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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jeff Meldrum - An "Embarrassment to Science?"

Here's an interesting little story about Jeff Meldrum that he shared on Facebook yesterday:

"Just got a phone message from a 'Mike in Boston' who felt the compulsion to look me up and call me to tell me that I am an embarrassment to the scientific community, a hoaxer, obsessed with Bigfoot, etc. He challenged me to call him back and provide one piece of scientific evidence that sasquatch exist.
"I would happily oblige,  except he didn't leave his phone number.
"Anyone know a Mike in Boston?"
Jeff Meldrum is not an embarrassment to science. If anything, Meldrum is doing what all scientists should do. Most other scientists are being very unscientific by not looking into the Sasquatch mystery at all,


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