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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ohio Bigfoot Conference - Next Week!

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is taking place May 13-15, which is next weekend, at Salt Fork State Park.

The speaker lineup this year is fantastic, just like it is every year.

Speakers are:

  • Bob Gimlin, of the Patterson-Gimlin Film
  • Cliff Barackman, of Finding Bigfoot
  • Guy Edwards, of Bigfoot Lunch Club
  • Sybilla Irwin, 
  • and Primatologist and Biologist, Esteban Sarmiento
John Kirk and Winona Alexis will be the emcees at the event. There will be lots of vendors there as well, one of which I know will be Lyle Blackburn. 

Bobcat Goldthwait will also be there, and his movie Willow Creek will be playing Saturday night. The producer and actors from the movie will be there as well. 

I will be there, and I will be donating some copies of my book Cryptid U.S. and some cryptid paintings I did last year for some door prizes.

On Friday, there will be a hike at 11 AM and a VIP dinner that night. The actual conference is on Saturday, and Willow Creek will be airing that night. The Ohio Bigfoot Festival will be on Sunday, and there will be another hike that afternoon.

You can see more on the conference here. 

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