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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Yahoo Hollow

In West Virginia, there are tales of "Yahoos," creatures that look like giant, hairy ape-men that scream, throw rocks and hit trees with sticks. Sound familiar? Well, that's because Yahoo is just another name for Bigfoot.

In her book Monsters of West Virginia, Rosemary Ellen Guiley discusses the name "Yahoo" in regards to Bigfoot, and also mentions a place in that state named "Yahoo Hollow" because of the creatures.

She mentions it while discussing a sighting by a man named Nick:

"Nick related the incident to his grandmother, who told him that the area where he had encountered the creature had been known for at least fifty years as Yahoo Holler (Hollow) because f the frequency of sightings of the hairy beasts. The creature was called Yahoo because the scream it made sounded like Yaaay-hooo. The Yahoos would come up on people's porches. The grandmother's teacher was afraid to send her own children to school because of the Yahoos in the woods."

It would be interesting for someone to find out where this "Yahoo Hollow" is in West Virginia and see if there really are a lot of sightings of Bigfoot there.

I also think its interesting that the grandmother noted that the Yahoos would come on people's porches. I've read many reports of Bigfoot looking in the windows of homes, but they normally don't come up on the porch!

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  1. A favorite regional Bigfoot name of mine is the South's 'Booger'