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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mystery Hunters: Banshee/Mothman

This is an episode of Mystery Hunters, an old TV show that used to be on Discovery Kids when it was still a channel. This show was one of the first things that got me interested in cryptozoology and unexplained things in general. In this episode Araya goes to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to investigate the Mothman, Christina goes to investigate the banshee, and Doubting Dave does some crazy science experiments, like always. : )
The first time I heard about the Mothman was when I watched this episode.

*I did not upload this video on YouTube and I do not own Mystery Hunters. For entertainment purposes ONLY.*

Rare Megamouth Shark Discovered Recently

Recently, a rare megamouth shark was discovered. Megamouths have a connection with cryptozoology. Megamouths were only discovered in 1976 and is extremely rare. It shows that there are still species that people don't know about, even though everyone apparently thinks we've discovered every animal species on the planet(until a new animal is discovered!)
The megamouth shark discovered recently
The megamouth discovered recently was dead and 15 feet long. It washed up on shore in the Philippines and is going to be held on ice until an autopsy is held.

New Monsters and Mysteries in America and Crypto Marathon on Destination America Today!

Starting at 1 PM, Destination America will be airing a crypto marathon, until 5 AM tomorrow.

Mountain Monsters: "Bloodless Howler of Harrison County" is on from 1 PM to 2 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Hogzilla of Hocking Hills" is on from 2 PM to 3 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Grafton Monster of Taylor County" is on from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Wild Bill's Bear Beast" is on from 4 PM to 5 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "The Swamp" is on from 5 PM to 6 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Ozarks" is on from 6 PM to 7 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Pacific Northwest" is on from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Ohio Grassman, Green-Clawed Beast, Big Muddy Monster" is on from 8 PM to 9 PM.

NEW Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Sabine Thing, Lightning Psychic" is on from 9 PM to 10 PM.

UFOs: Best Evidence Ever is on from 10 PM to 11 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Ohio Grassman, Green-Clawed Beast, Big Muddy Monster" is on from 11 PM to 12 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Sabine Thing, Lightning Psychic" is on from 12 AM to 1 AM.

UFOs: Best Evidence Ever is on from 1 AM to 2 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Pacific Northwest" is on from 2 AM to 3 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Ohio Grassman, Green-Clawed Beast, Big Muddy Monster" is on from 3 AM to 4 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Sabine Thing, Lightning Psychic" is on from 4 AM to 5 AM.

Destination America will have some good shows on today. Be sure to tune in or record them!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mystery Hunters: UFO Encounter/Crop Circles

This is an episode from Mystery Hunters, an old show that used to air on Discovery Kids and which was also one of the things that got me interested in cryptozoology and unexplained things in general. This episode is "Alien Encounter, Crop Circles". Christina goes to Brazil to investigate an alien sighting, Araya goes to England to find out the truth about crop circles, and Doubting Dave does some crazy science experiments like always. : )

*I do not own the video shown or Mystery Hunters. Put this up for entertainment only.*

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Sabine Thing, Lightinig Psychic" This Weekend

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Sabine Thing, Lightning Psychic" airs tomorrow at 9 PM. This is the episode description from Destination America:

"A day by the water turns into a nightmare as a group is terrorized by fearsome creatures lurking along the Sabine River. Lightning strikes can be fatal, but two survivors develop astonishing psychic powers that they've used to help stop crimes."
Lyle Blackburn
 Lyle Blackburn posted on Cryptomundo today that he will be appearing on the new episode along with several other people.

Mountain Monsters will be on from 1 PM to 5 PM tomorrow, Monsters and Mysteries is on from 5 to 10, and UFOs: Best Evidence Ever is on after that. I know what I'll be watching tomorrow!

The Cat That Came Back From the Dead

You've always heard that cats have nine lives. Well, I think this one really does.

A cat in Florida was hit by a car and was dead, or so his owners thought. He was checked and was unresponsive, so they buried him.

Five days later, the cat showed up in a neighbor's yard! The cat looked like he was in pretty bad shape on the outside, but inside he was just fine. Veterinarians could do surgery to fix him up a bit, and now he's doing fine.

To see more on the zombie cat see here.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

C.C.S.' C.A.P.

The Center for Cryptozoological Studies is working on a Cryptid Archive Project. They are trying to find and archive old cryptid reports. C.C.S. is headed by Brian and Terrie Seech of Pennsylvania. Brian has appeared on several cryptid documentaries, including Monsters and Mysteries in America on Destination America. The ultimate goal of the C.A.P. is to create an archive of all cryptid reports. If you know of any old cryptid reports, newspaper clipping, books, etc., please let C.C.S. know!

You can see C.C.S.' website here.

Cryptids of the Week: 1/25-1/31, 2015

Welcome to the 9th Cryptids of the Week! These are the two cryptids chosen for the week of January 25 thru 31, 2015.

Van Meter Visitor

The town of Van Meter, Iowa, was terrorized by a strange flying monster in 1903. The thing has come to be known as the Van Meter Visitor and was described as a half-human half-bat monster, with giant wings and a horn on its head. It was said to have come out of an old mine shaft near Van Meter and terrorized the town for a few nights. It was shot at and was seen climbing a telephone pole, flying over buildings, and hopping like a kangaroo! Later, residents saw one creature and another, smaller one near the mine shaft. The two creatures went back into shaft and have never been seen since.
No one really knows what the Visitor was. Maybe there's a whole colony of strange flying monsters living under Van Meter, and maybe that's why it shot a light from its head?!
In 2010 a book about the creature was published called The Van Meter Visitor: A True and Mysterious Encounter With the Unknown by Chad Lewis, Kevin Lee Nelson, and Noah Voss.
Van Meter Visitor drawing,
based on eyewitness descritions
from Cryptomundo

Loveland Frogmen

Strange creatures that became known as the Loveland Frogs(also Loveland Frogmen) were first seen in Loveland, Ohio, in 1955. At 3:30 AM one night, a businessman saw three bipedal, amphibian-like beings. He said they stood about 3 to 4 feet tall, and they had "frog like heads" with wrinkles instead of hair. He saw one of the creatures lift up a "wand" above its head that shot sparks. He left.
Another one of the creatures was spotted in 1972. A police officer saw the thing jump up when it was on the road, and then it jumped over a guardrail and ran down to the Little Miami River. He too said the thing was three to four feet tall, and he thought it weighed about 75 pounds. Two weeks later, another police officer, Mark Matthews, also saw one of the frogmen. Years later he changed his story and said he only saw a lizard, but many think he did that to avoid ridicule that comes with seeing a frog-man.
The Loveland Frogmen could be somehow related to other strange reptillian and amphibian cryptids, including the Thetis Lake Monster, Green-Clawed Beast, Bishopville Lizardman, and others.

Loveland Frogman

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The US Army Knows That Bigfoot Exists?!

There are some people who think the United States government knows Bigfoot exists. Many also think they know UFOs and such exists, myself included, but I'm not going to go into that right now.
Army Corps of Engineers says Bigfoot exists in Northwest US and Siberia
News article on Bigfoot' recognition by US Army
There's an article on titled "Bigfoot declared to exist in 1974.' It says that in that year the US Army officially recognized the creatures known as Bigfoot/Sasquatch to be living in the US and Russia.

The Washington Enviormental Atlas even included Bigfoot as a creature living in the state that year. The atlas said that the FBI had done testing on Bigfoot hair samples that did not come back as any human or known animal. The atlas desribed Bigfoots as being 8 to 10 feet tall, weihgning up to 1000 pounds and with feet up to 24 inches long.

The atlas stated that the FBI could not provide any info on the hair samples. Why? Were they told to cover up Bigfoot? Many people think the US government does cover up Bigfoot. What do you think? Do they, and if so, why?

Has Nessie Collided with Boats?

You'd think that if a creature that's about 30 feet long lived in Loch Ness it might have bumped into some boats. Manatees collide with boats all the time. So, why doesn't Nessie? Truth be told, the monster(s) has collided with boats, at least twice.

In the first incident a Royal Navy patrol boat was badly damaged after running into something in the Loch. When the skipper filed the accident report to the Admiralty they didn't believe him!

Around 1978 another boat collided with something big on the Loch and an elderly passenger actually had a heart attack and died the next day! : ( When the boat was pulled out of the water black skin and flesh was found on it. For some reason the people that pulled the boat out threw the flesh and skin in the Caledonian Canal, and it was lost forever! Say goodbye to the best evidence of the Loch Ness Monster ever!

For more on Nessie colliding with boats and to see the rest of the stroy click here.

Do you think it was Nessie that collided with those boats? What else in Loch Ness would be big enough to do that? It's not everyday you hear about a lake monster colliding with a boat, but it has happened at other lakes, too. Too bad the skin and flesh was thrown in the Caledonian Canal when it was taken off the boat, if it wasn't maybe Nessie would have been proven to be real a long time ago.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Does Bigfoot Like Pancakes?

Anyone reading this right now has probably looked at the title already and thought "what the heck?" I would have probably thought the same thing if I wasn't the one writing it.

Yes, this post is called Does Bigfoot Like Pancakes. The reason being: there are a couple of Bigfoot reports where the creature is said to eat pancake flour.

Albert Ostman claimed to have been kidnapped by a Sasquatch in 1924 and had to live with a family of them for about a week. Before he was kidnapped he was looking for gold near Toba Inlet in British Columbia. Each morning when he woke up he found that his supplies had been messed with and things were missing. On one of those mornings his pack sack was turned upside down, and the prunes and pancake flour in it were gone. If it was the sasquatch that later kidnaped him that took it, it would appear that it like pancake flour.

I also just read about another account in John Green's book Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us of a sasquatch stealing pancake flour. In 1968 another group of prospectors in Idaho found strange tracks around their camp. A metal can was bitten and a five pound bag of pancake flour was gone.

Maybe if someone really wants to find a Bigfoot they should go prospecting and take pancake flour with them!

Check out this Cool Close Up of Patty's Face and News on the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Pretty much everyone who has an interest in Bigfoot or cryptozoology in general has seen the Patterson-Gimlin film shot in Bluff Creek, California, on October 20, 1967. An image was posted on the Ohio Bigfoot Conference Facebook page today that is an artistic close up of Patty's face and in a darker shade.

An artistic close up of the face of Patty.
Looks like a bigfoot to me : )
image credit: OBC
The 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference is happening on May 16. Speakers announced so far are John Kirk III(cryptozoologist, author of In the Domain of the Lake Monsters and Discovering Cadborosaurus), Loren Coleman(cryptozoologist, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum and author of many great books on crypto stuff), Jim Sherman(bigfoot investigator from Michigan) and Bob Gimlin(af Patterson-Gimlin film fame.) The next speaker(s!) will be announced very soon! Here's what was posted on the OBC Facebook page about that on the 21st:

"Quick Ohio Bigfoot Conference May 16th, 2015 UPDATE!! 
Look for an additional speaker (or even two) to be announced the first week of February
: ) "

There will also be TWO Bigfoot movies premiering at the conference this year that will be able to be watched by people with tickets(Myself included!!!) One is a Bigfoot movie called Something in the Woods and the other is a documentary on the Minerva, Ohio, Bigfoot sightings called Minerva Monster. Both look awesome!

It looks like this year's conference will be amazing, probably even better than last year's!

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is taking place the weekend of May 16, 2015. Don't miss it!

Last year's OBC speakers, from left to right:
Cliff Barackman, Lyle Blackburn, Charlie Raymond,
Bob Gimlin, & Tom Yamarone
image credit: Kentucky Bigfoot

Update on SOSBI Bigfoot Conference in September

The SouthEastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation is hosting a Bigfoot conference at Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Conference Center on September 11 and 12, 2015. I posted about it earlier when the first two speakers were announced and tickets came on sale. Now the other two speakers have been announced.

Speakers are:

PAUL BARTHOLOMEW: author of Bigfoot Encounters in New York and Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England: Documented Evidence Stranger than Fiction. 

SCOTT CARPENTER: author of The Bigfoot Field Journal, Dogman: The Monsters are Real, team member of NABS, and avid blogger.

STEVE KULLS: author of What Would Sasquatch Do? and Fifty Large: The Real Story of the Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax and founder of

DAVID PAULIDES: author of The Hoopa Project, Tribal Bigfoot, and Missing 411. 

Tickets for the conference are available thru paypal, and vendor tables are also available. Adult tickets are $20 and children 12 and under are $10. Vendor tables are $50. For more on the conference and to get tickets click here. 

Image from SOSBI Facebook page

Conference dates are Friday afternoon, September 11, 2015 and all day Saturday, September 12, 2015 at Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Conference Center. 

It sounds like this conference will be awesome!

Possible Answer to the new Chupacabras Mystery?

*See the first post about the possible dead Chupacabas here.*

Recently a man in Chile found what he thought might be dead Chupacabras. The bodies of the dead creatures are quite weird.

the dead "chupacabras"
from Mysterious Universe
The red dot in the center of the pic is Monte Patria, Chile,
where the "chupacabras" were found
I said this in my first post about the bodies, and other people have said the same thing: I think they're just monkeys. Another person on Bigfoot Evidence(who was actually on topic!) said they were capuchin monkeys. I then did a google search of capuchin monkeys, and found that they do live in Central and South America.
Are where capuchin monkeys live is shown
on this map

2 capuchin monkeys…
who thinks these look like the two
dead creatures in the first picture?

After looking at the map above, however, it is obvious that the area where those monkeys live in quite far from Chile. But there are also lots of other places where monkeys live in South America, most notably the Amazon Rainforest.

My conclusion is that these "chupacabras", as much as I'd want them to be the real "goat suckers", are just some dead monkeys, or they could be dead cats, as some have said.

Some people have also said that the chupacabras that were/are seen in Puerto Rico starting in 1995 are just monkeys, and maybe the primates account for some of the sightings, but I think the real chupacabras is something totally different.

image from Cryptomundo

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Searching for Sasquatch in a Haunted Forest

The season finale of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot airs tonight at 10 PM. The team travels to Pennsylvania to look for sasquatch in a haunted forest! It also airs at 12 AM and 5 AM tomorrow.

This episode has actually made it to the news, for that click here.

Here's the episode description:

"The team travels to the eerie woods of Pennsylvania to investigate haunted forests that might be home to both sasquatch and specters. "

Finding Bigfoot: "Paranormal Squatchtivity" airs tonight at 10 on Animal Planet. 

Review of Monsters and Mysteries in America Season 3 So Far

The third season of Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America premiered on January 17th. The two episodes that have aired so far are:

"Men in Black Special"
Episode 1 of season three was all about
the mysterious Men in Black

"Tennessee Wildman; Subterranean Reptoid."
Some people think reptoids
live in sewers and tunnels beneath cities

Both episodes have been amazing and have documented extremely interesting cases of MIBs from all over, including the "grinning man" Indrid Cold(seen near Pt. Pleasant, WV during the Mothman flap in the '60s) a Wildman in Tennessee, and reptoids living below us. I really enjoyed both, especially last night's.

The nest episode will be "Sabine Thing; Lightning Psychics" and will air next Saturday.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crypto Marathon and New Monsters and Mysteries in America on Destination America Today and Tomorrow

Alaska Monsters and Mountain Monsters have been on Destination America today and other crypto shows are still on.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Aliens Cloned my Husband, Alien Matrix, Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction" is on from 5 PM to 6 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Wendigo, Dogman, Wolfman" is on from 6 PM to 7 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Batsquatch, Jersey Devil, Flying Humanoid" is on from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Chupacabra, Zombie Soldier, Lake Worth Monster" is on from 8 PM to 9 PM.

NEW Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Tennessee Wildman, Subterreanean Reptoid" is on from 9 PM to 10 PM.

UFOs: Best Evidence Ever is on from 10 PM to 11 PM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Chupacabra, Zombie Soldier, Lake Worth Monster" is on from 11 PM to 12 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Tennessee Wildman, Subterreanean Reptoid" is on from 12 AM to 1 AM.

UFOs: Best Evidence Ever is on from 1 AM to 2 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Batsquatch, Jersey Devil, Flying Humanoid" is on from 2 AM to 3 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Chupacabra, Zombie Soldier, Lake Worth Monster" is on from 3 AM to 4 AM.

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Tennessee Wildman, Subterreanean Reptoid" is on from 4 AM to 5 AM.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Possible Dead Chupacabras Found

A goat farmer in Monte Patria, Chile, recently found something that have other farmers worried about their goats.

While out at an old winery, he stumbled upon a few strange bodies that he did not think were bats:

When we got there we saw them lying among some hay bales in one of the cellars. At first we thought they might be bats, but when we looked closer, we realized they had to be something else as the heads were too big for bats. And then someone said they looked like Chupacabras.

Are these Chupacabras?
from Mysterious Universe

The bodies don't look like bats, and they don't look like the canine "chupacabras" reported in the US, but they do almost look like the chupacabras sighted in Puerto Rico and other areas in Latin America in the 1990s.

What do you think these things are? Are they really Chupacabras? They actually almost look like monkeys to me…..

For more see here.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Real "Sea Monster" Discovered in Scotland

Many people think lakes in Scotland (particularly Loch Ness) are inhabited by water monsters. Some believe these monsters to be survivors of the Mesozoic Era, and they may be.

Recently, an ancient marine reptile fossil was discovered in Scotland. It is not a plesiosaur fossil(like the common image of the Loch Ness Monster), but an Ichthyosaurs, a species of ancient fish-like reptiles. Scientists say that this new creature fills the gap of Ichthyosaurs during the Middle Jurassic Period. The new Ichthyosaur lived about 170 million years ago in Nessie's homeland.
Artist's rendering of the new Ichthyosaur Dearcmhara shawcrossi
from live

Could Nessie be an Ichthyosaur? Probably not. Most witnesses describe Nessie as having a long slender neck like a plesiosaur, and Ichthyosaurs did not have long necks and pretty much looked like huge fish. It's still a cool fossil find nonetheless.

Book Review: Hair-Raising Monster Stories by Brianna Hall

Hair Rasing Monser Stories is a book that came out last year that I recently discovered. It's targeted for younger readers(only 32 pages long) and is pretty similar to other books like itself, although it does cover a few cryptids you don't normally read about in books like it. Cryptids discussed include the "regulars" for books targeted at younger readers: Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, Mothman, but others in the book include the Jersey Devil, Mongolian Death Worm, Chupacabras, kraken, Mokele-Mbembe, Kongamato, and the book actually discusses what a cryptozoologist is.

This would be a great book to get for any younger kids interested in cryptozoology!

Return from the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip and Possible Bigfoot Photographed

Bill Brock and his team have returned from the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip. Sinc they got back to Maine they have had lots of Bigfoot reports, and one person sent in a photo. Here's what Brock had to say on Cryptomundo:

Since getting back from our Crypto-Paranormal Road Trip we have had a ton of new reports of Sasquatch here in our area. All of these reports are around the Turner Maine area or within a hour or so drive. We have had Possible Sasquatch photos and track photos sent to us.. These photos all seem to look like the Turner Bigfoot sighting. Now to be clear we still do not know what was filmed in Turner. It very well could have been a guy in a suit. You also have to remember we found tracks in the exact spot the video was filmed.
The thing I hear most is this possible Sasquatch doesn’t fit the the body type of the Sasquatch people are seeing online or on youtube. I can tell you that everyone on earth has a slightly different body type. No one is the same. Why do people think all Sasquatch has the exact same body type? Bottom Line without a specimen type we will never really know the Sasquatch…
Here is a new Photo from here in Maine.. What it is I have no Idea looks like it could be a just another Blobsquatch … But Team Rogue will find out the truth..

Bill Brock is a Bigfoot researcher and was also on the show Monsters Underground. 

See more on the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip on Typer's Cryptozoo:

I Don't Think I'd Want to be on the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip with Bill Brock Right Now
Update on Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip

Monsters and Mysteries in America: Tennesee Wildman and Subterranian Reptoid this weekend

Monsters and Mysteries in America: "Tennesee Wildman & Subterranean Reptoid" airs this Saturday, Jan. 24 at 9PM. Here's the episode description:

"Across America, unidentified creatures have terrorized entire towns. With an appetite for residents, cold-blooded, sewer dwelling reptoids are said to lurk beneath Los Angeles - and in the forests of Tennessee hunters encounter the legendary Wildman."
Monsters and Mysteries in America airs this Saturday at 9 PM on Destination America.

Cryptids of the Week: 1/18-1/24, 2015

Welcome to the 8th Cryptids of the Week! These are the cryptids chosen for January 18 thru 24, 2015.

Sheep Man

The Sheep Man is a creature similar to the goatman, and the two may actually be the same thing. Reports of these types of creatures come from all over the world and go back to ancient times. In the early 1970s, a creature called the Waterford Sheepman was seen near Waterford, Pennsylvania. The creature killed livestock and was sometimes seen running across the road and heading into the woods. One night the sheepman even attacked a car. The victims fought off the creature and sped away and had marks on the roof to prove it happened. Their parents did not want to tell the police. There have not  been many more encounters with the Waterford Sheepman, but creatures like it are still reported every once and a while. Creatures like the Pope Lick monster, Lake Worth Monster, and Sheepsquatch may all be in the "sheep man" category of cryptids, if they aren't goatmen!

from Cryptidz wiki

Kasai Rex

The Kasai Rex is one of several African cryptids said to be living dinosaurs, although some have described it as a giant lizard. It is said to live in the Dominican Republic of the Congo. 
One Kasai Rex story comes from 1932, when a Swedish explorer, John Johnson, saw a rhino while in Africa, and then saw a huge dinosaur-like creature rush out of the forest and kill it! He fainted but recovered in time to get a good look at the creature. He described it as red in color, with black stripes, and had a mouth full of teeth. He said it was about 43 feet long. It had thick legs that he said were built for speed. 
There are two photos that supposedly show Kasai Rex but both are proven to be fake. One is of a large lizard and the other is of a Tyronnosaurus-like theropod dinosaur eating a dead rhino. The second was probably copied off of the John Johnson account, which may not be true. 

Drawing of Kasai rex eating a rhino
from cryptid wiki

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Update on Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip

Bill Brock go off to a rough start on his Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip. First, his car was stolen(but then found), and then It crashed and caught on fire! If it was me I may have stopped at that point, but Bill and Team Rouge kept going and eventually made it to Point Pleasant, WV, home of the Mothman.
Bill Brock
Now, they have reached the serpent mound in Ohio. It looks like things are starting to get a little better for Brock's road trip. Stay safe guys!

*Bill Brock is a Bigfoot researcher and was also on the TV show Monsters Underground. *

More on the Crypto Paranormal Road Trip on Tyler's Cryptozoo:

I don't think I'd want to be on the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip with Bill Brock Right now

Monday, January 19, 2015

Nick Redfern's World of Whatever

Nick Redfern's World of Whatever - if you're interested in cryptozoology, UFOs, or unexplained things in general like myself, you should check it out!

(White) Phantom Dogs and Fairy Hounds

Some of you may have seen my earlier post about Black Shuck and other Devil Dogs. If you haven't you can see it here.

This post, however, is not about phantom black dogs. It's the total opposite.

Karl Shuker posted about the white phantom dogs and fairy hounds on his ShukerNature blog back on January 12th, and you can see his article by clicking here. 

One white phantom dog Karl wrote about is the "Gally-trot", which is said to be seen in Great Britain (which is said to be home to many mysterious phantom/devil dogs.) According to It's Something Wiki, the Gally-trot is supposed to appear when disease or injury was eminent. Sometimes it sits outside and waits for an ill person to die, and other times it chases people on old, lonely roads, and if it catches them it will kill them and eat them! Some people refer to this phantom canine as the "dog of death."
The Gally-trot
from It's Something Wiki

One sighting that Karl posts about tells of a white phantom dog that disappeared into thin air when a woman tried to pet it. Disappearing dogs may seem strange, but the same things happen with other devil dog encounters with creatures like Black Shuck.

Karl also discusses  celtic fairy hounds, which may be connected to known dogs or may be something entirely different.

What do you think? Are white phantom dogs connected to Black Shuck and black phantom dogs in any way? Are they something paranormal? Or are they something totally different?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Finding Bigfoot on Now

Finding Bigfoot: "Bigfoot Basecamp" is on right now on Animal Planet!

Bigfoot: The New Evidence on NatGeo Today

Bigfoot: The New Evidence: "Yeti" is on right now, until 4Pm

Bigfoot: The New Evidence: "Sasquatch" is on from 4 to 5 PM

Bigfoot: The New Evidence: "Russian Bigfoot" is on from 5 to 6 PM

Area 51: The CIA's Secret and Drain the Bermuda Triangle are on after the Bigfoot shows.

On National Geographic channel.

SOSBI Is Hosting a Bigfoot Conference in September

The SouthEastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation is hosting a Bigfoot conference at Burr Oak State Park Lodge & Conference Center in Ohio. Tickets are on sale now but are limited to 150. Speakers announced so far are:

David Paulides, author of The Hoopa Project, Tribal Bigfoot, and the Missing 411 books.

Steve Kulls, author of What Would Sasquatch Do? Using Primate Behavior to look at the Bigfoot Mystery. Steve is also founder of 
Steve Kulls

Conference dates are Friday afternoon, September 11, 2015 and all day Saturday, September 12, 2015 at Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Conference Center. 

More speakers will be announced later. For more on the conference and to get tickets click here. 
Adult tickets are $20 and children 12 and under are $10. Vendor tables are also available for $50.

This IS The WORST Fake Bigfoot Picture I've Ever Seen!

Who would think this is real?

This is a new "bigfoot picture" from Ohio. It was supposedly taken by a nurse, but it was posted on the website Cryptozoology News, which I tend not to believe. Obviously a fake. I had an earlier post about another horrible fake photo from Ohio, but this one is the worst fake Bigfoot picture I've ever seen!!!!! Its a cutout of a Bigfoot. Hoaxers must be lazy.

This is at least the third hoaxed crypto photo of 2015! I've posted about the others already.

New Photo of the Loch Ness Monster - Really?
New Skunk Ape Photo
Update on New Skunk Ape Photo
Reporter Believes New Skunk Ape Story

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Photo of the Loch Ness Monster - Really?

A new photo said to show the Loch Ness Monster has appeared online. It was taken by Geoffrey McSkimming, who was at Loch Ness with companion Sue-Anne Webster. He took a picture of Sue-Anne and says he didn't notice the creature in the background until later.

Here's the original picture:
The original photo, red circle added by me to show the "monster"

And a zoom-in of the "monster":

This totally looks like a fake to me. The original article about the picture also says that the scientific name for the monster is "Plesiosaur McSkimming-Websterii." Here's a few reasons I know this is fake also:

1. The monster's actual scientific name given to it years ago by researchers in Nessiteras rhomboteryx which translates as the "Ness Monster with the diamond shaped fin"

2. The article says it is called "McSkimming Websterii" "because it skims through the water on webbed fins" and the Mc  is just there because its Scottish.  There's no way they could be in on a hoax with two people named McSKIMMING and WEBSTER and "name the monster" after them, is there?

3. Plesiosaur would not be the correct name for the creature either. Plesiosaurs were ancient reptiles that lived in the ocean during the age of the dinosaurs and they are popular candidates for lake monster, including Nessie. There was one plesiosaur named Plesiosaurus, but there would't be any just named plesiosaur. 

My conclusion: another hoax, one of the many that have already appeared in 2015!

Monsters and Mysteries in America: Men in Black Special Tonight!

The season 3 premiere of Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America is airing tonight at 9 PM. I posted about it earlier when it said the episode was "Tennessee Wildman; Subterranean Reptoid", but the episode is actually going to be "Men in Black Special." The episode goes over several theories concerning MIBs: them destroying evidence of cryptids/paranormal stuff etc, them being demonic, and the "grinning man", Indrid Cold, who was seen in Point Pleasant, WV in the '60s during the mothman flap.

Check out Monsters and Mysteries in America Saturday, January 16 at 9 only on Destination America.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bigfoot on America Unearthed

America Unearthed: "Tracking Bigfoot" will air on January 17, 2015 at 9 PM on the History channel H2. Scott Wolter does not believe in Bigfoot but travels out west to see ancient carvings on rocks of the creature, investigates reports from his home state, and even travels to the Himalayas and meets a Sherpa who says he's seen a Yeti.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cryptids of the Week: 1/11-1/17, 2015

Welcome to the 7th Cryptids of the Week! I haven't done this since December but I am now starting it up again. Here are the two cryptids chosen for the week of Jan. 11-17, 2015.


Champ is the name given to the Lake Champlain monster. Lake Champlain is a 109 mile long lake( that's five times bigger than Loch Ness) that is situated between New York and Vermont and it also extends into Canada. The first champ sighting occurred in 1609 when Samuel de Champlain saw what some think was the monster, although others say it was only a large fish.

There have been hundreds of Champ sightings, but the most famous occurred in 1977. Sandra Mansi was at lake Champlain watching her kids play in the shallow water when she saw a huge monster rise to the surface. She had a camera with her, so she got it and snapped a picture of the monster. Many consider this photo some of the best evidence for any lake monster. Nobody has ever been able to prove that the photo is a hoax. 
Several books have been written about the lake monster, by researchers Joseph Zarzynski, Dennis Jay Hall, Katy Elizabeth, and Robert Bartholomew. Champ has also been featured on several TV shows, in luring the documentary America's Loch Ness Monster in 2003, MonsterQuest, In Search of Aliens, and The Monster Project.
There is a champ store owned by Loraine Franklin in Vermont. Several groups have looked for the monster in Lake Champlain; Champ Quest, headed by Dennis Jay Hall was active around the turn of the century, and now Katy Elizabeth's group Champ Search is on the lookout for Champ. 
Dennis Hall gave champ the name of Champtanystropheus, which is now listed as its scientific name if it is proven to be real.

Sandra Mansi's Champ photo

Lake Worth Monster

The Lake Worth Monster was seen near Lake Worth(near Fort Worth, TX) in the summer of 1969. Some people said it looked like a white Bigfoot, but some said it was a goatman. Sallie Ann Clarke wrote a book about the sightings, but it is mostly fictional. No one really knows what the monster was, and the sightings stopped after that summer.
Many years later some people said they faked the monster, but it was seen throwing tires, swimming cross the lake, and once pulled a man out of the back of his truck and attacked a car!
The Lake worth Monster Bash is held at Lake Worth every year and the monster was featured on an episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America and the documentary Southern Fried Bigfoot.

photo of the Lake Worth Monster