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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Extinct or Alive: The Tasmanian Tiger

Airing tonight at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet…. Extinct or Alive: The Tasmanian Tiger.

I don't know if this show has been on earlier during Monster Week, but it's on tonight…

Here's the show description:

"The ferocious Tasmanian Tiger was declared extinct 80 years ago, yet sightings are still reported. A trio of experts venture into Tasmania's undeveloped wilderness in search of one of the most unique and terrifying predators ever to walk the earth."

Misty Allabaugh Speaking at the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference

A second speaker has been announced for this year's Big Sky Bigfoot Conference - It's Montana Bigfoot researcher Misty Allabaugh.

"Misty has been an independent bigfoot researcher for over twenty years. She was recently interviewed on the Monster X Radio podcast and will be a featured presenter later this year at both the International Bigfoot Conference and the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference. Her horror novel, Flesh and Fury: Bigfoot Rogue (first of a trilogy), is avaialble on Amazon."

You can find out more about Misty in this interview on Sasquatch and Friends.

The Big Sky Bigfoot Conference is taking place October 21-22 in Hamilton, Montana.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Yeti or Not? - Tonight

The Animal Planet special Yeti or Not? will be premiering tonight at 9.

"In YETI OR NOT, Dr. Mark Evans, a veterinarian and explorer, is on a mission to sift fact from folklore and distill the plausible from the possible as he searches for a rational explanation for the mysterious Himalayan biped known as the Yeti. Evan's globe-spanning investigation evaluates mysterious footprints, Yeti-hunting Nazis and real-life 'hobbits.' He travels to Nepal's wild Tibetan frontier in search of new, untested remains believed to be from Yetis. Will the DNA from these and other samples finally solve the world's most intriguing zoological puzzle? Can science play a role in solving this mystery?"

I've seen that famous mountainier and author of My Quest for the Yeti, Reinhold Messner, will be on part of the show. Hopefully this means it will be a real documentary.
Reinhold Messner
Is it bad that I have to hope that something airing on Animal Planet is a real documentary?

Yahoo Hollow

In West Virginia, there are tales of "Yahoos," creatures that look like giant, hairy ape-men that scream, throw rocks and hit trees with sticks. Sound familiar? Well, that's because Yahoo is just another name for Bigfoot.

In her book Monsters of West Virginia, Rosemary Ellen Guiley discusses the name "Yahoo" in regards to Bigfoot, and also mentions a place in that state named "Yahoo Hollow" because of the creatures.

She mentions it while discussing a sighting by a man named Nick:

"Nick related the incident to his grandmother, who told him that the area where he had encountered the creature had been known for at least fifty years as Yahoo Holler (Hollow) because f the frequency of sightings of the hairy beasts. The creature was called Yahoo because the scream it made sounded like Yaaay-hooo. The Yahoos would come up on people's porches. The grandmother's teacher was afraid to send her own children to school because of the Yahoos in the woods."

It would be interesting for someone to find out where this "Yahoo Hollow" is in West Virginia and see if there really are a lot of sightings of Bigfoot there.

I also think its interesting that the grandmother noted that the Yahoos would come on people's porches. I've read many reports of Bigfoot looking in the windows of homes, but they normally don't come up on the porch!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Book Review: Tracking the Stone Man by Russell L. Jones

While at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference earlier this month, I picked up a copy of Russ Jones' new book Tracking the Stone Man: West Virginia's Bigfoot. 

Russ is a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) and this book is about some of his adventures in the world of Bigfoot.

He starts off by explaining how he became interested in the Bigfoot mystery, and then goes into a second part where he discusses what the Bigfoot field is like today.

In the final part of the book, Russ discusses some Bigfoot encounters in West Virginia that were reported to the BFRO. He personally investigated most of the stories he reprints in the book.

I found this to be a very good book and would recommend it to those interested in Bigfoot.

Yeti or Not?

It's currently Monster Week on Animal Planet, so the channel is showing some shows that are about cryptids. There's a new one premiering tomorrow night that is about the yeti.

The special is called Yeti or Not. Below is some info about the show:

"In YETI OR NOT, Dr. Mark Evans, a veterinarian and explorer, is on a mission to sift fact from folklore and distill the plausible from the possible as he searches for a rational explanation for the mysterious Himalayan biped known as the Yeti. Evan's globe-spanning investigation evaluates mysterious footprints, Yeti-hunting Nazis and real-life 'hobbits.' He travels to Nepal's wild Tibetan frontier in search of new, untested remains believed to be from Yetis. Will the DNA from these and other samples finally solve the world's most intriguing zoological puzzle? Can science play a role in solving this mystery?"

 Now, the question is - will this show be a real documentaary on he Yeti, or anther show like the Russian Yeti monstrosity from a few years ago?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Neanderthal - Arrived

Received in the mail today Bernard Heuvelmans' recently translated book Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman, originally published in French in 1974.

This looks to be an excellent book. Expect a review of it on here in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Boggy Creek Monster Trailer

Below is a trailer for the upcoming Small Town Monsters documentary Boggy Creek Monster, which is about the Fouke Monster seen in and around Boggy Creek, in Fouke, Arkansas...

You can find out more about Small Town Monsters here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The North American Dogman Project

In the last decade or so, the creature called the "Dogman" has jumped into the cryptozoological limelight. These creatures are described as things that pretty much look like real werewolves - they walk upright, have paws and tails, and have heads like a wolf or German Shepherd.

Now, a new group has been formed by cryptozoologist Joedy Cook that is solely for studying this mystery. It's the North American Dogman Project. The website for the group says their goal is to "collect as many eyewitness accounts from across the country as possible." This also includes physical evidence like footprints, hair samples, etc.

Ronald Murphy has a book out (a few months old) on the subject now that's called On Dogman: Tracking the Werewolf Through History. Joedy Cook and Adam Davis will have a new book out in June called Werewolf Encounters. The group is also working on a documentary about Dogman sightings.

You can find out more, get t-shirts, join the group, etc. by visiting the website.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Lake Worth Monster - Goatman or Bigfoot?

In the summer of 1969, something strange was seen around Lake Worth, which is located near Fort Worth in Texas. It was said to be something tall, hairy, and mean.
Sallie Ann Clarke's book

At the time, a woman named Sallie Ann Clarke wrote a book about the creature, called The Lake Worth Monster, as it is known. Clarke's book is actually mostly fictional, but it is still a fantastic book to have in your cryptozoology collection. (I'm lucky enough to have one in mine.)

I discussed the creature a bit in my book, Cryptid U.S.:

"… The creature was seen many times that summer [1969] and was commonly called the Lake Worth Monster. The monster was also commonly called 'the goatman.' But, according to eyewitness accounts, it looked more like a hairy ape-man.
"Charles Buchanan encountered the monster while camped out on the shores of Lake Worth on November 7, 1969. He said he awoke at two a.m. to find a strange creature fact to face with him! He said 'I looked like a cross between a human and a gorilla or some other kind of ape.' He said the creature pulled him out of the bed of his truck, where he had been sleeping, and threw him on the ground. The animal smelled horrible, and made Buchanan gag. To get it to go away, he did the only thing he could think of: he grabbed a bag of leftover chicken and shoved it into the creature's face. The creature then grabbed the chicken in it's mouth and ran off into the trees and then into the lake. Buchanan said it then swam off towards Greer Island.
"Many encounters had happened in the month's before Buchanan's sighting. On July 10, four units of the Fort Worth police went to Greer Island to search for a beast that had attacked six people. One, John Reichart, said it had tried to grab his wife. He had an 18-inch-long scratch mark on the side of his car to prove it. Soon after, 30 to 40 people, including police officers, went out to track the beast. Thew saw it at the top of an embankment. It howled at them, leaped off of the spot where it was originally standing, and then hurled an automobile tire at the terrified group! Everyone, including the police, jumped into their cars and left.
"Most witnesses agreed that the monster was about 7 feet tall, and weighed about 300 pounds. In the months that followed the first sightings, parties of searchers and hunters made many nighttime hunts in the woods around the lake. They once found 16-inch long tracks. On one occasion, searchers actually saw it and chased its trail of footprints until it went into the lake. Three men said the creature had leaped on their car one night and only jumped off after they had crashed into a tree. Dead sheep were found in the area with broken necks. Some thought that the monster had killed them.
"Allen plaster was driving down the road one night when he saw the Lake Worth Monster. He managed to get one blurry picture of a tall, white, humanlike creature.

Plaster's picture of… something

"No one really knows what the Lake Worth Monster was. Some say it was a group of hoaxers trying to scare people. Hoaxers would have had to have been either very brave or very stupid to be walking around with so many people carrying guns, trying to find the creature and shoot it. Other people said it was a bobcat, but it would be hard for someone to mistake one of the felines for a seven-foot tall ape-man."

So, what was the Lake Worth Monster? If the reports are genuine, and not a hoax or hysteria, the creature does not sound like a "goatman," but more like a white Bigfoot (an albino)?

To this day, no one has solved the mystery of the Lake Worth Monster that was seen in the summer of '69.
Dallas Morning News story, July 12, 1969

The Burrunjor - A Present-Day Australian Dinosaur?

Australia is said to be home to a variety of cryptid creatures, from the aquatic Bunyip, the man-like Yowies and Wakkis, and the thylacine. There is another, however, that could be considered stranger than all the others. Why? Because its said to be something that should have gone extinct 65 million years ago!
(Image: Cryptid Wiki)

The creature in question is called the Burrunjor, and is said to be a surviving dinosaur. Now, before you think that there is no possible way the Burrunjor could be real, remember that there are sightings and stories of other dinosaur-like creatures from around the world - for example, the mokele-mbembe, kongamato, and others in Africa, "Mounatin Boomers" in the U.S., the Partridge Creek Monster, and more.

Over the years there have been many sightings and stories of the Burrunjor in Australia, including this one from Rex and Heather Gilroy from the 1970s:

"In 1978, a Northern Territory bushman and explorer, Bryan Clark, related a story of his own that had taken place some years before. While mustering cattle in the Urupunji area, he became lost in the remote wilderness of that part of Arnhem Land. It took him three days to find his way out of that region and back to the homestead from which he had originally set out.
"He didn't know it at the time, but his footprints had been picked up and followed by two Aboriginal trackers and a mounted policeman. On the first night of their search they camped on the outskirts of the Burrunjor scrub, even though the two trackers protested strongly in doing so. The policeman hobbled his horse, cooked their meal and then climbed into his swag and went to sleep. 
"Later that night the two Aborigines, shouting unintelligibly and grasping for their packs and saddles, suddenly woke him up. The policeman realized at this mount the ground appeared to be shaking. Hurriedly getting to his feet, he, too, gathered up his belongings.  Shortly afterwards the three galloped away.
The policeman told Bryan Clark later at the Urapunji homestead that he also heard a sound, somewhat like a loud puffing or grunting noise, certainly loud enough to be coming form a large animal. When asked if he intended to include this in his report, the policeman replied that he would not because he bread that no one would believe him.
"The policeman warned Bryan Clark never to return to that area, because if he got lost there again he would be 'on his own': the police would not come looking for him."

The Burrunjor has been known to attack and eat cattle, and several reports describe this happening.

In 1957, a group of 50 cattle were upset by something near the McArthur River in the Northern Territory. The ranchers there didn't know what was happening, and were even more perplexed  when one of them ran into the river screaming. They heard a loud grunting/snorting noise, and saw the silhouette of a "tall monster" disappearing into some nearby scrub. The next day the ranchers found several half-eaten cattle.

The same thing happened in 1980, when something was killing cattle, and apparently carrying them off, too. A rancher, Charles Waterman, saw a "fearsome, mottled, 20-foot tall beast" carrying a cow as he hid behind a bush. Other ranchers decided to go after the creature, and did so. They went searching with dogs, and when they got to a river the dogs started acting strangely. After the dogs ran off, the men found "reptilian trackways." They also decided to leave the area.

Aborigines also have stories and drawings of the Burrunjor, like the one below, that look decidedly like something like a T-Rex.
Burrunjor drawing?
(Genesis Park)

Is the Burrunjor really a living dinosaur? From the reports, it definitely sounds like one. I would not think it to be impossible for a relatively large theropod dinosaur to remain hidden in Australia.

Friday, May 20, 2016

An "8-Foot Werewolf" in Britain?

There's apparently a werewolf that's currently roaming Great Britain. Several news sites have reported on the sightings of the creature.

The Daily Mail reports:

"A number of werewolf sightings have been reported in the woods outside of Hull, sparking locals to organise a a hunt for the beast on the next full moon.
"Over the past months, witnesses have come forward to speak of spotting a huge, hairy creature around the Barmston Drain, a man-made channel near the town of Beverley.
"Some locals believe the sightings are evidence of a mythical Yorkshire beast called 'Old Stinker'.
 "A woman who sighted the potential werewolf in December told the Express 'It was stood upright one moment. The next it was down on all fours running like a dog. I was terrified.
"'It vaulted 30ft over to the other side and vanished up the embankment and over a wall into some allotments.'
"She said that it both ran on all two legs and on all fours, as if with the qualities of both human and wolf. 
"Another couple said they saw something 'tall and hairy' eating a dog next to the channel, which runs through the countryside.
"They added that it jumped over and 8ft-high fence, with the animal in its mouth.
"Another woman who was walking her dog spotted something 'half dog half human', she told the Express.
"Her dog, she said, refused to go any further along the path they were walking down.
"According to the newspaper, locals who believe something could be lurking around the banks of the Barmston Drain are going to go on a hunt on the night of the next full moon.
"They will be armed with cameras to prove their scary sightings were real.
"Local Labour councillor Steve Wilson has said he was willing to offer his services to the effort.
"He the Express 'I am happy to keep a diary of sightings by people around here and report them to Hull Council.'
"Witnesses and folklore experts have been quick to link the sightings to the well-known legend of Old Stinker.
"Old Stinker is said to roam in the Yorkshire Wolds, an area of beautiful countryside north of the Barmston Drain. 
"More specifically, the beast is supposed to stalk the Wold Newton Triangle, an area known for mysterious activity. For centuries, tales have circulated of zombies, ghosts, the Old Stinker werewolf and other paranormal activity.
"'There is the legend of a werewolf called Old Stinker - a great hairy beast with red eyes, who was so called because he had bad breath,' author Charles Christian told the Hull Daily Mail.
"'It was known for the wolves to dig up the corpses from graveyards. From that sprung the idea that they are supernatural beings, who took the form of werewolves.
"'When people would glimpse what they thought was the rear lights of a car in front, it would instead reveal itself to be the red eyes of a wolf.'
"But now, those well-versed in the paranormal fear that Old Stinker has outgrown his triangular haunt, and moved to the Barmston Drain." 

You can find another article on the werewolf here.

I first saw an article about the sightings on Mysterious Universe yesterday, and have only seen the other two that I linked to above. I've never heard of the Old Stinker legend before, so I don't know if there really is a history of werewolves and other things like that in the area the creature has been seen at.

If I hear of any other reports I'll update things.

Does anyone out there know more about these sightings?

Is a werewolf in Britain?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kipsy, The Hudson River Monster

"Kipsy" is the name given to an aquatic cryptid that was first sighted in the year 1610. The creature is also called the Hudson River Monster because it is seen in the river of the same name, which runs through New York.

The New York Times has printed several articles about the monster, or a strange creature at least, over the years. In 1899, an article appeared titled "SHARK OR SEA SERPENT?; Bathers in the Hudson River Startled by a Monster That Chased Them from the Water," and which said:

"… a fish story, and what is more, a true one. It concerns what by some is described as a shark, and by others as a sea serpent, which in some way or other and for reasons best known to itself made is appearance in the Hudson River yesterday morning about 7 o'clock at a point just off Weehawken, N.J."

 In 2006, the Times reported sightings of another odd creature in the river. This time it was a manatee.

"Added to the chronicles of great beasts that have descended upon New York City in the year 2006 is one that is arguably the greatest of them all. A beast, upwards of 1,000 pounds and a cousin to the elephant, which dwarfs the coyote, the deer and the dolphin that preceded it. A beast that, at hundreds of miles north of its natural habitat, has most likely made the longest and most arduous journey among them. A beast, with a pudgy-nosed face and sweet-potato-shaped body, that could even be considered cute: a manatee.
"Over the past week, boaters and bloggers have been energetically tracking a manatee in its lumbering expedition along the Atlantic Coast and up the Hudson River.
"John H. Vargo, the publisher of Boating on the Hudson magazine, put out an alert last week, much to the incredulity of some boaters.
"'Some were laughing about it, because it couldn't possibly be true,' Mr. Vargo said.
"The manatee has been spotted at 23rd Street near Chelsea Piers, West 125th Street, and later in Westchester County. It appeared to be healthy.
"Randy Shull, a boater from Ossining, spotted the manatee about 4:30 p.m. yesterday while his 21-foot boat was floating at Kingsland Point Park in Sleepy Hollow.
"'It was gigantic,' Mr. Shull said. 'When we saw it surface, its back was just mammoth.'
"It is unusual, but not unprecedented for manatees to travel this far north - the seaweed-munching sea creatures are commonly associated with the warm waters of Florida.
"Manatees have been reported along the shores of Long Island and even as far north as Rhode Island. It is unusual, however, for a manatee to be spotted inland in a ever this far north.
"'I'm 70 years old, and I've been on the river my entire life,' Mr. Vargo said. 'I've seen dolphins and everything else, but never a manatee."

 Some other sightings were reported in 2008.

So, what is Kipsy?

Most likely, it is a variety of things. The 1899 report says that witnesses described the creature as "a shark" or "a sea serpent." It would not be impossible for the creature to be a shark, and we know that the animal spotted in 2006 was a manatee. Not cryptids, but interesting anyway.
Not a monster...

Now, do I think Kipsy is a real monster like a "sea serpent?" This time, I have to say that no, I don't.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Squatch and See!

A new blog just started by my buddy Cal Marks, a Bigfooter from New York...

Check it out here!

Jeff Meldrum Speaking at the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference

The first speaker for the 2016 Big Sky Bigfoot Conference has been announced. It's Dr. Jeff Meldrum, professor at Idaho State University and author of Sasquatch: Legend Merts Science.

"Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. His interests in the footprints attributed to an unrecognized North American ape, commonly known as sasquatch, came into focus when he literally crossed paths with an enigmatic set of tracks in the mountains of Washington State. He has conducted extensive research and has appeared in numerous television programs as well as many public and professional presentations. His book, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, is the preeminent scientific evaluation of the available evidence for a North American ape."

To see more about the conference or get tickets, check out the website.

The Big Sky Bigfoot Conference will be taking place October 21-22 in Hamilton, Montana.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pics from the Ohio Bigfoot Conference - 2016 Edition - Part 1

Some (or lots of) pictures from this weekend's Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park….

View from our deck...

Got to see some people I'd met before, like Cliff Barackman, Cal Marks, John Kirk, Lyle Blackburn, Bob Gimlin, etc… And met many others like Guy Edwards, Esteban Sarmiento, Sarah from the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference & Sasquatch and Friends, etc...
With Cliff Barackman
With Cal Marks
With John Kirk
With Lyle Blackburn

Got an original newspaper clipping from 1958 about Jerry Crew and the tracks he found... that gave the creature the name "Bigfoot."

Special OBC 2016 Bigfoot footprint… (which I got signed by Bob Gimlin, of course.)

Argosy magazine with an article on the Minnesota Iceman, which I got for a fantastic deal because Marc put the wrong price tag on it...

More pictures...

Bob Gimlin with a Patty painting I gave him

Some door prizes…. :)

With Guy Edwards

John Kirk & Winona Alexis

Guy Edwards
Esteban Sarmiento

Robert Morgan

Tom Yamarone

Lyle Blackburn & Marc DeWerth

Lyle Blackburn talking about Smokey Crabtree

Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin

Bob Gimlin

Part 2 coming soon.