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Monday, January 19, 2015

(White) Phantom Dogs and Fairy Hounds

Some of you may have seen my earlier post about Black Shuck and other Devil Dogs. If you haven't you can see it here.

This post, however, is not about phantom black dogs. It's the total opposite.

Karl Shuker posted about the white phantom dogs and fairy hounds on his ShukerNature blog back on January 12th, and you can see his article by clicking here. 

One white phantom dog Karl wrote about is the "Gally-trot", which is said to be seen in Great Britain (which is said to be home to many mysterious phantom/devil dogs.) According to It's Something Wiki, the Gally-trot is supposed to appear when disease or injury was eminent. Sometimes it sits outside and waits for an ill person to die, and other times it chases people on old, lonely roads, and if it catches them it will kill them and eat them! Some people refer to this phantom canine as the "dog of death."
The Gally-trot
from It's Something Wiki

One sighting that Karl posts about tells of a white phantom dog that disappeared into thin air when a woman tried to pet it. Disappearing dogs may seem strange, but the same things happen with other devil dog encounters with creatures like Black Shuck.

Karl also discusses  celtic fairy hounds, which may be connected to known dogs or may be something entirely different.

What do you think? Are white phantom dogs connected to Black Shuck and black phantom dogs in any way? Are they something paranormal? Or are they something totally different?

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