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Loch Ness Monster on Coast to Coast AM Thurs. Night/Friday Morning

Nessie researcher and author Roland Watson will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight (meaning the early hours of Friday morning). He is the guest for the second part of the show (3-5 AM) and will be talking about land sightings of Nessie and the recent announcement of the eDNA search occurring in June. Those interested can find out more here.

“Bigfoot Deniers” - Are They Bad?

If you bring up the words "nonbeliever" or "skeptic" in most cryptozoology circles (though it seems Bigfoot in particular), you will be met with copious amounts of backlash. I recently saw something on this subject on the Crypto Crew website in a post entitled "The Bigfoot Deniers." In it, Crypto Crew founder/head Thomas Marcum went on a bit of a rank about those who will steadfastly deny that Bigfoot exists. He noted the many times he has seen people who don't think a gigantic, hair-covered man-thing walks the forests of North America have been on Facebook chat groups and the like and denied any possibility of Bigfoot existing. He quotes the commonly used "a hunter will say they are always in the woods and have never seen Bigfoot" and argues that, just because they haven't seen Bigfoot, that "doesn't make it any less real." Or does it?

He then goes onto the common believer argument that "they [nonbelievers and such] …

Nick Redfern Reviews Buckeye Beasts

Cryptozoologist and author Nick Redfern has a new review of my book BuckeyeBeasts up on MysteriousUniverse. Here's part of it:
Clearly, a lot of work has gone into Buckeye Beasts (which contains some cool illustrations), and you won't be disappointed by the content. The primary sources of the data in the book are old newspapers, which are often extremely useful when it comes to digging out obscure accounts. It's interesting to note that many of the reports that Tyler refers to and comments on do not sound like Bigfoot. Rather, they come across like descriptions of what can only be termed as hair-covered humans. Other reports, meanwhile, are described as involving creatures that closely resemble gorillas and other apes. In that sense, it appears that we are dealing with two separate phenomena - unless, of course, the witnesses were mistaken. And, there are a few likely hoaxes too - something which Tyler addresses. Read the full review here.

Buckeye Beasts: Historical Accoun…

Monster Week - Monsters of the Abyss

Animal Planet's "Monster Week" continues tonight with the special Monsters of the Abyss. As is evident from the title, this show will be focusing on sea serpents.

Below is the description of tonight's show:

Richie Kohler and Evan Kovacs are deep ocean technical divers and marine investigators on the hunt for sea monsters in the British Isles. They are drawn to the North Channel by the recent discovery of a German U-boat wreck that may be the legendary UB-85, long-rumored to have been attacked by a sea monster in the waning days of WWI. Along the way, they travel to Scotland to meet recent eyewitnesses to the most legendary sea monster of all - the Loch Ness Monster, and to investigate any possible links between 'Nessie' and the beast that may have attacked UB-85.
Monsters of the Abyss premieres on Animal Planet at 8 PM.

Strange Canine Killed in Montana; Some Think It's a Dogman

An odd-looking canine was recently shot in Montana, and many people aren't to sure as to what it is. Though, there have been a few crazy theories from various people, and some show how little lots of people know about wildlife. The story has been covered by a number of news sites, including The Salt Lake Tribune, in an article that says:

In Montana, it's legal to shoot wolves that get perilously close to people or livestock, and that's exactly what a rancher in Denton thought he did, putting a bullet into something with four legs and canine teeth that came within stalking distance of his herd. But when he summoned wildlife officials to investigate, something was off. The dead animal's canine teeth were too short, the front paws were tiny for a wolf, and the claws on those paws were too long. The ears were too big as well, experts told The Washington Post, and the coat was wrong. This was no wolf.  It was a young, non-lactating female and a canid, or member of the dog …

Monster Week - The Lost Kingdom of the Yeti

Monster Week officially started last night with the series finale of Finding Bigfoot, and there are new premieres each night all week. Tonight's premiere is The Lost Kingdom of the Yeti. Below is the description of tonight's show:
From the Bhutanese wilderness, scientist and yeti-hunter Mark Evans hears fresh reports of repeated sightings and mysterious prints in the snow. Taking into consideration recent developments in DNA-science that could allow the creature responsible to be identified, Mark mounts a considerable expedition into the Himalayas and takes his search for the Yeti further than ever before. With inspired believers, a medical disaster, a forbidden mountain and a privileged appointment with royalty, this is an epic 'Monster Week' adventure.The Lost Kingdom of the Yeti premieres tonight at 8 PM on Animal Planet. Mark Evans's other show, Yeti or Not, which premiered in 2016, is on before it. Other "monster" themed shows are playing all day as …

Finding Bigfoot Final Episode Airs Tonight

Some may be sad, some may be glad; either way, the series finale of Finding Bigfoot is airing on Animal Planet tonight. The episode tonight focuses on the 50th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Below is some info on tonight's show:

The team of investigators returns for the 100th episode! In a two-hour 'Monster Week' special, the team travels to Willow Creek California to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the most famous piece of Bigfoot footage, the Patterson Gimlin film. The discovery of a new copy of the film brings forth the biggest Bigfoot discovery in decades, showing the clearest image of the creature in 50 years. Immediately following is a one-hour special that features the 'Finding Bigfoot' investigators and crew as they share their own stories and experiences together which spans a decade.
Cliff Barackman is quoted on the TV spots for the show saying it's the "biggest development on Bigfoot in decades." I guess we'll see.


Red Eyes, the Mad Man of Camp Manatoc

The Manatoc Scout Reservation, located in Cuyahoga National Park, Peninsula, Ohio, is said to be home to a ghostly mad man known around the campfire as "Red Eyes."

James Renner tells the story of Red Eyes in his bookIt Came from Ohio: True Tales of the Weird, Wild and Unexplained.He heard the story while a young boy scout in the early 1990s. According to Renner, it goes like this...

In late 1929/early 1930, a camp ranger at Manatoc had died. The only coffin available was child-sized, and definitely not big enough for a fully grown (and very tall) man. The Great Depression had hit, so buying another coffin was out of the question.

The camp elders and director debated about what they should do with the man's body. Since he had no immediate family, they decided to bury him there. They all drew straws, and the one who got the shortest one had to cut up the man's body so he could fit in the coffin. The body and appendages fit - but not his head. Not really knowing what t…

Blue Ridge Mountains Bigfoot

Some stories concerning Bigfoot are circulating out of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. WLOS News 13 out of N.C. is running a new story called "The Legend of Sasquatch: Hunting bigfoot right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains." It reads:

BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS, N.C. (WLOS) - The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful, wild, and vast. Some people in Western North Carolina are asking…are the mountains keeping a secret? Jim Charneski is a BFRO Investigator, which stands for 'Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.' A couple times a year, he teaches a class on Bigfoot at Mayland Community College in Spruce Pine, but his main job is as an 'investigator.'   He says every year people call the organization, which is national, saying they've seen Sasquatch. 'If you get in touch in BFRO, they will forward you information to me, or one of the investigators,' Charneski explained. It's at that point Charneski is sent out to conduct interviews and then g…

Sharp-Toothed "Sea Monster" Washes Up in Mexico

Another mystery "sea monster" has washed up, this time in Mexico. The Sun reported on the discovery of the strange-looking remains which were called "very creepy:"
A MYSTERY sea monster has left the internet stunned after washing up on the shore. A woman was shocked after what she thought was a piece of old rope turned out to be the terrifying beast.  It is pictured with a wide jaw and a range of jagged teeth. The beast washed up in the western state of Sinaloa by local Beatriz Morales Acuna, who uploaded images to social media. People who saw the images online have since been scratching their heads as it was widely shared. Some believe it to be an eel or sea snake, while others even guessed it was from outer space. Acuna said on social media: 'When I came out of the sea, there it was.  'Nobody was bothered by it because they thought it was just old rope from a sailing boat. 'It was only after I took pictures that people became intrigued.' The creat…

Extinct or Alive - Coming in June

A new series is premiering on Animal Planet next month and it might actually be kind of interesting. A popular aspect of cryptozoology is the possibility that some extinct species may still be hiding out in remote regions of the world. The new show, called Extinct or Alive, will be about the search for these animals.

From Broadway World:

What if extinct animals weren't really extinct? The methods used to declare a species extinct are not as fool proof as people might assume. From eyewitness accounts to last known photographs, there is evidence that suggests some of these creatures are still very much alive in the wild. The search is on for wildlife adventurer and biologist Forrest Galante, as he explores the real stories behind animals thought to be gone forever and tries to prove their existence so he can protect them and help them thrive again. EXTINCT OR ALIVE premieres on Animal Planet on Saturday, June 10 at 9PM ET/PT but you can catch a sneak peek episode during Monster Wee…

Book Review: It Came from Ohio by James Renner

While I was at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference earlier this month, I picked up a copy of James Renner's book It Came from Ohio: True Tales of the Weird, Wild, and Unexplained. The author takes a look at quite a few strange creatures/occurrences from throughout the state and it was an enjoyable read.

This book isn't really an "examination" of any of the reports and/or stories - Renner actually doesn't really do any examinations at all. He just presents the stories as they are, and in a way this was quite enjoyable. This book was not supposed to be about proving or disproving whether a man-beast lives in such-and-such park. It's a collection of stories of sightings and urban legends.

Renner doesn't focus on just one sort of odd phenomena, either. Mysteries featured in the book include Bigfoot, the Lake Erie monster, UFOs, ghosts, the Loveland frog and mothman, melon heads, possible extraterrestrial contact, werewolves, and more.

One thing I liked about this bo…

Girl and Her Grandma Spot Loch Ness Monster?

An eight-year-old girl thinks she filmed the Loch Ness Monster while visiting the lake with her grandmother. A new story on Metro says (somewhat tongue-in-cheek):
Is this finally proof that something lurks in the depths of Loch Ness? Well, possibly. According to Laria Annand, 8, and her grandma, there's no other explanation.  The schoolgirl filmed footage that appears to show something long and thin splashing around the loch, while visiting with her grandmother Marie. They said they noticed strange movement in the water and the light bouncing off a long unidentified object despite there being no boats or people around.  It COULD just be sunlight glancing off the surface of the water, but use your imagination here.   Marie, 62, a teacher from Inverness, said: 'We sat on the rocks for a few minutes. 'We were just taking silly pictures of each other and splashing our feet in the water. 'I just looked up and that's when I spotted the flickering in the water. 'It lo…

New Zealand Scientist to Lead Hunt for Loch Ness Monster

A team of scientists will travel to the world's most famous "monster" lake next month to try to prove once and for all whether or not the Nessies exist.

TVNZ is reporting:

The decades-old hunt for the legendary Loch Ness monster may soon be put to rest with some modern technology. A global team of scientists - led by Professor Neil Gemmell of the University of Otago in New Zealand - will take to the Scottish lake next month with DNA-detecting tools they hope will answer questions about the existence of Nessie. Using environmental DNA sampling - or eDNA - the researchers will identify cells left in the water by creatures swimming through it to paint a picture of all the life in it.  Whenever a creature moves through its environment, it leaves behind tiny fragments of DNA from skin, scales, feathers, fur, faeces and urine,' Prof Gemmell said. 'This DNA can be captured.' They'll then compare the results to other nearby lochs and a database of about 100,000 or…

Cedarhurst Mansion and the Ghost of Sally Carter

Cedarhurst mansion, located off Drake Avenue in Huntsville, Alabama, was built by Stephen Ewing in 1823. The mansion is home to the ghost of Sally Carter, who caught a fatal illness while visiting her sister Mary Ewing and died there on November 28, 1837.

The first story of Sally's ghost comes from 1919. One night, a 17-year-old boy from Dothan, Alabama slept in the mansion outside of Sally's bedroom. The night was stormy, and he had a dream in which Sally came to him and asked him to prop up her tombstone. When the boy woke up the next morning, he told his family about the dream and that he was going to check Sally's grave. His family laughed at him, but when he went to check the gravestone, it had indeed fallen down. The story ends with the boy returning home to Dothan, never to return to Huntsville.

Sally has also been seen walking the grounds of the estate where she died. Visitors to the house and workers have reported doors opening and closing by themselves, covers b…

“Nessie” in China - Kanas Lake Creature Filmed

A new video from China has some thinking a cousin of Nessie has been spotted. Several sites have reported on the sighting of something in Kanas Lake. The Daily Starreports:

EERIE footage of a huge shadow moving through an infamous lake has sparked fears a monster has been found. The video shows a dark object slowly making its way across Kanas Lake, in north-west China. A ripple of waves surround the object as it cuts through the water, without breaking the surface. The sightings have sparked claims the creature is the 'Kanas Lake Monster' - which is often labelled the Chinese equivalent of Scotland's mythical Loch Ness monster. 'Really! There it [Kanas Lake monster] is! There it is,' a woman can be heard shouting in the clip, which was taken on May 15. The monster was first 'spotted' in 1980 and the lake has since become a huge tourist attraction with people desperate to see the beast. A worker in 2012 also captured footage showing huge waves emerging on …

“Hairy” Globster Washes Up on Beach

Another "sea monster" carcass has washed up on a beach in the Philippines. This globster is quite similar to one found in Indonesia in May of last year. Live Science has a new article up on the discovery that reads:

It came from the depths of the ocean and has since mystified onlookers: the decaying, truck-sized body of a hairy sea monster. What is is, no one can yet say. But the beast, which washed ashore on a beach in the Philippine province of Oriental Mindoro on May 11, is likely the remains of a whale, fishery law enforcement officer Vox Krusada told The Sun. However, DNA testing is needed to pinpoint the exact species, Krusada said. Until the species is officially identified, people are calling the 20-foot-ling (6 meters), grayish and white carcass the 'globster.' And, like any rotting corpse, it smells terrible. 'I really experienced the full power of its smell because I'm the one who took the tissue samples,' Krusada told The Sun. 'I almost pu…

Bigfoot and UFOs in Colorado

The Mile High Mystery Conference recently took place in Colorado, and it happens that the place it was held at has a history of weird occurrences. The Mountain Jackpot News has a new article up on their website covering the event and strange sightings that reads:

When a group of special experts and investigators - dedicated to the discoveries of other-worldly encounters and creatures - chose the Sallie Bush Community Center in Green Mountain Falls as the location for their second Mile High Mystery Conference, they had no clue of the town's history with bigfoot.  After they decided to hold their conference in the small mountain town, they realized that the community was not new to Sasquatch encounters. Green Mountain Falls is actually known nationally for its documented bigfoot sightings. Many in the field consider the town an area with large amounts of bigfoot activity. It all started in 1989 when the television series 'Unsolved Mysteries' came into the small community an…

Bristol Bigfoot Sighting

A "huge" creature said to resemble a Sasquatch has been reported in Bristol, England. Bristol Live recently put up an article on the sighting by a man who is "100% certain" he saw a British Bigfoot. It reads:

It has become almost an accepted phenomenon right across North America - but now a man has reported that he saw a Bigfoot-like creature walking in a field just ten miles from Bristol.  The eye-witness said he was on a train from Exeter to Bristol Temple Meads, which was approaching the city on a bright Friday morning in November last year, when he saw a massive creature taking huge strides along a hedgerow. The report was made to the British Bigfoot Sightings group - a team of researchers based around the country who collect and investigate sightings of upright hairy ape-like creatures in this country.  The man reported that he left Exeter late in the morning, and there were few people on the train as it approached Bristol.  'In my carriage was probably te…

The Demon Cat of Washington, D.C.

Is the United States capital home to a demonic feline that haunts America's most famous buildings?

According to legend, the cat - all black - can be seen before presidential elections and as a warning of tragedies, as well. The story dates back a few hundred years after cats were taken to the basement tunnels of the Capitol Building to take care of mice and rats. The current ghost cat is one of those that were brought to the Capitol Building and never left. Not even after its death.

The demon cat (D.C.) is said to live in a crypt in the basement of the Capitol Building, originally built as a burial chamber for the first president of the USA, George Washington.

Over the years, many stories have appeared of people who supposedly saw the cat. It was allegedly seen the nights before presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated and before the stock market crash in 1929. It is said that in the 1890s guards at Capitol Hill fired their guns at the cat, only for it to …

Searching for Bigfoot in New Jersey

Recently some stories have been circulating concerning a possible Bigfoot sighting in New Jersey. The Burlington County Times is running a new article about Eric Spinner, a local investigator who is looking into the reports.

It reads:

Eric Spinner investigates Bigfoot sightings in New Jersey. The latest occurred on April 7 and he said he deemed it credible. The report that Bigfoot was spotted in the woods of Manchester came on April 7, and the next day Eric Spinner, an investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, was on the case. 'We met with the witness and recreated the scene,' said Spinner, a Bigfoot enthusiast who owns Health Haven II, a health food store in Medford. A couple claimed to have seen a large, hairy creature leap across a road in the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. Spinner and another BFRO investigator interviewed the couple.  'We found their story credible,' he said. That's because a seasoned Bigfoot sleuth such as Spinner, 52, can…

“Why I Believe in Sea Serpents”

That’s the title of a new piece up on the Coast Reporterof Canada, written by Jason Gleeson. It reads:

It happened when I was 20, an ordinary seaman aboard the naval supply ship HMCS Provider. The year was 1980 and it was springtime. We were some miles off the west coast of Vancouver Island, cruising north in moderately rough seas, and I was standing lookout on the port bridge wing during a night watch. On my left was the open Pacific, the house-size rollers tumbling into the immense blackness. The thing came up suddenly alongside. I was facing a dark wall of massed coils or folds or crags - I still can't properly describe it. It appeared to be formed of giant sections. The head towered over the port bow and an eye looked down toward me. Then it turned away and its great body went under. The Provider was 551 feet (168 metres) and in the few seconds I saw it the creature seemed to dwarf the ship in both length and bulk, though being so close to it could have skewed my perspective. …

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2018 Recap

Yesterday, I went to Salt Fork State Park for the 2018 Ohio Bigfoot Conference. We got there around 10 AM and I found a copy of James Renner's book It Came From Ohio in the Salt Fork gift shop. I'd never gotten the book and decided to since it was only $9.

Lots of vendors were located downstairs. I got Michael Bright's 1989 book There are Giants in the Sea and a super-nice copy of Rupert Gould's book The Loch Ness Monster and Others, originally published in 1934. The speakers started at 1 o'clock. MC Nicole Law introduced Ken Gerhard who gave an excellent talk on Bigfoot and similar cryptids of Alaska as well as some other man-like cryptids from throughout the world.

The second speaker was Bea Mills who talked about ongoing activity of possible Bigfoots at a certain location in Ohio. She was followed by Cliff Barackman who talked about what he has been doing in the field throughout the last year.

Tom Yamarone was speaker #4. He performed several of his Bigfoot song…