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More on "Old Stinker": Residents of Hull are not Scared of the Werewolf

Last month, stories about sightings of a "werewolf" started making the rounds on the internet(you can see my piece on the sightings here).

I've checked every once and a while to see if there were ever any updates on the sightings, but never really found anything, except for this.

On May 23, the Hull Daily Mail published an article titled "'We're not scared of Old Stinker the Hull Werewolf.'" It said:

"The people of Hull are not afraid of Old Stinker. The story of a werewolf prowling around Barmston Drain has gone around the world since the Mail first reported the urban legend earlier this month.
"But today, residents of Bridlington Avenue and Waterloo Street, brushed off lurid claims in the national press that they were 'living in fear' and had been 'left traumatized' by sightings of a half-man, half-wolf beast with glowing eyes.
"David Lamb, 68, who has lived in the area for 37 years, said it was all made up. 'I've never seen anything of the sort,' he said. 'There's no such thing as a werewolf.'
"Fellow resident John Wilkinson, who has lived in the area all of his life, knows the drain well - as a boy he used to swim in it - but he laughed off ideas of a monster, dubbed 'The Beast of Barmston Drain'.
"Mr Wilkinson, 80, said: "I used to go swimming in the drain when I was about seven. We used to call it 'Leccy' because it was the water source for the local power station. The power station would heat up the water, meaning you could swim in it all year round.
"'The water level was a lot higher than it is now. I wouldn't like to take a dip in it now though!
"'There's no such thing as this werewolf though. I have never seen anything.
"Rumours of the werewolf after an witnesses reported seeing a 'half-man, half-dog' creature that has been spotted stalking through the grass and killing anything in its way. One person claims tho have seen the 'tall and hairy' beast jump 8ft over a fence, carrying a German Shepherd in its jaw.
"The 'creature' has been linked to the legend of Old Stinker, a werewolf said to stalk the Yorkshire Wolds.
"After being reported in the pages of The Sun, The Express and even the website The Huffington Post, the story was mocked by the panel of BBC One show Have I Got News For You. Comedian Ross Noble even suggested making a sequel to the famous film An American Werewolf in London, called, of course, An American Werewolf in Hull.
"Mike Covell, a local historian and expert in local legends, has organized several werewolf 'hunts' along Barmston Drain in an attempt to get to the bottom of the sightings.
"He said: 'Since the first article was published in the Mail, I have had calls from papers and websites all over the world.
"'There has been a plethora of sighting in the past few weeks. One man was crossing Fountain Road Bridge when he saw what he could only describe as a huge dog with very dark, matted hair near the allotments at the side of Barmston Drain.
"'And a married couple saw a large canine in Stepney Lane, where it chased the witness and his friends as the rode home one evening. Another sighting took place on Reform Street, where they witnessed the creature jump over a wall topped with barbed wire.'
"In our search for the beast yesterday, we found over-sized cockerels and wild-haired cats, but no sign of a werewolf. No count, full moon or not, the hunt will continue."
I guess this shows that sightings of something are still going on around Hull. If there's ever more about them in the future I'll update things again.

Anyone else know more about the werewolf sightings?

Is a werewolf hiding near Barmston Drain?


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