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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mountain Monsters: "The Blood Skull and the Woman of the Woods"

A new Mountain Monsters is on tonight at 10, and it is the finale of this horrible season. I also would not be surprised if it is the last Mountain Monsters ever, which is a shame because this last (and probably final) season has been terrible.

The episode is called "The Blood Skull and the Woman of the Woods." Wow! The thing they went to the "Dark Forest" to find is mentioned again after episode 2! (Also, too long of a title for an episode!)

"Buck searches for the Little Girl after he makes contact with her and she vanishes. While the rest of the AIMS team sneaks into a cabin looking for answers about the other team's intentions, Buck winds up face to face with the Woman of the Woods."

By "Face to face" I bet it means him walking in the woods alone at  night and screaming.

Also I guess we find out what's in Jeff's nose.

I have really been lost this whole season. They were supposed to go the the "Dark Forest" to find the Woman of the Woods because they finally made contact with the Rogue Team that was following them, and now there is another team, a "Black wolf" and a "little girl" and the WotW has hardly been mentioned at all! What do those others want? That we still don't know, even though Jeff has been with them all season. What do the Bigfoot, WotW, Black Wolf, and little girl all have in common? That we still don't know either. What are the stupid "three rings?"

Mountain Monsters should probably have been called "Old Fat Guys Fighting and Hiding on the Ground" this season.

This was probably the worst scene ever.

Update 11:17pm

And was there a real ending? Answer - no. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

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