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Monday, March 14, 2016

Finding Bigfoot Returns March 31

Did it seem like the most recent season of Finding Bigfoot was a little too short? Well, that's because it was.

Don't worry, though, Finding Bigfoot fans.

New episodes are returning later this month, on a new night - Thursday, March 31. The first episode will be a two-hour special starting at 9 PM.

The premiere this month is "Supernatural Bigfoot." The team will be in North Carolina where they meet up with the Supernatural Bigfoot Group who believe Bigfoot is something more than flesh-and-blood.

Other episodes will be:

  • Southern Oregon - "Century-old legends of bigfoot have haunted the expansive Klamath Reservation in Southern Oregon. The team investigates this new location as unexplained lights mystify the team on the first night and leave them wondering if this could be connected to bigfoot."
  • Mississippi - "The team takes their first squatching trip to the Magnolia State after a local man sends them a video he claims to show a line of large footprints in the mud. They decide to follow a page out of his playbook and take the cameras into their own hands, personally filming their entire investigation in the swamplands in hopes of unearthing similar prints."
  • Arkansas - "There is a group known as the Fayetteville Freethinkers which challenge the belief that Bigfoot is real and offer an $80,000 home in the area to anyone who brings one in. The FINDING BIGFOOT team sets out to try to enlighten those who don't believe."
  • Tennessee - "The team is heading back to Tennessee with their sights on the bright lights of Nashville. They attend a sasquatch-based festival - Squatchytonk - and meet with country music singer Kase Lansdale. Kasey accompanies the team out into the forest hoping to serenade some country-music-loving bigfoots."
  • Appalachian Trail - "In the two-hour season finale, the team tackles an area a little too squatchy for them to handle alone, so they recruit friends and family members to help: Matt Moneymaker is assisted by his son Leo; Ranae is joined by her cousin Laura; Cliff brings his brother Rob; and Bobo brings along Bud Gaugh - his friend for over 20 years and former drummer for the band, Sublime."

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