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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ohio Bigfoot Conference Stuff

Just some updates about this year's Ohio Bigfoot Conference, which will take place May 14…

As I've already mentioned in other posts, this year's speakers are fantastic - Bob Gimlin, Guy Edwards, Sybilla Irwin, Cliff Barackman, and James "Bobo" Fay!
Bob Gimlin at the 2015 OBC

Now for some other updates…

Tom Yamarone will once again be back to be and will once again be the musical entertainment at the event. He's got some pretty cool Bigfoot songs!

John Kirk III will also be back. He and Winona Alexis will be the emcees at the conference. Lyle Blackburn will also be there.
John Kirk speaking at the 2015 OBC

I will be attending this amazing event and I am donating some items for the door prizes… copies of Cryptid U.S. and some paintings I've done of the Ape Canyon Bigfoot encounter and the Bishopville Lizardman. There's gonna be lots of other cool door prizes and auction items as well, including some great books by other authors, lots of other awesome artwork, one-of-a-kind sculptures, and much more…

If you can, check out the conference in May. It really is the best of the best!

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  1. Mr. Tyler,

    Famous for its numerous Bigfoot sightings and local ordinance protecting the Cherished "monster", Whitehall's First Sasquatch Calling Festival Will be held Saturday September 24th, in Skenesborough Park on the Champlain Canal. The festival will feature free screenings of the local documentaries from SMALL TOWN MONSTER PRODUCERS. The films "The Beast of Whitehall" and "Minerva Monster" will be shown in the Pavilion.

    The Sasquatch Calling contest First prize winner will receive a cash prize for the best Hollering. There will also be prizes for best Sasquatch/Bigfoot costume and a presentations by local Sasquatch researcher and author Paul Bartholomew and Vermont researcher Frank Siecienski.

    Eclectic live music will be playing simultaneously in Whitehall's amphitheater adjacent to the pavilion. Vendors also have the option to reserve booth space. We'll also have a bigfoot barbecue and more special activities.

    The Festival is presented by the Whitehall Beautification & Enhancement Committee. For more information contact David Molenaar (primary contact) at (518) 499-0874 or Jason LaMoy (advertising & recruitment) at (518) 223-5460 or by email

    We are also very much interested in having more guest speakers, Sponsors, Musicians and Vendors. Please contact us if you're interested.

    Thank you,
    Jason LaMoy