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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Yeti or Not?

It's currently Monster Week on Animal Planet, so the channel is showing some shows that are about cryptids. There's a new one premiering tomorrow night that is about the yeti.

The special is called Yeti or Not. Below is some info about the show:

"In YETI OR NOT, Dr. Mark Evans, a veterinarian and explorer, is on a mission to sift fact from folklore and distill the plausible from the possible as he searches for a rational explanation for the mysterious Himalayan biped known as the Yeti. Evan's globe-spanning investigation evaluates mysterious footprints, Yeti-hunting Nazis and real-life 'hobbits.' He travels to Nepal's wild Tibetan frontier in search of new, untested remains believed to be from Yetis. Will the DNA from these and other samples finally solve the world's most intriguing zoological puzzle? Can science play a role in solving this mystery?"

 Now, the question is - will this show be a real documentaary on he Yeti, or anther show like the Russian Yeti monstrosity from a few years ago?

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