couldn't Megalodon survine 1 million?

A Coelacanth

Malaysian Airliner Mystery

It's been almost a month since flight 370 left Malaysia and dissappeared. Recently, possible remains were found in the ocean. However, they could be from a cargo ship. Ten planes, nine ships, and a UK submarine have been searching the Indian Ocean. It will take a long time to cover the whole search area in planes, but it will take over 100 times longer if they need to check for wreckage on the ocean floor.

Some people think the plane was hi-jacked and taken to an old bunker is a jungle somewhere, but there is no evidence that anyone on the plane, crew or passengers, would have any reason to do that. Satellites have sent pictures that may be remains in the Indian Ocean. I think it may have crashed somewhere. For now, no one knows what really happened. The mystery of what happened may never be solved.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Loch Ness Monster: The Alien Squid From Europa… Crypto April Fools

Today, news has come out saying that the famous Loch Ness Monster, "Nessie", has finally been proven to exist and is a Giant Squid from Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.

Apparently, a DNA sequence had been found in a photograph using advanced laser scanning technology. NASA satellites also had pictures of Nessie-like objects swimming in Europa's oceans over the last 40 years. The DNA scientists sequenced matched Loch Ness Monster DNA, they said. They said the thing had gotten to earth by riding on a comet from Europa. They said the body of the Loch NEss Monster had evolved 500 million years ago, while other cephalopods hadn't evolved until 300 million years ago, proving they the monster came from space.

                                                  APRIL FOOLS FROM NESSIE

So, there you go, the Loch Monster is a space squid.. HA! For more on this April Fools joke, see the Cryptomundo post in the link below.

DNA Confirms Loch Ness Monster Identity

It actually took me awhile after I first read the Cryptomundo post to notice that it was posted today. April Fools day is a day all Cryptozoologists need to watch out for, the same thing happened with the Loch Ness Monster photo below in 1934. For 60 years people thought it was real, until it was proved to be a hoax in the 1990s.

The Nessie mystery remains unsolved, at least until April Fools day next year. : )