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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bigfoot Tracks in Texas

Bigfoot prints?

Large, human-like footprints have recently been found near Round Rock, Texas. The Statesman has a new article up on the subject of these tracks, titled "Is Bigfoot on the loose in Round Rock?:"

"An unknown creature may be exploring parks in Round Rock, according to city officials.
"Photos posted to the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department's Facebook page reveal some rather large, semi-human footprints - which means Bigfoot may be, well, afoot in Williamson County.
"According to time and location stamps on the photos, the three images were captured at Freeman Park, Old Settlers Park and Brushy Creek Trail between June 8 and June 10. Two of the images look simply like footprints, but a third photo, which also features a person's foot for scale, shows the muddy footprints are quite large.
"It's no the first time a perhaps-mythical, perhaps-real creature has been spotted in Central Texas. In 2012, a Cedar Park resident spotted a chupacabra - or it could have just been a rather mangy-looking coyote. And in 2015, a Rockdale resident found an animal carcass by a creek on his land and thought it could have been a chupacaba.
 "Our very own Mike Parker, editor of the Pflugerville Pflag and Round Rock Leader community newspapers, thinks the creature may be the 'Hairy Man,' a local legend which dates back to Round Rock's pioneer days and which has inspired a local 5K and Hairy Man contest.
"We're not saying it's definitely Bigfoot, because as one Facebook commenter said, if there are cameras at the parks to capture these images, then why aren't their [sic] photos of the Sasquatch himself? But if you're hiking in any Round Rock parks this summer, you should probably keep an eye out for something large and hairy."

Yesterday, the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department also posted these photos on Facebook, saying "UPDATE: Curious clumps of hair evidence found at parks east of Interstate 35. If you find these, or other unexplained phenomena, tag Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department on FB, or @roundrockpard on Twitter and Instagram. #RRSightings."
Hair of Bigfoot?

If seems as though Round Rock may have a resident Bigfoot!

If there is more to this story in the future, I'll update things…

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