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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved: "Alien Encounters"

The all-new series, Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved, is on right now on Destination America. The first episode is "Alien Encounters."

Here's some info about the show:

"Around the world, people have witnessed bizarre phenomena throughout history. Encounters with monsters, spirits, beings from other worlds and dimensions continue to fascinate mankind. But over the years scientific advancements have solved many of these mysteries, illustrating the natural causes at work behind seemingly supernatural events. Still, many answers continue to elude scientists and researchers of anomalous phenomena. Monsters & Mysteries: Unsolved documents the current search for answers behind these inexplicable events."

I've caught part of it and it seems pretty good.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Travels with Bigfoot

I discovered this book the other day - My Travels with Bigfoot by Charles Edson.

I can only find a few copies online and they're all really expensive.

I'd never heard of this book before (and, if you know me, you'll be surprised by that), so I am wondering if there is anyone out there reading this that has, or has read said book.

Bigfoot Night At Eastwood Field - July 24th

Coming up July 24th in Niles, Ohio - "Bigfoot Night" at Eastwood Field. The Mahoning Valley Scrappers (baseball team) will be plaing the Connecticut Tigers, and afterwards there will be a screening of the newest Small Town Monsters film, Beast of Whitehall. Brandon Dalo and Seth Breedlove from STM will have a vendor booth there.

 $20 gets you a seat, a burger (or, if you prefer, a hot dog or slice of pizza), a soda, chips, and an "I Survied Bigfoot Night at Eastwood Field" shirt.

Find out more here (you can search "Bigfoot" and it should come up).

Needless to say, this is the only baseball game I've really wanted to go to. : )

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Chupacabras" Killed in Ukraine?

The Daily Mail is reporting on a man who claims he killed a "chupacabras" that was "terrorizing his livestock."

The article says that the man, known only as Ivan, killed the animal with a pitchfork when he found it lurking around one of his barns in Rukshin, in western Ukraine.

Ivan said of the creature:

"The chupacabra was hunting and I killed it. It had been scaring local people for a long time. It was eating our chickens and rabbits."
The "Chupacabras"
(Daily Mail)

Vets have looked at the animal but say they can't identify it. Valeriy Dopiryak, who is head of the Regional State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine, said:

"'This animal resembles an African fox, but its teeth, neck, ears and paws are too long. We can't say what it is."

And, to add to the story more, there is another man, known as "Viktor," who says that there was not only one "chupacabras" in town, but two. The other, he said, resembles a kangaroo, and has a longer body than this one and shorter paws.

The article says that villagers in Rukshin are afraid to leave their homes for fear that the chupacabras will kill their animals while they are away.

What is this creature? To me it looks just like the "chupacabras" that are seen in the United States, which have been captured and killed plenty of times, and which never turn out to be chupacabras. This one probably won't either.

I do find it interesting that the second man said there was another creature that looked more like a kangaroo. That reminds one more of the witness reports from Puerto Rico in the mid-1990s of the real chupacabras, which looks nothing like a canine.
Chupacabras drawing, based on the
original eyewitness descriptions in
Puerto Rico

What do you think this "chupacabras" is?

"Would You Believe?" - The Wolf Woman of Alabama

On April 8, 1971, the Mobile, Alabama, Press-Register carried this story - "Is 'Wolf Woman' Sulking Around The City? Various Area Persons Claim Seeing Creature:"

"Does a 'wolf woman' exist in Mobile?
"Listening to as many as 50 phone calls the Press Register has received, day and night, in approximately a week, you wonder if perhaps there isn't something out there.
"According to dozens of frightened residents along Davis Avenue and in Plateau, a strange creature, a half woman and half wolf, has been making nightly rounds of the Port City. Reportedly, the apparition first appeared near Davis Avenue about one week ago.
"'It was like a woman and wolf, pretty and hairy.' said one worried witness.
"'My daddy saw it down in a marsh and it chased him home,' reported a teen-ager, who added, 'Now, my mommy keeps all the doors and windows locked.'
"'The top half was a woman and the bottom was a wolf,' explained another viewer. 'It doesn't seem natural,' he added.
"Apparently the fears are real, regardless of the status of the phantom or whatever. One usually unflappable teen-ager said with a straight face that he does not go out on the streets at night now.
"One woman said she understood the creature had escaped from a circus sideshow.
"Mobile police refused official comment on the reports. However, it was unofficially indicated that an investigation has been launched into ascertaining exactly what the situation is.
"Paris had its Hunchback of Notre Dame. Maybe Mobile has its Wolf Woman of Davis Avenue.
"On the other hand, many years ago Mobile had its Monster of Fisher's Alley. To terrified residents of the area it was reported in, it assumed proportions of up to the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex and never smaller than a full-grown puma.
"The monster turned out to be an otter, harmless to everything but fish.
"It rather blows the mind to consider what the Wolf Woman may turn out to be."
The story also included the following sketch of what witnesses said they had been seeing, with the caption:

"SAY IT AINT SO, SAM - Could this be what Mobile's mysterious 'Wolf Woman' looks like? From various descriptions of the night creature phone to the Press Register during the past week, the above drawing was created. Reportedly, none of the callers who volunteered descriptive information on the 'Wolf Woman' had personally seen it, but have close friends or relatives who had. The apparition evidently frequents the Davis Avenue and Plateau areas after nightfall. (Mobile Register Artist's Conception.)"
What was the Wolf Woman of Davis Avenue? Was the whole thing a hoax? Or, was there really something that looked half-human and half-wolf roaming around Mobile? That we don't know.

Could these reports be related, in any way, to Dogman reports and other sightings of canine-like monsters from around the United States? That we don't know either.

Either way, it at least makes a good news story.  

News story on the Wolf Woman, Mobile, Alabama
Press-Register, April 8, 1971

Many thanks to Brian and Terrie Seech of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies and Center for Unexplained Events for supplying this and many more old cryptid accounts to help with my research and writing of my next book...

Monday, June 27, 2016

"Scared by a Strange Beast"

The July 28, 1884 New York Times reported that the people of Cleveland, Ohio, were, at the time, being "scared by a strange beast," saying:

"… For some time a strange wild animal has been heard in a swamp in Summit County, and glimpses of it have been had by children and others, who were unable to classify it. Great excitement and terror has prevailed. Yesterday 300 men, armed with guns, surrounded the swamp, but failed to find anything. It is supposed to be a panther."

This story is very similar to that of many other reports of mystery cats. The cat is seen, and then it is hunted, but is never found. That has happened many, many times throughout the years, and is how most cryptid cat stories end.

Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved

Coming this Thursday (June 30) at 9 pm to Destination America: Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved.

Below is some info on the show, via Red Carpet Crash: 

"Around the world, people have witnessed bizarre phenomena throughout history. Encounters with monsters, spirits, beings from other worlds and dimensions continue to fascinate mankind. But over the years scientific advancements have solved many of these mysteries, illustrating the natural causes at work behind seemingly supernatural events. Still, many answers continue to elude scientists and researchers of anomalous phenomena. Monsters & Mysteries: Unsolved documents the current search for answers behind these inexplicable events."

The first episode of the show is "Alien Encounters." I'm not sure if this is some continuation of Monsters and Mysteries in America or if its a different show altogether. I guess we'll find out.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Extinct or Alive: The Tasmanian Tiger - A Review

The other day I watched the show Extinct or Alive: The Tasmanian Tiger, which premiered during Monster Week on Animal Planet.

In the show, a three-person team heads out to Tasmania to see if they can find a living thylacine (also called the tasmanian tiger), a marsupial that is said to have gone extinct in 1936. However, there have been people who have reported sightings of living thylacines over the years.

The crew talked with some people who claimed to have seen living thylacines, so reports from the last few years, and take a look at some tasmanian devils, the thylacine's closest living relative. They then spend two weeks trying to spot one of the creatures.

They sat out at night (of course, you can't have a show about something unknown without searching for it at night, it's one of the rules!) They never spotted a thylacine, but saw many of Tasmania's animal species. On the last night out there, the main investigator, Forrest Galante, found a cave where he found remains of some animal that he thought looked like a thylacine kill, but the bones had been there quite a while, so whatever killed the animal was no longer in the area.

Even though a thylacine was not spotted (or heard, or recorded on a camera, or anything) in the show, I found Extinct or Alive to be one of the best cryptid documentaries I've seen in quite a while. Why is that, you ask? It's because it doesn't have parts that are totally dramatized or parts that are totally fake, like mostly all other cryptid TV shows. The show is about a search for the thylacine, and that's what you see. The only thing I didn't like about it was that whoever made it tried to make it seem like thylacines were the most dangerous thing that ever lived.

If you get a chance to watch Extinct or Alive: The Tasmanian Tiger, watch it!

California Cryptid Cats

In December of 1967, sightings of a strange cat began in Ventura County, California.

On the 12th of that month and year, Henry Madrid was installing a fence at the Ventura County sewer plant when he spotted a black panther. Madrid kept his eye on the cat and called the sheriff department. Sheriffs arrived and spotted the cat as well. They chased it towards what appeared to be a flat field, but was really an area of sludge covered by a crust. Their car got stuck, and by the time a tow truck arrived to get it out, the cat was long gone.

On December 23, a man went hunting for the panther. He found what he was after, but then was trapped on a 600-foot cliff! It took rescuers four hours to get him down.

Sightings of the cat continued into 1968. On January 9, Kenneth French and his wife spotted it. Kenneth watched the cat while his wife called the sheriff. But, by the time she returned, the cat was gone. "It's pretty embarrassing to have people think you go around seeing black panthers!" Mrs. French said. "Whatever kind of black cat that was, it was bad luck."

More on sightings of black panthers and other mystery cats from California, and the rest of the United States, can be found in my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Strange Sightings of Blue Tigers

In 1925, Harry R. Caldwell, a big-game hunter, wrote about a strange cat he had run into in 1910, in Fujian Province, in China.

Caldwell wrote in his book, Blue Tiger, about some of his adventures, including one involving what the book is titled.

Caldwell said said that one day while in the Futsing region of the province, his attention was drawn to what he at first thought was a man in blue clothing. He soon realized, however, that he was looking at a tiger, not a man!

Do tigers, like this one, exist?
Photo has been manipulated to show what a maltese tiger
might look like

He said:

"The markings of the animal were marvelously beautiful. The ground color seemed a deep shade of maltese, changing into almost deep blue on the under parts. The stripes were well defined, and so far as I was able to make out similar to those of a tiger of the regular type."

Caldwell tried to get a shot at the cat, but couldn't because some boys were between him and it. By the time he re-positioned himself, the cat had disappeared.

There have also been stories of blue tigers out of Korea and Burma.

Could blue tigers (also called maltese tigers) actually exist? There are some domestic cat breeds that are maltese, like the Russian Blue, for example. And no, these cats aren't actually blue, but there as close as it gets when you're a cat. Maybe some tigers with the coloration exist, or once existed, in China.

Russian blue.jpg
The Russian Blue, a maltese cat

Mineral Point Monsters

In the 1980s, multiple people had run-ins with some very strange creatures in the town of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

In April of 1981, a police officer from Mineral Point, Jon Pepper, saw a tall, thin, pale colored man wearing a trench coat near Graceland Cemetery. Pepper tried to question the man, but was unable to catch up to him because of his ability to jump high fences. No one really believed Pepper, though, because he was known for being a prankster. He had once walked around Mineral Point in a gorilla suit.
Did Pepper see a vampire?

Pepper's vampire wasn't the only mystery creature reported in the town.

Six years later, 15 to 20 people in Mineral Point saw your normal Hollywood-style werewolf in broad daylight. According to one witness, it transformed as it ran.

This werewolf could not have been Pepper playing a prank, because he had moved away.

There was a rumor, however, that he had left his gorilla suit with a friend.

What are we to make of these sightings of a vampire and a werewolf in Mineral Point? Jon Pepper was known as a prankster, so it would be no surprise to me if his "vampire" was a joke. The werewolf may be the same thing.

Was a werewolf seen in Mineral Point?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mysterious "Men in Black" Spotted in Iowa

KWQC is reporting on sightings of some mysterious men in Iowa, who happen to be dressed in black…

"MUSCATINE COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) - R. J. Strong of Port Louisa, Iowa was spooked by what he saw a week ago Monday, June 13, at 2 a.m.
"Strong posted on Facebook afterward that he was traveling near Ogilvie and F avenues in Muscatine County when he saw 'some weirdo walking down the paved road in a black trench coat!!!'
"Several others on social media have reported similar sightings in recent weeks.
"According to the reports, the individuals have been seen standing beside roadways and sometimes stepping into roadways as motorists are passing at locations across Muscatine County, in southeastern Iowa.
"'My son has experienced this and it's no joke,' posted Beatrice Wilson Strong. 'It was really a frightening experience to him.'
"'It's happened to a few friends of mine out on [Highway] 22,' posted Cassie Pameticky. 
"The Muscatine County Sheriff's Office has taken notice, posting Monday on its Facebook page, 'We have had several reports of 'men dressed in black' entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County.'
"Several people have told KWQC that these same individuals have been spotted walking across homeowners' yards, although the MCSO Facebook post does not mention sightings on private property.
 "The MCSO is now asking anyone who encounters the individuals to 'call 911 immediately.'
"The sheriff's Facebook post has generated several jokes and speculation that harmless pranksters are behind the sightings.
"However, the MCSO says on its  Facebook page, 'We do take this seriously' and investigators are 'hoping the public can assist.'"

Are these real Men in Black, or just pranksters like everyone in the comment section of KWQC thinks? You can decide for yourself.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bernard Heuvelmans Quotes

These are some of my favorite quotes, all three from the "Father of Cryptozoology," Bernard Heuvelmans:

"The Fear of the Unknown is overcome only by experience. Once something has been examined, analyzed, tested, and thus known, it is possible to face it. It may still inspire mistrust or provoke flight, but it can no longer cause on uncontrollable terror. That also applies to the Horror Of Novelty; experience teaches us that something new is often better than something old and thus preferable. So, Science, even in its most modest form, is the best possible tool for facing the unforeseen dangers of the Unknown, and of the New, which is after all only the Unknown in time. It is so obvious: to adapt to the inconveniences of the unknown, one should try to know it! That is the role of Science! There is irony in the idea that emotionally based incredulity should play a role in scientific enquiry. To do so would have Science denying its own foundation. Isn't it by definition the exploration of the unknown? If it abandons that role, it has no reason to exist."

"Cryptozoological research should be actuated by two major forces: patience and passion."

"Have pity on them all, for it is we who are the real monsters."

Bernard Heuvlemans


More on "Old Stinker": Residents of Hull are not Scared of the Werewolf

Last month, stories about sightings of a "werewolf" started making the rounds on the internet(you can see my piece on the sightings here).

I've checked every once and a while to see if there were ever any updates on the sightings, but never really found anything, except for this.

On May 23, the Hull Daily Mail published an article titled "'We're not scared of Old Stinker the Hull Werewolf.'" It said:

"The people of Hull are not afraid of Old Stinker. The story of a werewolf prowling around Barmston Drain has gone around the world since the Mail first reported the urban legend earlier this month.
"But today, residents of Bridlington Avenue and Waterloo Street, brushed off lurid claims in the national press that they were 'living in fear' and had been 'left traumatized' by sightings of a half-man, half-wolf beast with glowing eyes.
"David Lamb, 68, who has lived in the area for 37 years, said it was all made up. 'I've never seen anything of the sort,' he said. 'There's no such thing as a werewolf.'
"Fellow resident John Wilkinson, who has lived in the area all of his life, knows the drain well - as a boy he used to swim in it - but he laughed off ideas of a monster, dubbed 'The Beast of Barmston Drain'.
"Mr Wilkinson, 80, said: "I used to go swimming in the drain when I was about seven. We used to call it 'Leccy' because it was the water source for the local power station. The power station would heat up the water, meaning you could swim in it all year round.
"'The water level was a lot higher than it is now. I wouldn't like to take a dip in it now though!
"'There's no such thing as this werewolf though. I have never seen anything.
"Rumours of the werewolf after an witnesses reported seeing a 'half-man, half-dog' creature that has been spotted stalking through the grass and killing anything in its way. One person claims tho have seen the 'tall and hairy' beast jump 8ft over a fence, carrying a German Shepherd in its jaw.
"The 'creature' has been linked to the legend of Old Stinker, a werewolf said to stalk the Yorkshire Wolds.
"After being reported in the pages of The Sun, The Express and even the website The Huffington Post, the story was mocked by the panel of BBC One show Have I Got News For You. Comedian Ross Noble even suggested making a sequel to the famous film An American Werewolf in London, called, of course, An American Werewolf in Hull.
"Mike Covell, a local historian and expert in local legends, has organized several werewolf 'hunts' along Barmston Drain in an attempt to get to the bottom of the sightings.
"He said: 'Since the first article was published in the Mail, I have had calls from papers and websites all over the world.
"'There has been a plethora of sighting in the past few weeks. One man was crossing Fountain Road Bridge when he saw what he could only describe as a huge dog with very dark, matted hair near the allotments at the side of Barmston Drain.
"'And a married couple saw a large canine in Stepney Lane, where it chased the witness and his friends as the rode home one evening. Another sighting took place on Reform Street, where they witnessed the creature jump over a wall topped with barbed wire.'
"In our search for the beast yesterday, we found over-sized cockerels and wild-haired cats, but no sign of a werewolf. No count, full moon or not, the hunt will continue."
I guess this shows that sightings of something are still going on around Hull. If there's ever more about them in the future I'll update things again.

Anyone else know more about the werewolf sightings?

Is a werewolf hiding near Barmston Drain?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More New Book News

A while back I announced that I've started a second book, following my book from last year.

This new book is about strange creature sightings in the state of Ohio.

The title is going to be The Ohio Monster Guidebook. Things covered will include Bigfoot, lake monsters, Mothman, Dogman, thunderbirds, the Loveland Frogmen, mystery cats, and much, much more.
Loveland Frog

So far the first few chapters of the book are finished. I'm hoping to at least have the rough draft done by the end of the summer.

If anyone has any information on sightings of any strange creatures in Ohio, please comment and let me know.

More on the book will be posted in the future as I get more of it done.

You can get my first book, Cryptid U.S., here.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The "Capture of a Wild Man in Ohio"

The Waukesha, Wisconsin Daily Freeman reported about a strange man (or creature) on Thursday, August 9, 1883.

The headline of the article in the paper was "Capture of a Wild Man in Ohio," and it said:

"MASON, OH. Aug. 9. - The wild man that has been seen in this vicinity for the past few weeks, frightening women and children from the blackberry patches, was captured late Tuesday evening by Constable Corrington three miles south of this place. His long flowing hair and beard and keen black eyes have him a frightful appearance. Of his origin and mode of gaining a livelihood nothing can be learned, as he refused to utter a sound. He was taken by the authorities to Lebanon."

The description of the creature sounds similar to a Bigfoot, but if then how was it captured?

This story, along with many, many others, at least show that there is a long history of encounters with hairy, man-like creatures in Ohio and all over the rest of North America.

More historical (and modern) accounts of Bigfoot in Ohio will be discussed in my next book, along with many, many other things…

Keep an eye out for more on the book tomorrow…

Thanks to Brain and Terrie Seech of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies and Center for Unexplained Events for sharing many newspaper clippings of sightings of cryptids…

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Strange Story of the Charles Mill Lake Monster

One of the weirdest aquatic cryptids - ever - was spotted in Ohio in the late 1950's and, some say, in the 1960's. It is known as the Charles Mill Lake Monster (because it was spotted in Charles Mill Lake Reservoir.

The Charles Mill Lake Reservoir was constructed in 1935 by the damming of the Black Fork of the Mohican River. The creature spotted in it was like no other in Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter.

On March 28, 1959, Denny Patterson, Wayne Armstrong, and Michael Lane were near Ruggles Road, which is located on the edge of Charles Mill Reservoir.

Suddenly, the three boys were horrified to see a freakish creature rise up out of the water. They said the monster was "armless," humanoid, and had "luminous, green eyes" and "large, webbed feet." They quickly left the area.

The authorities soon learned of the sighting of the swamp monster and decided to go to the scene to see if they could find anything. When they went there the found "a series of tracks that resembled the footgear worn by scuba divers" along the shore of the lake.
Charles Mill Lake Monster

In his book Curious Encounters, world-renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman notes that the creature was seen again four years later, in 1963, and was described as "luminous and green eyed."

Does that mean that the creature itself, if it really was seen in 1963, was luminous, or that it had luminous eyes like the three witnesses in 1959 reported?

There is another creature that was seen in the same area as the Charles Mill monster, and which also had glowing eyes. This one was called "Orange Eyes" (you can probably guess why) and was described as looking like a Bigfoot.

There have only been one or two (depending on whether or not you believe the second report, or none if you don't believe either) sightings of the Charles Mill Lake Monster. It's identity, like that of almost all cryptids, remains a mystery.

The website Cryptopia reports that giant tracks that look like webbed feet (like those found by the authorities who investigated the first sighting) are still found from time to time by the lake.

Maybe there is something hiding in those waters...

Bigfoot is Everywhere

Sometimes when you stop at a gas station at 11:30 p.m., you end up finding Bigfoot stuff…

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MoMo - The Monster of Missouri

In the early 1970's, something strange was seen around the town of Louisiana, Missouri...

"A creature that looked similar to the Minerva Monster in Ohio was seen in Missouri in 1972. People started calling it the Missouri Monster, or MoMo. But, MoMo isn't the only strange thing seen in Missouri. River Road, which stretches north from Highway 54 along the Mississippi River, has a longstanding tradition about a 'phantom man' who walks across the road and then vanishes into thin air. Travelers heard what sounded like a woman's scream emanating from an old abandoned lime kiln in the 1940's. The screams were always heard around midnight, and they were never explained.
"A couple was found dead in their car around the same area in the winter of 1954. A woman sat in the passenger seat almost looking like she had just went to sleep, and a man was found crouched under the steering wheel completely nude. His clothes were found in a pile 20 feet behind the car. The deaths were listed to be caused by asphyxiation even though one of the windows was rolled all the way down (in -10 degree weather!)
"The MoMo story started in July 1971, when Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were having a picnic near Highway 79. While they were eating, they smelled an awful odor. As Mary Ryan said: 'I never smelled anything as bad in my life.' Joan thought they might be smelling a whole family of skunks,  but was then shocked at what she saw standing in the bushes. 'I turned and saw this thing standing there in the thicket,' she said. 'The weeds were high and I only saw the top part. It was staring down at us.'
"The two described the creature as an ape-man. Mary Ryan said this:
"'It was a half-ape half-man. I've been reading up on the Abominable Snowman since then, from stories to articles, and you get the feeling it is something more like a gorilla. This thing we saw was not like that. It had hair all over its body, like an ape, but its face was more like a human.'
"When the creature made a gurgling sound and stepped out of the brush the women rushed to the car. They locked the doors, and the beast followed them, caressed the hood, and then tried to unlock the doors, a definite sign of intelligence. It walked on two feet the whole time, and its arms 'dangled way down.' The two said its arms were covered by hair but its hands were hairless. The two could do nothing by wait for the beast to leave, because Mills had left her keys in her purse, which was still sitting at the picnic area. Mills' arm hit the horn, and the noise caused the beast to 'jump straight in the air and move back. Mills didn't know what else to do, so she just kept beeping the horn. After a while, the creature realized it was in no danger. It proceeded to walk over to the area where the two had been eating, picked up a peanut butter sandwich, sniffed it, and ate it. It then picked up Joan's purse, but dropped it and walked back into the woods. Joan got out of the car and grabbed her purse, and the two left."

And that was only the beginning.

More on the sightings of MoMo can be found in my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wood Knocks Vol. 1 Now Available

Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research Vol. 1 is now available.

It has chapters written by researchers such as Lyle Blackburn, David Weatherly, Linda Godfrey, Ken Gerhard, Nick Redfern, etc...

You can get it here.

Bigfoot Drone Footage is a Hoax

Last week I published a post about a film from a drone that supposedly showed a Bigfoot.

Well, it's a hoax. The uploader has posted another video on YouTube admitting to it. They wrote:

"I do not believe in bigfoot or the loch ness monster. I do however believe life is full of humor and fun!! There's possibly a couple more video's coming soon!"

Doesn't really surprise me.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monsters Among Us - Cover

The cover for Linda Godfrey's upcoming book Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, And Odd Phenomena

 "Mysterious wolf-people, sentient mists, and UFOs … oh my!
"If you've ever heard an inexplicable bump in the night, caught a glimpse of a strange-looking someone (or something?) out of the corner of your eye, or seen an unusual craft dart across the sky before it vanishes without a trace, there's only one person to call….
"Linda S. Godfrey - author of numerous books that offer rare reporting on bigfoots, werewolves, strange energy forms, and other bizarre beings - explores the mystical, legendary, and scientific angles of these creatures… and the surprising secret portals and doorways some may use to enter our world. Within these pages, you will encounter:
  • first-hand testimony of a terrifying transformation from woman to beast (during a church service, no less) 
  •  the Lost Lizard People of Los Angeles
  • a growling, phantom like home invader 
  •  wolfmen who walk on two legs
  • people stalked by invisible predators
"Delivering a broad mix of modern-day and historical sightings, supported by Godfrey's interviews with eyewitnesses, Monsters Among Us is a meticulously researched and expertly written exploration of the otherworldly that will challenge your idea of reality." 

Linda Godfrey's books are some of the best out there (I'm actually reading one of her's right now.) I'll be getting this book when it comes out in October.

Book Review: Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman by Bernard Heuvelmans

Yesterday I finished Bernard Heuvelmans' recently translated book Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman. 

This book was originally published in French in 1974. Paul LeBlond recently translated it, and he and Loren Coleman had the English version published by Anomalist Books.

Neanderthal is about Heuvelmans' investigation of the mystery of a strange, human-like, hairy corpse that was being displayed, starting in 1968, by a man named Frank Hansen, who lived in Minnesota. Heuvelmans and Ivan T. Sanderson examined the corpse, which they were both certain was real.

After Heuvelmans published a report on the corpse in a scientific journal, problems arose. First, because he had told Ivan that he could publish something about it first. Ivan, however, decided to write an article about some Bigfoot footprints (that turned out to be fakes) before his article on the Iceman, so Heuvelmans' was published first. After that there was tension between the two.

In 1969, the real Minnesota Iceman was replaced. There were replicas made, but Heuvelmans thought one was still the original (and real) corpse.

Of course, the mystery was never resolved, and remains that - a mystery - to this day.

Through his examinations of specimen, Heuvelmans comes to what many will probably consider a startling conclusion as to what it really was.

The story gets even more mysterious when Hansen changed his story several times. Heuvelmans thought the reason for this was because he had brought the Iceman back from Vietnam when Hansen was in the Air Force. He thought this was also connected to the transportation of illegal drugs.

Then, there's the mysterious "real owner" of the corpse that Hansen mentioned several times. No one knows who that "real owner" is or was, or if there even was someone else involved.

Neanderthal also features and afterword by Loren Coleman, which brings the Minnesota Iceman saga up-to-date.

I've gotten several cryptozoology books that have come out this year, and I have to say this one is definitely the best out of them. If it isn't the best cryptozoology book published this year, its definitely very near the top of the list. As one reviewer said on Amazon, this is "The Cryptozoology book of 2016 you will want to read."

You can (and should) get Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman here.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Loch Ness Monster's Humps Filmed? Probably Not

A new video has appeared online that supposedly shows the humped back of Nessie swimming through her home in Loch Ness. Quite a few sites, including the Daily Mail Online and the Express have reported on the video.

The Daily Mail reports:

"The mystery surrounding this monster of the deep has baffled generations.
"In a new twist, a holiday maker has shared a short video of a possible sighting of the Loch Ness Monster.
"Tourist, Tony Bligh shot a video which reportedly shows mysterious humps emerging from the Scottish waters and posted it on YouTube. The curious footage has already racked up more than 22,000 views.
"The video was filmed from the Wellington lay-by on the A82 overlooking the famous Highlands loch, on June 1.
"But the locals are demising the footage of the five-humped figure as an 'optical illusion' caused by waves left behind by a passing boat.
"Bligh said: 'While visiting Loch Ness I noticed this weird formation on the loch near to Inverness end of the loch. Could it be the elusive Nessie?
"'It was quite long. The humps were consistently the same length apart. I don't know what it was. It was very unusual.'
"In the YouTube video there appear to be four to five humps, about 6ft apart, which move in unison but Bligh did concede there was a boat around 1200ft away.
"Dublin native, Bligh added: 'I am tending towards the wake of a boat - I am an engineer and I m on the side of logic.'
"Locals, including respected long-time Nessie investigator Adrian Shine, have rubbished claims the video shows the elusive Nessie.
"Adrian, of the Loch Ness Project said it was instead an optical illusion created by the wake of a boat.
"He said: 'It was a particularly good example of the effect that a reasonably high boat wake can make.
"'It shows how powerful this illusion could be. It produces a line of very soling looking humps.'"

I have to agree with Shine on this one - after seeing the video, it only looks like waves. There probably have been quite a few times when witnesses to lake monsters actually only saw waves on the lake. While at Lake Champlain a few years ago, I saw many waves on the lake, that were totally natural, that almost looked like the back of a lake monster. But they weren't. And neither are the "humps" in the video.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bigfoot Caught on a Drone Camera in Idaho?

Making the rounds on all the cryptozoology websites within the past few days has been a video, shot from a drone in Idaho, that supposedly shows a Bigfoot running through and open area into some trees.  You can watch it below.

The Idaho State Journal reported on the video:

"An online video of an alleged Bigfoot sighting in Southeast Idaho has been creating quite a stir over the past few days.
"The 2-minute, 24-second video, entitled 'Possible bigfoot in Idaho!! Flying the drone around and ran across this,' was posted on YouTube on June 2.
"The duration of the video consists of drone footage over a clearing near the Hawkins Reservoir west of Downey in Southeast Idaho. The reservoir is located approximately 35 miles south of Pacatello. 
 "A mysterious hairy figure, seemingly running on two legs, becomes visible at the 25-second mark. It then runs across a field and into a wooded area as the drone flies over the area.
"The videographer, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fears of public ridicule, said he initially thought the figure he captured was just an animal. However, he noticed the figure seemed to be running upright, which grabbed his attention.
"'I said, 'wait a minute, that's not right.'' he said.
"A still shot from the footage, which was provided by the videographer, indicates the figure is hairy and light brown in color. 
"However, since the YouTube footage was shared to Idaho State Journal's Facebook page late Sunday evening, numerous commentators on the page noted how difficult it is to actually see the running figure in the video. Even the YouTube video description recommends viewing the video on a large computer monitor.
"The drone is quite high in the sky, and by the time the camera starts to zoom in on the figure, it has disappeared in the wooded area. Because of the difficulty of getting a clear shot of the running figure, Idaho State University professor and noted Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum said the identity of the figure is inconclusive. 
"'I had to expand the size of the video to clearly see it on my 22-inch computer monitor, and those screens from drone cameras are usually no bigger than a cell phone screen,' he said. 'How could he have picked up that little speck, and then zoom in and fly directly to the point when it entered the forest?'
"Meldrum also stated that from his studies of Sasquatch, he said its unusual for them to be found in the immediate habitat surrounding Hawkins Reservoir.
"'I can imagine them crossing areas that aren't their prime habitat to get to one place to another or find another member of their species,' he said. 'But I can't imagine they would do that in broad daylight.'
"The videographer, who said he has lived in Southeast Idaho for over 30 years, said he isn't  sure what the figure in the video is exactly. However, he said his footage has piqued his interest so much that he has invested around $400 in specialized Adobe video software so he can get the clearest, zoomed-in footage of the mysterious figure possible.
"The footage was taken approximately a week and a half ago, according to the videographer, who says he commonly uses his drone to take wilderness and wildlife shots from the air.
"'I fly my drone everywhere, and I get video of elk, deer, rivers, all kind of things,' he said. 'Usually pretty views nobody else can see.'"

From watching the video, I do think it shows something running on only two legs. But, is it a Sasquatch, or a guy in a suit? That I can't tell.

What do you think?

Pics from the Ohio Bigfoot Conference - 2016 Edition - Part 2

A few more pictures from last month's Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park…
See part 1 here.

Sybilla Irwin
Some of Sybilla's witness sketches...
Another one...
Quotable facts on Cliff's presentation….
"Sum teen out dare ist leaving those gawdamn tracks.."
~ Rene Dahinden
With the one and only Bob Gimlin
Cliff Barackman and Craig Flipy

Sponsor banner I got...
The beautiful Salt Fork State Park

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why Science Won't Take Cryptozoology Seriously

I ran across this while reading Bernard Heuvelmans' book Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman. It is in a chapter where Heuvelmans is pondering why no one in the scientific community would take the subject of the Iceman seriously and study it while it was possible.

"The Fear of the Unknown is overcome only by experience. Once something has been examined, analyzed, tested, and thus known, it is possible to face it. It may still inspire mistrust or provoke flight, but it can no longer cause on uncontrollable terror. That also applies to the Horror Of Novelty; experience teaches us that something new is often better than something old and thus preferable. So, Science, even in its most modest form, is the best possible tool for facing the unforeseen dangers of the Unknown, and of the New, which is after all only the Unknown in time. It is so obvious: to adapt to the inconveniences of the unknown, one should try to know it! That is the role of Science! There is irony in the idea that emotionally based incredulity should play a role in scientific enquiry. To do so would have Science denying its own foundation. Isn't it by definition the exploration of the unknown? If it abandons that role, it has no reason to exist."

This is all very true. People are scared of the unknown, and that's why most people, including mostly all scientists, won't look into subjects like Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, other unknown animals, UFOs, etc. They all say that Bigfoot can't possibly be real because the history books from 200 years ago say that things like it don't exist.

But, if you are someone who is interested in cryptozoology, you'd notice that the few scientists who have looked into the Sasquatch mystery (Grover Krantz, Jeff Meldrum, and Heuvelmans, for example), have become convinced that there is something out there, because they have looked at the evidence that has been left behind. If Bigfoot was not real, there would be no evidence left behind.

If the rest of science would do this with Bigfoot and other cryptids, we could probably solve some of these mysteries much faster.

Bernard Heuvelmans (1916-2001),
the Father of Cryptozoology,
a scientist who wasn't afraid to explore the unknown

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bigfoot Legend John Green has Died

Some very sad news for the whole cryptozoology community…

John Green, one of the first Sasquatch researchers and author of the book Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us (and others), passed away on May 28, 2016.

John Green was born on February 12, 1927, and lived to be 89 years old.

He investigated Sasquatch before almost anyone else, and had a database of 3,000+ sightings, before the internet came to be. His nickname was "Mr. Sasquatch."

I have several of John's books, and his The Apes Among Us (which I have 2 copies of) is the best Bigfoot book I've ever read.

You can see Loren Coleman's obituary for John Green here.

RIP John Green.


My friend and fellow researcher Cal Marks has put up a great post to recognize the life of John Green on his blog Squatch & See... and you can check it out here.

Bigfoot Sightings, A Haunted House, and A Museum

In Littleton, North Carolina, there's a man who lives in a supposedly haunted house, and who also is a Bigfoot believer. Over the years Stephen Barcelo has collected enough stuff to start up the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum.

The News & Observer reports:

"LITTLETON - Over the past eight years, Stephen Barcelo has slowly assembled enough blurry photographs and plaster footprints to open his own Bigfoot museum, a collection of supernatural artifacts he displays in his living room decorated with Ouija boards and a jackalope.
"His reputation is Littleton has grown large enough that tourists wander 16 miles off Interstate 95 in search of his 19th-century house - which is haunted, by the way-  and townsfolk consider him the go-to guy on all cryptid-related issues. 
"Three months ago, a frantic neighbor called Barcelo to report a shaggy 7-foot creature shambling past her kitchen window, only one block away. So the former newspaperman rushed over and discovered a snowshoe-sized print in her yard, which he carefully shoveled into a wooden frame.
"When he got home, he added a push-pin to his map on the museum wall, bringing total Bigfoot sightings in this town of 674 people to a staggering three. 
"'I've never seen Bigfoot,' said Barcelo, a husband and father of two. 'I've found prints. I definitely believe there's something out there. Some kind of hybrid ape, maybe.'
"Billed as 'The Gateway to Lake Gaston,' this town near the Virginia border consists of a square mile of land surrounding a single traffic light, and it hasn't seen much action since the days of tricorner hats. Without the proximity of I-95, Barcelo might never have discovered the three-story clapboard house that dated to 1850, its windows covered in shrubbery.  
"When his family moved south to Littleton, looking for an old house to restore, green lights started appearing in the darkness, pictures started sliding off walls, and muffled conversations rose from empty rooms. Barcelo mentioned this nuisance to the neighbors, who responded, 'Oh, you've got a ghost, too?'
"Rumors of skunk ape activity followed. Barcelo went scouting in Medoc Mountain State Park, where he captured a footprint that puzzled the rangers, begin claw-toed and too big for a bear. Back home in Littleton, Barcelo heard stories of garbage disappearing off people's porches - plastic bags and all.
"Barcelo had already developed into something of a Bigfoot buff while working as a photographer and videographer in New York, having been occasionally dispatched to interview the saucer-eyed witnesses of shadowy phenomena.
"His experiences in Littleton, along a former Colonial carriage road, stuck him as fertile ground for a shrine to the mysterious. Lake Gaston, after all, is home to Gassy, the sea-monster-sized catfish with an unfortunate name.
 "So about three years ago, he opened the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum. Since then, his living room has transformed into a distribution center for strange beast encounters - a safe, judgment-free zone for those who have locked eyes with a living Chewbacca. He gets roughly 15 visitors a week, and Bigfoot artifacts continue to arrive.
"'A lot of people won't talk to us,' Barcelo said. 'Some say it was the worst thing that ever happened to them. The were ridiculed. They were laughingstocks.'"

See the rest here.