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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Book Review: Werewolves: Myths and Legends by Joedy Cook

Werewolves: Myths and Legends
by Joedy Cook
Joedy Cook,
cryptid researcher and author
Today I finished Joedy Cook's 2011 book Werewolves: Myths and Legends. At first Joedy talks about ancient legends of werewolves and sightings of the Beast of Gevaudan in the 1700s. He then discusses some of the best-known werewolves in America, including the Beast of Bray Road, Michigan Dogman, Beast of Seven Chutes, and others. The next two chapters are about werewolf/dogman sightings in Ohio. He then lists reports of dogmen all across the United States, and then all across the world.

Very good book, great for anyone interested in cryptozoology or mythology of werewolves.