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Monday, January 26, 2015

Possible Answer to the new Chupacabras Mystery?

*See the first post about the possible dead Chupacabas here.*

Recently a man in Chile found what he thought might be dead Chupacabras. The bodies of the dead creatures are quite weird.

the dead "chupacabras"
from Mysterious Universe
The red dot in the center of the pic is Monte Patria, Chile,
where the "chupacabras" were found
I said this in my first post about the bodies, and other people have said the same thing: I think they're just monkeys. Another person on Bigfoot Evidence(who was actually on topic!) said they were capuchin monkeys. I then did a google search of capuchin monkeys, and found that they do live in Central and South America.
Are where capuchin monkeys live is shown
on this map

2 capuchin monkeys…
who thinks these look like the two
dead creatures in the first picture?

After looking at the map above, however, it is obvious that the area where those monkeys live in quite far from Chile. But there are also lots of other places where monkeys live in South America, most notably the Amazon Rainforest.

My conclusion is that these "chupacabras", as much as I'd want them to be the real "goat suckers", are just some dead monkeys, or they could be dead cats, as some have said.

Some people have also said that the chupacabras that were/are seen in Puerto Rico starting in 1995 are just monkeys, and maybe the primates account for some of the sightings, but I think the real chupacabras is something totally different.

image from Cryptomundo

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