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Werewolves and Dogmen - A New Book

There's a new book out from FATE edited by Rosemary Ellen Guiley called Werewolves and Dogmen
Below is the book description from Amazon:

"Are werewolves real? Find out the chilling truth about werewolves and their kin - dogmen and spectral black dogs - in this unique collection of 31 well-researched articles by leading writers and investigators, including Loren Coleman, Brad Steiger, Mark Chorvinsky, Scott Corrales, and many others. Learn about: The bizarre history of werewolf origins; real cases of bloodthirsty beasts; how humans transform into wolves; modern cases of deadly supernatural werewolves; and the dogmen and black dogs that roam lonely landscapes. This stellar collection from the best of FATE magazine will have you looking over your shoulder the next time you are out in a full moonlit night."

Three Book Reviews

I haven't done a book review in a while, though I have read several great books, so here's a three-in-one of what I read over the summer.

Dragons: A Natural History By Dr. Karl Shuker
Karl Shuker is a world famous cryptozoologist and one of my favorite authors. Dragons: A Natural Historyis his first book on the subject and was published in 1995. He also has another, called Dragons in Zoology, Cryptozoology, and Culture from 2013. 
This book looks at many dragon stories and legends from around the world, including tales of "worms," dragonets, battles with knights, etc, etc. Creatures like sea serpents and mokele-mbembe that could be considered dragon-like are also mentioned, and "known" animals like the komodo dragon as well.
Now if you are someone who wants a very thorough examination of dragon legends, this might not be the book for you, but its a quick read with some good info on many of the dragon legends of old.
Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Austra…

"Sarah the Sea Hag" - Cousin of Caddy?

The remains of this "sea monster" were fond on Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, Canada, in 1941. The press dubbed it "Sarah the Sea Hag" and said that it was a Cadborosaurus, the legendary sea serpent seen on the west coast of Canada and the USA.

"She had a large horse-like head with flaring nostrils and eye sockets; a tapering snake-like body 12 feet long; and traces of long coarse hair on the skin."

Dr. W.A. Clemons and Dr. Ian McTaggart-Cowan went to examine the remains and Clemons stated that "We're not sure if it's a basking shark, but there is no doubt that it is of the shark family."

G.V. Boorman, a whaler who had taken photographs of a supposed Caddy carcass before was then a private in the army, and was stationed nearby. He had seen close to 4,000 whales in 10 years, and was familiar with sharks in various degrees of decomposition. "If that's a shark," he said, "I'll eat my uniform. I've seen the skeletons …

Crypto-Kid: Ken Gerhard Tonight

Tonight at 8 on WCJV Radio, Colin Schneider has cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard on his Crypto-Kid show.

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, Colin is joined by the one, the only, Ken Gerhard. Ken is one of the stars of the show 'Missing in Alaska' and is the author of several books including 'Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters' and 'A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts.' Ken and Colin will discuss his research into the Thunderbird and the Beast of Gevaudan.

Advisories on Bigfoot and Lizard Man Sightings During Eclipse

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is advising people to be aware of lizard man and Bigfoot sightings during today's solar eclipse.

The Post and Courier reports that "SCEMD does not know is Lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse, but we advise that residents of Lee and Sumter counties should remain ever vigilant."

The NASA Scientific Visualization Center also published a "sunsquatch" map showing the eclipse's path with locations of sasquatch sightings…

SC Police: "Do Not Shoot Bigfoot"

People has a new article up on a statement from South Carolina police who are saying "don't shoot bigfoot."

"Please do not engage with the man or woman - or thing - with the big furry coat. "A South Carolina police department cheekily issued just such a warning against firing at the mythical backwoods creature Bigfoot after a supposed sighting one state over. "'After watching this video from nearby Boone, North Carolina, Facebook followers and friends, I think we can say with some confidence that proof of Bigfoot still eludes us,' the Greenville Police Department wrote on Facebook Tuesday. "'If you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot at him/her, as you'll most likely be wounding a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume.' "The humorous post linked back to a 2015 video attached to a recent article from the Charlotte Observer, with covered the claims of a group of Sasqatuch hunters, Bigfoot 911. "…

Yeti: The Ecology of a Mystery

Coming out soon… a new book by Daniel C. Taylor calledYeti: The Ecology of a Mystery. Currently priced at $45 on Amazon, though it is over 400 pages and hardcover.

"This book explains the mystery of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, the creature that has left mysterious footprints in Himalayan snows. The book also explores why people are so fascinated with the possibility that a wild hominid might still reclusively live (the idea of a wild humanity alive in people's hopes.) Here also is the extraordinary story of one man's conservation impact-a quest for a mysterious animal caused him to lead in creating two massive national parks around Mount Everest, one in China/Tibet and one in Nepal. "This book narrates how the author explores much of the 2,000-mile breadth of the Himalaya, from his childhood in India to his work years in Nepal, China/Tibet, and Bhutan. From 1956 until 2015 he visited almost all valley systems. The book recounts his ascents of Himalayan summits a…

The Central Asiatic Expedition and the Mongolian Death Worm

In 1920s, Roy Chapman Andrews and others from the American Museum of Natural History went to the Gobi Desert in search of fossils of ancient man, which the team thought they would find there. While they didn't find that, they did find the first ever fossilized dinosaur eggs.

In 1926, Andrews published a book on the adventures called On the Trail of Ancient Man, which I am lucky to have a copy of.

Along with their discoveries, Andrews also recorded something else in that book, something of a decidedly cryptid nature. He wrote:  

"Then the Premier asked that, if it were possible, I should capture a specimen of the allergorhai-horhia. I doubt whether any of my scientific readers can identify this animal. I could, because I had heard of it often. None of those present ever had seen the creature, but they all firmly believed in its existence and described it minutely. It is shaped like a sausage about two feet long, had no head nor legs and is so poisonous that merely to touch it…

The Tecoluta Monster

In March, 1969, a 35-ton carcass was found washed up on the beach of Tecoluta, Mexico. The creature had a "serpent-like body," which was covered in "hard jointed armor," and had a 10-foot bone tusk protruding from its head that was estimated to weigh one ton. Biologists examined the carcass, and though they thought it could be a narwhal, "could not match it with any sea creature known to man."

On April 20, 1969, a seven-man team of scientists reported that the monster was actually a finback whale. Finback whales are the second largest mammals on Earth, only behind the blue whale. But the scientists' explanation did not explain the giant horn on the animal's head.

The Tecoluta mayor allowed the carcass to remain on the beach as a tourist attraction despite the horrible stench that emanated from it.

The monster was never identified, though it may have been some kind of cetacean. Bones of it are on display at the Marine Museum in Tecoluta.

This post …

Big Cat Sightings - Gloucestershire

The mystery big cat sightings coming from England are almost getting too numerous to keep track of, though I'm going to as best as I can.

So in this post, here are three new reports from Gloucestershire.

First, a report of a "growling big cat" reported on Gloucestershire Live on Aug. 4th. "It was pretty scary - and they all saw the creature, said a witness."

"Seven people were stalked by a 'growling' big cat for more than a mile - and they are all adamant about what they saw. "The 'panther'-like creature followed the group from Woodchester Park boathouse to the car park, a distance of 1.3 miles, after they became lost. "One of the group contacted Gloucestershire big cat tracker Frank Turnbridge after we ran a story last week of what appeared to be a big cat roaming near Stroud. "'I have seen the big black panther - it was a panther, it was as clear as day,' she said. "'Myself my partner and about five others…

International Cryptozoology Society Journal Vol. 1

Out now is Volume 1 of the International Cryptozoology Society Journal. The ICS was formed last year by Loren Coleman at the International Cryptozoology Conference which took place in St. Augustine, Florida. The current president is Paul LeBlond.

Below is what you will find in Volume 1:

"A collection of papers presented at the first International Cryptozoology Society Conference, from January, 2016, in St. Augustine, Florida. As affiliated with the International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine."

St. Albans Big Cat - Skeptic Convinced After Sighting

There has been another sighting of a big cat in St. Albans, this one from the end of July.

The Herts Advertiser reports:

"A disbelieving sceptic has been persuaded that the St Albans big cat is real after it darted out in front of his car. "At about 5.30am on July 27, the motorist, who would prefer not to be named, was driving his car to work through Jersey Farm - when a large brown or sandy colored feline crossed his path. "Dash-cam footage of the journey was unfortunately too blurred to show the cat in action. "He contacted his ex-wife, who told the Herts-Ad: 'He said it definitely wasn't domestic. The tail was massive, very big, he had never seen anything like it. "'When I first heard about the big cat I had a bit of a panic actually because I walk my dogs around there and there's no way my dogs are protecting me. "Someone has suggested to her that he may have seen a male Maine Coon pet, which are one of the largest breeds of domestic ca…

Another Crypto-Kid Show

A heads up to TCZ readers - this coming Monday, August 14th, I will be returning to Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid podcast. The show is live at 8pm on WCJV Radio. Don't know yet what we will be discussing this time but it should be a great time once again.

Another reminder coming on Monday, and more info when it comes...

Crypto-Kid: Jon Downes Archived

On Monday Colin Schneider had Jon Downes of the CFZ on his Crypto-Kid show, and the archived show can be listened to here.

They discussed the Almasty, hyaenas in Russia, sea serpents, and upcoming stuff from the CFZ.

***Readers of this blog have probably noticed the lack of posts lately… that will probably continue for at least a couple more days as I have been very busy this month.