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Saturday, April 5, 2014

"'Hank' is a Hoax", Rick Dyer Says

Rick Dyer has finally announced that his dead Bigfoot "Hank" is a hoax. I knew it was from the minuet it heard about it, because Dyer has done the same thing before. Each time, he says "I'll never hoax again," but he's done it a few times now, so he'll probably have another "Bigfoot" in a couple of years.
This is what cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has to say about it, from  a news article:

Loren Coleman, director and founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, and author of Bigfoot: The True Story Of Apes In America, suggested that Dyer has lost any credibility in the field.
“It’s clear, over and over again, he’s making money from all of these hoaxes,” he said. “It certainly bothers me that the main core people in the Bigfoot field know about him, don’t consider his stories credible and ignore him, but he keeps going on until he gets publicity.”
…”[Dyer] always leaves the door open for his next hoax. He’s gonna keep doing it again and again,” said Coleman. “All he has to do is wait another four or five years, and [newbies and some] people will forget this.”
All Rick wants to do with bigfoot is make money and get publicity, and some reports say he made $60,000 from his Hank hoax. Rick Dyer will probably never stop hoaxing, in my opinion, and is just an annoying hoaxer who tries to screw around with cryptozoology. He IS NOT a cryptozoologist, and never will be.
                                          The face of "Hank"

                                      How "Hank" was made

Here's some links to posts at Loren Coleman's blog about the Hank hoax:
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