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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Albert Ostman and the Chapmans: Early Sasquatch Sightings

An early encounter with a Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest took place in 1934. A prospector named Albert Ostman was camping near Toba Inlet, Brittish Columbia. One night as he was sleeping, he said a Sasquatch grabbed him and carried him away from his campsite while in his sleeping bag. The sasquatch carried him fir three hours until it dropped him in a plateau. A family of four of the creatures surrounded him. He said there were three adults and a "child." They kept him in the area for six days.

Ostman said one of the creatures stood eight feet tall. He had his gun with him, but didn't shoot any of the creatures because they had done him no harm. He said the Sasquatch fed him a "sweet tasting grass" while he was there. He said the female would collect leaves, wash them, and then stack them up.

After he had been held captive for almost a week, Ostman decided that it was time to try to escape. He gave the big male Sasquatch some of his snuff, and it made him groggy. It was then that Ostman escaped. 

In 1957, over 24 years later, Ostman decided to tell his story because he had seen other stories in the paper. He didn't tell his story because he, like most witnesses, didn't want to be thought of as crazy.

Many Sasquatch researchers like John Green have cited this story as evidence of the creature's existence. Some researchers, however, do not believe his story. Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne says "I will not accept Ostman's story without more evidence." 

Another encounter occurred in 1940. The Chapman family said they were visited one day by an eight-foot Sasquatch. Mrs. Chapman and her children, who were home when the creature appeared, fled. When her husband got home later, he found a heavy fish barrel overturned, and the contents were scattered all over the cabin. Huge footprints, 16 inches in length, and 8 inches wide, circled the house. The stride was four feet. 

This post was excerpted from my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America, which will hopefully be published soon.

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