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Kent Paranormal Weekend - Pics

Some pictures from today's Kent Paranormal Weekend conference in Kent, Ohio… A very cool event! Saw some cool speakers, got to hang out with my good friend and fellow researcher of the weird Colin Schneider, and also found some cool, non-crypto related stuff…

Mountain Monsters: "The Black Wolf"

A new episode of Mountain Monsters is on tonight at 10 pm. The episode is "The Black Wolf."

"The AIMS team learns that a mysterious creature rooted in Native American folklore, known as the Black Wolf, roams the Dark Forest. A local shaman reveals that its presence may spell disaster for team member Jeff, whose behavior continues to cause concern. Team leader Trapper decides to remove him from the mission, which only escalates Jeff's odd behavior to the point that he puts himself in danger by going out into the forest on his own. The rest of the team conducts a covert rescue operation that leads to a shocking revelation."
Oh good lord.

So it seems that there will probably be no creature in this one at all, just like last few episodes…

If you have absolutely nothing to do to night, I guess you could check out Mountain Monsters. 

SOSBI Bigfoot Talk - Pictures

A few pics from the SOSBI talk held at the Pataskala, Ohio public library last Saturday, April 22…

Big Cat Sightings in Australia

Recently there have been a few reports of mystery big cats coming from Australia, as well as England.

The HeraldSun is reporting on a photo of a mystery cat that was recently revealed:

"A Victorian man has come forward with a night image of what he believes is a big cat sighted in West Gippsland.  "The man, who did not want to be named, said the photo was taken last August and shows what appears to be a large puma-like cat wading through water. "It was supplied to Leader after recent sightings by two Yarra Ranges residents who said they had seen big cats in December and April 2016 (Leader, April 18).  "He said there had been many sightings of big cats over the years by farmers, police, rangers and state government officials but authorities wanted the fact kept secret to prevent shooters from running wild. "Leader received more than 30 emails from people across the country after the latest big cat sighting in Warburton East.  "But the government has refuse…

Kent Paranormal Weekend 2017

Coming up this weekend, April 29 & 30 in Kent, Ohio!

This Saturday I'm heading up to the Kent Paranormal Weekend. Many speakers will be there, discussing things such as ghosts, cryptozoology, men in black, etc. Speakers include Nick Redfern, Jim Harold, Jeff Belanger, Ohio Bigfoot Hunters, and others.

My good friend Colin Schneider (of the Crypto-Kid podcast and Blog) will be at the event as well. If you're there come say hi!

More info on the event can be found here. Tickets are available here.

Evidence of Mystery Big Cat in England?

Evidence that could point to a mystery big cat has been found in St. Albans, Hertferdshire, England. A mutilated carcass of a muntjac deer has been found, and some think that sightings of mystery big cats could be related.
The Herts Advertiser reports:

"The mutilated muntjac corpse, stripped down its spine and missing a bottom half, was found last month (March 1) at about 8am along Sheepcote Lane in Wheathampstead by a 44-year-old dog walker, who wished to remain anonymous. "Her interest was piqued when the dog started sniffing around something on the ground - it turned out to be chunks of fresh meat littering the undergrowth. "When they continued to walk she stumbled upon the rest of the left-over remains, pictured above. "As its eves were clear black she believes it had been freshly savaged, and when she returned the next morning it was gone. "She said: 'I don't know what did it - I heard about female foxes killing things, but I really don't know,…

Crypto-Kid - Richard Freeman Tonight

A new episode of Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid is on tonight! Tonight's guest is Richard Freeman.

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid I am joined by Richard Freeman, cryptozoologist and one of the top authorities on dragons. Richard and I will be discussing dragons and the recent Centre for Fortean Zoology expedition to Tasmania to look for the Thylacine. I'm extremely excited for this episode, I know it'll be a hit."
Be sure to check out Crypto-Kid tonight on WCJV Radio.

Mountain Monsters: "Enter the Dark Forest" - And Some Thoughts on the New Season

A  new Mountain Monsters is on tonight at 10 on Destination America. Tonight's episode is "Enter the Dark Forest:"

"The AIMS team enters the Dark Forest to capture the Woman of the Woods. The Dark Forest has a grip around Jeff and they realize that this is the home to not only the Woman of the Woods and a Bigfoot, but another mysterious creature: the Black Wolf."
Not really looking forward to these anymore. The first two episodes of this season were stupid. I was really hoping this whole thing with the "Rogue Team" would be finished after that, but it isn't. And, apparently, the Rogue Team weren't the ones who shot the Stonish Giant. So I really don't see the point of this anymore.

And from the previews, we know that Buck is going to act like an idiot again and think he's in charge, and when Trapper tells him he isn't, he just gets mad at the whole team like he's done the other times. Sigh.

Another thing I didn't like was …

SOSBI Library Talk Today

Today, the Southestern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI) is giving a Bigfoot presentation at the Pataskala (Ohio) Public Library at 2 PM. Doug Waller of SOSBI is the speaker. The presentation is open to anyone who would be interested. I'm heading out for it soon.

Also, Doug's third book, Screams in the Night: More Bigfoot Stories from Ohio and Beyond, will be out very soon!

Science Professor Talks Bigfoot

A new article is up about Dr. Mark Wilson's Bigfoot talk that I went to on Monday:

"LOUDONVILLE, Ohio -- Bigfoot believers and skeptics alike packed Loudonville's Ohio Theatre on Monday night for a scientific discussion of the legendary ape-human hybrid said to roam the North American continent. "Mark Wilson, a geology and natural sciences professor at the College of Wooster, led the presentation, titled 'A Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot,' to explain scientists do not believe it's likely the creature truly exists.  "'I've long been interested in the Bigfoot legend and other strange and unusual things,' Wilson said. "Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch or Grassman in Ohio, is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal, ape-like creature that lives in the woods of North America. "Wilson used the scientific method, starting with the hypothesis: 'Bigfoot is real.' "He then listed several examples of reported proof, li…

Is Nessie "Missing?"

Nessie? Missing? What?

Some people think "she" is.

There haven't been any reported sightings of any of the Loch Ness Monsters since last year, Gary Campbell, who keeps a record of Nessie sightings, notes.

The Daily Mail reports:

"The Loch Ness Monster has been 'declared missing' by its official recorder admitting he is 'worried' that there has been no sightings of her for eight months. "Gary Campbell, keeper of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, said concerns were raised following a spike in the number of reported appearances in 2016. "It comes after the Home Office recently rejected a bid by a group of artists from Glasgow to grant the Loch Ness Monster permanent UK residency after Brexit. "Mr Campbell said: 'We're quite worried that there has been an eight month gap since the last sighting. "'Last year was a record year for the 21st Century with eight sightings and then she seems to have disappeared. &…

Crypto-Kid: Jon Downes - Archived

Yesterday my good friend Colin Schneider had Jon Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology on his Crypto-Kid podcast. You can check out the archived show here. Definitely check this one out! Jon is a hoot! And, some very interesting topics are discussed too.

From the Crypto-Kid Facebook page:

"I had a great time chatting about the Owlman, Nessie, and the Centre for Fortean Zoology on the Crypto-Kid last night with my very good friend Jonathan Downes. He was an excellent guest and will be coming back sometime in the future. I hope everyone who listened in enjoyed the show as much as I did."

"A Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot" - Pictures

Some pictures from tonight's talk by Dr. Mark Wilson in Loudonville, Ohio on a scientist's perspective on Bigfoot.  A very interesting talk! Dr. Wilson examined many pieces of supposed evidence, like footprints, hair, DNA, photos/videos, etc. While concluding that from a scientific point of view these things, along with eyewitness accounts, can't prove that Bigfoot exists, he does not think that they definitely don't exist. Though implausible, he said, by scientific standpoints, it is not impossible.

There were also lots of cool movie posters hanging around the Ohio Theatre, where the talk was held!

Mountain Monsters: "The Rogue Team Rises, Part 2"

On tomorrow at 10 pm is the second episode of the new Mountain Monsters season, "The Rogue Team Rises, Part 2:"

"After being abducted, the AIMS team faces a mysterious man who offers them a deal with an incredible payoff. The team suddenly realizes Trapper is missing and they set off to locate him in a race against time after finding a trail of blood."
Pretty sure Trapper's OK since he's been posting stuff on Facebook saying "watch the new season!"

I don't have high hopes for this episode since last week's was probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen. The ending was especially terrible. Also sick and tired of Buck thinking he's in charge of everything. Let's hope this doesn't continue all season.

"A Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot" - April 17

Coming up next Monday, April 17th - an interesting sounding Bigfoot program in Loudonville, Ohio. I'm going to go check it out. -Keep in mind the location has changed from what it says on the image. -

The speaker is Dr. Mark Wilson, and he will be talking about a "scientific perspective on Bigfoot."

Here's some more info from the Ashland Source:

"LOUDONVILLE -- Due to overwhelming response, the 'Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot' program has moved from the Cleo Redd Fisher Musuem to The Ohio Theatre in Loudonville on Monday, April 17 at 7 p.m. "The change in venue is to accommodate a much larger crowd. The theatre is located at 156 North Water Street in Loudonville. "The program is still free and open to the public, and will begin shortly after 7 PM in order for guests to find the new location."
If you're in the Loudonville area Monday, check it out!

Crypto-Kid - Timothy Renner Archived

Didn't get a chance Monday to post this before it was on, but this week Colin Schneider had Timothy Renner on his Crypto-Kid show. Tim is the author of the book Beyond the Seventh Gateand is currently working on a book on Pennsylvania Bigfoot stories.

Anyway, the show can now be listened too in the archive here. I recommend that you check it out! A very, very good episode.

Biscardi, Bigfoot, and $1 Million

A Bigfoot hunt is happening in Ohio at the moment, and it has gotten a lot of news coverage.

WCPO Cincinnati reports:

"If you're a believer, you might hunk you have to travel far out west to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot. "One group thinks the famed creature of folklore might be closer to home. "California-based Searching for Bigfoot traveled to Youngstown this week after a man claimed he took a photo of a sasquatch there, WKBN reports. "In fact, Xavier King told the Youngstown television station he saw Bigfoot twice. ""'I had seen something, I don't know what it was, I had seen something, that's all I know,' Kind told WKBN. 'I got out and took a picture.' "Scientists widely discredit sightings as misidentifications or outright hoaxes. People sometimes mistake black bears for the mythic creatures, experts say. Other hoaxes have involved people wearing fake suits, including a man hit and killed by a car four years ago. "T…

Not an Orang Pendek

At the end of March, I put up a post about a film that reportedly shows a "lost tribe member" or something of that sort, filmed in Sumatra. The film was also posted on Cryptomundo, where it was asked if it was an "Orang Pendek captured on camera?"
The film, which starts off with a "Fredography" introduction (suspicious), shows some people riding on dirt bikes in the jungle. Suddenly, a little, apparently naked, man runs out in front of them. When first viewing it, it didn't even look to me like he ran out, and just appeared in front of them. Looking closely, though, I do think I see him run out of the trees. One of the bikers falls down as the man runs right in front of him, and the guy who shot the video, apparently with a go-pro on his head, follows it. The man runs into the brush and disappears. 
Some Cryptomundo commenters made some good points:
"Interesting. If you translate the title, it doesn't purport to show orang pendek, i…

Mountain Monsters: "The Rogue Team Rises, Part 1"

An all-new season of Mountain Monsters starts tomorrow! The first few episodes (at least) are continuing from the last season and AIMS is going against the "Rogue Team." It all starts with "The Rogue Team Rises, Part 1."

Below is the episode description:

"After 9 months of silence, the Rogue Team emerges from the shadows after team member  Buck tries to take matters into his own hands. The AIMS team meets face to face with this other mysterious team to find out who they are and what they are after." The Destination America website is also listing another new(?) episode at eight o'clock tomorrow, before that one. It's called "Shadow Battle: The Rogue Team Rises:"

"The AIMS team heads back to Perry County, OH to go after The Ohio Grassman. While investigating, they soon realize that they are begin followed by The Rogue Team. The team must decide whether they should back down from this dangerous adversary."
And, don't forget …

SasWhat - Colin Schneider

At the end of March, my good friend Colin Schneider was on the SasWhat podcast talking Bigfoot and cryptids. You can check out the archived show here.

Mountain Monsters Week - New Season Starts Saturday

Since the new season is starting this Saturday, this week is "Mountain Monsters Week" on Destination America.

BroadWayWorld has some more info about the new season:

"For four years, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) have fought a tooth-and-nail battle to trap mysterious monsters that threaten the safety of mountain communities. They've hunted Bigfoot, Sheepsquatch, Hellhounds, and dozens of other beasts, but along the way the tables turned. Now these lifelong hunters are being hunted by a masked rival team with ulterior, dangerous motives. AIMS continues their mission to investigate monsters in an all-new eight-episode season of Mountain Monsters premiering Saturday, April 8 at 10/9c on Destination America. "'This season more than ever before, Mountain Monsters puts the AIMS team front and center as they respond to the challenge of their rivals,' said Jane Latman general manager of Destination America. 'As the team jumps b…

The Cryptid Atlas Project

Big news! Some of you probably know I am good friends with Colin Schneider, another researcher of the unknown. Yesterday when I was on his Crypto-Kid radio he announced a book the two of us are working on. For those interested, here is some more about the project.

Last November, Colin emailed me with an idea about a cool project. And cool it was! Later that month we met up to discuss it in person and figure out what each of us would do. The project is a "Cryptid atlas." We are creating lists, each focusing on a different type of cryptid (for example, one is on hominids like Bigfoot, one is dogmen/canines, one is lake monsters, etc), and we are then going to map out where each of these cryptids is seen. I think it is going to be pretty awesome when we get it all put together and published.

So be on the lookout for more updates on that book, which, as of right now, is not named, and will not be out for quite a while probably because we each still have a ton of stuff to do.


Reminder: Crypto-Kid - Tyler Houck Tonight

A reminder to TCZ readers - tonight I will be on Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid show at 8 pm EST on WCJV Digital Broadcasting. We will be talking about how I became interested, my books, cryptid cases, and what it's like being teenaged cryptozoologists. Be sure to tune in tonight and check it out!

From the Crypto-Kid FB page:

"Don't miss the fourth episode of my weekly radio show Crypto-Kid tonight on WCJV Digital Broadcasting at 8 pm EST. This week I will be joined by my very good friend Tyler Houck to discuss his thoughts on cryptozoology and what it is like to be an up-and-coming cryptozoologist. This is going to be a great show. Don't miss it. You can listen live and join the chatroom here:"

Well, after some technical difficulties were sorted out and we got going, a great time was had by all! Thanks to all those who listened and I hope you enjoyed. Thanks Cyndi Johnpier for dealing with Skype and thanks Colin for h…

Mystery Big Cat Photographed in Scotland?

The Daily Mail is reporting on a recent sighting of a "black panther" close to Inverness, in Scotland. (Those who have ever heard anything about the Loch Ness Monsters will know that Inverness is close to that lake).

Paul Dawson, the photographer, saw the cat last weekend.

"A postman has spotted a 'big cat' roaming the fields on the outskirts of Inverness. "Paul Dawson took a picture of the black cat with he 300mm long-lens camera at the weekend in a field close to Milton of Leys in the Scottish Highlands. "He says he was standing around 600yards away from the animal with a long black tail that appeared much larger than a domestic cat when he pictured it.  "It was taken around 10 miles from where the famous Beast of Embo was spotted by two sisters in 2011 after a farmer reported that 18 of his sheep had been killed in 2011."
Dawson described what happened when he saw the big cat: "My house looks over to the A9 and I always have the camer…