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Beasts of the Bush

Another new book... this one is Beasts of the Bushby Patrick Gallagher. It's a collection of old newspaper reports on yowies, bunyips, and other Australian cryptids.

Below is the book description:

"The Australian continent was a strange place for early European settlers, full of exotic wildlife unlike anything encountered before. As settlements spread across the country, opening up new areas, it must have seemed like almost anything was possible with regards to the discovery of new flora and fauna. The legends of the local indigenous tribes were fertile ground for sowing the seeds of expectations. Folklore involving giant hairy men or strange aquatic creatures seemed all too plausible given the nature of other creatures already encountered and catalogued. So it should be no surprise that European accounts of the Yowie, the giant hairy man-like beast (Australia's own Bigfoot), or the swamp-dwelling, seal-like Bunyip, began to be reported in the newspapers of the time. Did …

Abair Road: The True Story

A new book out by Brian and Sue Gosselin. In the 1970s, Brian saw what he thought was a Bigfoot in a famous sighting in Whitehall, New York.

Below is some info about the book from Amazon:

"In August 1976, Police Officer Brian Gosselin had a face-to-face encounter with a  Bigfoot-type creature on Abair Road in Whitehall, NY. This event set off a firestorm of publicity and has become a landmark case that has withstood the test of time. Brian encountered this creature just 30 feet in front of him, in his spotlight, with his pistol pointed directly at it, but he did not shoot. In 'Abair Road, The True Story,' Brian is sharing the events that took place that night along with a great deal of information that has never been shared before. We hope you'll join us in the pages of this book and enjoy the ride."

Crypto-Kid: Science and Cryptozoology Tonight

A new episode of Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid is on tonight at 8 o'clock on WCJV Radio.

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, I will be on my own! This will be an entire episode of just me and my microphone. The topic of discussion will be understanding science and how it applies to cryptozoology." Listen live here.

Book Review: Mystery Creatures of China by David C. Xu

Earlier this month, David C. Xu's book Mystery Creatures of China was released by Coachwhip Publications. The subtitle of Xu's book is The Complete Cryptozoological Guide. While some may be skeptical of this, since many other books out there claim to be the "complete guide" of this or that, here it should be taken seriously.

David's book is the first thorough examination of the many and varied cryptids of China written in English. Many of the cryptids he writes about have never been known to English-speaking cryptozoologists.

Instead of having chapters focusing on a certain creature or area, the book is split up into six sections, each focusing on a different type of mystery animals. The sections are split up into: (1. Aquatic Cryptids, (2. Humanoid Cryptids, (3. Carnivorous Cryptids, (4. Herbivorous Cryptids, (5. Reptilian Cryptids, and (6. Winged Cryptids.

The book starts off with a forward by cryptozoologist Dr. Karl Shuker. He says that "If you're l…

Another ABC Article

Big Cat sightings have gotten quite a bit of media attention lately, and ABC News Australia is the latest to have an article on the phantom felines.

It starts like this:
"Have you ever seen a big cat in the Australian wild? Not just an oversized house cat, but a panther, a lion or a tiger?  "If you have - or at least, think you have - then you're not alone. "Many Australians say they've encountered some kind of mysterious big cat in the bush. So is there a whisker of truth to all these alleged sightings? "In the central Victorian town of Lancefield, it's not hard to spot a big cat. "Right in the centre of the main street, the hulking frame of a jet black panther stands ready to pounce. "Cast in steel, the statue appeared mysteriously in the middle of the night in 2015. "Made by an anonymous artist, it stands as a monument to all the rumoured local sightings of big cats. Over 30 years, there have been many. "Local doctor Paul Carter h…

Crypto-Kid: Jack Tessier Tonight

From Colin Schneider:

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, I will be joined by Jack Tessier. Jack is one of Australia's youngest cryptozoologists and the founder of the Australian Cryptozoology Research Organization. Colin and Jack will discuss his experiences as a young cryptozoologist and the multitude of Australian Cryptids."
Listen live at 8 o'clock on WCJV Radio.

STM 'Bray Road Beast' Article has a new article up on Small Town Monsters' upcoming documentary The Bray Road Beast:

"Centuries of lore relating to the existence of real-life werewolves around the world will get the documentary treatment this Fall when The Bray Road Beast lands on streaming platforms and DVD courtesy of award-winning production company, Small Town Monsters. The fabled beast who lives on Bray Road near Elkhonr, Wisconsin is at the center of the new film which promises to take viewers on a wild ride down one of the scariest stretches of blacktop in middle America. Today, the film's official one-sheet has been released ahead of a Kickstarter campaign (launching January 25th) to fund the production of the film. The Bray Road Beast is a terrifying, werewolf-like creature that has stalked the midwest for the better part of a century. Rising to prominence in the 1990's thanks to a best-selling, non-fiction book by author, Linda Godfrey, the beast went on to become the focus o…

Another Australian ABC, England Evidence, Road Runners, & the return of the St. Albans Cat

It seems like a lot of people are seeing mystery big cats in this first month of the new year! Here are a couple more stories reported recently.
First, from Newsport is a another story from Australia:

"ARE big cats prowling the Far North? "A Port Douglas woman believes she may have spotted one on the Captain Cook Highway last week. "Rosie Wang was returning to Port Douglas from Cairns at 6.30pm on January 12 when she saw 'a large tawny brown feline shape' illuminated in her headlights on the side of the road. "'It was almost as large as the street marker that it was next to,' she said. "'Certainly I have never seen a domestic cat that big, or indeed with light brown coloring more like a lion.'
"Rosie is not the first to come forward with a big cat sighting in North Queensland. Several accounts have been reported of a similar colored animal in the Atherton Tablelands and Ravenshoe areas, while large black cats have been seen in Upp…

Discovering Bigfoot - Thoughts?

Right now, the Netflix documentary Discovering Bigfoot is getting a lot of attention. Todd Standing made the doc and I've heard it's basically just all his old stuff that we've seen when he was on Survivorman Bigfoot. Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel are also involved, I believe.  A friend was talking to me about it the other day and just laughed at it when I showed him Todd Standing's claims.

So, I'm wondering - have any readers out there seen Discovering Bigfoot? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on it, since I haven't and probably won't since I don't have Netflix.

Was a Bigfoot Filmed in Canada?

Making the rounds on news sites right now is a video that purportedly shows a Bigfoot in Canada.

The Express reports:
"A FILM purporting to show Bigfoot stalking through a Canadian forest has been hailed as evidence that the shaggy creature may be more than just a myth. "The skip, shot on January 5, was captured by a Canadian family who entitled it: 'Remarkable footage shows a huge Bigfoot walking through the Canadian wilderness.' "They uploaded it the YouTube channel Modern Galaxy and since then it has been viewed 126,000 times, with plenty of viewers apparently convinced of its veracity. "One remarked: 'The thing is freaking huge and wide as hell. You can see where the direction of the sun is coming and can see the sun shine off of the fur of the creature. "'The creature is in a sitting or crouched position then stands up and begins to walk more into the tree cover. You can even see it moving behind the trees. Very interesting if it's real…

Geelong Big Cats

Another story about anomalous big cats…

The Geelong Advertiser (Australia) has a new article up [Jan. 17th]called "Black cat debate rages as Otways, You Yangs, Lake Connewarre sightings reported."

It reads:

"DEBATE is raging around the Geelong region's panther population. "Sightings of big cats in the Otways, You Yangs, Lake Connewarre and along the Great Ocean Road have been reported this week, as big cat believers discuss a pair of photos posted online. "Facebook page Black Cat Mythbusters Gippsland posted two photos of large black cats it claims were taken near Geelong, sparking a debate around the existence of panthers and big cats in the region. "While it is understood the photos were taken near Lara and in Western Victoria at least two years ago, they have caused a number of people to reveal their own brushes with possible panthers in Geelong and on the Surf Coast - and multiple mentions of the legendary 'Otway Panther'. "Geelong'…

Big Cat Expert to talk on U.K. Sightings

If any readers live in the Somerset, England area...

From the North Somerset Times:

"Big cat expert discusses UK sightings at Nailsea event "Danny Nineham has worked as a big cat consultant for the police and military for several decades. "He siad: 'Three individuals have seen a black panther on the land and found dead deer carcasses. Thousands of people have reported their sightings to me over the decades. "'Big cats are everywhere. Living in among us in our towns, villages and woods, going about their business every night undetected in most cases, just like the urban fox. "'The cats I'm talking about include a puma or lynx.' "Danny is speaking at the Ring O'Bells on Saturday from 6-10pm. "Tickets, priced £10, include a buffet and can be booked from 07501 962893."

John Bindernagel Passes Away

Sad news… John Bindernagel, wildlife biologist and Bigfoot researcher, has died, aged 76.

John passed away yesterday, Jan. 17th. On January 8th he had told his circle of friends "just how imminent" his death may be because of terminal cancer.

RIP John.

Full obituary can be found on Loren Coleman's CryptoZooNews.

Cryptid U.S. eBook Available Now

Well that was quicker than expected… Cryptid U.S. is now available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon! Find it here.

The 2015 paperback version is available here.

Cryptid U.S. eBook Version

In 2015, I published the paperback version of my book Cryptid U.S.. It has only been available in that format… until now. Cryptid U.S. should be available as a Kindle eBook within a few days…!

I will update when it is available.

Check out the paperback version here.

North Carolina Woman Claims She's Seen Pterosaurs 3 Times (And Her Family Has Too)

Pterosaurs are extinct flying reptiles that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. In recent years, many people who are interested in cryptozoology have been looking into reports of supposed live pterosaurs across the world. The Fayetteville Observer out of North Carolina has a new article up on their website about some supposed sightings near Raleigh.

"RALEIGH -- As a cryptozoologist, Jonathan Whitcomb specializes in creatures that do not plausibly exist -- including mythical beings such as yeti, bigfeet, or -- Whitcomb's specialty -- modern day pterosaurs. "As a self-described 'modern pterosaur expert,' the Utah-based author is circulating news and running websites that describe encounters with prehistoric, flying reptiles that scientists classify as thoroughly extinct. "In his collection of pterosaur sightings, Whitcomb counts nine in North Carolina, including one winged beast that appeared in Raleigh only last week. "'It had a long tail with a…

Crypto-Kid: Nick Redfern & Ben Radford 2-Hour Special

A special episode of Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid is on tonight at 8 on WCJV Radio. Both Nick Redfern and Ben Radford are on as guests tonight.

"[Tonight] on the Crypto-Kid, I will be joined by two of my favorite researchers and people in general: Nick Redfern and Ben Radford. They will be doing a discussion style debate concerning the nature of the Chupacabra. This has never been done, as far as I know, on radio before. It is also going to be a two hour extended show so we can cover everything."
Be sure to tune in to WCJV Radio tonight and listen live!

The Montauk Monster - Mutant or Raccoon?

On July 23, 2008, a New York newspaper called The Independent reported on a very strange carcass that had been found at Montauk, on the southeastern shore of Long Island, on July 12th.

Jenna Hewitt and three friends had discovered the carcass. She was quoted as saying "We were looking for a place to sit when we saw some people looking at something… We didn't know what it was… We joked that maybe it was something from Plum Island."

Hewitt took a photo of the remains that was included in the article in The Independent and quickly spread across the Internet. The article joked that Editor Rick Murphy thought "perhaps it was Satan, and the devil's demise meant only good things would happen henceforth." They also lightheartedly suggested that it could be a "giant turtle sans shell" or "an escaped mutant victim of diabolical experiments taken by the sea from Plum Island [Animal Disease Center]."

The article went on to state that Natural Resour…

On the Trail Of... Champ - Trailer 2

Small Town Monsters has a new trailer up for their upcoming documentary On the Ttail Of... Champ, which takes a look at the lake monster said to live in Lake Champlain in New York and Vermont.

Below is some info about the doc and Small Town Monsters:

"For centuries, tales have been told of a massive, unknown, aquatic creature living in the waters of Lake Champlain. The 'beast' is said to be anywhere from ten to thirty feet long within an abnormally long neck, flippers and a dinosaur-like appearance. Sightings of the animal known as Champ reached their peak during the 1970s but history tells of a bizarre 'water horse' said to reside in the lake ling before the area become inhabited by settlers. Today, Champ is celebrated in local towns and villages along the lake and has even become a mascot for the local minor league baseball team. "This June, Small Town Monsters (2016's Beast of Whitehall) and filmmaker Aleksandar Petakov will release On the Trail of… Ch…

Curious Creatures in Zoology - Coming in June

Coming in June from Dover Publications - a reprint of John Ashton's 1890 book Curious Creatures in Zoology: Illustrated Legends and Myths from Around the World. 

Below is the book description from Amazon:

"Rather than a work of science, this richly illustrated volume offers fare for the imagination with its fascinatingly odd menagerie of creatures both real and imaginary. Victorian author John Ashton assembled historical accounts of everything from centaurs and unicorns to narwhals and wolves by authors such as Pliny, the ancient Roman naturalist, and Edward Topsell, a 17th century English clergyman. These credulous treatments provide abundant amusement for modern readers."

"Vermont's Lake Monster"

I recently rediscovered a thing on Champ I had made when I was 11. That was about the time I first heard stories of something strange in Lake Champlain and it fascinated me. Still does, but I doubt now that anything is there…

Click for bigger image...

Some recommended reading and viewing…

"Read: America's Loch Ness Monsters "Read: Champ: Beyond the Legend  "Watch: America's Loch Ness Monster (2003)"

Mystery Creatures of China - Available Now

Available now - David C. Xu's new book from Coachwhip Publications: Mystery Creatures of China: The Complete Cryptozoological Guide. It looks like a fantastic new study of of China's mystery animals…

Below is the book description from Amazon:

"David C. Xu's Mystery Creatures of China is one of the most exciting additions to the cryptozoological literature in years. For the first time, cryptozoology researchers and enthusiasts will be able to access information about some of the most intriguing mystery animals on the planet. The author has collected sighting reports and historical data from across all of China to bring the English-speaking world new accounts of fascinating encounters with strange and curious beasts. "Many of these mystery animals have never before been presented in Western cryptozoological books or articles. From lake monsters to man-apes, mystery cats to dinosaur-like beasts, the four-winged bird to the blood-sucking blanket-like xizi, there are …

Crypto-Kid: Brian Parsons Tonight

Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid returns tonight at 8 on WCJV Radio.

"The Crypto-Kid is back for the New Year. Tonight I am joined by my good friend and host of WCJV's Paranormal News Insider Dr. Brian Parsons. Brian and I will discuss the past year in cryptozoology and delve deep into mystery cats of America and how they relate to the possible survival of the Eastern Cougar."

Crypto-Kid Interview

A few months ago Colin Schneider and I were at Squatchfest at Mohican State Park, OH. Colin was speaking there and was interviewed by the Knox County Bigfoot Organization. He talks about Bigfoot, chupacabras, his radio show and some of the research he is currently doing.

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2018

The 2018 Ohio Bigfoot Conference is scheduled for May 5th. The event will take place at Salt Fork State Park in southeastern Ohio.

Speakers are:

Ken Gerhard, cryptozoologist and author of books such as A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts
Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot
James "Bobo" Fay of Finding Bigfoot
Tom Yamarone

and Bea Mills
Master of Ceremonies is Nicole Law 
More on this year's conference can be found on the OBC Website.
This year's lineup of speakers doesn't seem quite on par with what it is normally like at the OBC. However, Barackman and Fay should be interesting and I am very much looking forward to seeing Gerhard.