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Friday, June 30, 2017

Another "Monsters Among Us"

No, this is not the same as Linda Godfrey's book from last year, though it looks pretty interesting! (And that cover is awesome too.)

Monsters Among Us: The Truth About a Hidden World You Never Knew is a cool-looking new (Pub. May 1st) book by Andrea McGann Keech.

Below is the book description:

"Don't Turn Around… Because if you do, you might see its massive fin, or its hairy face pressed up against your window, or its white, glistening fangs. The world teems with cryptids. (Maybe.) Andrea McGann Keech shines light on over two dozen of the most enduring, most fearsome cryptids that stalk our imagination.
"Whether or not you believe in these creatures, you'll enjoy Keech's even-handed commentary and historical analysis. Each cryptid is introduced with a short tale, and then its genesis and plausibility are examined, from the megalodons that once actually did rule the oceans to the lethal kelpies that actually (well, probably) do not lurk on the banks of Scottish lochs.
"The cryptids under Keech's microscope range from the natural to the supernatural, the well-known to the obscure, including:
  • The Kraken. Enormous beasts ascending from the abyssal deep to pull ships to their watery graves, or really big, mostly harmless squid?
  • The Kelpie. Horrific demons that pull young men and women into nearby lakes to devour them, or a fairy tale meant to scare children into not wandering far from home? 
  •  The Wendigo. Enchanted spirits borne of human cannibalism, or an Indian legend meant to discourage the consumption of human flesh during times of famine?
  • The Beast of Gevaudan. A werewolf-like beast with an appetite for children, or feral wolves and dogs preying upon defenseless villagers?

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