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Geelong Big Cats

Another story about anomalous big cats…
(Geelong Advertiser)

The Geelong Advertiser (Australia) has a new article up [Jan. 17th]called "Black cat debate rages as Otways, You Yangs, Lake Connewarre sightings reported."

It reads:

"DEBATE is raging around the Geelong region's panther population.
"Sightings of big cats in the Otways, You Yangs, Lake Connewarre and along the Great Ocean Road have been reported this week, as big cat believers discuss a pair of photos posted online.
"Facebook page Black Cat Mythbusters Gippsland posted two photos of large black cats it claims were taken near Geelong, sparking a debate around the existence of panthers and big cats in the region.
"While it is understood the photos were taken near Lara and in Western Victoria at least two years ago, they have caused a number of people to reveal their own brushes with possible panthers in Geelong and on the Surf Coast - and multiple mentions of the legendary 'Otway Panther'.
"Geelong's Joel Kettner said there were plenty of big cats out there, once seeing one with his own eyes while working along the Great Ocean Road.
"'There are more than a few out there,' Mr Kettner said.
"'The bush and the forests are a big place, and it's only getting more houses getting built in the middle so they will keep moving on looking for new territory and places to stay clear away from humans.'
"Joe Barber said he had seen 'heaps' in the You Yangs, while closer to the Bellarine Darren Britt said he had seen similar big black cats around Lake Connewarre.
"'I have seen one run across the road in front of the car headed home to Melton the back way from Geelong,' Melissa Ray said. 'Massive maaaassive black cat.'
"Many people also commented on the photos claiming they were either fake or of particularly large feral cats.
"The Geelong region has a long history of big cat sightings, including that of Chilean visitor Romina Bucarey in 2010, who claimed a large black cat crossed her path at Bambra, 20km north of Lorne.
"'It was completely black, and shiny… like normal size for being a panther. My reaction was I didn't continue to walk because I didn't know if she can attack me,' Ms Bucarey said at the time.
"The 33-year-old said she was walking alone on a track off Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Rd when she saw the big cat around 100m in front of her." 

What do we make of these claims of big cat sightings?

They are more likely than ape-men or living dinosaurs...  


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