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Jeff Meldrum - An "Embarrassment to Science?"

Here's an interesting little story about Jeff Meldrum that he shared on Facebook yesterday:

"Just got a phone message from a 'Mike in Boston' who felt the compulsion to look me up and call me to tell me that I am an embarrassment to the scientific community, a hoaxer, obsessed with Bigfoot, etc. He challenged me to call him back and provide one piece of scientific evidence that sasquatch exist. "I would happily oblige,  except he didn't leave his phone number. "Anyone know a Mike in Boston?" Jeff Meldrum is not an embarrassment to science. If anything, Meldrum is doing what all scientists should do. Most other scientists are being very unscientific by not looking into the Sasquatch mystery at all,

Finding Bigfoot: "Supernatural Bigfoot"

Finding Bigfoot returns tonight at 9 p.m. Tonight's episode is "Supernatural Bigfoot."

Here's the episode description:

"The team joins forces with a paranormal investigation group - the SBC (Supernatural Bigfoot Group), in Mt. Shasta, CA, an area known for its paranormal and Bigfoot activity. Bobo joins the SBC for the week, but will they be able to prove to him that Bigfoots are supernatural?"

Book Review: Paranormal Montana

Earlier this week, I got Greg Strandberg's new book Paranormal Montana: The Odd, Strange, and Unexplainable Things That Happen Under the Big Sky. The book covers all things with the label "unknown" that are spotted in the Treasure State, including UFOs, cattle mutilations, Bigfoot, the Flathead Lake Monster, ghosts and haunted places, Indian legends about giants, giant beavers, and much more.

Anyone who checks this blog regularly will probably have seen that I got the book Monday, and am now finished with it. Yes, it's not that long of a book and it is a quick read. But a good one nonetheless.

Strandberg splits the book into sections, each on a different topic. The sections in the book are:

UFOs in MontanaCattle MutilationsMontana Bigfoot SightingsThe Flathead Lake MonsterIndian LegendsOther Phenomena
Strandberg discusses sightings of all these odd things dating from hundreds of years ago and up to 2016. Each chapter is pretty short, but there's a lot of them, ea…

Finding Bigfoot Returns Tomorrow

New episodes of Finding Bigfoot return to Animal Planet tomorrow, March 31, at 9 p.m.

The premiere is "Supernatural Bigfoot." The team will be in North Carolina where they meet up with the Supernatural Bigfoot Group who believe Bigfoot is something more than flesh-and-blood. It is a two-hour episode.

Other episodes will be:

Southern Oregon - "Century-old legends of bigfoot have haunted the expansive Klamath Reservation in Southern Oregon. The team investigates this new location as unexplained lights mystify the team on the first night and leave them wondering if this could be connected to bigfoot."Mississippi - "The team takes their first squatching trip to the Magnolia State after a local man sends them a video he claims to show a line of large footprints in the mud. They decide to follow a page out of his playbook and take the cameras into their own hands, personally filming their entire investigation in the swamplands in hopes of unearthing similar prints.&…

More New Reading Material...

Got these two on a visit to Half Price Books today....

The Magic Zoo: The Natural History of Fabulous Animals by Peter Costello...

And Monsters of West Virginia by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Strange Things Under the Big Sky

Received in the mail today a copy of Greg Strandberg's new book Paranormal Montana: The Odd, Strange, and Unexplainable Things That Happen Under the Big Sky. Looks good! I'll post a review when I finish reading it.

Here's the book description:

"Paranormal Montana explores the weird, strange, and out-of-this-world stories that have taken place in Montana's recent past.UFOs and alien encountersBigfoot sightings and close calls Lake monsters and strange appearancesCannibal giants and what goes bump in the night  "You'll get all of that and a lot more in this fun and exciting book "These amazing stories come straight from the state's newspapers and the Montana Historical Society's archives. Full of wondrous tales that are great for any age, this Montana book is one that you'll remember for years!"

Women in Black out on Kindle

I found on Amazon today Nick Redfern's new book Women in Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B. Right now the Kindle version is out. I'm expecting a paperback version soon, because that's the way things went with his Men in Black: Personal Stories and Eerie Adventuresfrom lsat year, which was published by the same publisher.

Here's the description of Women in Black:

"'May I come in?' "'I had a very strange feeling when I saw this woman.' "'It was as if she were dead.' "'She shrank from him with a hissing sound.' "Everyone has heard of the Men in Black. But what about the Women in Black? Just like their creepy, male counterparts, the WIB will stop at nothing to silence those who get too close to the truths behind the UFO phenomenon and paranormal activity. Dire warnings, intimidation, and menacing death threats are their cold-hearted calling-cards. Like the vampires of old, these black-cld, pale-fac…

Small Town Monsters Stuff...

Some cool stuff I got today...

Thanks Seth!

Mountain Monsters: "Raven Mocker: Back to Trapper"

After last week's "Best of Bigfoot," new episodes of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition are returning. On the last hunt, the team went after a Bigfoot they call the "Raven Mocker" and also ran into what they think is a witch. Now, they're going to get help from Trapper.

"The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings meet up for the first time with Trapper to talk about how they should confront the legendary Raven Mocker, but they soon realize that a showdown against it is their only option."
Check out an all new Mountain Monsters, tonight at 10 on Destination America. Older episodes will also be playing, starting at 4 p.m.

Recent Tasmanian Tiger Sighting

A surviving Thylacine/Tasmanian Tiger may have been seen recently.

The Star reports:

"ANOTHER Tasmanian tiger sighting has been reported in South Gippsland. " After Venus Bay Caravan Park owner Tony Holgate came across a tiger at the park in December, Barrie Murphy reported a sighting at Inverloch last Wednesday. "The Inverloch resident said he was positive he caught a glimpse of the nocturnal marsupial and added jokingly he had just one glass of wine for the whole night. "'Last Wednesday at about 10.30pm, I was driving along Ullathorne Road when it crossed the road in front of me,' he said. "'First of all, I thought it was a fox or a cat, but as it moved off the bitumen on to the green verge, I realized it was dog sized, about the same as an Alsatian.' "Mr Murphy said as he got closer to the animal, its tail captured his attention. "'It was the long, straight tail, which could have been a metre long. It was straight out, white an…


What the heck is "Bigfooticus," you ask? Well, I don't know.

I stumbled upon the other day. It honestly is one of the worst websites I've ever seen, and probably tops the list on bad Bigfoot sites.

The whole thing is just one page about baby Bigfoots, how they're related to us, how one guy has apparently met several Bigfoots, has pictures of them (that are zoomed in and enhanced. Yeah, because that always screams "real!") Fake as heck.

Whoever made the site apparently can't spell or write well either. That's all I've got to say about that.

Honestly, the "Bigfooticus" site is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

Which Finding Bigfoot Member are You?

Here's a new little thing on the Animal Planet website… it's a little quiz to see which Finding Bigfoot team member you are most like.

I got Cliff Barackman. : )

Ohio Bigfoot Conference Stuff

Just some updates about this year's Ohio Bigfoot Conference, which will take place May 14…

As I've already mentioned in other posts, this year's speakers are fantastic - Bob Gimlin, Guy Edwards, Sybilla Irwin, Cliff Barackman, and James "Bobo" Fay!

Now for some other updates…

Tom Yamarone will once again be back to be and will once again be the musical entertainment at the event. He's got some pretty cool Bigfoot songs!

John Kirk III will also be back. He and Winona Alexis will be the emcees at the conference. Lyle Blackburn will also be there.

I will be attending this amazing event and I am donating some items for the door prizes… copies of Cryptid U.S.and some paintings I've done of the Ape Canyon Bigfoot encounter and the Bishopville Lizardman. There's gonna be lots of other cool door prizes and auction items as well, including some great books by other authors, lots of other awesome artwork, one-of-a-kind sculptures, and much more…

If you can, ch…

Paranormal Montana

Found on Amazon yesterday another new book on a number of unexplained subjects, including Bigfoot, lake monsters, UFOs, cattle mutilations, ghosts, etc…

Paranormal Montana: The Odd, Strange, Unexplainable Things That Happen Under the Big Sky by Greg Strandberg. This one looks interesting.

"Paranormal Montana explores the weird, strange, and out-of-this-world stories that have taken place in Montana's recent past. UFOs and alien encounters, Bigfoot sightings and close calls, Lake monsters and strange appearances, Cannibal giants and what goes bump in the night - You'll get all of that and a lot more in this fun and exciting book. These amazing stores come straight from the state's newspapers and the Montana Historical Society's archives. Full of wondrous tales that are great for any age, this Montana book is one that you'll remember for years!"
You can get Paranormal Montana  here. 

Mountain Monsters "Best of Bigfoot"

Tonight's episode of Mountain Monsters will be "Best of Bigfoot." I'm assuming this will be like the "Scariest Moments" episode they had earlier this season, but this one will just be Bigfoot moments.

I can't find an episode description right now, but if I do, I'll update things.

Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters on Destination America tonight! The new episode is at 10 p.m., but other episodes start at 4 p.m.

Dogman Symposium Again

The Dogman Symposium is happening August 6 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Defiance, Ohio.

A website is now up for the event which you can check out by clicking this link.

Speakers at the conference will be Linda Godfrey, Stan Gordon, Nick Redfern, David Weatherly, John E.L. Tenney, Ken Gerhard, and Lyle Blackburn.

Below is some information about the conference:

"A family-friendly, public event that will address the phenomenon of, accounts of mysterious monsters in the Midwest that are characterized as resembling real-life 'werewolves.' Featuring lectures by several leading investigators of unknown creatures. The community of Defiance, Ohio is notable for its own rash of Dogman encounters during 1972."

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure

This is an interesting looking book coming out this June...

Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure is by Robert Robinson and has a forward by Loren Coleman.

Below is the book description:

"Look outside the box and go on the ultimate adventure! Enter the exciting world of myth and monsters, the paranormal, UFOs and extraterrestrials, lost treasures and mysterious places. Delve into these awesome legends and learn how easy and inexpensive it is to search for the subjects of these stories, and what you'll need to look for them. Robert Robinson [resents this epic guide to the stranger sites in America and gives you some valuable pointers on legend tripping out your back door. Chapters: Legend Tripping; Bigfoot; Other Cryptids; Bigfoot Legend Trip; Aquatic Cryptids; Aquatic Cryptid Legend Trip; Haunted Sights and the Paranormal; Paranormal Legend Trip; UFO Sites and Ghost Lights; Extraterrestrial Legend Trip; Treasure Legends; Treasure Legend Trip; Critical Thinking; The Experienc…

Flying Snakes from Africa to Texas

Flying snakes, you ask? Yes!

I first planned to write this post about a month ago, but, with 700-some posts on this blog published (and a good number of drafts as well) I forgot about it as others were written and it was pushed down the list. But, now, after seeing Nick Redfern's Mysterious Universe article on an old story of a "flying serpent of large dimensions", I have remembered about this post, which is about the same subject.

The idea of a flying snake sounds impossible. But, there are a few odd reports of this very thing. And no, I'm not talking about snakes that "fly" by jumping from tree to tree. I'm talking snakes that are legitimately seen flying, as in floating through the air. Stories of these snakes come from around the world, as you shall soon see.


To start things off, lets take a look at flying snake reports from Africa.

Roy P. Mackal, cryptozoologist and famous Nessie seeker, notes in his 1980 book Searching for H…

Cryptid Culture #2

Received in the mail today Cryptid Culture Magazine number 2…

This issue features articles by Robert Robinson (Legend of the Gowrow), David Weatherly (In Pursuit of Monsters), John Meszaros (Cryptids State by State), Katy Elizabeth (The Search for Champ), Dave Gibson (Living Among Sasquatch), John Hairr (Carolina Mermaids and Mermen) and lots of cool artwork by Adam Benedict, Joseph Carter, Shari Jenkins, Magdalena Furmanek, Brent Giles, Sam Shearon, and  Paul Woodruff. There's also a "Cryptid Crossword" in the back.

Looks good!

You can get Cryptid Culture here. 

Finding Bigfoot Returns March 31

Did it seem like the most recent season of Finding Bigfoot was a little too short? Well, that's because it was.

Don't worry, though, Finding Bigfoot fans.

New episodes are returning later this month, on a new night - Thursday, March 31. The first episode will be a two-hour special starting at 9 PM.

The premiere this month is "Supernatural Bigfoot." The team will be in North Carolina where they meet up with the Supernatural Bigfoot Group who believe Bigfoot is something more than flesh-and-blood.

Other episodes will be:

Southern Oregon - "Century-old legends of bigfoot have haunted the expansive Klamath Reservation in Southern Oregon. The team investigates this new location as unexplained lights mystify the team on the first night and leave them wondering if this could be connected to bigfoot."Mississippi - "The team takes their first squatching trip to the Magnolia State after a local man sends them a video he claims to show a line of large footprints i…

2016 Dogman Symposium

Coming up this August is a Dogman Symposium happening in Defiance, Ohio. For those who don't know, there was a rash of Dogman sightings in Defiance in the 1970s. I highlight them in my book. 

There really isn't that much info out about the event right now, but it's being hosted by Ken Gerhard. Other cryptozoologists, including Linda S. Godfrey, Lyle Blackburn, Nick Redfern, David Weatherly, and more…

You can get tickets here. 

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Lee County: Raven Mocker"

An all new Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition, "Bigfoot of Lee County: Raven Mocker," airs tonight at 10 on Destination America.

Here's the episode description:

"The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings travel to Lee County, Virginia, to investigate a Bigfoot that the Cherokee people dread, building a raven wing trap to face something unexplainable that may be haunting the forests."
Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters tonight. 

The Scarberry-Mallette Mothman Sighting

The first sighting of something strange around Point Pleasant, West Virginia that got "Mothman" into the news was a sighting that occurred on November 15, 1966.

Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette were joyriding through the TNT area. Explosives had been manufactured there during WWII. The two couples were driving down the mazes of dirt roads when the spotted a strange figure. They all said it had blood-red, glowing eyes; that's what got their attention in the first place.
The thing didn't seem to notice the four people, and just walked off towards the generator plant. They didn't care where it was headed; Roger turned around and sped out of there. But their encounter wasn't over yet.
As they were leaving, they saw the thing standing on a hill by the road. They said it was 6 feet tall and had wings "like an angel." "It was about six and a half to seven feet tall, and its wings were folded against its back."
The creature'…

The Loch Ness Monsters and the Giant Eel Theory

A while back I had a post about the theory that the Loch Ness Monsters are surviving plesiosaurs. This post will be similar, but will be about the theory that the Loch Monsters are some sort of giant eel. Over the years, there have been a number of people who think this may be the case, notably, Loch Ness researcher Roy Mackal.


One of the best known Nessie researchers ever, Mackal, was born in 1925. Mackal worked as a biologist in Chicago and began investigating the Loch Ness Monsters in the 1960s, and did so until his death in 2013.

In 1976, Mackal wrote a book called The Monsters of Loch Ness. Towards the end of the book, he discusses two of his theories as to what the monsters could be. One was some type of amphibian, and the other was a giant eel, which is what we are looking at in this post.

Mackal looked at a table he had made of features described in monster sightings. He tried to match them up with known animals to see if any of those he compared the sightin…

Monsters Among Us

I have seen that Linda Godfrey has a new book coming out this September...

Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena is the title of said book, which will be released September 27th.

So far there isn't much about the book, except for the description, which follows.

"When it comes to thoughtful and well-researched accounts of the paranormal, the buck stops at Linda S. Godfrey. In her latest work, she tackles the very real possibility of portals between worlds - and even other dimensions. "Shadow wolves, sentient mists, and UFOs...oh my! "Linda S. Godfrey -- author of Real Wolfmen, American Monsters, and other books reporting on creatures such as Bigfoot, gigantic birds, and strange energy forms -- began to seek answers to the question of where these creatures are actually from. The common thread that she discovered was the reportage of mysterious doorways leading to other worlds. Godfrey here offers a com…

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Wirt County: The Ash Man"

It's Saturday, which means a new Mountain Monsters is on tonight at 10 on Destination America. Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Wirt County: The Ash Man."

Here's the episode description:

"The team heads to Wirt County, WV after a Bigfoot known as the Ash Man that Huckleberry saw on his family's farm nearly 50 years ago. The team constructs their largest trap to date in order to capture the Ash Man."
If they're building their "largest trap to date" it's gonna be pretty dang big.

Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters tonight!

The Making of a (Good) Bigfoot Documentary

There have been many documentaries on Bigfoot made over the years, especially in the last decade. Shows like MonsterQuest, Finding Bigfoot, Bigfoot: The New Evidence, Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide, and others are on TV quite often. Then, there are those shows that say they're "documentaries," but are really just something totally fake (You know which ones I'm talking about - Megalodon, Mermaids, Russian Yeti, and the horrible Bigfoot Captured), and the ones that are obviously fake (but entertaining) like Mountain Monsters. 

Last year, however, a new sort of Bigfoot documentary appeared. Made by Seth Breedlove and his crew, the series is called "Small Town Monsters," and currently consists of Minerva Monster (2015), Beast of Whitehall(April 2016), and, in production now, Boggy Creek Monster. 

While working on this article, I asked Seth about the process of making the Small Town Monsters documentaries. But, before we get to that, here's what Seth said abo…

Cabela's "Strange, Rare & Unusual Sightings" Event This Weekend

Cabela's in Wheeling, West Virginia will be hosting their 6th annual "Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings" seminar this weekend, starting tomorrow, Friday, March 4, through Sunday, March 6.

Speakers at the event include Doug Waller of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation, Jeff Meldrum, Steve Kulls, Billy Willard, Joe Kiray, Dave Dragosin, Fred Saluga, and Brian Seech.

The event is free and for people of all ages. There is a meet and greet tomorrow from 6 to 9 p.m., and speakers will talk on Saturday and Sunday.

If you're in the Wheeling, WV area this weekend, check out the event!

Cryptid Culture Issue 2

The second issue of Cryptid Culture Magazine is available now. Articles in this issue include "Legend of the Gowrow" by Robert Robinson, "In Pursuit of Monsters" by David Weatherly, "Cryptids State by State" by John Mezaros, "The Search for Champ" by Katy Elizabeth, "Living Among Sasquatch" by Dave Gibson, "Carolina Mermaids and Mermen" by John Hairr, and more.

Cryptid Culture Magazine can be bought on  I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in cryptozoology.

A "Gorilla" in Ohio?

Ohio is a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings. The earliest possible sighting of one of the creatures in the state was reported in a January 23, 1869 in an article in the Minnesota Weekly Record , with the headline "A Gorilla in Ohio." It is reprinted below. (Keep in mind, the terms "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" are not used because they had not been invented yet. "Sasquatch" was first used as a name for the creatures in the 1920s and "Bigfoot" in 1958.)

"Gallipolis is excited over a wild man, who is reported to haunt the woods near that city. He goes naked, is covered with hair, is gigantic in height, and 'his eyes start from their sockets." A carriage, containing a man and daughter, was attacked by him a few days ago. He is said to have bounded at the father, catching him in a grip like that of a vice, hurling him to the earth, falling on him and endeavoring to bite and to scratch like a wild animal. The struggle was long and fearf…

Beast of Whitehall News

There's now only one month until Beast of Whitehall is released. The film is the second in the Small Town Monsters series (the first was Minerva Monster.) Beast of Whitehall focuses on the Bigfoot sightings around Whitehall, New York. It is an excellent documentary (I got to watch it two months early and review it here.)

Seth Breedlove posted some more news about the film on Cryptomundo today:

"August, 1976: Three teens driving on an isolated stretch of road somewhere in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York have a brush with a bizarre creature. Standing over 7 feet tall and covered in hair, they referred to it as a 'beast.' Hours later, Abair Road was crawling with local and state police. Many of them recounted seeing the creature, as well. "Beast of Whitehall is part of a series of films called 'Small Town Monsters' that focus on creatures unknown to science that become part of the lore and legend of rural communities. Beast of Whitehall has already scree…

40,000+ Views

Yesterday marked the 40,000th view on Tyler's Cryptozoo. If you're looking at this now you'll see the view count is already higher than that. Thanks to everyone who checks out this blog. It's nice to know that there are people who like to read what I write about cryptids.

Bigfoot Filmed in Utah?

On February 15 a video was uploaded to YouTube by "The Paranormal Review" that purportedly shows a Bigfoot in Utah. You can watch it below. The description on YouTube says:

"A man sent us this footage of a supposed bigfoot or sasquatch sighting. He says that he took it in the Spring of 2015 but was to nervous or embarrassed to show anyone who might think he was crazy. He found our channel and submitted it to us for our bigfoot breakdown."
My opinion is that this video is a hoax. The person filming zooms in on a little stream of water, but when the Bigfoot is spotted on the other side, he decides to zoom out, and not zoom in again! Why would he/she be filming a stream in the first place? Why don't they try to follow the "creature" with the camera? Not a real Bigfoot.

Mothman - An Omen of Doom?

From November 1966 to December 1967, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, was plagued by sightings of UFOs, the Men in Black, and of course, the Mohtman.

Anyone who has looked into the Mothman mystery at all will know that lots of people think it has something to do with the Silver Bridge collapse on the Ohio River. Before we get to the Mothman and MIB side of things, let's take a look at the official story.

It all happened on December 15, 1967. It was 5:04 p.m., and the bridge, which connected Point Pleasant with Ohio, collapsed in the middle of rush hour, while it was completely packed with cars. Forty-six people died in the collapse, and two bodies were never recovered.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said the bridge had collapsed because the number 13 eyebar had failed. But, some people think it was because of something else. And most people think that something else was Mothman.

There were some people who reported the Mothman around the bridge before it fell. Bec…