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"There is no Bigfoot!"

Over on the website My Rant Space, someone has posted a rant on Bigfoot. And whoever it was (the post says it was published by "anonymous user") is a definite non-believer.

The post starts off like this:

"I'm getting really tired of all the Bigfoot theories. Let's face it people, THERE IS NO BIG FOOT. Sorry for ruining this for all you dim witted big foot believers but oh by the way, Santa isn't real either. I've watched a hundred shows on the subject and there hasn't been a speck of proof ever that they exist, not one piece of real evidence. The pictures or videos are always blurry and shaky. And why is it that everyone that takes video with a phone has a 10 year old flip phone?"

The article continues here.

Now it's my turn to talk.

First off, not all people who believe in Bigfoot are dim witted, stupid, or crazy. Now, there are some who are. But lots of people aren't. If the writer would look into the subject, they'd see that there are some scientists that seriously look into the subject. And, there is evidence for Bigfoot. Granted, most photos and videos aren't good quality at all and lots are fakes (especially those found online.) But, there is the Patterson-Gimlin Film, which is real (and the person would agree if they ever met Bob Gimlin), footprints that show dermal ridges, mid-tarsal breaks, etc, and sightings all over the world for centuries.

The writer goes on to try to say that all Bigfoot believers/cryptozoologists are nuts because of the "Ancient Astronaught" theory. If you've ever watched Ancient Aliens on the History channel (which is a very stupid show, in my opinion) you'll know what I'm talking about. Pretty much, it's that aliens visited Earth in the past and caused everything that has happened to happen. (Each episode of Ancient Aliens pretty much talks about something from the Bible and  the Giorgio guy who says "It was aliens!", which is bullcrap.)

The writer yaps on about the theory that "Bigfoot are aliens and they're all over the planet because they're someday going to take over the Earth." That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. And, just because one person thinks that doesn't mean everyone who researches Bigfoot does.

And, last (and maybe least, too) the author goes on to complain about Matt Moneymaker and TV shows like Finding Bigfoot and Mountain Monsters. In my opinion, Finding Bigfoot is definitely not the best place to get your Bigfoot information. I've got nothing against the people on the show, they're all real researchers and good people, but over the years its gotten repetitive and, lets face it, they're never going to find Bigfoot. Anyone who has met the cast or knows about behind the scenes stuff will know that they really don't go that far into the wilderness on their "night investigations," and they're not going to prove Bigfoot exists by spending one night in the woods with a camera crew of 20 more people. On the subject of Mountain Monsters, it really doesn't represent Bigfoot researchers at all. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Mountain Monsters. The cast is a great bunch of guys and they're good people. But its entertainment. And that's it. I really don't see how people can actually believe that the stuff on that show actually happens. Every time the AIMS team goes out, oh my, someone saw a Bigfoot just three days before, oh my, they found a Bigfoot on their first night hunt, oh my, someone else saw the Bigfoot, and so did a third person, oh my they just ran into twenty of them on the last night! They're five feet in front of them! And you can't see a thing. Again, entertainment only.

Not every person who researches Bigfoot is a total nut. Now, some are. But, if you go to things like Bigfoot conferences, meet other researchers, etc, you'll find out that most of them are just normal people who have an interest in the subject. If you meet witnesses, lots of times they have a ring of truth to their voice as they tell you their story. And, there's too many sightings (going back thousands of years, all over the world) for every one of those witnesses to be a liar or to have misidentified something. Even if all of the reports are not true except 1, that would still mean that Bigfoot exists. All we need is 1 report that is truly of an unknown creature.

So, whoever wrote "There is no Bigfoot, Deal with it!" is probably just someone who hasn't looked into the subject at all. And what I have to say is, to quote Chester Moore, Jr's book, "Bigfoot lives, deal with it!"


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