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Monday, April 3, 2017

Reminder: Crypto-Kid - Tyler Houck Tonight

A reminder to TCZ readers - tonight I will be on Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid show at 8 pm EST on WCJV Digital Broadcasting. We will be talking about how I became interested, my books, cryptid cases, and what it's like being teenaged cryptozoologists. Be sure to tune in tonight and check it out!

From the Crypto-Kid FB page:

"Don't miss the fourth episode of my weekly radio show Crypto-Kid tonight on WCJV Digital Broadcasting at 8 pm EST. This week I will be joined by my very good friend Tyler Houck to discuss his thoughts on cryptozoology and what it is like to be an up-and-coming cryptozoologist. This is going to be a great show. Don't miss it. You can listen live and join the chatroom here:"


Well, after some technical difficulties were sorted out and we got going, a great time was had by all! Thanks to all those who listened and I hope you enjoyed. Thanks Cyndi Johnpier for dealing with Skype and thanks Colin for having me on. Would definitely love to be back on sometime!

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