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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Strange Sightings of Blue Tigers

In 1925, Harry R. Caldwell, a big-game hunter, wrote about a strange cat he had run into in 1910, in Fujian Province, in China.

Caldwell wrote in his book, Blue Tiger, about some of his adventures, including one involving what the book is titled.

Caldwell said said that one day while in the Futsing region of the province, his attention was drawn to what he at first thought was a man in blue clothing. He soon realized, however, that he was looking at a tiger, not a man!

Do tigers, like this one, exist?
Photo has been manipulated to show what a maltese tiger
might look like

He said:

"The markings of the animal were marvelously beautiful. The ground color seemed a deep shade of maltese, changing into almost deep blue on the under parts. The stripes were well defined, and so far as I was able to make out similar to those of a tiger of the regular type."

Caldwell tried to get a shot at the cat, but couldn't because some boys were between him and it. By the time he re-positioned himself, the cat had disappeared.

There have also been stories of blue tigers out of Korea and Burma.

Could blue tigers (also called maltese tigers) actually exist? There are some domestic cat breeds that are maltese, like the Russian Blue, for example. And no, these cats aren't actually blue, but there as close as it gets when you're a cat. Maybe some tigers with the coloration exist, or once existed, in China.

Russian blue.jpg
The Russian Blue, a maltese cat

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