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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mineral Point Monsters

In the 1980s, multiple people had run-ins with some very strange creatures in the town of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

In April of 1981, a police officer from Mineral Point, Jon Pepper, saw a tall, thin, pale colored man wearing a trench coat near Graceland Cemetery. Pepper tried to question the man, but was unable to catch up to him because of his ability to jump high fences. No one really believed Pepper, though, because he was known for being a prankster. He had once walked around Mineral Point in a gorilla suit.
Did Pepper see a vampire?

Pepper's vampire wasn't the only mystery creature reported in the town.

Six years later, 15 to 20 people in Mineral Point saw your normal Hollywood-style werewolf in broad daylight. According to one witness, it transformed as it ran.

This werewolf could not have been Pepper playing a prank, because he had moved away.

There was a rumor, however, that he had left his gorilla suit with a friend.

What are we to make of these sightings of a vampire and a werewolf in Mineral Point? Jon Pepper was known as a prankster, so it would be no surprise to me if his "vampire" was a joke. The werewolf may be the same thing.

Was a werewolf seen in Mineral Point?

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