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Raw Story: Bigfoot is a Demon

Raw Story is reporting that Bigfoot was recently brought up on a "Religious-right radio show." Hostess Janet Mefferd apparently asked guest Tim Dailey "how Christians should view Bigfoot."

And here's how Tim Daily explains Bigfoot:

It's real. It's a projection. It's a demonic virtual reality, but it's not nuts-and-bolts, in this case, flesh-and-blood creatures. It's part of the devil's modus operandi. He has always used this kind of phenomena to, once again destabilize, to engender fear, to open us up to the possibilities of other realities and other beings and then we begin getting involved with demonic spirits. So yeah, all through history there have been many, many different varieties of beings that are primarily spiritual beings that have terrorized civilizations and peoples and non-Christian cultures are very aware of this.
SOURCE: Raw Story 

Any fake Shark Week shows this year?

Shark Week kicked off it's 30th year on Discovery Channel today. It'll be interesting to see if there are any fake "documentaries" this week (we all remember Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives from a few years ago…) or if they're just all "tag that shark" shows.

Cryptid News Round-Up: 7/15-7/21

Article Ideas, Anyone?

Colin Schneider and I are now collaborating on what will be a book that is a collection of articles on various cryptozoological topics from both of us. We're aiming to have the book out sometime in August (or around there). I'm writing this to reach out to any readers - are there any certain topics you would like to see in a book that you would like Colin or I to write an article on?

If so, comment and let me know and we might put it in the book!

Delta Discovery: "Legendary Bigfoot sighted near Kasigluk"

"A family out egg hunting last spring near their village of Kasigluk came upon an incredible sight - a large, dark, hairy creature walking upright was heading towards them."

So starts an article from June 16th on The Delta Discovery, Inc. It continues:

They - two teenaged brothers and their mom - were on the outskirts of the village riding their 4-wheeler when they saw it. It was approximately around 3pm, and the weather was beautiful, although slightly cloudy. School was out for the summer and the date was May 29th, 2012.
This part I find kind of odd, since in the beginning of the article it says "last spring" and I could find no indication that this piece had been previously published…


"We came across it by the lagoon here in Kasigluk [Alaska]. It was back there southeast of Fox Lake," one of the witnesses (unnamed) is quoted as saying. "After it passed, we looked at each other and thought, 'we just saw Bigfoot.'"

At first the …

Bigfoot attacks person taking selfie?

"Bigfoot Mauls Wyoming Tourist Who Wanted Selfie" is the headline of an article on KGAB AM 650 from July 13th.

It reads:

It was bound to happen sooner or later. These tourist in Wyoming just can't seem to get it through their heads that these wild animals don't want to take selfies with them. This case makes it even worse. Folks have been trying to get a decent photo of Bigfoot for decades. Finally someone gets close enough to get a good photo. What do they do? Blow it by trying to get a selfie with Mr. Big and hairy. Maybe it was Mrs. Big and Hairy. It's hard to tell. Why this woman thought turning her back to the beast and making a fish face into her cell phone was a good idea is another mystery. Clearly this irritated the monster. Anyway, she's in the hospital, recovering. She is awake and will make a full recover. She does not seemed to be too worried about her bashed skull or broken ribs. All she talks about is what a big Sasquatch jerk is for breaking …

10 years later, Montauk Monster still causes controversy

The infamous "Montauk Monster" was discovered just over 10 years ago, on July 12, 2008, in Montauk, New York. Jenna Hewitt took a photo of the strange-looking animal remains that soon after, as quoted from the website Dan's Papers, which posted a new article on the creature on the anniversary, "broke the internet."

The story first broke on July 23, 2008 when The East Hampton Independent gave it the headline "The Hound of Bonacville." On July 29, the website Gawker ran the story and it became viral news. Also on July 29th, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman put up a post on Cryptomundo and asked "what is this animal?" Coleman also coined the name "Montauk Monster."

No one really knows what happened to the carcass after it was discovered, though it has remained a very popular "modern cryptid," with people still speculating as to its origins today, 10 years later.

Was it a real monster? A secret experiment? Probably not. More li…

Cryptid News Round-Up - 7/08-7/14

Man who claims he’s survived yowie attacks knocked man unconscious

Zoe Zaczek writes on The Daily Mail: "A man who claims he has been attacked by a yowie on two occasions has pleaded guilty to assaulting his neighbour."

On Wednesday, Yowie researcher Dean Harrison pleaded guilty to punching his neighbor in the face several times and knocking him unconscious, after Harrison complained about the neighbor's noisy dogs. The man visited Harrison with his mother on January 20th to have a calm conversation about the noise problem.

"The trio engaged in calm conversation before Harrison suddenly bashed the victim. The attack was captured on video footage and played for the court. Following the altercation, the victim was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment."

Harrison's defense lawyer Angus Edwards argued that he was struggling "with emotional stress as his 17-year-old daughter was experience issues at the time of the out-of-character assault." Edwards also told the court that Harrison had written an apo…

“Popular podcast highlights Lake Champlain monster”

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise is running a new article concerning Champ the lake monster:

A podcast which about 5 million people listen to each month recently gave the history of a local legend sandwiched between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks. In his 'Mind the Gap' episode released Monday, Lore podcast host Aaron Mahnke details the terrifying history of a monster many in the North Country affectionately know as Champ, the Lake Champlain equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster.  Mahnke explains that Native Americans who inhabited Vermont and the Aidrondacks in the 1600s already had a version of the Champ story, but it's a far cry from the friendly, souvenir-selling Champ known today. 'If anyone found themselves on the water [of Lake Champlain] in a boat, they were prohibited from shouting or cursing,' Mahnke says in the episode. 'Why? Because a monster lived in the waters there.' Mahnke goes on to explain that the threat of the lake monster had beco…

AiPT!: Why does belief in Bigfoot and Nessie Persist?

Adventures in Poor Taste has a new article up on their website about why people continue to believe in cryptids even when there is no evidence, which reads:

Of course by now you've heard about the 'environmental DNA' research recently conducted in Loch Ness. It's a neat, new technique that sifts through the stuff that sloughs off organisms to find out what's living in a particular place. If something novel and undocumented turns up in the Loch - that would be pretty great.But what if it doesn't? Will that make Nessie believers give up the ghost? Not likely. We reached out to AiPT! contributor and Board-Certified psychiatrist, Richard Schloss, to find out why.  The Loch Ness monster. Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The Yeti. El Chupacabra. The Mothman. The Jersey Devil. These mythical creatures, or cryptids, are quite literally the stuff of legends. And yet, millions of otherwise (presumably) rational people believe in them, study them, and in many cases claim to have seen th…

Cryptid News Round-Up - 7/01-7/07

Roland Watson on Conspiracy Unlimited

On July 4th, Nessie author Roland Watson was on Richard Syrett's Conspiracy Unlimited podcast. You can listen to it here.

Richard welcomes a researcher and author describe his search for the elusive Loch Ness monster. For centuries, people have claimed to have seen a strange creature swimming in the murky waters of Britain's biggest body of water - Loch Ness. However, a small but sensational number of these witnesses have claimed to have seen the same creature lurking on the beaches, and on land surrounding the Loch. In ancient folklore, there were descriptions of supernatural 'water horses' on land near the Loch. In the modern ere, these type of reports of 'Nessie' began in 1933, he noted, when on a hot summer's day in July, a witness said he saw what looked like a 'prehistoric creature' crossing the road in front of him. GUEST: Resident of Scotland Roland Watson has been a long-time researcher of the legends and evidence for the Loch Ness Monster…

Daily Mail: "What to do if you catch the Loch Ness monster"

In 2001, the Scottish National Heritage created a "partly serious, partly fun" code of practice to be used if a Nessie is ever actually caught at Loch Ness.

Since interest in the creature has been growing thanks to the recent DNA study of the loch by a team of international scientists, the plan is begin brought back up.

The Daily Mail says that "[The code] states that a DNA sample should be taken from any new creature, so that scientists can study it."

"Then it should be released back into the loch with measures put in place to make sure it is not disturbed - as it would be an extremely rare species needing conservation."

Nick Halfhide, a member of SNH, said: "There was a lot of activity on the loch at the time about Nessie [2001]. So, partly serious and partly for a bit of fun, we drew up a contingency plan about how we would help Nessie if and when she was found. Some of the lessons we learned then have been relevant when we have reintroduced speci…

Whitehall Declares Sasquatch its "Official Animal"

Whitehall, NY is famous in the cryptozoological community for supposed Bigfoot sightings that occurred there in the 1970s, and is sometimes called "Bigfoot Capital of the East Coast." Over the years, Whitehall has embraced the stories and has also been featured on documentaries. And now, this news comes from the town:

An Upstate New York community this month declared Sasquatch - commonly known as 'Bigfoot' - the community's official animal. The Whitehall Village Board unanimously passed the resolution at its June meeting. The resolution notes that there are four prominent Bigfoot statues in the community and that the 'annual Bigfoot Half Marathon and a Sasquatch Festival draws people from 200 miles around the Northeast U.S. and Canada, all making Whitehall [a] tourism destination-point for Bigfoot searchers,' reported the Albany Times Union.
 The resolution also declared that the last Saturday of September will be "Sasquatch Appreciation Day" i…

Believers Gather at First ECBRO Bigfoot Conference

FISHERSVILLE - Sasquatch. Yeti. Wendigo. Grassman. What you call him depends largely on where you live. But one name seems to reign supreme for the hairy ape-like man that has been the subject [of] legends, myths, and alleged encounters for centuries: Bigfoot.
So starts an article on the Daily Progress website of Virginia. Over the weekend the first annual Virginia Bigfoot Conference was held in Fisherville, VA, hosted by the East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization.

 Daniel Benoit, the founder of the ECBRO, said those who were skeptical of Bigfoot's existence were welcome to the conference as well. "If a nonbeliever wants to come out, they [need to] be respectful - that's all we ask. Nobody is telling you to believe in this or that. That's not what it's about."

However, from the article it seems that believers made up the majority of the attendants.

The 'She Squatchers,' one of a number of groups and individuals speaking at the event, kicked thin…

Folklore/Urban Legend Series - Moving to a Book

For the past several months, I've done a series of posts on this blog looking at folklore and urban legends from around the United States. Recently I decided to change some things on this blog and make it fully about news in the cryptozoology world.

I still wanted to do something looking at urban legends, however. So, I've decided to take the posts I've already written on the blog (10) and add forty others to compile all 50 into a book on urban legends in the USA. I'm planning on hopefully having the first draft finished up by the end of the summer, and hopefully having the book itself out by the end of the summer or early this fall.

I will post more updates when it gets closer to being finished!


Cryptid News Round-Up - 6/24-6/30