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New Photo of the Loch Ness Monster - Really?

A new photo said to show the Loch Ness Monster has appeared online. It was taken by Geoffrey McSkimming, who was at Loch Ness with companion Sue-Anne Webster. He took a picture of Sue-Anne and says he didn't notice the creature in the background until later.

Here's the original picture:
The original photo, red circle added by me to show the "monster"

And a zoom-in of the "monster":

This totally looks like a fake to me. The original article about the picture also says that the scientific name for the monster is "Plesiosaur McSkimming-Websterii." Here's a few reasons I know this is fake also:

1. The monster's actual scientific name given to it years ago by researchers in Nessiteras rhomboteryx which translates as the "Ness Monster with the diamond shaped fin"

2. The article says it is called "McSkimming Websterii" "because it skims through the water on webbed fins" and the Mc  is just there because its Scottish.  There's no way they could be in on a hoax with two people named McSKIMMING and WEBSTER and "name the monster" after them, is there?

3. Plesiosaur would not be the correct name for the creature either. Plesiosaurs were ancient reptiles that lived in the ocean during the age of the dinosaurs and they are popular candidates for lake monster, including Nessie. There was one plesiosaur named Plesiosaurus, but there would't be any just named plesiosaur. 

My conclusion: another hoax, one of the many that have already appeared in 2015!


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