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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cryptids of the Week: 1/25-1/31, 2015

Welcome to the 9th Cryptids of the Week! These are the two cryptids chosen for the week of January 25 thru 31, 2015.

Van Meter Visitor

The town of Van Meter, Iowa, was terrorized by a strange flying monster in 1903. The thing has come to be known as the Van Meter Visitor and was described as a half-human half-bat monster, with giant wings and a horn on its head. It was said to have come out of an old mine shaft near Van Meter and terrorized the town for a few nights. It was shot at and was seen climbing a telephone pole, flying over buildings, and hopping like a kangaroo! Later, residents saw one creature and another, smaller one near the mine shaft. The two creatures went back into shaft and have never been seen since.
No one really knows what the Visitor was. Maybe there's a whole colony of strange flying monsters living under Van Meter, and maybe that's why it shot a light from its head?!
In 2010 a book about the creature was published called The Van Meter Visitor: A True and Mysterious Encounter With the Unknown by Chad Lewis, Kevin Lee Nelson, and Noah Voss.
Van Meter Visitor drawing,
based on eyewitness descritions
from Cryptomundo

Loveland Frogmen

Strange creatures that became known as the Loveland Frogs(also Loveland Frogmen) were first seen in Loveland, Ohio, in 1955. At 3:30 AM one night, a businessman saw three bipedal, amphibian-like beings. He said they stood about 3 to 4 feet tall, and they had "frog like heads" with wrinkles instead of hair. He saw one of the creatures lift up a "wand" above its head that shot sparks. He left.
Another one of the creatures was spotted in 1972. A police officer saw the thing jump up when it was on the road, and then it jumped over a guardrail and ran down to the Little Miami River. He too said the thing was three to four feet tall, and he thought it weighed about 75 pounds. Two weeks later, another police officer, Mark Matthews, also saw one of the frogmen. Years later he changed his story and said he only saw a lizard, but many think he did that to avoid ridicule that comes with seeing a frog-man.
The Loveland Frogmen could be somehow related to other strange reptillian and amphibian cryptids, including the Thetis Lake Monster, Green-Clawed Beast, Bishopville Lizardman, and others.

Loveland Frogman