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"Help Round Rock Parks and Rec. Find Bigfoot"

I was pretty convinced this whole Bigfoot thing going on around Round Rock, Texas is all a hoax to try to draw people in, and this article which appeared on Community Impact Newspaperconfirms that:

"The city of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has stumbled across some monstrous means to encourage children to head outdoors this summer. Popping up in parks and along Brushy Creek Trail are signs reading 'Big Foot Xing' and warnings of Bigfoot sightings in the area. "The Parks and Recreation Department started posting about Bigfoot on social media in early June, releasing photo evidence of hair and footprints. It eventually released video evidence on Facebook, encouraging Bigfoot followers to get out and look for clues. "'People are responding to this so well and so quickly, we thought we would have to do two to even six posts before anyone paid attention, but after the first post it went media firestorm,' Round Rock Parks and Recreation spokespers…

Another "Monsters Among Us"

No, this is not the same as Linda Godfrey's book from last year, though it looks pretty interesting! (And that cover is awesome too.)

Monsters Among Us: The Truth About a Hidden World You Never Knewis a cool-looking new (Pub. May 1st) book by Andrea McGann Keech.

Below is the book description:

"Don't Turn Around… Because if you do, you might see its massive fin, or its hairy face pressed up against your window, or its white, glistening fangs. The world teems with cryptids. (Maybe.) Andrea McGann Keech shines light on over two dozen of the most enduring, most fearsome cryptids that stalk our imagination. "Whether or not you believe in these creatures, you'll enjoy Keech's even-handed commentary and historical analysis. Each cryptid is introduced with a short tale, and then its genesis and plausibility are examined, from the megalodons that once actually did rule the oceans to the lethal kelpies that actually (well, probably) do not lurk on the banks of Scottish…

Wisconsin Werewolf Documentary

The North American Dogman Project (NADP) is releasing a new film on the Wisconsin werewolf. What is it called? The Wisconsin Werewolf: True Encounters with the Wisconsin Werewolf, apparently.

If you could actually manage to read what is on that you might be able to learn more about it.

And their apparent production company is called "Neighborhood Monsters." (Totally not a Small Town Monsters ripoff!)

And below is a trailer for it that looks somewhat decent but also not at the same time. I probably won't be getting it.

New Loch Ness Photo

A new photo has emerged online that supposedly shows the Loch Ness Monster.

Fox News reports:

"Is that 'Nessie'? A photo of a strange object moving in the waters of Loch Ness is sparking debate. "Australian tourists Peter Jackson (no relation to the filmmaker of the same name) and Phillippa Wearne were driving along the loch when they spotted an object in the water and took a picture of the object on their phone, The Sun reports. They showed it to a local skipper who said he had 'not seen anything like it.' "'It was pretty big even from 150 yards or more offshore. I didn't know what to think. We took photos and showed them to people at a B&B and then showed them to people on a cruise,' said Phillippa. "Wearne added that the object was 'moving fast but in the direction of the current,' and quipped that if the skipper had not seen anything like that before, 'then it must be something.' "Jackson said the couple was &…

Lake Monster Photographed in Russia?

The Daily Mail is reporting on a new photo of a supposed lake monster taken at Lake Khanto, Russia. Of course it is called the "Russian version of the Loch Ness Monster."

The article says:

"Nature lovers claim they have found the Russian version of the legendary Scottish Loch Ness monster. "The supposed Russian Nessie - the mythical sea creature [It would be a lake creature, not sea - TH] - was captured on camera in photographs showing what appears to be a white head and part of a body of a sea monster coming from the water. "The photographs were taken at Lake Khanto in the city of Noyabrsk in north-central Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug region by a man out for his morning run. "Dmitry Kim was exercising at the picturesque spot when something caught his eye. "He said he spotted the weird object sticking out of the water and quickly grabbed his phone to take a picture. "He said: 'I understand it very well, that this is impossible…

St. Albans Cat Caught on Video and Australia Big Cat

I was on a trip all of last week so I hadn't gotten around to posting this yet, but there have been a few more big cat reports in St. Albans, England and in Australia.

First, there is a video supposedly showing the St. Albans cat. The Express says this (June 22):

"A stunned driver claims he has sensationally caught the legendary big cat of St Albans on camera at the crack of dawn. "Jahid Choudhury dramatically snapped what appears to be a huge beast - which looks like a deadly puma - as he drove home at 4.30am in the morning after finishing work.  "Mr  Choudhury was heading home along heavily-wooded Napsbury Lane, St ALbans, Hertfordshire, when he spotted what appears to be a powerful beige cat lurking by the side of the road."
Choudhury got his phone out and shot a short video of the cat. He said: "It definitely wasn't a domestic cat. When I stopped and reversed it just stared at me. I wasn't scared or anything. But I was shocked, it was very stra…

Round Rock Bigfoot: Videos, FBI, and More

On June 15, I published an article on some photos of supposed Bigfoot tracks posted on the Round Rock (Texas) Parks and Rec Department's Facebook page. The photos of the footprints were supposedly caught on trail cams between June 8 and 10.

Since the time when I posted the first article, more "evidence" and more stories have come to light. And  it seems, to me, that Round Rock's "Bigfoot" probably does not exist.

A day after I published my first post, on June 16, the Statesman published an article on a video called "Is that Bigfoot in Round Rock?" Round Rock Parks had put said video on twitter.

The Statesman article said:

"First we have some unusually large footprints. Now we have some video footage. "Just in time for Father's Day weekend, the Round Rock Parks and Rec Department posted video they say came from a local resident walking along Brushy Creek. "Could it be the legendary Hairy Man? Or Bigfoot? The grainy video doesn&#…

Crypto-Kid: Joshua Cutchin

At 8pm - a new episode of Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid show:

"Tonight on WCJV Radio's Crypto-Kid, Colin is joined by Joshua Cutchin, author of 'A Trojan Feast' and 'The Brimstone Deceit.' Colin and Joshua will discuss connections between cryptozoology, fearies, unusual food, and strange smells."
Listen live here.

A.C. Oudemans' "The Loch Ness Animal"

In 1934, A. C. Oudemans, sea serpent researcher (who had his own ideas as to what exactly all sea serpents were) published a small title called The Loch Ness Animal. As you can guess, its about the Loch Ness Monster since that cryptid made world news starting in 1933. This was one of the first books on the subject and followed R.T. Gould's The Loch Ness Monster and Others.

I am trying to find a copy of Oudenmans' little book, so if anyone knows where to find one, let me know…

An Encounter with the Casco Bay Sea Serpent

As part of my ongoing series of posts examining reports of sea serpents, here is one from Bangor Daily News Portland, titled "These two fishermen faced down a sea monster in Casco Bay:"

"The sun had just come up. That's when they saw it, through the morning haze on Casco Bay. At first, they thought it was a submarine coming toward their boat, five miles off Cape Elizabeth. When it got closer, Portland fishermen Ole Mikkelsen and Ejmar Hairgaard could see it was a living thing. "The creature had a long neck and a broad head held up, out of the water. It stopped 125 feet from their boat. Though they could see no eyes, they knew it was looking at them. "That summer morning, Mikkelsen and Hairgaard had come face to face with Cassie, the fabled monster of Casco Bay. That was 59 years ago this week, on June 5, 1958. "'I won't soon forget it,' Mikkelsen  told famed Portland cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in 1985. "Cryptozoology is the study …

Loch Ness Monster-Shaped Glass on eBay

Yeah, this is real - someone is trying to sell a piece of glass shaped like the Loch Ness monster on eBay.

Right now the bidding is only at $9. Plus $8 shipping too! The "tail is poinky…sharp!"

It's "one of a kind!!!"

I like all kinds of crypto-related things, but even I won't go for a piece of glass.

I don't know if this is worse than the "Bigfoot-shaped cheeto" or not.

Thoughts on Fact or Faked Beast of Dartmoor

A week or two ago, I happened to catch an episode of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files when they were "investigating" the Beast of Dartmoor, an anomalous big cat (or, more likely, big cats). Watching about five minutes of the show reminded me why I don't usually like paranormal/cryptozoology shows.

They were investigating the video below, suspiciously titled "The Beast of Dartmoor? (as seen on Fact or Faked)." It was uploaded to YouTube on May 22, 2008. The uploader says: "I spotted this animal while filming shots of Dartmoor for a video competition about 3 years ago. It's definitely not a rabbit and it seems to bound like a cat which boars physically can't do (plus it has a long tail). And it isn't a hellhound as they are fictional. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine."

Now, before the Fact or Faked team actually got around to comparing the video to some other animals, they did one of the things that paranormal TV has to do: talk…

St. Albans Cat on the Road

Another report of a big cat sighting in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, has come to light.

After an article on the Herts Advertiser on the 14th concerning some photos of feline footprints,  a witness who saw a big cat on June 6th came forward with her story.

Here's the report:

"Valerie Rodrigues was on her way back from Redbourn at about 8.30pm on June 6 when she spotted an animal dart out into the road in front of her car. "At first she dismissed it as a fox - it was a 'gingery, sandy color' she said, a similar size, and trotting - but as the car got closer it started to bound away. "She is now 'absolutely sure' it was feline: 'It was definitely a cat in the way it moved, in its well-defined muscles in its legs. "'Cats don't run like dogs or foxes, they are more arched in their backs. I don't doubt it was the cat. "'If it hadn't run I might not have quite realized what it was.' "Having read recent Herts…

The Gate - July 2017

Recieved in the mail yesterday - the July 2017 issue of The Gate to Strange Phenomena. Covers news of UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, and more…

Bigfoot Tracks in Texas

Large, human-like footprints have recently been found near Round Rock, Texas. The Statesman has a new article up on the subject of these tracks, titled "Is Bigfoot on the loose in Round Rock?:"

"An unknown creature may be exploring parks in Round Rock, according to city officials. "Photos posted to the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department's Facebook page reveal some rather large, semi-human footprints - which means Bigfoot may be, well, afoot in Williamson County. "According to time and location stamps on the photos, the three images were captured at Freeman Park, Old Settlers Park and Brushy Creek Trail between June 8 and June 10. Two of the images look simply like footprints, but a third photo, which also features a person's foot for scale, shows the muddy footprints are quite large. "It's no the first time a perhaps-mythical, perhaps-real creature has been spotted in Central Texas. In 2012, a Cedar Park resident spotted a chupacabra …

More on the St. Albans Big Cat - Paw Prints Found

Has evidence of the St. Albans big cat been found? It seems so.

The Herts Advertiser is reporting on some paw prints found not long ago on a golf course:

"Wheathampstead local Stuart Braggs, 50, was playing golf on the Aldwickbury course earlier this month when he noticed something 'bizarre' by one of the bunkers near the clubhouse.  "Animal footprints almost as large as his palm lead in long strides across the pit - preserved in the wet sand after a rainy morning. "He said: 'We took photos and carried on playing golf, but I was then aware that some large cat had been walking there, which puts you a little bit on edge.' "'There's not way it was anything else but a cat, it's definitely something reasonably large.' "Stuart has been following the story of the mysterious beast of St Albans and would love to see the infamous creature in the flesh: 'I am convinced the creature is out there and hope it continues to live safely and s…

"Big Black Cat" Seen in St. Albans June 9th

There has been yet another black panther report this month. This new one comes from last Friday, June 9th.

The Welwyn Hatfield Timesis reporting on a sighings of a "big black cat" that was spotted in Hertfordshire last Firday. The article reads:

"A jogger has reported spotting 'a big black cat' along the Alban Way in St Albans. "Alistair Divall, of Old London Road, saw what he believed to be a panther while was was out jogging, around 9.30am. "He said: 'It was about 10 or 15 feet in front of me, moving slowly, and then it turned and looked at me briefly. "'It disappeared completely and there were people down at the bottom with their dogs.' "Alistair, who is employed as a TV presenter and broadcaster, has worked at Paradise Wildlife Park, where he said he learned more about big cats. "He said: 'That's definitely what I saw and I am completely sane. I can tell the difference between a cat and this big cat. "'F…

More Mystery Cat Reports

There have been quite a few mystery cat reports from Great Britain this year, and it does not appear that they are going to stop anytime soon.

On June 1st, the Daily Star published a piece on a few new black panther reports:

"Emma Adam was left rooted to the spot as she watched the snarling beast rip apart a fox it had captured in [the] woods.  "Mother-of-three Emma, 29, above, said last night: 'Now I'm scared to leave the house.' "Her encounter came during an evening walk with her mum-in-law near her home in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. "She said: 'As we were coming along the path, I saw something lying down and I was trying to figure out what it was. "'I kept looking at it, and I realized its head was going up and down because it was eating something, ripping it apart. My mother-in-law and I froze.' "It is the latest of many sightings of panthers in the British countryside. "In January, Phil Cross, also from Ashby, spotted what…

A Mysterious Mothman-Like Creature in Chicago

Recently, there have been some reports of a Mothman-looking creature in Chicago, Illinois. The Mothman, of course, is the strange creature seen for 13 months in and around the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the late '60s.

Apparently the creature has also been seen on a few occasions over the last six years, K102.5 reports.

The creature has been described as "a bat-like humanoid" and a "winged man." In a recent K102.5 article, from June 7, they note that a recent sighting occurred in Calumet Park, which is near the Illinois/Indiana border.

The report says:

"May 5, 2017 - 8PM - Calumet Park, Chicago, IL - Law enforcement officer and his son - witnessed by others in the park - Flying humanoid about 6 feet in height per witness' estimates. Blackish/grayish in color and had an enormous pair of wings that must have been 8 to 10 feet in width."
The sightings of the creature this year apparently began in April, according to a post on Coast to C…

Makara and Moha-Moha

One of the weirdest sea monster encounters ever wasreportedin 1891, when a very, very strange creature was supposedly seen at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

The creature in question is called the "moha-moha," which the natives of Australia supposedly thought was a "dangerous turtle."

The witness was a Miss S. Lovell, a teacher at Sandy Cape, Great Sandy Island, Queensland. She sent a letter to Land and Water magazine that was addressed to "a constant reader" who signed himself "Tempus omnia monstrat." The letter from Miss Lovell reads:

"We have had a visit from a monster turtle fish. [Author note - of course turtles are reptiles, not fish!] I send a sketch of it, it let me stand for half an hour within five feet of it. When tired of my looking at it,  it put its large neck and head into the water and swept round seaward, raising its dome-shaped body about five feet out of the water, and put its twelve feet of fish-like tai…