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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"A Sort of Odd Marine Dimetrodon"

In the summer of 1849, four people fishing at the entrance of St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, had an encounter with a sixty-foot long sea serpent:

"It was proportioned like an eel, i.e. tapering towards the extremities, with no caudal fin perceptible, but one very high fin, or a row of spines, each of about an inch in diameter at the base, erected along its back, serving indeed for a dorsal fin, like the folding fin of the Thynnus vulgaris, or albicore. The spinal erection seemed to occupy about one third of its length, each end of it being about equi-distant from the Serpent's extremities, and at a distance, somewhat resembling, in size and appearance, the sail of a skiff. The animal's back was covered with scales, about six inches long and three inches wide, extending in rows across the body, i.e., the longer diameter of the scale being in the direction of the circumference of the body. The color of the back was black. The men had no opportunity of seeing the belly, but what the Americans would call 'a smart chance' of becoming acquainted with the inside of it; for the creature, perceiving the boat, raised its head about ten feet above water, turned towards it, and opened its jaws, showed the inside of its mouth red in color and well armed with teeth about three inches long, shaped like those of a cat-fish. The men now thinking it high time to terminate the interview, pulled vigorously for shore, followed for some distance by the snake, which at length gave up chase and disappeared."

By the description of this sea serpent, with the high fins on its back, it most definitely doesn't sound like a "snake" as it is referred to in the end of the report. But then, what is it?
Bernard Huevelmans

Dr. Bernard Huevelmans, author of In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents, notes that the description seems to fit that of some fish. But what fish? He mentions the oarfish (a common 'explanation' for sea serpent sightings), but it does not match the description except possibly for the spines. He also rules out eels as they do not have scales and don't have spines like the creature. Could it be a sailfish? No, he said, because it wouldn't be able to raise its head ten feet out of the water so the witnesses could see its mouth.
Sailfish jumping out of the water.
The witnesses, however, said they only saw the creature's
neck 10 feet out of the water

What was it then? Was it a "sea monster" in the truest sense? Or a hoax, as Huevelmans suspected:

"If the description is truthful and accurate, it seems more to apply to a reptile, which can move its head on its neck. But as such an animal - a sort of odd marine Dimetrodon - has never been described by anybody else, even in a work of paleontology, this report is unacceptable and seems very suspect."


Outlandish Ohio - Saturday

Coming up this Saturday, June 3, in Ravenna, Ohio - my friend Colin Schneider will be having a talk at the Reed Memorial Library about all the strange things in the Buckeye State!

"Have you ever thought about the possibility of Bigfoot? Do you think that there might be unidentified craft flying around the sky? Join the Crypto-Kid Colin Schneider, one of the youngest active paranormal researchers in the world, on a journey into the weird corners of Ohio's history and culture. Colin will give a lecture on some strange cases and encounters from his case files and lead the audience in a discussion and story sharing. If you've ever wondered about what might be lurking around Ohio, you won't want to miss this event!"

 The event starts at 2 pm and is open to everyone.

Some New Books

While recently on Vacation in Michigan, I stopped at a used books store and found a couple interesting titles: Where Bigfoot Walks by Robert Michael Pyle, The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs by Adrian Desmond, and Sea Monsters by Walter Buehr.

I also did some filming around an area that has had Bigfoot activity and Lake Leelanau, supposedly the home of a very strange Lake Monster. I'm going to try to put together some short videos on those subjects with the footage I got...

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mountain Monsters: "The Secret of the Little Girl"

A new Mountain Monsters is on tonight at 10 on Destination America. Tonight's episode is "The Secret of the Little Girl;"

"The team discovers what Jeff was doing at the three rings; the team learns what Buck found on his phone; Buck heads to the Three Rings to contact the little girl, who seems to be turkey to the Dark Forest."


Monday, May 22, 2017

Crypto-Kid: Tobias Wayland and Emily Bartos Tonight

"Tonight on The Crypto-Kid, Colin is joined by Tobias Wayland and Emily Bartos from the Singular Fortean Society. We will discuss what the Singular Fortean Society is and their various ideas concerning cryptozoology."

Listen live here (8 pm).

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Banner

A new banner for the blog…

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2017 - Pics

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference this year was a blast! We headed down to Salt Fork State Park Friday afternoon to go to the VIP dinner in Cambridge. The dinner was at a new venue this year, and I must say it was a lot better than previous years, because you couldn't really even move at the last place, it was so packed!

Friday night also had the meet and greet and ticket pickup, so I hung out for a while talking to some people I know and meeting some others, including Lyle Blackburn, Thom Powell, Robert Robinson, Jeff Meldrum, and Robert Morgan. I also happened to run into James "Bobo" Fay too!

Below are some of the many pics from the conference.

With Robert W. Morgan
With Dr. Jeff Meldrum

With Lyle Blackburn 

With my friend Cal Marks

With Rob Robinson

Cliff Barackman

Rob Robinson's presentation
on the Skunk Ape

With Thom Powell

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ohio Bigfoot Conference - This Weekend!

The coolest Bigfoot event of the year is coming up this weekend at Salt Fork State Park, OH - the Ohio Bigfoot Conference!

The OBC Facebook page has posted the schedule for this year's events, which you can see here.

The speaker lineup for this year is fantastic, as always. This years speakers are:

  • Jeff Meldrum, author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
  • Lyle Blackburn, author of The Beast of Boggy Creek, Beyond Boggy Creek, Lizard Man, Monstro Bizarro
  • Thom Powell, author of The Locals and Edges of Science
  • Robert W. Morgan, who has appeared on In Search Of…, The Search for Bigfoot, etc.
  • Robert Robinson, author of of Legend Tripping and Skunk Ape researcher
Jeff Meldrum

Lyle Blackburn 
Thom Powell

Robert W. Morgan 
Rob Robinson

Cliff Barackman is going to be the Master of Ceremonies and James "Bobo" Fay will be at the conference as well!

There will also be a ton of awesome vendors like there are every year. I'm assuming there will be a door prize raffle like usual so I'm going to take a few copies of my book. I will also have some extra copies with me if anyone at the conference would like one…

The film The Back 80, made by Alan and Jesse of Fathom Frontiers, will also be premiering at the conference. 

To find out more about the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, check out the Facebook page or Website.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Another "New" Bigfoot Book

Tim Renner isn't the only person with a new book out on Bigfoot...

Barton Nunnelly has a 2nd, updated and expanded edition of his book Bigfoot in Kentucky (originally published in 2011).

Below is the book description from Amazon:

"There is little doubt that the state of Kentucky is one of the strangest places in the country. The 'dark and bloody ground' of the Native Americans has given birth to accounts of UFO's, flying creatures, Lizard Men and even werewolves. But one monster stands out above the rest - Bigfoot! There are so many sightings of these hairy giants in the Bluegrass State that it has come to be ranked as one of the most active for Bigfoot sightings east of the Mississippi River! In his latest title, B.M. Nunnelly, author of Mysterious Kentucky, has collected Bigfoot reports, sightings and first-hand accounts from every county in the state, compiling a a fascinating documentation of ordinary people and their encounters with the unknown. Delve into the long, strange history of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass State, from the 'Wildman' reports of the 1800s to recent encounters in some of the most unexpected locations. 'Bigfoot in Kentucky,' the expanded, updated second edition, is a book that is bound to satisfy your cravings for the unusual and may just have you roaming the woods and hills in hopes of an encounter of your own!"

Bigfoot in Pennsylvania - A New Book

Timothy Renner has a new book out called Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in the Keystone State. 

The book description from Amazon is below:

"Though the terms 'Bigfoot' and 'Sasquatch' have only been in our popular vocabulary since the late 1950s, people have been seeing large, bipedal, hairy monsters for as long as we've been keeping record. From the myths of early man, to medieval manuscripts, to the earliest newspapers, these creatures make appearances by various names, but their described appearance and behavior seem to suggest Bigfoot has been hiding in the woods beside us for as long as we can remember. Old newspaper articles call the creatures 'wild men', 'gorillas', 'hairy giants', 'ape-men', and 'spooks' - but the reports described large, hairy, man-like creatures crying out with unearthly, eerie howls and leaving strange footprints in their wake. Collecting newspaper articles from the 1830s through the 1920s, the articles in this volume show that Bigfoot is not new, nor is it a phenomenon confined to the Northwest United States and Canada. Bigfoot creatures seem to have been roaming Pennsylvania for as long as anyone can remember. Herein are strange tales of wild-women abducting children; frightening wild-men slaughtering livestock; and giant gorillas roaming over the hills of Pennsylvania. Read about huge, bare footprints found in the snow and mud; ape-men attacking humans; and weird, hairy beings creeping across farm, field, and forest."

Crypto-Kid: Robert Robinson Tonight

A new episode of Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid is on tonight at 8pm on WCJV Radio. Tonight's guest is Robert Robinson, author of Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure.

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, Colin is joined by legend tripper and author Robert Robinson. They will discuss what legend tripping is, how you can go on a legend trip, and the Florida Skunk Ape. This will be a show you don't want to miss!"

You can listen live here.

Me with Robert Robinson,
Mothman Fest 2016

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mountain Monsters: "Huckleberry's Predator"

A new Mountain Monsters is on Destination America tonight, continuing the stupidness of this season.

"After the AIMS team is split in half, Jeff must come up with answers about the Dark Forest. While the team gets proof of the Black Wolf, Huckleberry reveals that a mysterious creature is stalking the time and finds himself in a fight for his life."

Don't know if I'll watch this tonight or not because I know it will just be Buck freaking out at Trapper because he thinks he's in charge, and I'm extremely sick of that.

***Amazingly, the episode was actually pretty good! Trapper got back in charge so there wasn't a bunch of fighting amongst the team.

Friday, May 12, 2017

New Film of a Loch Ness Monster?

Just after the report of a photo of a "Loch Ness Monster" (that looked more like a bird or a log), which was just after reports that any Nessies had not been seen for 8 months, come this report of one of the lake's monsters on video.

The Daily Mail reports:

"This video shows what looks like a head and a long neck poking out of the tranquil water in the Scottish loch.
"It was spotted by Rob Jones, 35, from North Wales, who uploaded the video to YouTube to find out if anyone knew what it was.
"He asked: 'What the h*** was it? Did anyone else see it?'
"Speaking to the Scotsman, he said: 'I saw it quite far across the Loch near the castle, but by the time I stopped the van, it was very close and other people stopped to take photos too.
"'Sadly, I don't believe in monsters, but I would love to know what it was.'
"'Nessie' appears to be unfazed by the boat moving past him, as does the man who can be seen standing on the top of the boat, by the creature's presence, throwing confusion into the situation.
"Rob tried to follow the monster's path, but it disappears from sight behind some bushes."

I am having some doubts about this film, and there's many reasons for that:

  1. The boat right beside it . Whatever is in the video went right by this boat, with someone standing out on it, and the person didn't seem to react at all. That's not really what I think you would do if there was a lake monster swimming right beside you.
  2. The "creature" itself. The "neck" is held straight up the whole time. To me it almost looked like it may have moved a head around 40-50 seconds but I'm not sure. But other than that, it doesn't move. At all.
  3. At the end of the video, after the filmmaker looks at those standing next to him, he looks back at the lake. And at this time, you can still see the "thing" in the bottom right-hand corner, but they either don't notice or don't care, since he didn't focus on it at all. Suspicious. I think if someone was witnessing the Loch Ness Monster in a place where they could see it clearly, they'd keep the camera on it!
  4. I'm also very suspicious of this and the earlier photo, because they were taken shortly after lots of news about Nessie being "missing." Later in the Daily Mail article, it is noted that the two sightings took place within five days of each other in May. Two sightings within five days when there hadn't been a reported sighting for eight months before that?
I don't think this particular film, and the earlier photo, are very credible. It just seems too coincidental to me that there are two sightings, both with something caught on film, shortly after the news about no sightings. Probably just people trying to get their "15 minutes of fame."

Big Cat Photographed in England

What could be an Anomalous Big Cat has been photographed in Oxfordshire, England.
In the center of the photo - is it a big cat?

The Oxford Mail reports:

"OXFORDSHIRE'S legendary wild panther has been spotted again just a week after the last sighting.
"And this time, it was caught on camera.
"Lorry driver Billy Williams says he had a close encounter with the best at Oxford Services on the M40 by Wheatley - just ten miles south from the last sighting at Upper Arncott near Bicester.
"Mr Williams, who lives near Gatwick airport, drives up the M40 to Birmingham on a regular basis and was making his usual journey when he pulled over for a comfort break on Friday morning about 9am.
"With the lorry parking full, he drove down a quiet side road next to the service station.
"He said: 'I parked up and stepped out and immediately spotted it and thought - 'that's a big old cat'.
"'It took me a few seconds to realize what I was actually looking at.
"'It was like a cat on steroids, it was huge; it looked at me and I could see it had green eyes.' 
"Mr Williams, 43, estimated he was no more than 50ft away from the cat and estimated it was three feet high and its tail alone was a meter long.
"Cautiously, he climbed back into his cab to grab his mobile phone.
"When he came down the cat had walked further away, but he managed to get this picture.
"He said: 'I made a clicking noise and clapped and it looked back at me but it wasn't scared at all, he just carried on walking away for [sic] me - wasn't bothered. 
"'I didn't fancy going any closer, but I'm 100 per cent certain of what I saw: I used to be a farmer and had horses, so I know animals.
"'I have no doubt at all.'
"The last person to claim to have spotted a big cat strolling around Oxfordshire was mum-of-two Lisa London.
"She said she was driving through Upper Arncott just south of Bicester on the morning of Tuesday, April 25, when she spotted a black cat 100 yards in front of her.
"She estimated the creature was a meter tall and a meter-and-a-half long.
"The two sightings are just the latest in a long line of supposed encounters dating back to the 1990s.
"One of the most notorious was in 2005 when a drinker at the Masons Arms in Brize Norton near Burford managed to get several photos of the supposed animal in a  field across the road, leading to the nickname 'The Beast of Burford'.
"Oxford resident Steve Archibald, who runs the website, gets three of four reports of Oxfordshire sightings each year, and says he is confident there is at least one big cat living wild in the county."
I find this interesting since there have been quite a few mystery cat reports this year from England, Scotland, and Australia, to name a few places.

Point Pleasant Register Covers STM Mothman Movie

The Point Pleasant Register has a new article up on the upcoming Small Town Monsters film The Mothman of Point Pleasant (which I reviewed here):

"POINT PLEASANT - Though film crews may cause a stir in most small towns, not so much in Point Pleasant.
"Sine the explosion of material on the city's infamous Mothman, including a major motion picture dedicated to it (though that was filmed nowhere near Point Pleasant), seeing a film  crew a the Mothman statue has become commonplace. The attention and tourists have become one of those things people in other small towns sometimes take for granted - like hospitality, or knowing exactly when the church bell rings on Wednesdays and Sundays.
"Seth Breedlove, who lives in northern Ohio, is one of those filmmakers recently seen on the streets of Point Pleasant. He is a documentary filmmaker with the production company 'Small Town Monster' who credits the 'Mothman Prophecies' film with his love of paranormal subject matters. However, that curiosity is paired with his upbringing by parents who owned a bookstore dedicated to books on history. In fact, the family traveled the country going to historical book shows. He was also a journalist at one time who enjoyed writing more about people's lives than their crimes.
"'The small human stories drew me to make the movies we make,' he said, adding this movie was an opportunity to tell something more than a scary story.
"'I didn't get into the weird cryptid stuff until much later in life... I was always really into history,' he said. 'I think that's why our movies are the way they are. For me, this story is a piece of Point Pleasant's history whether or not they (people) want to believe (in Mothman) is totally up to them. You can't deny it was a part of the town's history.'
"Keeping this mix of cryptid mystery and history in mind, Breedlove and his friends, have made the film 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant: 13 Months that Changed History.'
"Prior to taking on the project, Breedlove said he knew so much had already been done on the subject matter, he wasn't sure if he could bring anything new to the table. So, he traveled to Point Pleasant and met with Jeff Wamsley, owner of the Mothman Museum and author of books on the sightings. Breedlove credits Wamsley and his daughter Ashley Watts for getting the movie made because Ashley convinced Wamsley to give Breedlove access to audio recordings of interviews with witnesses to use. He also gave Breedlove his 8mm film footage taken by a relative the day after the Silver Bridge collapsed.
"'It has never been seen,' Breedlove said, recalling a shot of people in the film standing along the flood wall the day after the tragedy, just looking at what had happened, perhaps waiting for news on the missing.
"'It is my favorite shot in the footage and the first time I saw it, I cried,' he said.
"Breedlove looks at the bridge collapse as obviously part of the town's history and doesn't try to connect it with Mothman, he simply includes it as part of those 13 months the film looks at. Breedlove said early on when he was considering the film as a possibility, he had traveled to the Mothman Festival and talked with a local man who remembered the bridge disaster well.
"'His memory of the bridge collapse was what made me want to make the movie,' he said."

You can see the rest on the Point Pleasant Register website. And be sure to check out The Mothman of Point Pleasant when it is released June 2nd!
By the Mothman Statue, Pt. Pleasant, WV

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Look at the Loch Lochy Monster

Loch Ness, Scotland is not the only lake there that is said to harbor a mysterious water monster. Many other Lochs throughout Scotland are said to be home to similar creatures, one of which we will be looking at today.

The monster in question today is Lizzie, which supposedly lives in Loch Lochy. This creature (or creatures) is said to resemble the Loch Ness Monster in shape - usually having 3 humps and looking like an extinct plesiosaur.

But, before we get on to sightings of the Loch Lochy Monster, lets take a look at the lake itself.


Loch Lochy is located in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland. It is located 10 miles southwest of Loch Ness and is about 10 miles long. The lake is also the third deepest in Scotland, with an average depth of about 230 feet.
Loch Lochy

Stories about strange creatures in Loch Lochy are nothing new, as tales of "water horses"  go back many years:

"Folklore tales mention 'a supernatural being' called the River Horse which was said to emerge from the lake and assume a horse's shape before feeding on the loch's banks. The River Horse was also known as the Lord Of The Lake and the Water King and would overturn boats and 'entice mares from their pastures'. Another tradition was that of the River Bull, 'a gentle, harmless creature' which would 'emerge from the lake into the pasture of cows.'"

 The tale above about the "River Horse" and "River Bull" are very, very similar to those that come from Loch Ness and other Scottish lakes about "water horses" and things of that sort. And while lots of it may be only folklore, the tales of these water creatures may have some basis in fact. Like resident cryptid creatures, perhaps.

Does a strange creature live in Loch Lochy?

The first reported sighting of the Loch Lochy Monster comes from 1929, about 5 years before the Loch Ness Monster made headlines around the world. Two local gamekeepers were the witnesses here, when they saw what they at first thought was only a floating log. But, when they looked at it through a telescope, they realized they were not looking at a log, but a living creature! They watched whatever-it-was swim for about a mile before it disappeared under the surface.

The next reported sighting occurred one year later, in 1930. A man who lived near the loch saw something in the water that frightened him so much he told his wife never to wash the laundry in the lake again.

In 1960, Maurice Burton, who looked into the Loch Ness Monster mystery, received a photograph taken on the loch that may show a monster. A "dark mass" could be seen in a patch of foam in the middle of the lake. Whatever it was supposedly disappeared just after the photo was taken. In July of the same year, Eric Robinson and his family spotted a strange creature in the lake. They at first thought it was a standing wave, but then when they looked at it through binoculars, realized it was a living thing. As they watched it, the thing rolled over in the water and they saw a flipper. They estimated the length of its back to be about fifteen to twenty feet, and estimated overall length at about thirty to forty feet. In addition to Robinson and his family, nine other people saw the same spectacle.

1975 saw a sighting by Margaret Sargent and her family as they were driving along the lake. They were near the Corriegour Hotel and saw an odd wake on an otherwise calm lake. They could see a "long black shape" causing the wake. Mrs. Sargent tried to snap a picture, but by the time she did all that could be seen was the wake as the animal had disappeared under the water.

In 1996, people at the Letterfinlay Hotel were witnesses to an unknown animal "moving in a strange fashion" through the lake. The next year, 1997, there was a sighting by Alastair Stevenson, a local gamekeeper. Stevenson said he saw a 15-20 foot long creature that took his rod & tackle while he was fishing on the lake. He said it was "akin to catching a rowing boat."

Also in 1997, the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club organized the first expedition to search for the monster of Loch Lochy, led by Cameron Turner. That July they went in search of the beast and may have encountered it. The first day of the expedition, sonar detected an 18-20 foot long object 160 feet below the surface. It was close to the Letterfinlay Hotel where witnesses had seen Lizzie in 1996. The boat that located the contact turned and found it again 2 minutes later, this time 200 feet below the surface. After this, the contact was lost.

In September 1997, Cameron Turner returned to Loch Lochy. He hired a boat from Alastair Stevenson's family, and just like in July had a sonar contact of something strange. This time the contact was 270 feet below the surface and they followed it for 3 minutes.


So, what is the monster of Loch Lochy? From eyewitness reports, its hard to tell, though they do all claim that they saw a living animal, and not a floating log or something of that sort. But, other than that, details are scarce. Really the only descriptions we have are of dark humps and a possible flipper.

As of right now, the jury is still out, and the Loch Lochy monster remains a mystery like its Loch Ness cousin and other lake monsters of the world.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Cal!

Wishing my friend and fellow "'squatcher" Cal Marks a very happy birthday today! Check out his blog here: Squatch and See.

Cal & I
Ohio Bigfoot Conference, 2016

Friday, May 5, 2017

"Whatever it was Didn't Live Here" - A Review of The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Yesterday, I got to check out the upcoming Small Town Monsters movie The Mothman of Point Pleasant. This is the fourth film in the Small Town Monsters documentary series and is the first one that isn't about Bigfoot sightings. The new film chronicles all the strange goings on that occurred in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in 1966 and 1967.

One interesting thing I learned from the film is that there were sightings of a "bird man"-like creature in Point Pleasant years before the Mothman flap of '66. This shows that the thing known as Mothman, or something(s) like it, has been around for a long time.

While the other three STM movies are very good, this one goes above and beyond all of them. Throughout the film, there is a timeline listing events during the 13 months the Mothman was seen, and I felt that this worked very well. There's also a nice history of the town of Point Pleasant, and even some new, very well animated scenes recreating Mothman encounters. I didn't know what I would think of them at first, but they are fantastic. It also features narration by author and the all-around-awesome Lyle Blackburn, who narrated the last film (Boggy Creek Monster) as well.

As anyone who has ever heard about Mothman will know, it was not the only odd thing seen around Point Pleasant in the late '60s. And the STM crew acknowledges that as well. Reports of Men in Black, UFOs, the "Grinning Man" Indrid Cold, and all the other odd stuff that went on are documented just as well as the Mothman itself. And that's great, since the Mothman story wouldn't be complete without all of that stuff.

Probably the best part of the film is the segment that covers the Silver Bridge collapse of December 15, 1967. This was exactly one year and one month after the first Mothman sighting to really make news occurred. I felt that this part of the film was extremely powerful. The music is phenomenal, and you get to hear about the collapse from the people who lived through it. You also get to hear some of their opinions on Mothman and the bridge collapse, which you'll have to watch the movie to hear.

This is by far the best film Small Town Monsters has produced so far. It will be released on DVD on June 2nd, and anyone who has an interest in the Mothman legend, or the unexplained in general, can't miss it.

As always, thanks to STM director Seth Breedlove for letting me check out the movie early!

You can also check out these:

Colin Schneider's review on Crypto-Kid

And Loren Coleman's review of the film.

Me by the Mothman statue in Pt. Pleasant, WV.
Mothman Festival, 2016

Watch the teaser trailer below:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Loch Ness Monster Seen for First Time in 2017?

After (irrational) fears that Nessie was "missing," a sighting, and I guess the first one in 2017, has been reported from Scotland's most famous lake.

Hayley Johnson, a tourist, was near Urquhart Bay when she saw something strange.

The Daily Mail reports:

"A tourist has captured an image she believes could be the famous Loch Ness Monster - the first reported sighting of the creature in eight months.
"Hayley Johnson, from Manchester, noticed a strange and dark shape at dusk in Urquhart Bay, near Inverness, Scotland.
"Nessie's official recorder, Gary Campbell, had become 'worried' that there had been no sightings of her for almost a year.
"Fans from Adelaide, Australia, and Moscow, Russia, called Mr Campbell - who records every reported sighting - to voice their concerns."

Ms. Johnson spotted whatever it is she saw on May 1st. Mr. Campbell says that she was "taking pictures on her iPhone at dusk when she spotted a dark shape in the water, higher than the waves."

Loch Ness Monster?

This picture is quite blurry (as most cryptid photos are) so we can't really tell if what Johnson photographed is actually an animal or if its a log or something of that sort.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bigfoot is a Big Deal

A new article on Sasquatch is up on the Times Reporter website. It is about some goings-on in Ohio, including some recent sightings:

"Bigfoot captures the attention and following of many residents in southeastern Ohio. Frequent meetings are held during the year with devotees telling of their latest sightings and experiences with the illusive Bigfoot.
"Last week an employee of Salt Fork State Park saw something large stand up along the road as she was driving past Hosak's Cave in the park. She said this Bigfoot ran into the woods but left behind a large footprint, which Bigfoot investigators made into a plaster cast.
"Each spring, Salt Fork State Park has an Ohio Bigfoot Conference, which draws hundreds to listen to the latest information about Sasquatch, another name for Bigfoot. This year those dates are May 19-20. Cliff Barackman from Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' will be the master of ceremonies.
"Several are businesses use Bigfoot as a drawing card. In Byesville, Marvin Orr at Orr's Drive-In placed a statue of Bigfoot beside their picnic tables. Marvin and his daughters frequently attend Bigfoot meetings and conferences. After hearing all the stories told by ordinary people, it makes them believe there's 'something' out there.
"The Feed Barn in Newcomerstown displays and sells Bigfoot statues and T-shirts because of all the sightings in the area. Recently, a young boy was crossing the railroad tracks down by the Tuscarawas River and checked both ways to make sure no train was coming. No train in sight, but he did see a Bigfoot step across the track easily with one long stride.
"In Noble County, at the Caldwell Food Center Emporium, you will be greeted by Bigfoot at the entrance to the parking lot. Denny Crock, owner, knew people talked about Bigfoot frequently so he wanted a concrete statue at his store. This 6-foot-2, 2,400-pound creature attracts much attention.
 "Out at Salt Fork Lodge, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference donated a carved wooden statue since their meeting provides Salt Fork Lodge its largest conference of the year. Rooms and cabins are filled to capacity this weekend and the Lodge gift shop has record sales with the wide range of memorabilia.
"Local investigations began with Don Keating in 1980. He wrote an article about a sighting in the Newcomerstown area. Since then Don had organized the Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park until he recently stepped back to devote more time to another interest - meteorology.
"Doug Waller speaks frequently around the area about the legendary Bigfoot. The founder of Southeaster Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation, Doug and his team tell about the activities and sightings of this mysterious creature.
"Ideas range from an ape-like animal to an extraterrestrial being. The Native Americans saw Bigfoot as a spiritual being, including it on their totem poles. The Delaware Indians cautioned residents here long ago to put out food offerings for 'the wild ones in the woods.'
"Each person is free to explore the ideas he finds probable. But when you hear a scratch on the wall, smell something terrible outside your door, or see and eight-foot tall creature lumber off into the woods, you might just become a believer."
Some more info on the Ohio Bigfoot Conference can be found here.