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Monday, February 29, 2016

Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research

Saw this posted on Lyle Blackburn's Facebook page today…

Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research Vol. 1. The book is being published by David Weatherly (Leprechaun Press.) Its chapters are written by contributors like Weatherly, Blackburn, Ken Gerhard, Linda S. Godfrey, Richard Freeman, Nick Redfern, Micah Hanks, and Richard Muirhead. I'll definitely be getting it!

Chupacabras in China?

For the past few weeks, there have been a number of animal killings in the village of Pudong, near Shanghai, China. One resident recently lost 23 ducks and 12 chickens - in one night! A neighbor lost 29 chickens.

No one knows what is causing the killings, but when the dead livestock were found, there were feathers scattered all over the ground, fences were knocked down, and a hole was found in a guarding net. Four-toed, webbed footprints were also found. The villagers who lost their animals say that the footprints are not those of a dog.

Police are currently investigating the animal killings. So far, the perpetrator has not been found. Is the chupacabras in China??

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bigfoot Caught on a Trail Cam in Ohio?

In August of 2015, a game camera in Huron County, Ohio, took a picture of what may be a Bigfoot. The person who submitted the report to the BFRO also found footprints by the camera.

Source: BFRO

Here's a description of what was found from the BFRO website:

"Our trail cam took a picture of something with long hair. Whatever it was stood right up in front of the lens, so you can't see a body shot, but the picture shows brownish-reddish hair hanging down in front of the camera. There were a few large tracks - barefoot - the toes were clearly visible. We took pictures of the tracks with a tape measure alongside them."

BFRO investigator Marc DeWerth went to the location and could still see the tracks, which were 14 inches long and 7 inches wide. You can read the whole report here.

Marc DeWerth

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Pendleton County: Great Fire Ape"

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Pendleton County: Great Fire Ape" airs tonight at 10 on Destination America.

Here's the episode description:

"The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings travel to Pendleton County, West Virginia, to investigate a Bigfoot that is believed to be drawn to fire, but a crew member goes missing while using fireworks in their final hunt."

Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters tonight!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chupacabras - Inspired by "Species?"

In 1995, the people of Puerto Rico began reporting encounters with a strange, vampire-like creature. The creature in question, which was dubbed the "chupacabras," was said to be about four feet tall, with a line of spines down its back. Reports of vampire-like monsters in Puerto Rico actually go back to the 1970s with the "Moca Vampire," but today we'll be focusing on the reports from the '90s, and a certain movie from the same time.


To start off this post, we'll look at what the chupacabras is said to look like.

The first person to see the unknown vampire was Madelyne Tolentino. When she was helping her mother move in August of 1995, she happened to look out the window and saw a frightened man sitting in a car. She went outside to see what was going on.

When she went outside, Tolentino spotted something. It was walking on two legs, but wasn't human.

The thing Tolentino was looking at was about four feet tall, and had eyes with no pupils, which Tolentino said were "constantly moving from side to side." The creature was holding its arms and legs in "an attack position, as though it were a TV monster." On each hand, the creature had three fingers with claws. The legs were "long and skinny," and the creature was covered in short hair and had marks all over it, which Tolentino said looked like burns. It had a row of "feathers" down its back and walked with "robot-like movements, as if it was being controlled by someone."

When the chupacabras looked Tolentino in the eyes, she screamed, which caused her mother to run outside. The creature started running, and disappeared into the woods. A boy, who worked for Tolentino's husband, was also there, and he, along with her mother, ran after the creature. He got close to it and tried to grab it, but when he did, the "feathers" on its back, which he described as "spines," whipped up and started changing color. Another neighbor saw what was happening, and when Tolentino's mother yelled "catch it," the thing took off again, but this time "seemed to be flying as if it had been suspended in the air."

Tolentino's description of the creature is very weird. But, did she really see what she said she saw?


During the same year that the first animals began appearing dead and drained of blood, and when reports of chupacabras first began to surface, the movie Species hit theaters, which features an alien-human hybrid creature that looks decidedly similar to the description of the Puerto Rican monster. The exact date the movie was released was July 7, one month before Tolentino's report of a chupacabras.

Skeptic Ben Radford asked Tolentino if she had seen the movie before she had her encounter with a chupacabras. Indeed, she had. Radford said to that he feels that there is a correlation between Species being released and the eyewitness descriptions from Puerto Rico of a creature that looked like the one in the movie. He thinks that the reports of chupacabras all over Latin America after Tolentino's are only the result of her "Hollywood-inspired monster."

While it is possible that Tolentino and others created a vampire monster after seeing Species, it does not explain the dead animals found all over Puerto Rico during 1995 and 1996. It also does not explain reports of the Moca Vampire 20 years earlier. 

A real monster, or a
Hollywood-inspired fake?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Champ Quest

Two rare cryptozoology books I've got... Champ Quest: The Ultimate Search 1999 & 2000 by Champ researcher Dennis Jay Hall.

These books are very hard to find and I'm very glad I was lucky enough to get a copy of both of them last year. Hall's books are two of my favorites on Champ, following Joe Zarzynski's (which I also have, a signed 1984 first edition that's in great condition!)

Anyone else out there have these books?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The "Granddaddy of all Ogopogos"

Was a giant (and I mean giant) aquatic monster spotted in the Harrison River in British Columbia in the 1930s?

The following account in its entirety first appeared in the Chilliwack Progress on August 26, 1936:

"Harrison River Ogopogo Dwarfs All Other Ogopogos
"An Ogopogo, thought on account of its enormous length to be the granddaddy of all its mysterious species in the British Columbia waters, made its appearance on the Harrison River above the rapids about 8o'clock Monday morning and caused much excitement among the river folk.
"Unlike the reputed, but elusive, monster of the same name reported to have been seen from time to time in Okanagan Lake and elsewhere along the coast of British Columbia, the Harrison River Ogopogo came down the river in three sections; about a hundred feet in length and about the same distance apart from each other. Old timers on the river who claim to know a little (?) about the whereabouts of Ogopogo and Ogopogology, declare that the creature disjoints itself always when exploring new territory for the first time, though this seeming precaution did not save it later in the near distance.
"The first or head section of the visiting monster was seen shortly before 8 o'clock at the mouth of Old Jim's slough where a number of us were taking our regular morning dip. It was first noticed by Maggie Mills, and Indian girl, when its long eel-like neck shot out of the water to a considerable height.  
"As it emerged dripping from the river and glittering in the sunlight, it resembled in appearance the telescope of a submarine, but on closer scrutiny, it was noticed it wore a sort of beard on its wolf-like face, something after the fashion among billy goats. The bathers scrambled pell mell, puffing and blowing out of the water and clambered for safety like hunted cats up some cottonwood trees that fringe the river bank. From this vantage point an excellent view of the mysterious creature was had as it lay motionless on the lap of the shimmering sun-kissed river. The head was about the size of a bloodhound's and seemed to be on some sort of pivot, swinging it around like an owl in every direction without moving its neck, which stood ten or twelve feet above the water surface. Every few seconds it emitted an eerie hissing whistle, which gave the bathers who had taken refuge in the trees, the shivers.
"Scarcely had the spectators taken their positions, when they were amazed to see a radiant silvery looking object  about a hundred feet in length and as this as 'round as a well developed log come wriggling along with the current and then unite with the head section of the creature. Then came another section and coupled onto the second. This last part, was no doubt, the tail as it tapered off like the tail-gradually to a point not much thicker than a lead pencil, which it raised now and again into the air to a height of twenty or twenty-five feet. Some of the spectators declared they had seen a large eye in the tail, while others no less empathetic, declared it to be a shiny scale. 
"Immediately after the parts became united, the huge creature moved slowly in a graceful curve like a question mark (?) out into mid-channel, turned upstream and breasted the swift sweep of the rive with its head showing six or eight feet above the water. As its tail swung around, it came into contact with a boom of fir logs, which got stranded near the head of Hatchery Island two weeks ago, and, which the combined power of two tugs had not been able to refloat. The rope-like tail of the Ogopogo, as it was swirled around by a whirlpool, got caught in one of the links of the boom chain.
"Finding itself entangled, the gigantic creature leaped its full length of three hundred feet into the air, where, for a second or two, it remained suspended, dazzling like a glorious beam of light above the foam-flecked water. It was a glorious sight-more, far more than enough to dwarf all rival Ogopogos into insignificance.
"Plunging like a flaming meteorite into the river, raising a shower of spray and foam, and with a loud hiss went quivering o'er the water, the stranded boom was seen to move, but only slightly, and an instant later the Ogopogo with the speed of lightning , went up the Harrison River, head and tail above the water, three hundred feet apart."

John Kirk notes in his book In the Domain of the Lake Monsters that the Chilliwack Progress was a small town paper not known for extravagant and fake news stories. But, I feel that this story is a hoax. The person who wrote it seems to have a good time making fun of the Ogopogo subject, saying the creature was the "granddaddy of all its mysterious species," and that "dwarfed all other Ogopogos into insignificance" when it jumped out of the water.

I find lots of other flaws with the account. First, the description is a little too perfect. Second, there were apparently tons of witnesses (who all climbed in trees when the Ogopogo appeared), and I've never seen anything about this story before reading about it in Kirk's book. And, thirdly, the creature is just too giant. A 300 foot Ogopogo? I've heard lots of reports of creatures in Okanagan Lake being up to 70 feet, but 300? And, when I read the account, it sounds to me like the writer is saying that the other sections of the body come through the water and up to the next part. How could they do that? There's also no names of any of the supposed witnesses, and the detail of an "eye" on the tail of the creature.

To me, this story of an encounter with a giant "Ogopogo" screams hoax. A 300 foot monster in the Harrison River? I don't think so.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Best Nessie Sighting of 2015

A while back, the Inverness Courier had a poll for readers to pick the best Nessie sighting of 2015 (I voted!)

Now, the winner has been picked, and it's Connor McKenna, a Gulf War veteran, who claims he spotted "something" in the loch last year.

The encounter occurred on September 15, when McKenna was driving along the A82 road by the loch.

He was a mile south of Urquhart Castle when he saw a 15-20ft object in the water that was dark in color. He told the Inverness Courier:

"It was long enough, whatever it was, to leave a crest. A wave broke on the left-hand side and I wondered if it was a log or a tree, but then it disappeared."

McKenna didn't know what he had seen. He didn't tell his wife at the time because he didn't want her to think he was crazy. He did tell two other people, who laughed at him. Although he regularly drives along the road he was on, he has never seen anything else like what he saw last September.

McKenna did eventually tell Gary Campbell about his sighting. Campbell keeps an official register of sightings of the monster.

Congratulations, McKenna, for the best Nessie sighting of 2015.

See more here. 

How many Nessie sightings will there be in 2016?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Big News! - Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016

Today the 5th and final speaker for this year's Ohio Bigfoot Conference was announced!

The conference, hosted by Ohio Bigfooter Marc DeWerth, is taking place May 14 at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.

The four speakers previously announced are Bob Gimlin, Cliff Barackman, Guy Edwards, and Sybilla Irwin. And, today's announcement made the lineup even better - the fifth speaker is James "Bobo" Fay of Finding Bigfoot!

This year's conference might be better than last years!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mountain Monsters "Scariest Moments"

There's a special Mountain Monsters on tonight at ten on Destination America. It's "Scariest Moments," I think it will just be a collection of some of the best parts from previous episodes.

"The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings look back at the most frightening moments from their investigations, including the "Hellhound," "Cherokee Death Cat," "Cave Creature," "Bear beast," "Shadow Creature," and "Hogzilla." 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yeti Tracks Found

The fake video from the Pyrenees Mountains showing a "yeti" isn't the only thing that has gotten Bigfoot's Himalayan cousin in the news lately.

Various news sites have reported on some mysterious tracks thought to have been made by one of the creatures that were recently brought to light by a man named Steve Berry. He stumbled upon the footprints in Bhutan. The photos show a straight line of large-looking footprints. The Daily Mail reports that Berry believes they were made by a "gorilla-like animal."

Discovery: Steve Berry believes the footprints in this photo, seen in the Himalayas, were left by the Yeti
Were these footprints made by a yeti?
Source: Daily Mail

Berry was climbing on Gangkhar Puensum, which is the world's highest unclimbed mountain, in 2014 when his Sherpa guide spotted the footprints. The tracks were found at a height of over 17,000 feet. Berry stated that:

"The local people said we were the first to ever set foot on that pass. I had always thought that stories about the yeti were a bit of old bunkum. But there is no denying these tracks existed."

What do you think made the tracks? I really doubt it was a bear or something like that, because they are in a very straight line, one right in front of the other. But, Bigfoot and yeti tracks are almost always reported to be in a straight line. Maybe they really are yeti footprints.

See more:

Catholic Online

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chupacabras - A Vampire Monster?

In the 1990s, a new monster appeared in the cryptozoology world. It was quickly given the name chupacabras, which is spanish for "goat sucker."

In March of 1995, the Puerto Rican towns of Orocovis and Morovis were plagued by a livestock-killing monster. No one knew exactly what it was, but it was killing many sheep, chickens, goats, and other livestock, and draining their blood. Often, there were puncture wounds on the necks, and no other marks on the animals.

The first person to see the unknown vampire was Madelyne Tolentino. When she was helping her mother move in August of 1995, she happened to look out the window and saw a frightened man sitting in a car. She went outside to see what was going on.

When she went outside, Tolentino spotted something. It was walking on two legs, but wasn't human.

The thing Tolentino was looking at was about four feet tall, and had eyes with no pupils, which Tolentino said were "constantly moving from side to side." The creature was holding its arms and legs in "an attack position, as though it were a TV monster." On each hand, the creature had three fingers with claws. The legs were "long and skinny," and the creature was covered in short hair and had marks all over it, which Tolentino said looked like burns. It had a row of "feathers" down its back and walked with "robot-like movements, as if it was being controlled by someone."

When the chupacabras looked Tolentino in the eyes, she screamed, which caused her mother to run outside. The creature started running, and disappeared into the woods. A boy, who worked for Tolentino's husband, was also there, and he, along with her mother, ran after the creature. He got close to it and tried to grab it, but when he did, the "feathers" on its back, which he described as "spines," whipped up and started changing color. Another neighbor saw what was happening, and when Tolentino's mother yelled "catch it," the thing took off again, but this time "seemed to be flying as if it had been suspended in the air."

That may have been the first encounter with the chupacabras, but it certainly wasn't the last. Reports continued frequently across Puerto Rico, the southern United States, and other places in 1995 and 1996, and continue to this day.

More on chupacabras (the kind described here and the "canine kind") can be found in my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America. 

Is Whitehall Home to Bigfoot? has a new story up about Bigfoot sightings in Whitehall, New York. Whitehall is a familiar name when you're talking Bigfoot in the Eastern U.S. There is even a documentary on the Whitehall Bigfoo (which I reviewed here) coming out in April.

The article starts like this:

"WHITEHALL, N.Y. - Some call it the Yeti or Sasquatch, but it's best known as Bigfoot. And some resident's in Whitehall, New York say they have seen it first hand.
"The town of Whitehall, New York is known for its undying interest in the unknown - Bigfoot. Whitehall has been the subject of a number of documentaries focusing on Bigfoot's presence in the town and the entire Northeast.
"'This is a global phenomena and it's right in our backyard,' said Paul Bartholomew, paranormal researcher.
"Bartholomew studies the Bigfoot phenomena, which dates back to ancient times around the world and the 1800s in Whitehall. He says residents and law enforcement in the area have seen the creature, but the stigma and ridicule received upon saying so has hindered others. 
"'I think it's something we should acknowledge and recognize, in that when someone has a sighting, they should be able to come forward with their sighting and not have to hide their sighting," said Bartholomew."

See the rest -  "Is Bigfoot roaming New York?"

A Fake Yeti Video!

Now making the rounds on the internet is a video of a.., uh, a "yeti" walking through a ski resort in the Pyrenees Mountains, posted online on January 29. You can watch the video below.

Of course the media has had  a wonderful time making fun of this video and cryptozoologists. It's obviously fake, and if anyone actually believes this video shows a real yeti, I really don't know what to say. Well, actually, I do.

It's a guy in a suit. That's obvious. Yetis aren't white. I don't know if there has ever been a witness who has reported a white yeti. The only reason that color is associated with the cryptid is because of movies. And, there's a red circle on the video. Red circles scream FAKE! 

Not a real yeti. Not even a good fake video of a yeti. But of course it's the type of video all the news sites like to post to make cryptozoologists look like idiots. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mountain Monsters "Bigfoot of Blair County: Thunder Brothers"

A new episode of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition airs tonight at 10 on Destination America. Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Blair County: Thunder Brothers."

Here's the episode description:

"After discovering a carved stone the last time they were in Blair County, PA, the AIMS team returns looking for answers. While meeting with a Bigfoot expert the team realizes that they discovered something that was not meant to be unearthed."

Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters tonight!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday John Green

Today is Bigfoot researcher John Green's 89th birthday.

Anyone who researches Bigfoot knows about John. His book Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us is probably the best ever written on the subject.

Happy Birthday John Green!

Here's a video of John speaking at the Sasquatch Summit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"There is no Bigfoot!"

Over on the website My Rant Space, someone has posted a rant on Bigfoot. And whoever it was (the post says it was published by "anonymous user") is a definite non-believer.

The post starts off like this:

"I'm getting really tired of all the Bigfoot theories. Let's face it people, THERE IS NO BIG FOOT. Sorry for ruining this for all you dim witted big foot believers but oh by the way, Santa isn't real either. I've watched a hundred shows on the subject and there hasn't been a speck of proof ever that they exist, not one piece of real evidence. The pictures or videos are always blurry and shaky. And why is it that everyone that takes video with a phone has a 10 year old flip phone?"

The article continues here.

Now it's my turn to talk.

First off, not all people who believe in Bigfoot are dim witted, stupid, or crazy. Now, there are some who are. But lots of people aren't. If the writer would look into the subject, they'd see that there are some scientists that seriously look into the subject. And, there is evidence for Bigfoot. Granted, most photos and videos aren't good quality at all and lots are fakes (especially those found online.) But, there is the Patterson-Gimlin Film, which is real (and the person would agree if they ever met Bob Gimlin), footprints that show dermal ridges, mid-tarsal breaks, etc, and sightings all over the world for centuries.

The writer goes on to try to say that all Bigfoot believers/cryptozoologists are nuts because of the "Ancient Astronaught" theory. If you've ever watched Ancient Aliens on the History channel (which is a very stupid show, in my opinion) you'll know what I'm talking about. Pretty much, it's that aliens visited Earth in the past and caused everything that has happened to happen. (Each episode of Ancient Aliens pretty much talks about something from the Bible and  the Giorgio guy who says "It was aliens!", which is bullcrap.)

The writer yaps on about the theory that "Bigfoot are aliens and they're all over the planet because they're someday going to take over the Earth." That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. And, just because one person thinks that doesn't mean everyone who researches Bigfoot does.

And, last (and maybe least, too) the author goes on to complain about Matt Moneymaker and TV shows like Finding Bigfoot and Mountain Monsters. In my opinion, Finding Bigfoot is definitely not the best place to get your Bigfoot information. I've got nothing against the people on the show, they're all real researchers and good people, but over the years its gotten repetitive and, lets face it, they're never going to find Bigfoot. Anyone who has met the cast or knows about behind the scenes stuff will know that they really don't go that far into the wilderness on their "night investigations," and they're not going to prove Bigfoot exists by spending one night in the woods with a camera crew of 20 more people. On the subject of Mountain Monsters, it really doesn't represent Bigfoot researchers at all. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Mountain Monsters. The cast is a great bunch of guys and they're good people. But its entertainment. And that's it. I really don't see how people can actually believe that the stuff on that show actually happens. Every time the AIMS team goes out, oh my, someone saw a Bigfoot just three days before, oh my, they found a Bigfoot on their first night hunt, oh my, someone else saw the Bigfoot, and so did a third person, oh my they just ran into twenty of them on the last night! They're five feet in front of them! And you can't see a thing. Again, entertainment only.

Not every person who researches Bigfoot is a total nut. Now, some are. But, if you go to things like Bigfoot conferences, meet other researchers, etc, you'll find out that most of them are just normal people who have an interest in the subject. If you meet witnesses, lots of times they have a ring of truth to their voice as they tell you their story. And, there's too many sightings (going back thousands of years, all over the world) for every one of those witnesses to be a liar or to have misidentified something. Even if all of the reports are not true except 1, that would still mean that Bigfoot exists. All we need is 1 report that is truly of an unknown creature.

So, whoever wrote "There is no Bigfoot, Deal with it!" is probably just someone who hasn't looked into the subject at all. And what I have to say is, to quote Chester Moore, Jr's book, "Bigfoot lives, deal with it!"

Bigfoot on Destination America all Week!

This week Destination America is having a marathon of "Bigfoot: The One That Got Away." The channel is airing Bigfoot shows every day, like Finding Bigfoot, Bigfootville, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Mountain Monsters, Alaska Monsters, Monsters and Mysteries in America, and more. It's all leading up to the new Mountain Monsters on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beasts of the Lone Star State - A Review of "Monsters of Texas"

Nick Redfern and Ken Gerhard are two of my favorite authors. So, it probably wouldn't be a surprise that I have a book written by both of them - Monsters of Texas. Published by CFZ in 2010, it is all about the many cryptids that have been reported in the Lone Star State.

Recently I finally got around to reading the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Gerhard and Redfern discuss accounts of sightings of Bigfoot, thunderbirds, possible living dinosaurs, werewolves, goatmen, chupacabras, out-of-place animals, aquatic monsters, and much, much more.

Each chapter is written by one of the authors, with 7 by Gerhard and 5 by Redfern. Overall, it makes for a very interesting book, and one which I should have read a long time ago. If you are interested in cryptozoology, you should definitely check it out. You'll be surprised at how many monsters are said to live in Texas.

You can get Monsters of Texas here. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jeff Meldrum Talks Belief and Bigfoot

Recently the ISU newspaper The Bengal published an article about Sasquatch. It is an interview with Jeff Meldrum, one of the few scientists in the world who seriously investigates the Bigfoot phenomenon.
Jeff Meldrum

The article discusses how and when Meldrum became interested in the subject, some of the things he has done while researching it, and the subject of "belief" and Bigfoot.

Here's how the article starts:

"Do You Believe In Bigfoot?
"If you grew up, traveled to or spent time in the Northwest, chances are you have heard stories of a giant bipedal ape roaming the mountains, clandestinely living in the shadows off of whatever shrubs and plants it can find.
"When it comes to Sasquatch, there are three types of people: those who believe in Sasquatch or Bigfoot without a doubt, those who do not believe due to insufficient evidence and those who are open minded to the idea but don't have a preference one way or another.
"Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and physical anthropology in the Department of Biological Sciences at ISU, has a slightly different way of admitting belief.
"'I don't like to use the word believe,' Meldrum said, 'The ideological skeptics out there use 'true believer' as a derogatory label on people who are open-minded to this subject. For many people, in common usage, belief has a connection to faith that is more or less the acceptance of something in the absence of evidence. I'm convinced that Sasquatch exists on the basis of the evidence."

You can check out the whole article here. 

You can buy Meldrum's book, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, here. Find his Sasquatch Field Guide here.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Mysterious Mountain Boomers

People interested in cryptozoology have probably at least heard some accounts of creatures that sound like something that should be extinct. I'm talking about creatures like plesiosaurs, pterosaurs, and dinosaurs.

Today, we'll be focusing on some reports of what could be survivors of the latter group.

In Southwest Texas, there have been some reports of creatures which are called "Mountain Boomers." I'm not talking about the collared lizard, which is also called a "mountain boomer," if that's what you may be wondering. The reports from Texas describe some decidedly dinosaur-like animals.

The website CryptoWiki has a short page on this cryptid, saying it is a "small sized bipedal dinosaur evolved from a Thescelosaurus-like ornithopod." How exactly whoever wrote that knows that Mountain Boomers evolved from Thescelosaurus, I don't know. The wiki page goes on to say:

"Female Mountain Boomers are generally 6 to 7 feet tall while smaller males are usually 3 to 5 feet high. The males have a more vivid coloration than the females. The Mountain Boomer are found everywhere… but tend to nest in the more remote mountain regions where they sleep in caves or burrows. It is extremely fast, swift and agile, easily being able to outrun a human or other predator. Additionally, it has a tremendous leap. the creatures are shy and reclusive, fleeing as defense. They have a strange wolf-like howl."

How true any of that is, I don't know. I've found some more info on Mountain Boomers in Ken Gerhard and Nick Redfern's 2010 book Monsters of Texas. Gerhard says of the mysterious critters..

"Their name is, apparently, a reference to the thunderous sounds these monstrous reptiles make when they bellow out from the distant canyons. ….Many old-timers from the foothills claim to have known someone who has stumbled upon these menacing creatures feasting on road kill….."

Gerhard goes on to say that the "general descriptions includes a height of about five or six feet, a greenish-brown or dusty color, and most importantly, small forelimbs that resemble arms hence the Boomer's upright posture." Gerhard tells of a sighting in the 1970s when a car was almost run off the road by a "dinosaur,"  and another reported to researcher Jimmy Ward in 1993.  A family from Conecticut claimed they saw a Mountain Boomer while driving through Texas to California. they said the creature was "enormous" and looked like something out of Jurassic Park.

Gerhard goes on to speculate that some Mountain Boomer reports could be misidentifications of the collared lizard or even Gila monsters.

That's really all the info I've been able to find on Mountain Boomers. The reports and descriptions remind me of the "river dinosaur" sightings from Colorado, which I also can't find much info about.

The thought of small dinosaurs possibly surviving in the American west fascinates me. Someday I would like to go to the areas of Texas where Mountain Boomers are reported to try to find out more about them.

If you, reader, know anything about Mountain Boomers or sightings of the creatures, please comment.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mountain Monsters "Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man"

A new episode of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition airs tonight at ten on Destination America. Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man."

Here's the episode description:

"The AIMS team heads to Blair County, PA looking for a Bigfoot known as the 'Lightning Man.' After meeting the eyewitnesses, the team believes that the key to this investigation may be a Native American lighting symbol hidden inside a secluded barn."

Be sure to check out Mountain Monsters tonight at 10.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Does Bigfoot Live in Ohio?

The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation gave a talk about Bigfoot in the Buckeye State at the West Woods Nature Center in Geauga County, OH a few days ago.

The News-Herald has a great article about the event on their website, which starts like this:

"Have you noticed missing items from your property or odd footprints in the woods?
"You may have a Bigfoot on your hands.
 "Over 100 people crammed into Geauga Park District's West Woods Nature Center on Jan. 31 to share stories of their own Bigfoot sightings and learn more about these elusive creatures. 
"The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation's Doug Waller started off the conversation by explaining what evidence to look for if you believe Bigfoot is in your neighborhood.
"Often, Waller explained, property owners will notice missing livestock or livestock feed, smoked meat missing from a smokehouse or milk missing from cows. He also explains that some Bigfoots can be quite the pranksters.
"'They'll take something without you knowing it and hide it and then watch as you're looking for it and scratching you head,' Waller said."
Jesse Morgan and Alan Megargle, from the Fathom Frontiers group, were also there, and are also quoted.

You can check out the whole thing here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Review of "Beast of Whitehall"

Earlier today, Seth Breedlove let me check out the new Small Town Monsters documentary Beast of Whitehall. This is my review of the documentary, which will be released on April 1st. (I'm one of the few lucky people who get to see it early, so I can review it on here!)
Myself with Seth (left) and other makers of Minerva Monster
at the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

For some background, last year, Small Town Monsters made the documentary Minerva Monster that premiered at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. Last summer they announced Beast of Whitehall and another in-production film about the Boggy Creek Monster.

I watched Minerva Monster last year at the Ohio conference and absolutely loved it. Small Town Monsters documentaries aren't like other Bigfoot documentaries/shows like MonsterQuest or Finding Bigfoot. There's no group of people walking 20 feet into the woods in the middle of the night screaming to try to find a Sasquatch. There's no over-the-top reenactments of people's sightings. It's just the people who witnessed/experienced the events talking about those events. And it makes for a great documentary.

Like Minerva Monster, Beast of Whitehall has a bit of background on the town (Whitehall, New York) before getting into the accounts of Bigfoot.

The main focus of the documentary is the Abair Road incident from 1976. That year, three teenagers spotted a Bigfoot along that road. Police officers called to the scene also saw the creature. It has since become the most famous Whitehall Bigfoot sighting.

While some of the police officers and witnesses from the Abair Road incident have passed away, those who are still alive tell the story in Beast of Whitehall. There is a ring of truth to these people as they tell about their investigations and encounters. People interviewed for the film include police officers who investigated the scene back in the '70s, Bigfoot investigator Paul Bartholomew, and Bigfoot witnesses Dave and Pam Gibson (who were not involved in the Abair Road incident.)

The film also has an amazing soundtrack, with the background music fitting perfectly with people telling their stories. At least I found it very cool, because I love it when films have good soundtracks.

This is an excellent documentary on the Whitehall Bigfoot. If you are someone who is interested in Bigfoot/cryptozoology, you should definitely get it when it comes out April 1st.

You can watch the trailer for Beast of Whitehall below.

Thanks Seth, for letting me check out the documentary two months early!


Monday, February 1, 2016

The Many Mysteries of Bigfoot: Dead Sasquatch and the U.S. Government

Welcome to a new series of posts here on Tyler's Cryptozoo. "The Many Mysteries of Bigfoot" are going to be about the many theories of what Bigfoot is/isn't, if it has connections to other cryptid/paranormal subjects, government interest, etc. In this article, we will look at the stories of Bigfoots killed or wounded by the Mt. St. Helens eruption, and other stories involving dead Bigfoots and the U.S. government.



What does the Mt. St. Helens eruption have to do with Bigfoot? Depending on who you ask, it could be nothing at all, or it could be lots of things.

Mount St. Helens (located in Washington state) erupted after an earthquake on Sunday, May 18, 1980. The entire north face of the volcano slid away, which created the largest landslide ever recorded. Lava, gas and ash clouds spewed from the volcano. The eruption column rose 80,000 feet into the atmosphere and ashes fell in 11 different U.S. states. The eruption also caused glaciers on the volcano to melt entirely, causing mudslides (some of which reached the Columbia River, 50 miles away. )
Were Bigfoots killed by the
 Mt. St. Helens eruption?

The eruption decimated hundreds of square miles, killing the people who had not evacuated the area earlier when their were warnings of an eruption. Countless animals were also killed - and some people say some of the animals killed were Bigfoots.

In his book The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid PrimatesNick Redfern says the following about claims concerning the Mt. St. Helens eruption, Sasquatch, and the military:

"In many respects, it parallels the claims of U.S. military retrievals of extraterrestrial bodies in the deserts near Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. There are stories that the entire operation to recover possibly five of six Bigfoot from the pulverized remains of Mount St. Helens was coordinated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The USACE notes that its role is to 'Deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our Nation's security, energize the economy hand reduce risks from disasters.' In other words, the USACE would, indeed, have been the ideal body to have played a central role in the recoveries."
Some people say the military found several Sasquatch bodies on the Cowlitz River, located in the Cascade Mountains. And, in 2012, a former National Guardsman claimed that, not only did the military find bodies of Sasquatch that had been killed, but they found live ones, as well. He claimed that the government found a Bigfoot that had been hurt, and they went around, with that Bigfoot, to 5 caves where the Bigfoot called to others of its kind. At two of the caves, the anonymous source said, other Bigfoots responded. One was also wounded and was also rescued, but the other was burned so severely the workers had to put it out of its misery.

Are we to believe these amazing claims? Before you think the whole thing is a lie, remember that reports of Bigfoot around Mt. St. Helens go back many, many years. These are also not the only accounts of the U.S. government and dead Sasquatch...


Our next story takes us back to 1962, and to NASA's John H. Glen Research Center, located in Lewis Field, Ohio. Supposedly, the U.S. government has a lengthy document about the discovery and autopsy of a dead Sasquatch at the center.

Before the creature was found, it is said that guards saw strange balls of light flying around the center. The lights seemed to be moving with some sort of intelligent control, and although they didn't appear to be hostile, some panicky guards fired at them. When a group went out to search the area the next morning, they found the body of a possible Bigfoot.
UFOs and Bigfoot were found at a NASA center in Ohio

The animal was said to be nine feet tall, weighed 500 pounds, and had 32 teeth and vocal cords similar to a human's. When it was examined (the file on it, which supposedly exists, has pictures of the creature during its autopsy) a strange metallic disk was found in one arm. As to where that came from, no one knew.

If the above story is true, it might show that Bigfoot and UFOs are somehow connected. Strange orbs are seen flying around a NASA installation. The next mooring, a dead creature, hairy and nine feet tall, is found. For some reason, it has a metallic object in its arm. This is not the only case of UFOs and Bigfoot, as we will see in a later MMoB post.

Thom Powell is author of The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon. In his book, he discusses some reports of UFOs/Bigfoots, including one weird sighting where the creature seen was carrying a pig and had some sort of "blue belt."


Does the U.S. government have the bodies of dead Bigfoots somewhere? Probably. Will they reveal them to us anytime soon? Probably not.

Is the government hiding Bigfoot bodies?