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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Book Review: Traces of the Grassman: The Search for the Ohio Bigfoot

Traces of the Grassman: the Search for the Ohio Bigfoot is Joedy Cook's second book. It came out in 2010. At first Joedy describes his encounter with a Bigfoot, and then goes onto describe how a Bigfoot creature could survive in the state of Ohio. In part two of the book he describes early encounter with Bigfoot in Ohio, including one called the Bosjesman. In the next chaper he goes over the Kenmore structure he found in the 1990s, and discusses the MonsterQuest expedition in 2008 and the American Bigfoot Society expedition in 2009. Part three is all about reports of the Grassman in newspapers and magazines.

This was a very good book, one of Joedy's best that I've read. 5/5.