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Round Rock Bigfoot: Videos, FBI, and More

On June 15, I published an article on some photos of supposed Bigfoot tracks posted on the Round Rock (Texas) Parks and Rec Department's Facebook page. The photos of the footprints were supposedly caught on trail cams between June 8 and 10.

Since the time when I posted the first article, more "evidence" and more stories have come to light. And  it seems, to me, that Round Rock's "Bigfoot" probably does not exist.

A day after I published my first post, on June 16, the Statesman published an article on a video called "Is that Bigfoot in Round Rock?" Round Rock Parks had put said video on twitter.

The Statesman article said:

"First we have some unusually large footprints. Now we have some video footage.
"Just in time for Father's Day weekend, the Round Rock Parks and Rec Department posted video they say came from a local resident walking along Brushy Creek.
"Could it be the legendary Hairy Man? Or Bigfoot? The grainy video doesn't offer much more than a quick glimpse - but enough to make you think twice.
"After finding some rather large footprints earlier this week and some clumps of hair on tree limbs, the city department opted to post a 'Bigfoot Crossing' sign… just in case.
"So for anyone taking a stroll down the Brushy Creek Trail, be on the lookout. And the city asks you to share any photos or video evidence on social media with the hashtag, #RRsightings."
Below is a news clip that shows the "Bigfoot" video.

 The Statesman also posted an article about some guys who went out in search of the Bigfoot "and got the whole thing on video:"

"Last week, we told you about some pretty massive footprints spotted in parks around Round Rock that may or may not have belonged to Bigfoot. Or Round Rock legend the 'Hairy Man.' Or, you know, just somebody with really large feet.
"Later, Round Rock parks and recreation officials even released a video of the creature.
"Two Bigfoot hunters, who appear to be local teenagers, went looking for the hairy creature along Brush Creek Regional Trail, where some of the footprints were found. They posted a video of their adventure to the YouTube channel 'Sewer Gators':
"After the sun sets, the explorers decided to set up camp in the woods along Brushy Creek Trail to listen for noises.
"'We're also going to try to slam some sticks into trees and try to get a response, as well as, like, howling,' one of the Bigfoot hunters says in the video.
 "And the waiting paid off: about 10 minutes into the video, one of them says they heard a 'demonic growl' - was it Bigfoot, or the infamous Cedar Park chupacabra?
 "The Round Rock Parks and Recreation department has asked anyone who goes hunting for the creature - or who spots anything - to use the has tag #RRsightings on social media."

And that is not all - these kids went out "Bigfoot hunting" in Round Rock, too.

And then there is this - once again from the Statesman.

"FBI to Round Rock Police: Bigfoot is 'most wanted fugitive:'"

"Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks has received a special message from the Federal Bureau of Investigation: the Hairy Man seen galavanting around the Round Rock trails is a 'most wanted fugitive.'
"According to the city's Parks and Recreation Department, which has been keeping residents abreast of recent Bigfoot sightings, Round Rock's top police official got an email from the FBI stating it has added Bigfoot to the 'Ten Most Wanted Fugitives' List.
"The Bureau is offering a reward of up to $500,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of the giant, hair-covered being, according to the Parks and Rec Department.
"Bigfoot was last seen on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail and made 'loud, demonic-like howl sounds,' according to the FBI most wanted poster.
"Parks and Rec first alerted the public two weeks ago that park rangers found strange footprints at city parks and trails. Then, video footage was released showing a mysteriously large figure running on the Brushy Creek Trail.
"Recently, some Round Rock teens and other area families have shared videos of their search for the enormous biped.
"According to the recently released FBI poster, Bigfoot is a 'menace to wildlife' and is accused of 'destruction of government property' and 'terrorism of campers.' 
"The creature is allegedly 'armed and dangerous,' according to the FBI message received by police.
"But is the Round Rock Hairy Man really that ferocious and ill-willed? So far, there has been no evidence of destruction or vandalism by the big man on the trails. Not even any food or sign of a campsite has been found. Just a few oversized footprints in the mud are the only evidence left behind by the beast.
 "The Hairy Man seems to be abiding by the 'Leave No Trace' camping principals: respect wildlife, take out what you bring in, and leave what you find.
"So is this creature Round Rock's Hairy Man legend of yore come to life? Is it Bigfoot? Sasquatch? Or is it just Harry trying to find his Hendersons?
 "Only time will tell."

A few thoughts on this last article -

  1. Why would the FBI but Bigfoot on their most wanted list? 
  2. If the thing is a Bigfoot, it would not be a hairy "man" in the sense of a "wild man" who went feral. It would always live in the woods so of course there would be no food or campsites. And it would not be "armed and dangerous."

This whole thing seems suspect to me. I read somewhere else (forget exactly where, but if I find it I'll put up a link) that the footprints look just like some others found somewhere else (Europe I think?). And of course, the video is so blurry you can't really see if the thing is a Bigfoot or a guy in a suit. But judging from the amount of time it takes it to go behind one tree in the middle of the video I'm betting its not the former.

And why would the FBI be interested in Bigfoot sightings?

There's also this article on Spectrum News Austin that says the Park Rangers are encouraging kids to come out and "look for Sasquatch."

Also very suspect is the whole #RRsightings the Parks and Rec Dept. is doing. They seem to have posted most of the stuff about this "Bigfoot" first and they want people to come down and try to have sightings and tell them. They even put up "Bigfoot Crossing" signs! Now, sometimes that will happen if there have been sightings in an area for a long time, but usually not this quick. Seems to me like this whole thing is a campaign to get tourists in the area.


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