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Friday, April 7, 2017

Mountain Monsters: "The Rogue Team Rises, Part 1"

An all-new season of Mountain Monsters starts tomorrow! The first few episodes (at least) are continuing from the last season and AIMS is going against the "Rogue Team." It all starts with "The Rogue Team Rises, Part 1."

Below is the episode description:

"After 9 months of silence, the Rogue Team emerges from the shadows after team member  Buck tries to take matters into his own hands. The AIMS team meets face to face with this other mysterious team to find out who they are and what they are after."
The Destination America website is also listing another new(?) episode at eight o'clock tomorrow, before that one. It's called "Shadow Battle: The Rogue Team Rises:"

"The AIMS team heads back to Perry County, OH to go after The Ohio Grassman. While investigating, they soon realize that they are begin followed by The Rogue Team. The team must decide whether they should back down from this dangerous adversary."

And, don't forget that Mountain Monsters will be on all day today and tomorrow because it is Mountain Monsters Week!

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